Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's Palestinian Rejection of Jewish Self-Determination, Stupid!

In 1929 there was no Israeli occupation and there were no settlements. But would did happen was the Hebron Massacre and the complete ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Hebron by Arabs. 

Who incited this massacre? Palestinian forefather Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

Fact, Jews had been living in Hebron non stop since antiquities, long before Arabs had settled in Hebron. 

The Jewish presence in Hebron was brought to an end by this act of Arab, colonialist fascism and this crime against humanity was the predecessor to the ISIS ethnic cleansing we see today.

It is important to note, that the Jews living in Hebron in 1929 had everything of theirs stollen and looted from them by the Arab perpetrators. 

In 1937 there was no occupation and there were no settlers. That did not stop the Arab Riots in the British Mandate. Once again innocent Jews in Israel were wantonly killed, their possessions robbed of them by Arab murderers only because they were Jewish. 

Who incited the riots of 1937, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

In 1939 there were no settlers, but there were the Racist White Paper Laws enacted by the colonialist British Regime in collusion with Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

These laws were created to appease the Arabs who had been killing Jews inside of the British Mandate. So, to stem Arab violence mainly against the Jews of the Mandate, the British curtailed the ability for Jews to return to their home in Israel. This ensured that they would burn in the Nazi death camps. These laws also allowed Arabs to immigrate from Syria, Jordan and Lebanon unchecked.

In 1941, there was no occupation and there were no settlers, but there was the Farhud. Seven hundred and eighty Jews were killed in Baghdad. Why? Because they were Jewish.

Who incited the Farhud? Haj Amin al- Husseini and Nazi Arab leader Rashid Ali.

In 1941 there were no settlers, settlements or Israel occupation. But Palestinian forefather Haj Amin al-Husseini still set up shop in Nazi Berlin, becoming an integral part of Hitler’s Nazi regime. 

In 1941 there were no settlements or “occupied” territory but the Grand Mufti still made a pact with Hitler to carry out a Final Solution for the Jews of Israel and he had no problem working to recruit Waffen SS brigades to kill Jews.

When the United Nations General Assembly voted and agreed on the partition of the British Mandate into two states, it was made very clear that one was to be Jewish and one was to be Arab. 

When this resolution passed there was no Israeli occupation. But the Arabs still rejected partition.

Today many in the anti-Israel camp promote the fallacy that the Arabs did not reject Partition. No matter how much the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas and the Anti-Israel camp would like to re-write history, it is an undeniable fact that the Arabs did reject partition, and did so out of hand.

Here is a little something to confirm this from the leader of the Palestinian people.

The greased up, Arab, oil media machine would have you believe that this conflict is about an Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria. It has never been about settlements, settlers or occupation, unless you consider the Palestinian Arab occupation and penchant for killing Jews. 

This conflict has always been about the Arab/Muslim denial of the Jewish Nations right to self-determination in the ancestral home of the Jewish People. 

It will remain this way as long as the Palestinian people insist on rejecting the Jewish peoples right to sovereignty, self-determination and freedom inside of Israel.

Either the Palestinian people learn to reject the colonialist aspirations of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the ones he built Palestinian society on, make true peace with Israel, or both nations will continue to suffer, the Palestinians more so. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015


By Simon Fischler

People are getting it wrong, it's not that the Palestinian Authority equals Nazism, it is that the Palestinian people equal Nazism.

When a people is created solely to deprive another, ancient people's right to self-determination and their culture is based on destroying this ancient, national culture and their society is based on the ethos of throwing this ancient people into the Mediterranean Sea, filling the sea with the blood of this ancient nation, you can bet they will be a violent society.

Take all of this and add Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini as the forefather of this people. What do you get? The Palestinian Nation, a nation based on the principles of Nazism.

Palestinian society has been based on Nazi principles since its beginning thanks to the Grand Mufti.

Even after the signing of the Oslo Accords, when the Palestinians were supposed to replace their hatred for the Jew and the Jewish Nation they continued to feed their people Nazi principles. This time with school books, kids TV shows and military parades paid for by the EU, USA and UN. 

Israel has been complaining about the violent, delegitimizing incitement fed into Palestinian Authority school books since the beginning of the Oslo accords, all these complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

The sea they intended on throwing the Jews into, it is the same sea, it's just a new generation of Arab Nazis.

It is very simple, Jewish History in Israel dates back long before there was Islam, and long before the Arab Prophet Mohammad was born. 

It has always been imperative for Palestinian society to destroy and or try to delegitimize Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish/Israeli society because it was around long before theirs. 

The name Jew, from the Kingdom of Judah, the province of Judea, where as Arab from Arabia. It is the same reason why the Arab Muslims intentionally built the Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount, it was an intentional act of national and religious desecration.

As long as we exist, as long as the history of the Jewish Nation exists they know we will always be able to say we were here first. No matter how they try to re-write history it was the Arabs who came out of Arabia and colonized the Levant, we were here long before them.

Haj Amin al-Husseini recognized this and believed that the Nazis were his best chance at finally destroying the Jewish Nation and its history. He befriended Hitler, worked endlessly to form SS brigades and created his own final solution for the Jews of Israel.

Unfortunately for the Grand Mufti and the Palestinian people, the Nazi's lost. 

But that didn't stop him, he took the Nazi philosophy back with him and used it in the battle for Israel's freedom. And with it the Arabs promised to destroy the Jewish State, to push the Jews into the sea. 

While the Arabs lost the war and never got to commit that genocide they wanted so much, this same mentality lives on in Palestinian society today.

And when it comes to their defenders, many also do not attempt to hide their hatred for Jews. 

Some do try to mask it, but more often than not they don't.

Many stand against Israel because they believe that the Jews killed Christ. Or that the Jews are subhuman and the relatives of apes and pigs. 

Time after time, even from the supposed "moderates" we hear of the staged destruction of Israel. All of it leads back to one place, the Nazi hatred of the Jew.

Anyone with a quarter of a brain knows that when they say Zionist they mean Jew and when they say Israel they mean the whole of the The Jewish nation.

Hezbollah certainly does not hide it, nor does Hamas. 

So yes, get it into your head and fast, if you are supporting BDS, boycotts of Israel and those who delegitimize the Jewish Nations internationally recognized right to independence in the land of Israel, you are an anti-Semite.

Take your Apartheid bullshit and shove it up your anti-Semitic ass. It's the Palestinians, thanks to their Nazi heritage, that seek a Jew free state (that's apartheid, no Israeli is demanding all Arabs leave Israel at the end of a peace agreement) and it's in the Palestinian Authority territory, not In Israel, where it is illegal, punishable by death, to sell land to a Jew.

If you are making excuses for Arabs murdering Jews in cold blood, for homicide bombings, car attacks or for why the Palestinians just couldn't say "yes" to peace and statehood, than you are no different from the Germans of World War Two who backed their governments genocidal crimes against the Jewish People.

Oh wait, why couldn't the Palestinians say yes to having their own country on 97% of Judea and Samaria, in all of Gaza and in half of the Old City? Because then they would have had to recognize the Jewish Nations right to freedom. They would have had to agree to an end of conflict, that means they would have had to give up on destroying Israel. 

So good on you for defending the aspirations of colonialist, Arab Nazis.

You are what you are, an anti-Semitic Nazi.

Friday, October 23, 2015


By Simon Fischler

At what point does the world stop and demand responsibility from the Palestinian people?

When does the world demand an end to the anti-Semitism and the incitement created by the Palestinian Authority, its leader Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas and much of the Arab world?
When does the United Nations, the European Union and the United States of America under President Barack Obama say enough to Arab, colonialist anti-Semitism?
Never, that is when!
Because of O.R.E.A.M. That means Oil Rules Everything Around Me, dollah, dollah bill y’all.
Pick up almost anything in your house and it will have some sort of petroleum product in it. Then remember that Arabs have been controlling petroleum/oil for the last century.
Arab oil money has long been buying up the media, to the point where the militant Muslims now have their own cable news network for spewing their lies and innuendo, Al-Jazeera.
Arab oil nations have been the largest “donors” to Western Universities. Countries such as Qatar and the U.A.E have poured billions of dollars into American coffers to buy American and Western arms.
Yet the world stands quiet as Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas incite religious hatred against Israel. 

They refuse to acknowledge that Israel has been diligently keeping the status quo at the Temple Mount. And remember, that means that Israel prevents Jews and Christians form praying on the Temple Mount.
Also take into account that the Temple Mount is where the Arab, Muslim world carried out one of the most hideous acts of religious desecration by intentionally building the Al-Alksa mosque where it knew the Jewish Temples once stood.
Let’s get back to Status Quo’s.
While Abbas and Hamas are running around inciting their people to kill Jews, the same Palestinian Authority was behind the burning of Joseph’s Tomb.
No, Israeli Jews did not pick up knives and go around slicing up Arabs because Joseph’s Tomb was torched by blood thirsty Arab fascists.
But the Abbas gang never stops.
It just attempted and failed to get UNESCO to declare the Western Wall a Muslim site.
John Kerry why are you so silent about this changing of the Status Quo?
The Wall is the Jewish Nation’s connection to our holiest site, the Temple Mount.
It is known thanks to science, that is archaeology, that the Western Wall – or the Wailing Wall – is the last remaining retaining wall of the Second Temple, built by the Jewish King, Herod the Great when he refurbished the Holy Temple.
This is an undeniable fact backed by science.
Racist denials concocted by the Palestinians remain at the heart of why there is no peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Not houses being built in Judea and Samaria.
It is never enough for the Palestinians. It is not enough that Jews can’t pray on the Temple Mount, they need to steal the Western Wall too.


By: Simon Fischler

This is a fact. -- the Palestinians are not interested in living in peace with Israel. Their culture, from school books to children's TV is ripe with anti-Semitism.

And it has always been this way.

Palestinian hatred of Jews dates back to the person who created Palestinian Nationalism, Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, a Nazi, a supporter of Adolf Hitler and creator of the Final Solution for the Jews of Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a lot of flack for stating the truth about the Nazi founder of Palestinian society, but no matter how much they try to cover it up, the Factual Nazi skeletons have been let out of the Palestinians closet.

No matter how much the Palestinians, and their Jew hating supporters attempt to re-write history, they just can't. Because it is undeniable fact that it was the Arabs, led by Nazi, Palestinian forefather Husseini who rejected, OUTRIGHT, the UN partition plan and peace in 1948.

Just recently another Palestinian leader stood in front of the UN and rejected the two state solution.

Last month, Mahmoud Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly that the Palestinian Authority is no longer bound by the Oslo Agreements. 

That means the Palestinians no longer accept Israel's right to exist.

He immediately turned the Palestinian propaganda machine into high-gear knowing it would fan the flames of racist and murderous attacks against Israeli Jews.

Abbas did this to cover up the fact that it is Palestinian Arabs who were changing the "Status Quo" on the Temple Mount by physically attacking Jewish and Christian tourists. 

And it was Abbas, the Palestinian Authority and the Waqf that let Palestinian Arabs bring home made bombs (they still kill), knives and hand guns into the Al-Aksa mosque.

They turned their supposed "Holy Site" into an armory.

Israel must stop fuming and start acting, even if it is in defiance of the world.

No more talking with Hamas, or talking about whether life would be better with or without Hamas running Gaza.

No, it's just Hamas removal time, one hundred percent. 

Israel must preempt Hamas, dealing it a blow that will destroy its ability to govern the strip.

Then Israel should work with Egypt to create a government in Gaza that will strive for a better future for the people of Gaza. If they resist lock the gates and let chaos reign.

The best way to carry out this policy is to return, immediately, to the targeted assassinations of Israel's enemies. 

The same goes for targeting those who delegitimize Israel.

While carrying out this mission Israel should also work with governments around the world to get BDS labeled what it is, an anti-Semitic movement bent on creating another holocaust.

Great progress has been made inside of America and with congress to have BDS made illegal. 

The same can be done with European nations.

Yes, it is possible to get what is right made right, but only if Israel takes the initiative.

We need to remember the best defense is a great offense.

And when this does not work, Israel must make it clear to the countries that won't work with it, that it views the delegitimization of Israel as a Casus-Belli.

Those who are attempting to create what the Brown Shirts did in Germany, by ushering in the Nazi party through extortion, manipulation and violence, on Americam campuses must be eliminated, immediately, period

This list starts with Omar Barghoutti. Israel went after and eliminated Adolf Eichman, Omar is no different! 

Israel must become the game-changer and must start acting immediately, from international law to pre-emptive strikes. This is policy that made Israel and the IDF so great in the past.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mahmoud Abbas, the King of Incitement, Has Brought us a Religious War

By Simon Fischler 

Hearing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas say to the foreign media that the Palestinian People would not resort to violence and that there would not be a Third Intifada could almost be funny. 

Sadly thanks to the racist, anti-Semitic incitement of the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas the situation here in Israel and the Arab Occupied provinces of Judea and Samaria has become desperate.

When I say desperate I am taking about desperate for the Arabs who live inside of Israel proper and Judea and Samaria. 

Yes, the situation is difficult for Jewish Israelis, but we have been dealing with this difficult situation since departing Egypt thousands of years ago.

The situation has broken out into another violent chapter of Israel’s war of Independence. 

Day by day Arabs are attempting to kill Jews solely because they are Jews. The incitement that created this disastrous mess started in one place, The Palestinian Authority.  

And as always Arabs the world over are attempting to blame Israel for the murderous actions of the Palestinian people. 

This is both political and diplomatic madness based on anti-Semitism. 

When you have Turkey, a country that created I.S.I.S and kills Kurds like it was a sport attack Israel for defending itself against the daily Palestinian lust for Jewish blood you know no matter what Israel does this anti-Semitic world will portray it as the bad guy. 

Same goes for the Arab League, instead of taking responsibility for the fact that Palestinians are attempting to Kill Jews in Israel they wish to call for the international community to protect the same Palestinian killers.

This will end very badly for the Arabs here, like Syria bad, like mass refugees never coming home bad. 

I know Abbas was desperate, we horrible Israelis just didn't understand him and we should have done more to help him, BULLSHIT!

President Abbas was looking to make headlines.

The man has been desperate for a long time thanks largely to American President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. 

Both of these foreign policy geniuses led Abbas up a tree with their remarks of no negotiations without a settlement freeze(something no Israeli leader has ever agreed to) and then failed to provide him with the ladder to climb down.

Thanks to Obama and Kerry, Mahmoud Abbas refuses to sit down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hence he has given the Palestinian people no hope and no positive future whatsoever. 

Palestinian Arabs are no dummies, they happen to be some of the best educated in the Arab world. 

The Palestinians knew all along that the moves made by Abbas and his henchman Saeb Erekat at international bodies like the International Criminal Court and the United Nations were not going to win the Palestinians a state.

They knew that if anything it would just anger the Israeli government and Israeli citizens like myself. 

So, like his predecessor, Yassar Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas was looking to start a small fire to move blame from himself over to Israel.

Here is the problem with Abbas’ plan. 

It is almost impossible to control fire. And when you set a fire out in the wild, they almost always get out of control. 

On numerous occasions the Government of Israeli made it clear to President Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah the Second of Jordan and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi that Israel was not going to change the Status Quo for Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount, even if it is the Jewish Nations most revered sight. 

Somehow only al-Sissi got the message of the Israeli government.

A better way of looking at it, al-Sissi is locked in the same battle side-by-side with Israel fighting Islamic Nazis in the Sinai Peninsula. 

In the Sinai it makes no difference to Egypt or Israel whether the militants call themselves Hamas, Islamic Jihad, I.S.I.S or Al Qaeda. All of them were spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that gave birth to all of the fanatical, fascist, Muslim militias. 

The best way for Abbas and Abdullah to shift blame from their own governmental issues  and all the corruption within their own systems was to create some sort of conflict with Israel. 
So they decided to feed these fanatical groups lies by accusing the Israeli government of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. 

This is the worst type of incident because it is religious incitement.

So Abbas with the support of King Abdullah opened up the flood gates of a religious war and once those gates are opened they are almost impossible to shut.

Thanks to the deviant lies spread by Abbas, Israel must now prepare for war on all of her borders and inside of her borders too. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government must act in a more rapid and aggressive fashion. 

First- The Israel government must green-light targeted assassinations of all Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, not to mention many members from al-Fatah. It must start from the top with the highest of their leaders on to the bottom of the ladder. 

It needs to be made clear that hunting season is now open, and that there is a very high price for spilling Jewish blood! 

Second- It is time for Israel to reconsider its relationship with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

King Abdullah sits upon his throne thanks only to the might and protection of Israel. Yet, whenever he is needed to make a courages decision, he always takes the easier route of attacking Israel. 

This is no longer acceptable, period! 

It may be time for Israel to assist the Palestinian people, who are a 70% majority in the Hashemite Kingdom in attaining their freedom and self-determination inside of Jordan. 

Third- It is URGENT for Israeli leaders like Itzhak Herzog, Yair Lapid and Avigdor Lieberman to put aside politics, show solidarity for the country and join the government. 

Today, at this very moment, Israel needs a government of National Unity. 

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to show some modesty, to admit that at this point the government needs help, then so be it. 

This is the time for Bibi to show the people who voted for him (myself included) that he is bigger than the Likud and that he represents all of Israel. 

He can do this by asking for help…even from the opposition. 

Only when he does this, only if he can piece together a National Unity government in this troubled time, will Bibi be able to call himself a true leader in THE vein of Ben Gurion, Begin and Rabin

Israel is facing a very dark hour, but we have faced many dark times like this before. 

Sadly what the Palestinian do not understand, these dark times they inflict upon us, they only make us stronger, they only make us want to fight harder.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The End of The Status Quo

By Simon Fischler 

From the right to the left, Israelis are tired of the status quo. We want change and we want it now.

Most of all we want change inside of our own borders. 

The majority of Israelis are no longer ready to except members of our Knesset who behave as a fifth column. 

Iran is not the problem, Hanin Zoabi is! 

What is even more distressing is that Ms. Zoabi has become this repugnant problem only because we here in Israel have granted her that freedom. 

Somehow the concept of freedom of speech has given Ms. Zoabi a license to incite against her country, against Jews, Arabs who want to integrate into Israeli society and even against her own family members (her cousin Mohammad came out against her policies and she had him beaten and threatened into hiding).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must immediately change the laws that protect people like Hanin Zoabi. 

Her incitement and that of the Joint List is poisonous and it is intended to stop Israeli Arabs from integrating into Israeli society. It is intended on spreading hate against Israel and Jews through anti-Semitism. 

Their incitement is a knife into the heart of Israel twice over! 

Two days ago, the mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salem came out strongly against the Joint List, its mob of agitators and especially Hanin Zoabi and Ayman Odeh(who was supposed to represent change in Arab politics in the Knesset). 

He rightfully accused the Joint List of using and inciting young Israeli Arabs against their co-patriots and ruining the future of Arab culture inside Israel.

The response from Hanin Zoabi against Mr. Salem (he happens to be the Mayor of Israel’s largest Arab city and a man who must deal with his constituents on daily basis,)  is the smoking gun, revealing the truth behind the Joint List and its poisonous policies.

Here is Ms. Zoabi’s quote against Mr. Salem. 

“irresponsible and unpatriotic for a person wishing to fulfill his official leadership role toward his city.” “This is Israeli language, not Palestinian language,”  

Yes Hanin Zoabi, Mr. Salem is speaking for Israeli Arabs and not for Palestinian Arabs because he lives inside of Israel and is an Israeli Arab. 

Arabs who were born and live inside of Israel are Israeli Arabs, those who choose to associate themselves as Palestinian should go live in the Palestinian Authority territory. 

Since Ms. Zoabi sees herself as a Palestinian she should be fast tracked to the Palestinian Authority where she can take up residency as a Palestinian Arab. 

Mr. Salem knows what his job is, Hanin Zoabi does not. 

Ali Salem is the acting Mayor of the largest Arab city in Israel, his job is creating a better future for the people of Nazareth, creating security for the people of Nazareth and helping Israeli Arab society grow in a positive manner. 

Mr. Salem recognizes that Hamas Rhetoric and Palestinian lies aren't going to bring security and peace to his city. In fact they will do the exact opposite and Israel needs to applaud Mr. Salem for taking this courages step.

Ali Salem’s voice is the voice that represents the majority of Israeli Arabs, people who love their country, want more (and deserve more) when it comes to equality but are happy with being ISRAELI ARABS, not Palestinian Arabs. They love their country and many both Christian and Muslim are trying to find ways to contribute to Israel either by joining the Army or by doing national service.

More needs to be done to empower people like Ali Salem. His policies are the policies of peace, understanding and integration, while preserving Arab culture.

Sadly, Hanin Zoabi  and her gang of thugs will do everything to make Israeli Jews think differently of our Arab co-patriots. 

They make the noise and rant the racist, anti-Semitic rantings because they want Israelis Jews to see the majority of Israeli Arabs as a fifth column. 

They want to sow racist, anti-Semitic discourse because thats how they make headlines and without it they know that our two cultures will learn to work and live together in happiness. 

The same goes for the Islamic Movement of Israel.  

For too long our politicians have being bending over backward in their attempts to appease outside forces like the U.S State Department and the European Union in how we handle the Islamic Movement of Israel.

This is a terrorist organization, period. They are an offshoot of the Islamic Brotherhood and Hamas, both groups have been banned by Egypt.

The main goal of the Islamic Movement is to incite against Jews, call for the destruction of the Jewish State and to turn Muslim, Israeli Arabs into I.S.I.S. members of the future. 

There is absolutely no room for this inside of Israeli society. 

Furthermore, just as America has turned its guns and drones towards American citizens who have joined Al-Qaeda and I.S.I.S, so too, should Israel turn its guns in the direction of this menace to society. 

Recently a question was asked about what Israel should do with Sheik Raed Salah, I see it as a no-brainer. The future of Mr. Salah should be no different from that of Sheik Ahmed Yasmin.

This would be a game changer!

No longer should these people be put into prisons where they get to hone their nefarious skills and no longer should these agents of terror be given the ability to sit in prison and plane their next assault on Israel. 

Lastly, this same policy needs to be directed towards Hamas, Islamic Jihad and anyone who stands in front of peace. 

Israeli politicians who claim that if they were in the government they would deal Hamas, et-al, a lethal blow should stop talking and join the government. 

The same goes for those who make the claim that if they were in the government there would be peace negotiations, shut up and join the government. 

Israel does not need early elections, Israel needs a large and strong government able handle new threats against our people, Jewish, Arab, Druze, Bahai and Circassian.  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bassem Tamini, Terrorist, War Criminal and Child Abuser, Arrest Him Now

Bassem Tamini is coming to America, he's coming to promote Nazi, Arab Fascism to American youth. 

If you do not know who Bassem Tamini is then I will give you a little information on who this abhorrent person is. 

Mr. Tamini hails from the town of Nabei Saleh. 

Every week he forms a mob to assail Israeli civilians and to attack the soldiers enforced with guarding the Wall of Life. The Wall of Life is the wall Israel was forced to construct to prevent Arab terrorists from entering Israel. 

It is important to remember that, sadly, this Wall of Life, was not built until after the Palestinian people, people like Bassem Tamini, rejected peace under the Clinton protocols. After rejecting peace and Palestinian Statehood they started a genocidal war against the citizens of Israel; using homicide bombings to maim and kill as many Israelis as possible. 

Bassem Tamini is the Hamas/B.D.S kingpin in Nabei Saleh and is also a leader of child soldiers. They may happen to be his own children, but they are still children being used as soldiers. 

It is still appalling that this man intentionally puts his own children into physically dangerous and easily life threatening situations on a regular basis. If this were to happen in America the parent would have his children stripped from them in matter of seconds. 

There is absolutely nothing courages about this man, like many other publicity whores this devious person is using his own children in the most sadistic of manners.

His use of children as soldiers against Jews is also well documented and can be seen on youtube. 

Tamini's daughter Ahed is a Pallywood (the name given to the videos of Arab doctored situations created to make Israeli soldiers look bad for the foreign media) starlet often called Shirley Temper. 

But here is what is important.

Legally, Bassem Tamini, is clearly in direct confrontation with everything written in the Geneva convention. He is literally committing crimes against humanity/war crimes by using his own children to attack Israeli Jews and soldiers with the hopes of getting them to give a physical response in return. Hence they have become child soldiers on the frontline of this conflict.

Instead of being flown to America so he can spread lies and innuendo against Israel, Bassem Tamini should be arrested for child abuse and crimes against humanity. 

Mr, Tamini has also made it clear that he is coming to America to start an American intifada against Israel. 

Is this something that the American State Department is ok with? 

There is freedom of speech and then there is incitement to hatred. When Mr. Tamini started bragging about flying to America to recruit American youth to fight in an intifada to destroy Jewish self-determination he clearly went well past the norms of freedom of speech.

This makes me ask the question, how in the world did Bassem Tamini get a visa into the United States of America? 

The Americans working for the State Department on the ground in Israeli most know who the man is and what his record is. 

This is an embarrassment for the American State department and seriously calls into question whether the Obama Administration is working with the B.D.S movement.  

My second question, how did Bassem Tamini get a visa into the United States of America to speak at American institutions of higher learning? 

Does the American government really think it is acceptable for a man, who behaves in the reprehensible manner of Bassem Tamini, should be allowed into its borders to spread more slander and fabrications against Israel at American institutions of higher learning?
My third question, why was Mr. Tamini not arrested the second he got off of the plane he flew in on? 

I would love to know why Secretary of State John Kerry thought it was acceptable to give a visa to a person who intentionally puts children (his own) into potentially life threatening situations as bait against Israeli soldiers and wants to start and “American Intifada” against Israel.

Mohammad Tamini, son of Bassem, was caught throwing stones at Israeli motorists last August after being directed to by his father.

 An Israeli soldier was forced to stop the child from throwing more stones at Jewish drivers and endangering more lives. Mr. Tamini, knowing a golden publicity moment was at hand, sent daughter Ahed over to attack the soldier (of course he would never put his life in danger). 

The incident of Ahed Tamini bitting an IDF soldier was caught on film, as it was intended for. 

What sums up everything about this heinous man, Bassem Tamini, and his deplorable children, is the quote he gave about the incident involving his son and daughter. 

Mr. Tamini called this his “latest tool” to promote BDS efforts.

“When we are able to get a video like this, we can use it to great effect,” he said. “When enough people here see these videos and hear our stories, it can start a kind of intifada [popular Palestinian uprising] against Israel in the United States.”

I am asking everyone that reads this to write to your Senators and Congressmen demanding that Mr. Tamini be arrested Immediately. 

Those who brought this criminal over to the United States of America (Friends of Sabeel, Interfaith Peace-Builders and the Jewish Voice for Peace) should be immediately investigated for working with Hamas, aiding and abetting a war criminal and promoting armed conflict against an allied country. 

If Mr. Tamini manages to escape prison in the United States then Israel must arrest him immediately upon his arrival. 

Either it is understood or not, B.D.S is not a joke. They may not be the strong enemy that many try to make them out to be, they have suffered more losses than they have won victories. 

Still for those who guard the safety of the Jewish Nation it is imperative that they understand the type of fight raging right now with B.D.S and their Gestapo’s like Bassem Tamini. 

This is a street brawl and we need to fight it that way, to the bone and bloodying every nose possible. It also must be made very clear by the Israel Defense Forces, anyone attempting to delegitimize the Jewish Nation State will end up in the middle of a target site.   

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1948, Redux

By Simon Fischler

My dear Israel, once again it is time to ready ourselves. 

The Palestinians are bringing war to our door step. Never interested in peace, they would rather bring death upon us and themselves. 

Israel, we must straighten our backs and ready our reserves. We must prepare ourselves for the storm ahead. 

The Palestinians, jealous of our success, our happiness and hateful of the lives we have made for ourselves will do anything to tarnish what we have built, delegitimize us as a nation and harm us. 

It stings the Palestinians to the bone that they were not able to flood the Mediterranean with our blood as their leaders promised them 1948.

It infuriates the Palestinians, a nation created by Haj Amin al-Husseini on the basis of Nazi fascism, that we Jews have fought for our freedom, won it and are making the most of our internationally recognized independence. 

The war started by the Arabs in 1948 was to be a war to finish what the Nazis failed to finish. It is an undeniable fact that First Palestinian, Haj Amin al-Husseini, created his own “Final Solution” for the Jews of Israel. 


It is also undeniable that it was the Palestinians who rejected international law when they spat in the face of United Nation resolutions calling for two states for two people in 1948. 

It was the Palestinians who boasted with such braggadocio that they would annihilate the nascent State of Israel from the face of the earth.

Yet much to their dismay Israel survived, in fact Israel did not just survive, it has thrived. 

It stings the Palestinians to their core that our Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, can go to the United Nations, that pernicious, anti-Semitic, gentlemen's club, and honestly state that Israel is a democratic sanctuary for minorities (the Israeli Druze, Circassians, Armenians and Homosexual Arabs) in the midst of a fanatical jungle of tribalism and Jihadist Islam. 

It vexes the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and its political offshoot the B.D.S movement that Bibi can stand at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly, and truthfully say that Israel is the only democracy where Israeli Arabs enjoy complete citizenship and have the greatest freedoms in the whole of the Arab world and the whole of the Western World.

The Palestinians threaten us with a storm, they call it an intifada, but it is nothing more than an extension of the fight for Justice, for freedom, emancipation of the Jewish mind and independence that Israel has been fighting against Arab Fascism and Nazism since1948.  

There storm will break and falter just as all of their other genocidal storms have. 

To the Palestinians I would like to make a suggestion, open up some history books and take a long hard look. 

You are far from the first to try these genocidal policies against us. 

The Babylonians, the Assyrians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Arab Muslims and the Nazis have all tried to steal, deprive and rob the Jewish Nation of its self-determination, and all have failed. 

The Roman Empire is but a memory (what is left of it is being destroyed by your brethren ISIS in Syria) and yet Israel, Zion, still stands! 

You had better think very clearly about your actions, because all actions have re-actions.

If you continue down this path you will invite upon yourselves a storm of massive proportions.

Are you really ready for this? Are you ready for 1948 redux? 

Take the time and think clearly if you can about where your leaders are taking you. 

Are you ready to tango this dance with us? Once the music starts there is no going back. 

And know this, when we ready ourselves, when we call upon our sons and daughters to be the vanguard of the future of Israel, of our hope you had best know that this may very well be your last Dance!

Once the dance starts, the Lion of Zion will be unleashed upon you.

Look to the history books to find out where you might very well find yourselves in 2016, at the end of 1948 redux!