Tuesday, May 31, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The last two weeks have been difficult ones for us in Israel.

It started well, though. For a few moments we Israelis were allowed to enjoy the 63rd anniversary of the RE-FOUNDATION of our nation-state.

But celebrating another birthday of our liberal, democratic Jewish State was quickly flushed down the tubes when Syrian tyrant Bashar Al-Assad tried to deflect the ongoing civil uprising in his country onto Israel on Nakba Day.

Assad’s attempts against Israel began by busing 250 Arabs in from Um-Al Famm to Jaffa, courtesy of the Islamic Movement of Israel (Israel’s Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas)

Even with the Islamic Movement busing in people (which means also paying them to come), the best they could put together were 250 protesters -- NOTHING in comparison to the uprisings in neighboring Arab states.

Assad realized he was going to have to up the ante if he wanted the world to forget about the mass murders he was carrying out. Therefore on Nakba Day Assad exhorted his allies Hezbollah and Hamas to enter the fray against Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas obliged by also bussing protestors to Israel’s borders.

In each case there were no more than a couple hundred protestors. The numbers never got close to the thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands we have seen in the Arab world.

Why were there so few protestors? Why did they not spiral out of control? Because, just as Benjamin Netanyahu said when he addressed the Congress of the United States of America, Israeli Arabs are free and enjoy equality like no other Arabs in Arab countries or the world in general.

If these people were not bussed in and paid by their Arab tyrant masters, no one would show up.

After ignoring the actions of Arab regimes towards their own citizens, and the complete failure of those regimes’ attempts to ignite the Arab population of Israel against their state, the Israeli daily Haaretz printed an interview with Omar Nasser, mayor of the Israeli Arab town Arabeh.

While Mubarak, Qadaffi, Assad and the Iranians are off MASS murdering their own people, the Arabs of Israel are allowed to protest safely and freely, but also to spit on the country that allows them this freedom. This was clearly demonstrated by the jaded interview with Omar Nasser.

Nasser called Netanyahu’s claims about the freedoms of Israel’s Arabs “false, misleading and unbearable hypocrisy.” He insists that Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens should not be compared to how Arab leaders treat their own citizens, but to how Muslims and Arabs are treated in Western Europe or America and Canada.

Is Israel geographically situated in Europe? Is it a European country? No, so why should Israel be compared to European countries?

However, if that’s what Mr. Nasser wishes to do, let’s take a look.

* Arabs and Muslims cannot were Burkas, or headdresses in France. Laws strongly against the Muslim population of the French Republic are being enacted left and right.

* Far right, anti-Arab/Muslim political parties are proliferating and becoming strong, to the embarrassment of Liberal, left Europeans. Conservatism has reached the continent, mainly in response to Arab and Muslim immigration.

* The Arab and Muslim populations of France and, for that matter, nearly all of Western Europe are consigned to what any self-respecting European Jew would recognize as ghettos and discriminated against daily in myriad ways -- worse than anything in Israel.

* The Swiss have banned the building of minarets and are in the process of passing other laws that discriminate specifically against Muslims. The same can be said for virtually all western European nations, as they attempt to battle Islamic Fundamentalism.

In all of these countries a movement like Israel’s Islamic Movement would, without a doubt, be banned and considered a terrorist group.

Back now to Israeli Muslims. Before we touch on the 13 Arab Knesset members, or the freedoms of speech, travel and livelihood enjoyed by all Israeli Muslims, lets assess how much Israel’s Arab citizens contribute to their country.

Israeli Arabs do not serve in the Israel Defense Forces, nor must they complete National Service like their Jewish, Druze and Circassian CO-patriots. So, while the Arabs of Israel receive the benefits of Israel’s Universal Health Care, Social welfare system and all other rights given to Jewish, Druze, Circassian and Christian Israelis, they do nothing to fight against those who wish to destroy the very same institutions they enjoy.

If one looks at the reaction of the Israeli Arab community when the topic of land exchanges with the future Palestinian State comes up, you will know that Omar Nasser is intentionally attempting to delegitimize Israel.

There has been talk of Israel giving the future Palestinian State sovereignty over some Israeli Arab towns and villages and the Israeli Arabs cry out when they hear this. They cry out not because they will have to leave their homes; they won’t. they cry out because they want to remain Israeli; they know better than anyone that Israel will provide them freedoms that a Palestinian state will not.

What is eluding everyone outside Israel is the ability of the leaders (not the general population) of Israel’s Arab minority to disguise their own racism and hidden agenda against the state.

If a Jewish Israeli tried to buy a house in an Israeli Arab village, there would be no chance of it happening. If a Jewish Israeli did happen to live in an Israeli Arab town, they would be harassed until they packed up their bags and left.

This fact never gets any play because we here in Israel – like so many in the rest of the world -- are too busy being Politically Correct, which, in truth, simply means being too squeamish to “tell it like it is.”

To compound the situation, Israel’s Arab leaders often act in what would be classified as a treasonous manner towards the state that affords them such freedom, if this were anyplace other than Israel! Many call for the destruction of Israel and some have even been caught spying, as was the case with Asmi Bishara.

Arabeh Mayor Omar Nasser is wrong for making such statements against Israel, and he is wrong for delegitimizing her. Worse, Haaretz is wrong for printing such an interview without balancing it with a counter-viewpont.

Israel’s Arab minority needs to stop whining and attempting to delegitimize Israel. More importantly, this minority needs to make a decision: are they Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs?

Monday, May 30, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Barack Obama once had a legion of friends in the American Jewish community.

A pair of the most prominent -- Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz -- have turned against the president.

And it goes a lot farther than that.

Difficult as it is to believe, even a columnist in Haaretz -- which often reads like a Hebrew edition of Al Jazeera -- has ripped the White House. (And that cannot be blamed on global warming, either!)

Why have these seemingly topsy-turvy events occurred?

Perhaps a saying from the sages -- By their works shall ye know them -- says it all.

Or, if one bromide sums up Obama's relationship with Israel, it would be, "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

Those of us who feared the boychik president long before he was elected are not the least bit surprised but the vast bloc of naive American Jews who are just beginning to get it; and I'll get to them in a moment.

But first let's take a gander at some significant events that have aroused the likes of Professor Dershowitz, former New York City mayor Koch and Haartetz's own Moshe Arens.

When Obama believes that the Jewish vote is important to him, he will praise Israel as a "friend" but hours after the words have left his forked tongue, yet another act of double-dealing is committed that undercuts Israel's security not to mention bargaining position with the Arabs.

The president's latest three-act charade began with his recent speech to the State Department -- ever hostile to the Jewish state -- prior to Benjamin Netanyahu's arrival in Washington. Act One could be called "The Gratuitous Kick In The Ass."

Common political courtesy demanded that the host in the White House allow his guest to deliver Israel's long-awaited blueprint for bringing the recalcitrant Arabs back to the negotiating table.

And common political savvy demanded that in advance of Bibi's arrivial, the president NOT establish demands -- or set new boundaries -- that should result ONLY from direct Israeli-Arab talks.

But what Obama plumbed with his actions was the absolute nadir in political perfidy.

By declaring -- while his guest was still in flight -- that Israel return to the "1967 lines" was like telling Bibi that the only thing for him on the White House dinner menu was cyanide-on-toast. Take it or leave it; but you had better take it!

In one fell swoop of a speech, the president pre-empted the Prime Minister, embarrassed him to the radical-50 and torpedoed any realistic vessel of peace that could sail through negotiations.

Even the vehemently anti-Bibi Haaretz saw fit to allow its columnist Arens to denounce the faithless Obama while supporting Netanyahu.

"Obama will go down as the great spoiler," wrote Arens. "He never seems to miss an opportunity to push the (peace) process into a dead end. He has done so again with his declaration that Israel should return to the '1967 lines' in any peace agreement with the Palestinians."

This is the same Obama who one year is embracing his buddy, Hosni Mubarak, and in another season not only knifes Mubarak in the back but essentially turns Egypt from Israel's ally to an enemy of the Jewish State. At the same time the White House mouths toothless homilies about Syria while Assad goes about the business of shooting dissenters left and right.

Arens: "Obama seems oblivious to the fact that the present fluid state of affairs in the Arab world, clouded by uncertainty regarding future developments among Israel's next-door neighbors, is hardly a propitious moment for risk taking by Israel. Rather than advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he has managed to put obstacles in the way."

The White House seems to have forgotten that the Sadat-Begin Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty has virtually been shredded by the post-Mubarak regime which Obama helped ease into power.

Look at his record. You'll find that undermining Israel's basic security needs has been part and parcel of the president's modus operandi from the day after a majority of deceived American Jews got him elected.

Ever since Obama's visit to Cairo -- but as president, he has never visited Jerusalem nor Tel Aviv -- the president has ached to embrace the Islamic -- mostly militant -- world. Yet when it comes to Israel, he treats Netanyahu with the back of his hand.

That explains why the likes of Koch and Dershowitz have turned against him.

"Obama," says Dershowitz, "made one serious mistake that tilts the balance against Israel in any future negotiations. Without insisting that the Palestinians give up their absurd claim to have millions of supposed refugees return to Israel as a matter of right, he insisted that Israel must surrender all of the areas captured in its defensive war of 1967 subject only to land swaps.

"If the president is to play a positive role in bringing Palestinians and the Israelis to the negotiating table , he should insist that there be no preconditions to negotiation."

Ah, but Dershowitz is wrongly assuming that the Muslim president is an honest broker.

He is not and never has been and only now are some in the Democratic Party community beginning to understand that.

Koch says that American Jews believe that Obama, like every Democratic president, is another Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Those of us who have studied American history realize that FDR's inaction (his refusal to allow refugees from Hitler's Germany on SS St. Louis at Miami in 1939 as but one example) led to the deaths of thousands of Jews during World War II.

Some American Jews are on to Obama's double-tongued machinations. Many Israeli journalists, such as the Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick, figured him out years ago and is as right today as she was in 2008.

"Obama sided with Hamas against Israel by acting as though its partnership with Fatah is just a little problem that has to be sorted out to reassure the paranoid Jews," wrote Glick after Bibi's visit to Washington. "Hamas is a jihadist movement dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish people and the establishment of a global caliphate."

Right you are, Caroline. Wrong you are, Barack.

By their works shall ye know them!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reasonability and reality, are they mutually exclusive?

By David Perlmutter

With regard to Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East in general. It is useful to take all of the issues, and classify whether they realistic and reasonable.

Let’s take the right of return. It is neither reasonable nor realistic to expect Israel to agree to it. Therefore, should be dropped from the agenda.

The idea of Israel returning to the borders of 1967 is neither reasonable nor realistic

Now as for of the settlements. I believe creating them was a huge mistake Some might find it reasonable for Israel to tear down settlements, and move its citizens back to Israel proper, but it certainly not realistic, not even close.

My colleague and friend Dr. Shmuel Itzhak says that Jews should be able to live anywhere in Judea and Samaria. He further believes that these settlers should remain citizens of Israel, and be allowed to vote in Israeli elections.

In a recent article in the New York Times, a prominent member of the Likud party, Danny Danon , proposed that Israel occupy all of the land known as  Samaria. He further states that Jews living there be allowed to vote, and Arabs not have the right to vote in Israeli elections.

This is inviting use of nasty appellation “apartheid. “

I propose that if parts of Samaria are included into Israel, then Arabs living there should be allowed to vote. That is how it is in Israel right now. That is why Israel is a democracy. However, this would risk a Jewish majority in the State of Israel.

I for one, would not take this risk.

One idea, is to allow some of the larger settlements to remain in Israel proper, and that these Jews of course, be Israeli citizens, and have the right to vote in Israeli elections.

In the land that may be ceded to Palestine, all Arabs should have the right to participate in their own elections. Jews living within these agreed upon borders, also have the right to vote in Palestinian elections. This is how they do it in Israel today. This, in my opinion, it is both reasonable, and realistic.

As to the issue of a Palestinian state, I believe that this has already been decided. That is to say, both Israel and the United States have agreed that a Palestinian State must be created.

However the question is how will this state be created, by negotiations or through illegal Unilateral actions at the UN.

It is my expectation that if the Palestinians do ask the UN general assembly to recognize a Palestinian State this resolution will have overwhelming support.

Again I say that neither Israel, nor the United States will have any say in the matter. This is reality and must be faced. Why is this important? It is important to have world opinion on our side. Isn’t that the goal of The Association for the Political Defense of Israel?

I would like to speak of the events of the last few  days, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met and discussed all of these matters and many more. After they're meeting they had a press conference, I believe, that  Netanyahu was the clear public relations winner.

He faced Obama, and lectured him on the right of return and the Israeli 1967 borders. He very correctly told our president that Israel can not have borders that leave the country 9 miles wide. His arguments were reasonable and realistic.

He also told Obama, that the right of return would result in a state that was not a Jewish State. Both of these Palestinian propositions are neither reasonable, nor realistic

Obama accomplished something that I didn't think was possible. He made Prime Minister Netanyahu look like a reasonable man. Putting it more bluntly, he made Netanyahu look good, and himself not so good.

The next day, the president modified his stance enough to have mollified the AIPAC audience.

Finally, It is nether useful nor responsible to resort to name-calling with people who may not agree with you.This is counterproductive, and just not right.

For example referring to president Obama as an empty suit, is neither reasonable nor real. To call Jews such as those who work at the newspaper Ha'aretz self-loathing Jews, or Quislings, is slanderous, and  inaccurate.

They are simply good Jews who disagree with you. Let’s debate the facts, and stop the name calling

Calling our president Muslim, is not only unreasonable, unrealistic, it is just plain foolish. Disagree with him, blast him for views you consider to be contrary to the welfare of Israel, but criticize in fact, not his motive. If you think his policies are wrong, don't vote for him. Campaign against him. This is reasonable and realistic. Keep in mind, that he is the President of the United States, not of Israel.

As for the far left this out in California, and other campuses, you may properly call them anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic. This is very realistic. These same people think that the president was wrong in killing Osama bin Laden, and not  putting him on trial in the United States. This is unrealistic, unreasonable, and any other adjectives that you could think of to describe these views. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Is there anyone else out there as tired as I am of hearing Thomas L. Friedman’s condemnations of Israel?

In his article for the New York Times on December 11, 2010 “Uncle Tom” once again lambasted Israelis and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As always, the problem with the article is how much Uncle Tom leaves out.

He says we Israelis are bad for not succumbing to yet another Palestinian pre-condition, this time for ninety more days of settlement freeze.

According to Thomas Friedman we Israelis are bad for not repaying American financial and political support by yet again appeasing the Palestinians.

He fails to remind his readers that Israel had already given in to a ten-month settlement freeze that the Palestinians intentionally wasted. On top of that the Palestinians received the last freeze free of charge.

Tom forgets to remind his readers that as of today the Palestinians have failed in every way to live up to the conditions stated in the Road Map that must come before any Israeli settlement freeze. One: A complete halt to Palestinian Terror, Two: A complete halt to Palestinian Incitement against Israel, Three: Reform in Palestinian government.

There has been no such halt to Palestinian violence. There has most definitely been no halt of Palestinian incitement against Israel. Furthermore, what, precisely, has the reform in Palestinian government been? HAMAS taking over Gaza!

What has stopped Palestinian violence from Judea and Samaria is the wall Israel built that stops suicide bombers from entering her territory, along with the nightly raids that keep Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their brethren incapable of carrying out attacks.

What Tom also forgets to mention is that Israel, with its raids on HAMAS et al, is keeping the PA and President Mahmoud Abbas in power. If Israel were to let up pressure on Hamas in Judea and Samaria, Abbas would fall like the paper leader he is.

When it comes to the Gaza Strip the PA is totally out of the picture and there are daily rocket and mortar attacks on Israel by Hamas.

According to Mr. Friedman we Israelis and our leaders just don’t want peace enough. I beg to differ. What we do not want, Mr. Friedman, is to be burned by the Palestinians and their leaders anymore.

I suggest, Mr. Friedman, you type the 2000 Camp David Peace talks into Google to see what comes up. What you will find is this: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat burning Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and American President William Jefferson Clinton when he said “NO” to their offer of 97% of Judea and Samaria, all of Gaza and East Jerusalem as a Palestinian State; with the Rights of Palestinian refugees to return to the Palestinian State.

After that, Tom, type into Google “Second Intifada Started by Yasser Arafat after Sharm El Sheik Talks.”

Next, Tom, I suggest you type into Google “Israeli Unilateral Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.” Maybe this will help remind you of the price Israel has paid to achieve peace.

After that, Tom, type into Google “Rocket Attacks from the Gaza Strip Since the Israeli Withdrawal.” Or, for that matter, I guess you could just type into Google the town Sederot to see the price Israel has paid for peace.

Thomas, you act as if the Palestinians are sorry they missed these chances at peace. They are not, because their goal -- even today -- is to destroy the Jewish Nation State. Their diplomatic policy is still the same old racist, imperialist policy it has always been.

One way or another, Thomas Friedman, you and your misguided pseudo-liberals are one of greatest problems for achieving PEACE. People like you blame the true peace seekers instead of finally putting the onus where it belongs, on the Palestinian leadership.

Monday, May 23, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Jew, here is a definition of the word from the Merriam Webster dictionary.

Jew-Pronunciation: \ˈjü\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French ju, jeu, from Latin Judaeus, from Greek Ioudaios, from Hebrew Yĕhūdhī, from Yĕhūdhāh Judah, Jewish kingdom

Date: 13th century

1 a : a member of the tribe of Judah b : Israelite

2 : a member of a nation existing in Palestine from the sixth century b.c. to the first century a.d.

3 : a person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people

4 : one whose religion is Judaism

The first three definitions talk of a tribe, a people, a nation. Why? Because being a Jew meant being part of a tribe or nation long before it meant being part of a religion. The religion called Judaism today is nothing more than the laws given to the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish nation thousands of years ago to enforce discipline and create stability in a rustic herding culture as it transitioned and developed, much like laws are made today in parliaments the world over.

The definition of the word or name Jew has become so important in today’s world, but why?

Because for thousands of years other nations (mostly conquerors in search of expanding their empires) have bullied, persecuted, exiled and/or mass murdered Jews. Because Jews have always existed within and among other cultures, as well as in their own lands, with a code of conduct which takes precedence over any other, the Greeks enslaved and killed us because we turned our back on Greek culture. The Romans, because we rebelled against them, went so far as to destroy our country and capital city, rename both of them and transplant a majority of the Jews from Israel to Rome, attempting to erase us from geographical history. The Arabs invaded us, colonized our land and built their Dome of The Rock and Al Aksa Mosque on our Temple Mount. The Eastern Europeans carried out pogroms in which thousands, if not millions of Jews were killed. The German Empire finally tried to extinguish us completely from the world during the Shoah / Holocaust.

In all of these cases above we were persecuted and killed because we were the Jewish nation – a people apart, with its own code of conduct, no matter where we lived -- not the Jewish religion. We were the nation to reject or rebel against the new, in-culture, then we became the nation that killed Christ (A Jew). Today’s revisionists try to deny, whitewash or ameliorate most of these irrefutable historical truths.

The word Jew comes from the Greek word for Judea, the Jewish Kingdom that was an integral part of the Israelite Kingdom. Judah was head of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, offspring of Israel, father of the Israelites or Jewish people. However, today’s Jew-haters and anti-semites are doing all they can to say we are no longer a nation, that we do not deserve to be a nation, that if we were to be a nation we’re in the wrong place, or that if we are indeed a nation, we’re a human rights abusing, colonialistic, apartheid one. After thousands of years of killing us because we are a nation, today’s revisionist anti-semites wish to take this integral part of our identity away from us.

Why do they want to take this away from us? Because the fact that Jews have a unified code of conduct that is thousands of years old, and goes wherever they go, has always been the biggest thorn in the side of Jew-haters.
Why is that?

Because after thousands of years of Jews hoping, praying and trying, they have finally achieved their long sought after goal, the State of Israel, with its capital city of Jerusalem. But, to Jew-haters and anti-semites, the Hebrew/Israelite,/Jewish and now Israeli people/nation are standing up to today’s new “cool” cultures: Fanatical Islam, Fanatical Leftism and Fanatical Rightism – all with threatening nuances of Fascism and all bad copies of our friends the Nazis, with the same old goals. Worst of all for the anti-semites is that this new found self-determination of the Jews has given their nation an army to fight back with.

This army, the IDF, has dealt all anti-semites a major blow. They can no longer get away so easily with bullying, persecuting and killing Jews. They, (Arab/Muslims especially) have tried on many occasions to militarily wipe this new incarnation of the Jewish nation off of the map of the world. In all cases they have failed. Only a few still believe they can militarily destroy Israel. Instead, these haters have turned their focus to a new realm, that of delegitimizing Jews as a nation and their deserved right to Self-Determination and statehood.

Now these fanatics wish to once again turn the Jew and his new nation into a pariah by using many of the same techniques of the past but just flip-flopping them. The biggest fallacy of them all is the accusation that the Jew has stolen the land that makes up Israel; that the new nation is simply an instrument of the colonizing Europeans.

This is what the Arabs, Far Leftists and Far Rightists all claim. The truth is simple, though. Jews have always been living in the land that is Israel today, plus in the contiguous area known as the West Bank. We may not have always been the majority, thanks in great part to colonizing forces (Greeks, Romans, Arabs), but the same can be said for Tibet.

Jerusalem has always been a majority Jewish city and is mentioned 669 times in the Tanach; not once in the Koran. Jerusalem has always been the most sacred and holy city for the Jewish Nation. When the Romans sacked Jerusalem in the year 70, history tells us there were close to, or more than, a million Jews killed. How is that possible when the population of Jerusalem was so much smaller? When Titus laid siege to Jerusalem on the 14th of April in the year 70 C.E., it was the holiday of Passover. During this time, much like today, Jews flocked to Jerusalem from all over the Roman world because of its integral importance to the nation.

The word Jew comes from Judea, Judah, the nation and Kingdom of Israel. Arabs come from Arabia, which is nowhere near Israel or Jerusalem. Arabs themselves were the true colonizers, making it all the way to Spain in their attempt to conquer the world. In a speech given by Marcus Julius Agrippa, or Agrippa the Second, who was attempting to persuade the Jews from revolting against Rome. Given from the roof of his palace with his sister Berenice by his side in the year 66ce , Agrippa’s speech mentioned the Arabians in Arabia. They had not yet begun their conquests and the “prophet” Mohammed was centuries away from being a light in his mother’s eyes!

Israel, First World as it may appear to be on the surface, is one of the last remaining pieces of the ancient world. Jews are a lot like crocodiles and sharks: organisms of the ancient world living in modern times.

Many secular Jews outside of Israel are not taught the history of their nation. If we do not know who we are and what our history is, how can we defend ourselves against today’s enemies, particularly in this current war of words and name-calling? These secular Jews hear the words, sometimes eloquent, sometimes persuasive, of the Jew-haters and anti-semites and think Israel may be wrong, maybe shouldn’t exist, or perhaps is just as bad as things are described.

We are not even seven decades removed from the Holocaust and today anti-semitism rears its head all over the world. Leaders from around the world -- Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran -- constantly spew anti-semitic rhetoric. Ahmadinejad has even called for Israel’s destruction and threatened her with nuclear war.

Voices of the self-hating Jews, such as American academics like Noam Chomsky and the world leaders named above, are doing untold damage to Israel, in an existential sense. In short, the naysayers currently are winning “The War of the Words .”
It is time for us to return to our roots, to remember who we are as a nation and to fight back against the de-legitimizers -- the anti-semitic, anti-Israel haters.

All those who would defend the nation Israel, raise up your dictionaries, wield your history books … and fight!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The good news is that -- in his address to Americans from the State Department on Thursday -- Barack Obama did not call for the dissolution of Israel all at once.

The bad news is that what the White House seeks is the piece-by-piece eradication of the only democracy in the Middle East; no more, no less.

Make no mistake, the Muslim president, who never has visited Israel, was doing what he does best -- cow-towing to the Arabs.

By endorsing a Palestinian state on pre-1967 lines, Obama must know that such a move would inevitably lead to Israelis destruction.

Has he not heard of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah nor Bashar al-Assad?

Does the Muslim president not listen to his chief Middle East advisor, Dennis Ross, who has spent years witnessing militant Islam's perfidy and who has viewed, first-hand, the treachery of Yassar Arafat?

Of course Obama is aware of that but it has been obvious since his fateful Cairo speech -- that was when he still was loving Hasni Mubarak and not knifing him in the back -- that the Chief Executive will appease, mollify and virtually get on his hands and knees to slake the thirst Arabs have for Jewish blood.

Impetuously -- stupidly -- the president undercut Mubarak and now what do we have in Egypt?

Massive anti-Israel demonstrations in Cairo. The unmitigated Muslim Brotherhood power grab. And -- bet on this -- an election which will install -- as columnist Barry Rubin asserts -- "a radical, nationalist, anti-Israel, anti-American president and a parliament dominated by revolutionary Islamist anti-American anti-semites."

Is Obama so shortsighted that he believes an Israel that reverts to the 1967 borders will be in a position to protect itself from Jew-hating enemies, surrounding it at almost every border?

Either that, or the White House simply could not care less about what supposedly is America's best friend in the Middle East.

Editor of the Middle East Review, Rubin pinpoints precisely what would happen if the Obama plan were adopted; Bingo! Bye-bye, Israel!

"We can look forward to demonstrations in Palestine's capital after independence takes place," Rubin asserts, "demanding an abrogation of the Israeli-Palestine peace treaty and the end to Israeli occupation of... Israel."

Pity Benjamin Netanyahu -- pity his nation! -- if the Prime Minister bends even a millimeter to Obama's demands. Israel has made too many concessions while getting NOTHING in return but a harsh slap on the other cheek.

It has happen so many times, you would think that Israel would once and for all say, "Enough, already""

The fact is that since 1967 Israel has repeatedly tried to concede "land for peace."

In a weak moment after Egyptian President Sadat's historic 1977 visit to Jerusalem and the Camp David Peace accords, Israel withdrew from the vast Sinai Peninsula expecting a warm peace with Egypt. Well, you can see that peaceful dream fading away. It was a cold peace from the get-go and has gotten worse ever since.

Then there were the dreadful Oslo Accords. Has Bibi forgotten what happened after 1993 when Israel ceded administrative control of the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority (formerly the PLO)?

The PA promised -- as in PLEDGED -- to end propaganda attacks and drop the Palestinian National Charter's call for Israel's destruction. The promise never was fulfilled. Surprised? Never!

Wake up, Obama, and smell the rockets! Who's kidding whom?

Every Israeli attempt at amity with the Arabs is either greeted with a gratuitous kick in the ass or some similar form of cynicism.

This is a never-ending pattern that continued under Prime Ministers Barak, Olmert, Sharon and even Bibi. Try as they might with huge concessions, the Israeli leaders could not obtain anything but more hostility.

* BARAK: He offered Yasser Arafat full sovereignty over 97 percent of the West Bank, a corridor to Gaza and a capitol in the Arab section of Jeriusalem.

SLAP! Arafat nixed the super-generous bid.

* OLMERT: He made almost the same offer to Mahmoud Abbas and received the same negative response. SLAP!

* SHARON: He gave up Gaza and the Arabs gave us incessant mortar and rocket fire. SLAP!

* NETANYAHU: He tried once again, willing to participate in unconditional negotiations leading to a Palestinian State. Abbas demanded more unilateral Israeli concessions including a total freeze of all Israeli construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. SLAP!

Why in the world would the American president believe that it would be different this time around?

Sorry, Barack Obama, but Israel has done more than enough to seek peace with its Islamic enemies.

The equation is as simple today as it was in 1948 when the State of Israel was formed.

All the Arabs really want is the same objective as it was 63 years ago; push all the Jews into the sea!

As for Obama's reaction: He either just doesn't get it; or he just doesn't care!

Or both!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If you are wondering how the Arab mind works, consider the actions perpetrated by "Palestinians" on Nakba Day.

Large groups of Arabs attempted to bust through the Israeli border fence in the North from Lebanon and in the South from Gaza.

The border is there for a purpose and when a group attempts to force its way into another country; that country -- in this case Israel -- has every right to defend itself against illegal intruders.

Thus, when the Arabs tried to illegally break into Israel they were repulsed by the Israel Defense Forces.

What did the "Palestinians" expect the IDF to do, lay out a red carpet and hand instant Israeli citizenship to the rabble?

Did Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen really believe that there would be anything but an attempt to repulse the invaders?

What the Arabs did was roughly equivalent to a youngster knowingly pouring boiling hot water over his hand and then blames the water for scalding him.

So the "Palestinians" deliberately -- and illegally -- put themselves in harms way -- a position to be burned -- and then they get burned.

But instead of blaming themselves for their demise, they blame the soldiers legitimately defending their country.

Naturally, Abbas instantly declares the illegal entrants "martyrs." What else?

And the damn thing is that -- as always -- Israel will be blamed for doing what it was supposed to do.

It's called Middle East logic as seen through the eyes of Arabs!

Monday, May 16, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Israel must ready herself for war.

The results of this year's Palestinian Day of Racism (Nakba) show there is NO PEACE PARTNER with which Israel can negotiate.

The Israeli government must make it clear to the world that provocations such as Arabs attempting infiltrating her borders will be met with determined force.

There is a large difference between letting the Arab citizens of Israel protest and allowing Arabs of a foreign country infiltrate her borders; no country in the world would stand for this!

What happened Sunday on the borders of Israel is without a doubt the doing of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. These countries and terrorist groups must be made to understand that Israel will not stand for attempts to deflect the problems of Syria onto Israel.

On top of this the behavior of Israel’s Arab citizens has put them at odds and in the direction of a head on collision with their Jewish CO-patriots.

Israel is a democratic nation that is eighty percent Jewish. Israeli Arabs make up around twelve to fifteen percent of Israel. They enjoy equal rights and are, hands down, the freest Arabs in the world.

If Israel’s Arab citizens riot on the streets, calling the state they USE for their benefit a CATASTROPHE, then they are causing problems only for themselves.

It is hard for Israel’s Jewish citizens to trust their Arab CO-patriots when they behave with such hostility toward the State that benefits them so much. Can you imagine what would happen in the U.S. if the entire South protested on the anniversary of the date Lee surrendered at Appomattox?

Israel’s Arab citizens must make a choice: do they want to be Arab citizens of Israel enjoying equal rights in the Jewish Democratic State; or do they want to be Palestinians?

They work, live and build families with Israel’s Jewish citizens, not with the Palestinians. If the Arab citizens of Israel wish to put their lot in with the Palestinians, then they should go live in the Palestinian Authority controlled territories and the future Palestinian State.

They forget that it is the Jewish, Druze and Circassian sons and daughters of Israel who fight and die to protect all the citizens of Israel, Arabs included.

The Jewish citizens of Israel can no longer accept a day where twelve to fifteen percent of their CO-patriots riot in the streets, calling their country a Catastrophe. It is beyond insulting; it is racist and provocative.

It is these provocations, along with hostility coming from the Palestinians, Syrians, Hezbollah -- and even now the New Egypt -- that should show Israel that she can no longer put any faith in talks with her Arab neighbors.

The blind days of Peace are over and Israel must prepare herself and her citizens for a return to the days right after 1948.

But Israel must not fear the false threat of a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence.

Israel must make it very clear that the instant a Palestinian State is declared, the land the Palestinians have is what they will get and nothing more. Further, not a single Palestinian will ever be allowed back into Israel.

Palestinians who wish to live or work in Israel can forget about it. No more work permits and for sure no more family reunifications. If an Arab or Palestinian wants to reunify their family, they can do it in the Palestinian State, not in Israel.

Sunday’s events show that the Arab world is still not willing to accept Israel and worse, that yet another generation of Arabs has been taught to hate Jews and Israel.

It is the Arabs, not Israel, who have taught their children this. It is ARAB PARENTS who have taught their children to hate Israel and Jews, not the Settlements and not Israel.

War is here and here to stay.

It is time to wake up, Israel. The sleeper must awaken. We must ready ourselves to fight the colonialist, imperialist forces of the Arab and Muslim world.

Tragically for us all, they remain on our doorstep with anger and hatred; their intention to annihilate Israel and her Jewish citizens has not changed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Never in his life has Benjamin Netanyahu faced a challenge that demands his utmost courage and belief in the righteousness of his country.

The Arabs -- disguised as Palestinians -- have revved up their anti-Israel propaganda to its highest pitch.

Nakba represents both the utter distortion of truth as well as the springboard for a campaign that demands refutation by Israel's Prime Minister as well as all who are concerned about survival of the Jewish State.

Demands for a Palestinian state should be denied for the following factual reasons:

1. The United Nations provided a two-state solution. The Jews accepted and the State of Israel was formed. The Arabs refused the state that would have been their Palestine.

2. Rather than accept a two-state solution, backed by the UN, the Arabs went to war with Israel.

3. The same slogan that is rooted in their past -- 1920s, 1930s, 1940s -- echoed throughout the Middle East -- "Death to the Jews." It didn't matter whether it was uttered by Hitler's henchman, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or any of the other Arabs leaders.

4. Over and over again, the Arabs refused peace. Egypt's Nasser picked up where the Mufti left off and again Arab hostility led to the Six-Day War and yet another opportunity for a peaceful settlement.

5. Instead of once and for all, agreeing to hammer out a solution to the hostilities, the Arabs adamantly walked away from negotiations. They would have no part of them although the opportunity for a two-state solution was there for them to have yet again.

6. Any attempt to undermine Israel was seized by virtually every Arab leader with the exception of two. Egypt's Sadat was the first; and you know what happened to him. Mubarek maintained a Cold Peace, if such a thing can ben linked with harmony. Only King Hussein of Jordan was willing to shake hands and make at least a half-hearted attempt to live in peace with his Jewish neighbors.

7. Along came Yassir Arafat who duped Israel's left into the Oslo agreements and it has been downhill ever since.

8. Capitulating to Arafat -- proving that Arab intransigence works -- Israel made an unprecedented offer for a deal. The "Palestininans" would get more than any sane Israeli wanted to give; but there was the hope that if accepted, the elusive peace would come.

9. Taking the cue from his predecessors, Arafat turned his back on the overwhelmingly favorable offer and launched an Intifada. More innocent Jews were killed for no other reason than that they were Jews.

10. When Arafat died, it was believed the Mahmoud Abbas would be a "moderate." (By Arab standards, a "moderate" is someone who doesn't want to kill Israeli Jews right now, but later; that's another story.)

11. Coddled by the White House, Abbas demanded an Israeli halt in West Bank construction -- a "Settlement Freeze" -- before sitting down to negotiations. Against his better judgement, Bibi agreed to that freeze. In return he got frozen.

12. Weeks and then months went by but never did Abbas do as promised. Thus, the construction "Freeze" melted and the Arabs yelled and screamed -- "No fair!" -- as per usual.

13. Then, along came Nasrallah showering rockets on Israel as if they were pennies from heaven and, so, Israel was forced into a war once more. The "truce" that followed can only be described as a convenient opportunity to rearm Hezbollah for its next war against its neighbors.

14. Naively -- through the whole ugly mess -- Israel continued trying to be Mister Nice Guy. Thus, Gaza was handed over to the Arabs for nothing in the hopes that, somehow, it would inspire an equally peaceful Arab response. Ah, but Israel did get something in return; rockets, mortars, the murder of Jewish children in a school bus. You all know the Arab drill by now.

15. Meanwhile, murderous Hamas was true to its code of honor; brute force. Abbas and his "moderates" were gunned out of Gaza. In return Hamas did what you would expect Hamas to do; encouraged the rocketry, the mortars and any other form of hostility.

Nakba, my eye.

There can be no peaceful solution -- certainly no imposed one promoted by Obama -- because the Arabs do not want a permanent peace with Israel.

What can you expect from a people who want to erase any memories of the Holocaust?

The "Palestinian" idea of peace goes in three steps: 1. Force Israel into the 1967, indefensible borders; 2. Sign a pact; 3. Find a way to do what the Arabs have wanted to do all along; find more ways and means to wipe out the Jews!

Now it's up to Netanyahu to stand strong against the Obama pressure and repeat what must be Israel's permanent motto:


Monday, May 9, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The Jewish democratic state of Israel has been living and thriving for 63 years.

I am sure few alive in 1948 would have bet on Israel being around for more than six decades.

Without a doubt the colonialist Arab states that invaded Israel in 1948 thought they’d wipe the nascent Jewish state of the map.

Israel is alive today because she deserves to be. Jewish self-determination has continually fought off colonialist, racist Arabism.

Israel is a miracle not because she is the Jewish democratic state, but because she manages to be the Jewish State while providing equal rights to all of her citizens.

Glaringly we have borne witness to the fact that the Jewish democratic state offers its Israeli Arab citizens not just equal rights, but the safest home for an Arab in the entire Middle East.

The Arabs of Israel are not just one hundred percent citizens with full rights, but they can protest their government’s actions without fear of being murdered in cold blood or rounded up and jailed for speaking out against the state.

This is something that cannot be done in Arab countries or in the Palestinian controlled territories.

Jewish Israelis can look upon the state they have worked so hard to keep and know that they have provided not just for themselves, but for all citizens of Israel.

Israeli companies and technologies coming out of Israel are revolutionizing the world, while Israel’s Arab neighbors can barely provide for their own citizens.

Billions of dollars have been poured into Arab states and to the Palestinian Authority, but most of this money never reaches the citizens for which it is intended. Instead, it winds up in the hands of a few tyrannical leaders.

In contrast Israel runs a hybrid socialist/free market system that provides growth while still looking after her citizens who are less lucky. She also has a universal health care system that most Americans envy.

For 63 years Israel has managed all of this while also providing a home for Jewish refugees.

There is no Jewish Refugee problem today because the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND Jewish refugees tossed out of Arab and Muslim countries after Israel’s independence were absorbed into Israeli society like family.

Israel has also provided a home for the Jews of Ethiopia and today there are about 120,000 Israelis of Ethiopian decent.

All of this has happened while Israel has faced a state of constant war by her Arab neighbors.

The surrounding Arabs, and Palestinian Arabs especially, have put the destruction of Israel before their own national goals. Because of this most citizens of every Arab state lack the most basic freedoms that all Israelis (Israeli Arabs included) enjoy.

For 63 years Israel has also sought peace with her Arab neighbors, even as they plot her destruction.

Egypt received all of the Sinai Peninsula in return for signing a piece of paper. Neighboring Jordan finally signed a peace treaty with Israel. Numerous Israeli governments have attempted to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians that would create a Palestinian State. On each occasion the Palestinian leadership chose war instead.

For 63 years Israel has existed, has managed to thrive and grow despite the almost constant threat from outside her borders, while the Arabs have sulked, plotted and attempted to destroy the Jewish nation.

This is why we are right. This is why we should not be bamboozled by the latest attempts of modern anti-Semitism that attempt to make Israel and Israelis sorry for living and succeeding.

While Israel’s enemies hope to see her fail, the opposite has happened for 63 years, continues to happen, and will continue to happen.

Israel thrives and will continue thriving because the Jewish Nation has the right to live on the land of Israel where our nation was born and where our people have always lived.

Happy 63rd birthday Israel; I am proud to be citizen of your amazing nation.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The canned euphoria that has followed the alleged assassination of Osama bin Laden is fraught with duplicity.

From day to day, the White House -- or its various other "official" mouthpieces -- feed the public differing versions from the day before.

The lying never stops as Obama, Inc. tries to portray the president as a latter-day Lochinvar when, in fact, he's more like the Wizard of Ooze. The man oozes with falsehoods.

Meanwhile Barack Obama's media press agents -- led by the New York Times -- are desperately pushing an image of a "strong" president as if it was the White House that had anything to do with the planning and (alleged) execution of the al-Qaida leader. Revelations now are showing quite the opposite.

A compelling blog by Jim Vineyard, via Yedidim of Israel, details a process by which the "hit" on bin Laden was a year in the making. It was blueprinted by a group including Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, Robert Gates, David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton.

It's noteworthy that Obama -- described as "an absentee president" -- was uninvolved throughout, although his left wing guru, Valerie Jarrett, battled Panetta for months to prevent the bin Laden murder. In fact, when Jarrett -- as anti-Israel as any in the president's inner circle -- tried to halt the raid, she was overruled by the Panetta bloc and the raid was set in motion. Left to his decision, the indecisive president would have heeded Jarrett's advice and done nothing.

So, what we have is a White House that with a supposedly "strong" -- ask The Times -- leader whose chief puppeteer, Jarrett, couldn't even halt an assault orchestrated by her in-house adversary, Panetta. If anything, the inside story once again suggests a weak, indecisive president who essentially is getting credit for what, in reality, was Panetta's end-run around the Obmama sidekick Jarrett, that led to the Navy SEALs operation.

That said, let's get around to the more important issue, the violation of Pakistani sovereignty in order to pull off a targeted killing.

Assuming that bin Laden was, in fact, killed -- where are the photos? who's afraid to show them? why? -- much of the world acknowledges that it was a positive move.

The Pakistani's have their doubts but who cares about them? Pakistan has received $20 billion from Uncle Sam since 9/11 and, despite the aid, essentially enabled bin Laden to live in the lap of luxury and security until Panetta boxed out Jarrett and set the SEAL raid in motion.

What matters now is that the man behind the September 11 attacks became an American target who had to be eliminated; and, ostensibly was, in a foreign country.

No argument there.

But if Uncle Sam deems it quite all right to send troops, uninvited, into a country such as Pakistan -- which called the raid "an unauthorized unilateral action" -- why shouldn't Israel resume its once-successful policy of targeted killings?

The answer to that should be fully affirmative for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Unlike the United States, which shares friendly borders with Mexico and Canada -- not to mention friendly seas on the Atlantic and Pacific sides -- Israel is surrounded by enemies.

While Pakistan was -- and is -- the breeding ground for terrorists, it desperately tries to portray itself as an American ally; hence the $20 billion poured in since 9/11.

That's not the case when it comes to Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon, nor the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and, of course, Iran.

In each case, venomous leaders such as Nasrallah in the North and Ismail Haniyeh in the South have preached the death of Israel in the same manner that bin Laden exhorted his followers to join the death-to-America camp which he had fostered for decades.

What was good for bin Laden should be grand for any Jew-hating leader -- Haniyeh at the top of the list -- who engineers the deaths of Israeli school children riding home on a bus, who orchestrates mortar and rocketry attacks on the Negev and other forms of anti-Jewish terror.

Targeted killings have worked for Israel in the past -- Hamas will confirm that -- and they can work again.

Logic dictates that what's good for America -- bad for al Qaeda -- should be good for Israel; and bad for Bibi's enemies!

If the U.S. Navy SEALs can do it, let the targeted killings begin again for the Israel Defense Forces!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The cartwheels of joy executed at the White House over the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden are premature and utterly deceptive.

Where's the proof?

Never mind the hocus-pocus declaration that bin Laden's body had to be "dumped" into the sea for religious purposes.

We're talking about a man responsible for having thousands of Americans killed. Therefore his body -- assuming that whatever was "dumped" in the ocean actually was bin Laden -- should have been brought to the United States where any doubt about mis-identification would have been removed. The world's public deserved proof-positive and nothing less.

No matter what rationalizations the gloating president of the United States may present, doubt will be the order of the century about whether or not the real bin Laden was killed because the actual body was not brought home.

But let's assume -- painful as it may be -- that Barack Obama is telling the truth. So, what if bin Laden has been killed; how much of a difference will it make in terms of war or peace?

Does that mean militant Islam suddenly will retreat from its anti-American, Anti-Israel policies of eventually colonizing the world and, of course, wiping Israel off the map?

Not a chance.

Only the likes of Pollyanna, Snow White and Cinderella would believe that any tangible good will emerge from the bin Laden hullabaloo.

Israel learned that painful lesson a few years ago when it assassinated two of the top bananas in the Hamas' hierarchy.

Yes, it was a blow; albeit it a temporary one. But like any whack to the midsection, the victim generally recovers.

We saw how Hamas recovered; first by bayonetting the PLO out of Gaza and now by raining mortars and assorted rocketry on innocent Israelis.

Bin Laden's organization has many tentacles. If, in fact, Osama has been killed, you can rest assured that another "Arab holy warrior" will replace him; faster than you can say "Ismail Haniyeh."

Oh, him. That's the Senior Hamas Leader who condemned the killing of bin Laden by U.S. forces. Haniyeh is mourning bin Laden as an "Arab holy warrior."

Haniyeh: "We regard this as a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and the shedding of Muslim and Arab blood."

Really. The Hamas leader once again delivers a verbal slap at Obama who -- he's a Muslim, remember -- merely turns his other cheek.

Given his druthers, Haniyeh would just love to shed the blood of every Israeli Jew. But, then again, that's not news.

What will be news -- if Benjamin Netanyahu plays the right card -- is whether Israel will target the Hamas' version of bin Laden should another homicidal rocket attack be perpetrated against Sderot, Beersheva, Ashkelon or a school bus filled with innocent, young Jewish youth.

Haniyeh must be for Bibi what bin Laden was for Obama; no more, no less.

Hey, if Obama can boast about such a targeted killing of a terrorist, why not Bibi?

Meanwhile, for Netanyahu, the key word, above all, must be preparation.

While storm clouds gather across the Middle East, Israel cannot be caught short, neither militarily nor politically.

Too many times in the past, the government in Jerusalem has been seduced -- usually by Uncle Sam -- into absurdly ineffective peace pacts.

* CASE IN POINT, I -- GAZA: For many years, the IDF prevented smuggling of weaponry by occupying the Philadelphi Corridor. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, it relinquished corridor control to Egypt.

On paper it made a little sense; but not a lot.

Under Hosni Mubarak, Egypt half-heartedly monitored Philadelphi. There was just enough Egyptian inattention -- shall I say bribery -- to allow Hamas to actively dig smuggle-tunnels and import anti-Israel weaponry.

What Israel should have done then but failed to execute was anticipatory-thinking.

There was every reason to believe -- even then -- that Mubarak's shaky government would be toppled, opening Gaza for massive weapons shipments.

All Israel had to proclaim then -- whether Uncle Sam liked it or not -- was, "We're out of Gaza but we'll maintain a Phiadelphi presence because it's necessary for our self-defense."

Sadly, that was not done and now Bibi is paying the price.

The new Egyptian government -- as many of us had feared for years -- has tilted toward Israel's enemies and will relentlessly move into Iran's camp. This is not illusion; it's reality.

* CASE IN POINT, II -- CEASE FIRES AND TREATIES: Virtually every "cease-fire" and "peace treaty" signed by Israel eventually backfired on the Middle East's only democracy.

Exhibit A is Lebanon. Pushed into a far-too-hasty cease-fire just as it was about to destroy Hezbollah, Israel inked a pact that provided no ironclad security agreements for Jerusalem. Thus, there has been nothing to prevent the re-arming of Hezbollah and the eventual resumption of rockets raining on Israel. Hezbollah has re-armed and has become more of a threat now than ever.

Examining, Israel's premature Gaza cease-fire agreement, Haaretz columnist Israel Harel puts it as bluntly as anyone: "The government, which is full of ministers with military backgrounds, ignored one of the most basic rules of managing a battle: Take advantage of success (if it had not been a success, Hamas would not have begged for a truce) until the fight is won.

"Who knows how many yellow school buses will be attacked a a result of the decision-makers weak will?"

Preparing for a diplomatic tour that eventually will bring him to the White House, Bibi must never betray a weak will in these crucial talks.

Before making any concessions, Israel's leader must vividly recall the school bus destruction, the thousands of rockets dispatched to kill Jews and, once and for all, tell Obama, "Sorry, bud, but NEVER AGAIN!"

Monday, May 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Today, May Second 2011 is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel.

It is a solemn day when we remember the six million plus Jews who were killed by Nazi Germans and their EUROPEAN allies.

Today also happens to be the same day that American Special Forces assassinated Osama Bin Laden.

It took the American Army and intelligence services ten years to kill one of the most evil and elusive murderers in history, but the job got done in the end.

In remembering the Holocaust we Israelis and Jews abroad must always remember that this world is inherently anti-Semitic.

We must remember that those “humanitarian” Europeans who judge Israel when she protects her citizens from Palestinian Terrorism are the same people who committed the worst type of Genocide this world has seen during the Holocaust.

In remembering the Holocaust we must always remember that the second we become bamboozled by appeasement and forget to fight for Jewish freedom and self-determination we have signed our own death wish.

It is crucial that we also remind our Jewish brothers and sisters abroad not to be fooled by false freedoms -- freedoms the Jews of Europe believed they permanently had before the Nazis came into power.

If you hide your head in the sand and ignore the ever-growing anti-Semitism emanating from Islam and the Left, you will end up in the same position as the Jews who refused to see what Nazi fascism had in store for them.

What happened in Europe can happen again and Israel is the only reason why it has not happened sooner.

This Holocaust Remembrance day more than ever it is important not just to remember the Jews who were slaughtered by Europeans, but also to remember that the Palestinian Nation played an immense role in killing the Jews of Europe.

Haj Amin Al-Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of the Palestinian Nationalist movement during World War II, not only sided with the Nazi’s but also stayed with Hitler during the war in Berlin and recruited for the SS.

The Grand Mufti went so far as creating his own final solution for the Jews of Israel, had the Germans defeated the British in the Middle East.

Somehow the Palestinian leadership has done an amazing job of covering up this bit of history.

This evil part of Palestinian history must not only be remembered on Holocaust Remembrance day, but Israeli diplomats must clearly remind their Palestinian -- and for that matter European counterparts -- of this crime against the Jewish Nation.

Today the Palestinians again have reminded the world who they truly are.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas condemned the America for killing the man who was behind the deaths of more then THREE THOUSAND AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Hamas, who has just joined a unity government with the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority, has also adamantly stated they will never recognize the State of Israel.

Israeli politicians and diplomats must make it clear that America cannot ask Israel to talk with Hamas or the P.A. when they deny the Holocaust, deny the Jewish Nation’s right to exist.

While Remembering the citizens of the Jewish Nation that the Europeans BURNT TO ASH, we must not forget that even today the same anti-Semites are attempting to rob the Jewish Nation of its freedom, self-determination and nation/state.

Those who stand against Israel, those who equate her to an apartheid state, who say that the Jewish Nation has no right to self-determination in Israel, who wish to boycott Israel; all of these people are no different from the Nazis.

All the people who are a part of the aforementioned groups would have happily assisted the Nazis. They are anti-Semitic to the bone and this must be said LOUDLY

We must not hide the fact that groups like Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and the International Solidarity Movement are no different from Nazi movement, and those who support it are supporting the same genocidal principals as the Nazis.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day we must also remember that the worst Anti-Semites are none other than the self-hating Jews who have joined these movements.