Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Know the Code

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

Stop Arab/Islamic colonialism!

Stop the lies created by Nazi Arab Agent Haj Amin al-Husseini!

Stop the appropriation of the laws, culture, land and history of the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish Nation.

Stop the fallacy of the Nazi creation, the Palestinian. Learn the truth, they are not freedom fighters, they are racist, Supremacist colonizing terrorists!

Stop the continuation of the Shoah, learn that it never ended. It continued with the Arab/Islamic hopes of annihilating Israel, Jewish Emancipation and the Jewish Nation for good.

Stop lying to yourself when you say "The Arabs don't really mean it" when they say "we are going to finish Hitler's work". They mean it, because their whole culture is based on the Nazi principles of anti-Semitism. Their founding father was not just a good friend of Adolf Hitler, he recruited for him, was a full Nazi who formulated his own "Final Solution" for the Jews of Israel.

Stop condemning the alt-right, when it was the left that has created the worst anti-Semitism seen since the Holocaust.

Stop condemning Steve Bannon and start condemning Omar Barghoutti and the head of the UN General Assembly.

Stop pretending to care about Jews, you do not, you never have and it's embarrassing.

Stop talking about Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, especially when the Arab Nazis have burned down half of Israel.

Stop talking about Israel and the Jewish Nation giving back land that is theirs, especially when the Arab colonizers enjoy watching Israel burn!

Stop talking about colonialist Arabs as indigenous, you'd never call white European Americans, Canadians or South Africans indigenous, nor should you call the colonizing Nazi Arabs indigenous, they are not.

Stop lying to yourself, Indigenous people don't burn their own land!

Know the code.


Jewish/Israel=Freedom/Truth/Indigenous Rights

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Winds of November

🇮🇱⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️🇮🇱

Every year, the winds of November start blowing.

The Wardens of the North must prepare the wall of Liberty in the North for the cold days ahead.

This wall shields all of the children of Israel. The Druze of Israel, the Baha'i of Israel, the Circassians of Israel, the Arabs of Israel and the Jews of Israel.

But it is also a shield for the whole of the "Free World".

The Jewish democratic Nation state of Israel is the front line and has always has been the front line in the fight against Arab/Islamic Jihadism.

Israel was the arrow to the heart of Sovietism.

It is this line of defense that was protecting Americans until September 11th.

Israel still is the front line of defense for Americans, Europeans and those that call themselves the citizens of the free West.

The freedom of the "Free" west, has been bought with the blood of the Children of Israel.

The freedom that is being used on the campuses of America to Judge my people, the freedom allowed to the Nazi BDS movement and the Students for Justice In Palestine AKA The Students for A Final Solution. This freedom they abuse was paid for by the blood of my brothers and sisters of Israel.

No sum of money can ever make up for the those we have lost. No amount of money can give back the sons and daughters we have lost protecting the free world.

When American power could barely push back North Korea and barely saved South Korea, where was American power projected with strength?

When American power was lost in Vietnam, where was American power proven?

Not one American soldier has ever died fighting a war for Israel. Israel has always fought her wars.

But American power was proven when Israel trounced Numerous Soviet supplied Arab armies in 48, 56, 67 and 73.

And yes, sons of Israel, we won these great victories with American hardware from 73 on and with American political backing since 1948, but we fought these battles and we won them.

A long Winter is coming, do not be fooled. We do not need made up stories to know what is lurking on the other side of this wall of Liberty.

No, it's not iceman we must gird ourselves to fight so the people of the west can enjoy their comfortable lives. It is men who chop off the heads of their neighbors, it is the Arab/Sunni/Shia Jihadists who are the true representatives of the Flayed Man.

It is these same leaders that drop barrel bombs on the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. And do not hesitate to use chemical weapons. Wait a second, I thought those chemical weapons were given up, I guess not.

We, the citizens of Israel, are the wall, the wardens protecting freedom, liberty and life the wall that stands against the dark ages.

Hating Satan has never been easy.

That's why so many can be duped and bamboozled by the same fascist Nazis who murdered Six million Jews in the Shoah, to hate the Jew again, the Jew of the world, Israel.

These anti-Semitic ideas and the Nazi movement of BDS and the Students for A Final Solution, are being promoted and paid for by one of the darkest of nations, the Wahabbi nation of Qatar.

If you asked the everyday person of the 50's or 60's would people be boycotting Jews again like in Nazi Europe, they would have said no way. If you would have asked a holocaust survivor they would have said definitely.

Today, again, white Europeans and their Arab accomplices are trying to annihilate Israel. The Europeans because they are ignorant and foolish enough to believe that selling out Israel will buy them favor with the Nazi Jihadists. They are wrong.  The Nazi Arab/Sunni/Shia wish to destroy Israel because they know it is inspiration for all indigenous nations to rise up against their tyranny; they know that Israel is the ultimate expression of Freedom, Liberty and the light pushing back against their dark, dark world of Chauvinism, Homophobia, Racism and hatred for Liberty of the Human soul.

We have not forgotten the crimes committed against the Jewish Nation by Europe, although we have befriended you and protect you.

Furthermore we remember the crimes committed by the made up Palestinian Nation, the Arab Occupying Force. We remember that it was the Nazi society, created by Nazi Agent and collaborator Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Hussieni and Adolf Hitler, a society based on Nazi principles set up to destroy Jewish Freedom and promote Arab Supremacist colonialism.

You cannot fool the Lions of Judah.

BDS, ISIS, HAMAS, Al-Qaida, PLO, Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, SJP, Hezbollah and Al-Nusra. They are all the same.

Some may be Sunni and some may be Shia but they are all the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are all designed to promote Arab/Islamic colonialist Supremacism.

All seek to apply Sharia, to forcibly convert minorities and all seek to mass murder the Jews, to commit ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews.

Remember children of Israel, we truly have but one home.

Remember world, if Israel falls so does the Western World as you know it!