Monday, April 30, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

It's not very difficult to discern how the Arab mind works.

For the Arab mind anything Israeli stinks to high Heaven.

According to militant Islam, anything anti-Jewish is among the most wonderful things in the universe.

And here, in Hebron, we have Exhibit A which should be among the lead stories on CNN, in The New York Times, Washington Post and Haaretz.

Hey, it might even be worth discussion at the United Nations or at Hilary Clinton's latest tea.

Now that President Obama is finished telling jokes to Washington reporters, he, too, might see fit to get involved.

Ah, but it's a serious moral issue, so why bother?

This REAL story is about a Palestinian Arab who had the temerity to sell land to a Jew in the city of Hebron.

Now one might ask; why should that be any different than a Christian selling land to a Jew in Hot Springs, Atlantic City or, for that matter Jericho?

Then, again, why should it matter if land is legitimately sold to an Israeli anywhere on earth?

Well, Ali, Ali Baba, Mahmoud, it sure does matter to the Arabs because they -- to give it the understatement of the half-century -- don't like Jews. No-how!

If you want to know deep this intense hatred goes, the land-selling Arab in question has been sentenced to death for the mere purchase of land! What's worse, the death sentence soon may very well be consummated unless there's a well-spring of anger across the board; from The White House to the UN to the European Union and on to the Prime Ministership in England, among other so-called worthies.

The intended victim, Muhammad Abu Shahala, once was an intelligence officer in the Palestinian Authority. On every other count -- apart from the land sale -- this man is as innocent as Barack Obama, Joe Smith and your local cop on the beat. 

Should this horrific, defying all reasonable logic and morality execution take place, it will be under the rule of such pious Arab leaders as the PA's Abbas, Erekat and Fayyad whose ideas of peace talk consist of making demands on Israel before ever sitting down at the negotiating table.

How can the Abbas bunch ever claim to talk "peace" with Benjamin Netanyahu when it is committed to this most dastardly act of execution over a peaceful transaction?

More importantly, where are the voices of such allegedly fair-minded groups as the International Red Cross, Amnesty International and the UN?

The fate of Muhammad Abu Shahala will be more than symbolic for a date, a week, a month or a year. It will symbolize the curse of Arab hatred of Jews.

If the Palestinians allow such a massacre to take place, not only should they should be held accountable but, more than that, they should be exposed for their fraudulent attempts at being cast as "peace-makers."

The mere idea that a Palestinian Arab should be dispatched to a death squad for a legal land sale to a Jew tells you everything you need to know about the failure to achieve peace in the Middle East.

President Obama, you should be the first to denounce the PA. 

What's more, America should immediately halt any funding to so morally corrupt an outfit as the PA, let alone Hamas. The U.S. Congress should take due note and REACT. Ditto all news services, Red Cross, and all the other pious outfits claiming to support morality in the Middle East.

For the sake of an innocent man, a public plea is necessary to expose those -- like the Red Cross, the international me -- who won't intervene on behalf of Muhammad Abu Shahala.

And it must be done NOW!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

People loved to be fooled and that explains why magicians make a living.

But there's a MAJOR difference between being duped by a conjurer's legerdemain and an international politician such as Barack Obama.

While America's naive leader admits to the Iranian threat to world order, his ways and means of dealing with it ooze with foolishness.

That, my friends, is another way of saying he's making damn fools out of his followers.  Too many seem to believe that the White House will author meaningful moves toward diminishing Tehran's rush toward constructing a nation-devastating bomb -- with Israel as its top priority target.

When it comes to braking Iran's bomb-building progress, The Chief Con Man on Pennsylvania Avenue continues refers to "sanctions" as the West's most effective deterrent. Recent history -- right up to today -- proves that those curbs have not had any meaningful effect. Most Iranians laugh off the sanctions, as they should.

Actually, what the sanctions have done is give Obama, the European Union and assorted other appeasers an excuse for buying time; thereby playing right into the Iranians' hands.

Even the president's media allies -- the Washington Post being a good example -- are on to his con. In a recent editorial the Post noted that on almost every issue, Obama's aim is to "stop history until November."

And you know what that means; if history is stopped, and the president is able to sidestep key issues, he stands a better chance of being re-elected.

Other former friends of the president are wising up to his wiles; one of them being Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who has publicly stated more than once that he voted for Obama in the last election. But now Dershowitz is wondering out loud whether the president will go down in history as "the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century" if he fails to stop Iran's development of the nuclear bomb. 

Surely, the White House's approach to Iran closely follows the spineless maneuvering of London's 10 Downing Street during the late 1930s when Great Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain knuckled under Adolf Hitler's threats and eventually was altogether duped in 1938. 

When Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement with Hitler, ceding part of Czechoslovakia to Germany the Englishman was as artlessly naive as Obama has been for the past three years vis-a-vis Iran.

All one has to do to confirm the president's under-the-table anti-Israel thinking is check out the thinking of his chief advisors -- two of them being Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey. 

Panetta's hostility toward Israel has been well-documented while Dempsey recently played the fool by stating that Iran should be considered a rational actor. Apparently the general is unaware of thousands of Iranians murdered by their own leaders nor that Tehran has called for the state of Israel to be wiped off the map. 

Of course, we know that Dempsey is not that dumb so the only explanation is that he does not like Israel. And since he's Obama's prime military man -- and has not been given the hook -- it's logical to assume that the White House sanctions Dempsey's statements.
The Panetta-Dempsey duet represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama's Israel-haters. Among the worst of that bunch is billionaire George Soros -- Obama bankroller extraordinaire -- who supports an outfit called Media Matters.  According to MM Americans who support Israel put that support over loyalty to their own country.

Dershowitz has labelled Media Matters "a vicious organization" yet the White House remains in close touch with MM and has done little to nothing to refute its anti-Israel rhetoric.

Another manner in which the administration undercuts Benjamin Netanyahu's government is via anonymous "senior administration officials" who take their cue from their boss in the White House. 

It was one such "senior administration official" who tipped off Foreign Policy that the Israeli government made arrangements with Azerbaijan to use its airbases which it presumably would employ to help it attack Iran. Clearly these were administration leaks of sensitive information regarding Israel's security. 

What's more the leaks have been apparent to insightful foreign policy experts such as former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton who understands the Obama administration's ploy. "The pressure the administration has put on Israel has been just merciless behind the scenes," said Bolton. "Now they're going to reveal very sensitive, very important information that will allow Iran to defeat an Israeli attack. 

"That the Iranians now know about it takes away a potentially very powerful mode of attack that hitherto the Israelis have been able to keep secret."

Bottom Line: The sanctions are worthless; the Iranians make hay while more meaningless talks are slated in the future and Obama plays magician and tries to stop history until November. 

The trick -- between now and November -- is to stop Obama!


By Simon Fischler
This last year, leading up to the 64th. birthday of Israel has been a fascinating one to say the least in the middle-east. 
It started off real tough for Israel with the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak but has progressively gotten better. 
Once again for a few moments we Israelis were allowed to enjoy the 64th. anniversary of the RE-FOUNDATION of our nation-state. We were allowed to celebrate our freedom and self-determination. 
Now that we have celebrated another birthday of our liberal, democratic Jewish State we must prepare for that joy to be quickly washed away. 
Syrian tyrant Bashar Al-Assad will once again attempt to deflect the ongoing civil uprising in his country onto Israel during this up coming Arab Colonial Day (also known as the Nakba).
Assad realizes he needs to up the ante if he wants to stay alive and for the world to forget about the mass murders he is still carrying out. 
Therefore on Nakba Day, Assad will push his allies Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad to enter the fray against Israel. 
Hezbollah and Hamas will probably oblige and it will not be like last year when they bused protestors to Israel’s borders.
This year Israel and the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared for war. 
We will be better equipped to deal with any attempts by a ruthless Arab dictator to deflect blame from the atrocities he carries out against his supposed brothers at home. 
In preparation for Arab Colonial Day, Israel must do more than just worry about its borders (which is enough of a problem). 
Today Israel needs to do more to put the onus on its Israeli Arab minority to step up, stop whining and become a true part of the Jewish Nation State! 
Is it not amazing that the Israeli Druze and Circassians (one belonging to the Druze culture and religion and one a Muslim minority) have managed to accept and love Israel as the DEMOCRATIC and Jewish Nation State and yet the Israeli Arab minority can't? 
Maybe this has something to do with their want to finally wipe us, the 80% Jewish Majority out? Maybe their hopes of pushing us Jews into the Sea are the same as their Palestinian brothers?  
Israeli Arabs are the freest in the world and they enjoy equality like no other Arabs in Arab countries.
Israeli Arabs should look over the border and see the actions of Arab regimes towards their own citizens before complaining about Israel. Furthermore Israel needs to start telling them this! 
Should Israeli Arab's consider Israel's creation a catastrophe? NO, absolutely not! 
Not unless they truly do want too destroy the country they supposedly want to be a part of!
While Assad is off MASS murdering his own people, the Arabs of Israel are allowed to protest safely and freely, serve in the Knesset, be Supreme Court judges and plainly just enjoy the financial wealth they have amassed in Israel. They do this while enjoying their ability to spit on the country that allows them this lifestyle and freedom. 
This was clearly demonstrated in a jaded interview HA-ERETZ gave with Arabbe Mayor Omar Nasser.
Nasser called Netanyahu’s claims about the freedoms of Israel’s Arabs “false, misleading and unbearable hypocrisy.” 
He insists that Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens should not be compared to how Arab leaders treat their own citizens, but to how Muslims and Arabs are treated in Western Europe or America and Canada.
Is Israel geographically situated in Europe? Is it a European country? No, so why should Israel be compared to European countries?
However, if that’s what Mr. Nasser wishes to do, let’s take a look.
* Arabs and Muslims cannot were Burkas, or headdresses in France. Laws strongly against the Muslim population of the French Republic are being enacted left and right.
* Far right, anti-Arab/Muslim political parties are proliferating and becoming strong, to the embarrassment of Liberal, left Europeans. Conservatism has reached the continent, mainly in response to Arab and Muslim immigration.
* The Arab and Muslim populations of France and, for that matter, nearly all of Western Europe are consigned to what any self-respecting European Jew would recognize as ghettos and discriminated against daily in myriad ways -- worse than anything in Israel.
* The Swiss have banned the building of minarets and are in the process of passing other laws that discriminate specifically against Muslims. The same can be said for virtually all western European nations, as they attempt to battle Islamic Fundamentalism.
In all of these countries a movement like Israel’s Islamic Movement would, without a doubt, be banned and considered a terrorist group. We just saw that in England where Nazi Sheik Raed el-Salah was jailed! 
Before we touch on the 13 Arab Knesset members, or the freedoms of speech, travel and livelihood enjoyed by all Israeli Arabs, lets assess how much Israel’s Arab citizens contribute to their country.
Israeli Arabs do not serve in the Israel Defense Forces. This practice must end immediately, if Jewish, Druze and Circassian eighteen year olds must be drafted to serve their country so too must Israeli Arabs.  
Or they must complete National Service to Israel like their Jewish, Druze and Circassian CO-patriots do. 
No more receiving the fatty benefits of the state of Israel like the Arabs of Israel receive today without contributing to your country!
The Arabs of Israel want equality! Well, they have it! If they want more than what they have then they had better look to American President John F. Kennedy's famous quote; "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 
There has been talk of Israel giving the future Palestinian State sovereignty over some Israeli Arab cities and villages. 
Any time this topic comes up the Israeli Arabs cry out bloody murder. 
Why does this happen? Israel has no intention of kicking them out of their homes or moving them off of their land. It would simply be a swap of administration and citizenship! 
They cry out because they want to remain Israeli, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  They know better than anyone that Israel will provide them freedoms that a Palestinian State will not.
What is eluding everyone outside Israel is the ability of the leaders and many in the general population of Israel’s Arab minority to disguise their own racism and hidden agenda against the state.
If a Jewish Israeli tried to buy a house in an Israeli Arab village, there would be no chance of it happening. 
If a Jewish Israeli did happen to live in an Israeli Arab town, they would be harassed until they packed up their bags and left.
Arab Israelis cry about crime in their communities and the State not doing enough to stop it; yet their community has the highest amount of illegal firearms. If the Israeli police decided to disarm these villages they would be called Racists! Thats nothing but insanity! 
To compound the situation, Israel’s Arab leaders often act in what would be classified as a treasonous manner towards the state that affords them such freedoms. 
These  treasonous actions range from Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi's cruise on the Mavi Marmara, Knesset Member Taleb el-Sanna constantly promising the destruction of Israel (this is a member of the Israeli Parliament calling for the destruction of the nation he is supposed to represent), to Knesset member Ahmed Tibi calling for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.  
From this day until Arab Colonial Day (the Nakba) I will be writing, voicing my thoughts and providing facts showing that no Catastrophe occurred during Israel's re-birth.
The time has come for Israel’s Arab minority to put up or shut up! They need to stop whining and attempting to delegitimize Israel and need to do a hell of a lot more to show their appreciation for the country that has given them freedom and equality in an area where it just does not exist! 
 More importantly, the Israeli Arab minority needs to make a decision: are they Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs? 
If they want to be in a country with an Arab symbol on its flag, or if the National Anthem bothers them so much (Is it not funny that Israel's Arabs have a problem with the national anthem of the nation because it talks of a Jewish Soul; yet the Native Americans of Canada and the United States have no problem singing the national anthem of both these countries and are some of the greatest patriots in the same Nation States where their people were totally robbed of everything they had?), then they should leave, end of story! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
Isn't it funny that the EU, UN and other international organizations never condemn Jews being removed from their homes in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria?
Has anyone thought to ask themselves why we need to understand Islam, when Islam swears to never understand anything but Islam?
Why has the Arab nation and its political movement, Islam, managed to escape responsibility for the invasion, colonization and enslavement of Africa? 
Is the world so ignorant that they do not know it was Muslim Arabs who caught and sold Africans into the hands of the white Europeans?
When will they pay the price for their atrocities?
How is it that the Arabs (factually and historically there has never been a Palestinian nation) have gotten away with the greatest scam in history? 
They created a nation called Palestine in response to the war of freedom fought and won by the Jews and redemption of their land against the colonialist oppressors (Arabs), who were given control of Israel by Europe (Rome).
Why hasn't Rome (today's Italy or EU) been forced to pay compensation to Israel and the Jewish Nation for the destruction of Jewish self-determination, enslavement of the Jewish people of Israel, the destruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem in 70 AD and the creation of the Name PALESTINIA?
Why hasn't the EU (jtoday's Roman Empire) paid for the exile of Israel's majority Jewish population in 70 AD and the attempt to wipe Jewish and Israeli history off of the map of human history after the burnt Jerusalem to the ground? 
Why hasn't the EU (today's Roman Empire and the perpetrators of the Shoah) paid compensation to Israel and the Jewish Nation for assisting their colonialist ally Arabia in their attempts to destroy Israel and the Jewish Nation? 
When will people learn that there is nothing remotely “liberal” about supporting the most oppressive, imperialist and chauvinistic political movement, Islam? 

This Arab/Muslim political movement, Islam, is the epitome of globalization through oppression, slavery and imperialism! 
Why aren't Israeli courts evicting Arabs from the homes they stole in the massacre of the Jewish Majority in Hebron during the 1929 Hebron riots? 
Any Arab living in Hebron today is either an accomplice or the offspring of an accomplice of genocide -- ethnic cleansing that was carried out against the Majority population of Hebron in 1929 that just happened to be Jewish. The Jews of Hebron who far outnumbered the Arabs had been living in Hebron for thousands of years!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
Big jets keep on flying. 
Carrying me home to be in my homeland.
Singing songs of Jacobs Land. 
I’m here in Israel again.
I heard Arabia lie about us.
Well I heard Ol’Arabia tried to bring us down 
Well I hope Mohammad will remember, an Israeli man does need him around anyhow! 
In Israel we love our Nation, no matter what the haters want to say. Now the flotilla does not bother me, does your conscious bother you? 
Boycotters will be damned, Arab colonial puppets is all they are, cause Israel is our land, the land of the Jewish Nation.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                                                                                   I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues -- Jazz trombonist-vocalist Jack Teagarden's most famous tune.

Jack Teagarden is long gone but were he scanning the headlines these days -- and cared for Israel -- he'd pick up his trombone and blast out "I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues."

The story lines back up that statement, as you will see:

Now there's a laugh; that is if there's anything funny about the Palestinian Authority. So far, the only "authority" it has is thanks to the endless stream of cash it receives from Uncle Sam and the Europeans; not to mention, the quiet help provided by Israel. Without support from Jerusalem, the PA would fold like a deck of cards; overwhelmed by Hamas.

Over and over again Bibi has proposed direct talks with Mahmoud Abbas and the result inevitably is a return flood of superficial Arabic rhetoric designed to dodge face-fo-face negotiations. The PA's "warnings" have the usefulness of a flat tire with no spare in the trunk. For years it has been a fact of life that the PA simply will not acknowledge the knowledgeable; that is Israel has been, is, and will continue to be The Jewish State.

* FLYTILLA ACTIVISTS BEEF ABOUT BEING SNUBBED BY ISRAEL: Ever since the Jew-haters' flotilla project ran aground, these so-called "activists" -- a ridiculously nebulous, mis-used term to begin with -- have been seeking ways and means to display their vicious, damage-Israel propaganda. They claim to be "peace-loving" supporters of the "poor, repressed" Israeli Arabs. They ignore what most Palestinians realize; life is a lot better in Israel than any Arab country. Thus, Palestinians attempt every which way to work in Israel because the opportunities for a good living there clearly out-strip any place in Arab lands. 

Unfortunately, too few on the liberal side have sized up these "Flytilla" clowns for what they are; base hypocrites. If they were genuinely serious about seeking to accomplish something positive in the Middle East, they would have altered their flight plans. One group could well have descended on Damascus where -- truce or no truce -- Bashar al-Assad has been wiping out protestors not by the tens, or hundreds but by the thousands with little to no meaningful response -- only blathering rhetoric -- from Barack Obama and the appeasing European Union.

Another dozen or so of these "activists" -- if there was any genuine adventure in their souls -- could have flown into Tehran where the mullahs have been developing atomic weaponry that could alter the entire Middle East balance of power, if not the world balance. Egypt, which doesn't know in which directly its political gyroscope is pointing, could use a few of those leftists to help Cairo determine whether it wants to be the new Taliban, or the old Iraq. But since "Flytilla" is merely an airborne synonym for hypocrisy simply because no such humanitarian moves as listed above ever will be taken by the non-active activists.

*  THE 'ARAB SPRING' HAS WILTED; POLITICALLY IT'S 'WINTER' FOR ISLAM: A year ago the liberal press got hot and bothered about what then was enthusiastically dubbed "The Arab Spring." In a year, however, it has emerged more like an Islamic Winter. The Arabs are calling it "Nahda," which is another way of saying the rebirth of Islamic power. 

Therefore, if "Spring" means that militant Islam is crusading to annex the world, then -- let's not delude ourselves -- that's what in their short and long-range cards. Essentially, that's what Khairet el-Shater, deputy guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has in mind. What's more you can't overlook this guy because he's the Brotherhood's announced presidential candidate in Egypt. "The mission is clear," el-Shater said in a speech recently translated by the Hudson Institute, "restoring Islam in its all-encompassing conception' subjugating people to God...the Islamization of life."

Those who closely study the Arab world -- and that means translating to English speeches made by Islamic leaders -- are not for a second fooled by the Arab Spring's utter deception. Clifford D. May is one such individual not easily deceived. As president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on national security and foreign policy, May knows his Arab onions.

"The 'Arab Spring' was a mirage," May recently wrote in Israel Hayom. "The 'Nahda' is a reality. Listen carefully to what the Islamists say. Let's not be complicit in our own deception. Let's watch what they do. Let's not confuse gradualism with moderation.

"Journalists, diplomats and academics might understand all this if they were relying less on optimism and more on analysis."

* UNDRESSING THE 'ARAB SPRING:: Other reasons demonstrating why the Islamists should be feared in and out of Egypt should be clear to everyone. Clifford May lists no less than nine such reasons:  1. Escalating attacks on Egypt's Coptic Christians; 2. The Saudi grand mufti's fatwa that more churches be demolished;  3. Sudan's mass murders of both Christians and the black Muslims of Darfur; 4. Endless atrocities committed by the Taliban; 5. The Iranians continued repression at home and support for terrorism abroad; 6. Assad's assaults on fellow Syrians; 7. Hezbollah's takeover in Lebanon; 8. Hamas' endless war against Israel; 9. Continued operations by al-Qaida.

* DECEPTIVE NUCLEAR TALKS IN TURKEY: How naive can Catherine Ashton be? Answer: VERY. The European Union foreign policy chief is trying to sell the world that nuclear talks in Turkey can result in an "exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program." Since the anti-Israel Turks hosted the meeting in Istanbul you can bet your bottom shekel that this is another Iranian stall tactic, buying time for development of nuclear weaponry. 

That a new round of talks won't be held until May 23 plays right into the hands of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollahj Ali Khamenei. But Benjamin Netanyahu is not fooled one bit. "Iran," Israel's Prime Minister notes, "now has five weeks during which it can continue to enrich uranium without limit."

Of course, the prince of appeasers, Barack Obama, is supporting Ashton; which only proves that the White House does not have "israel's back," as the president deceitfully proclaimed last month.

Those who care for Israel, therefore, can echo Jack Teagarden's favorite tune;  we certainly do have a right to sing the blues!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
In remembrance of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust we the people of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State must remember that the Arabs of Israel lead by Haj Amin al-Husseini aided and abetted the Nazi’s. 
We must never forget, nor let the Arabs or their European henchmen forget that the Arabs were an ally to the Nazi’s and did their utmost to assist Hitler. 
We must never forget that they even prepared their own final solution for the Jews of Israel. 
Along with this we must realize that today in Israel there are Arab Nazi’s living amongst us and they should pay the same price that Adolf Eichman paid! 

First and foremost amongst these Arab Nazi’s in Israel Is Raed Salah. 
Without a doubt Raed Salah is Haj Amin al-Husseini reincarnated; he should be facing the same fate that Eichman faced. 

Next in line is Taleb al-Sana. He too has Nazi blood running in his veins and would have made Hitler proud. His genocidal intentions towards the Jewish Nation and Israel should also ensure him the fate of Eichman. 
Another among the Arab Nazi’s residing in Israel is Hanin Zoubi. 
If Germany had had a Tokyo Rose during WW2 Hanin Zoubi could easily have been her. Her fanatical hatred of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State and her outright treason should send here they way of the Dodo! 
Along with the Arab Nazi’s, Israel and the Jewish Nation must not forget the European Nazi’s who still voice their hatred towards Jews and Israel. 
I am talking about Waffen SS soldier Gunter Grass! 

Is it not the height of hypocrisy that a former Waffen SS soldier thinks he can judge Israel?
The fact the Gunter Grass, a soldier of the NAZI STORM troopers, the Waffen SS, can receive a Nobel Prize shows how demented the people in Sweden are and how intense European Nazism still is. 
Mr. Grass is also a prime example of who is leading what is supposed to be the Socialist, Liberal Left in Europe and America! 
The only socialism that Gunter Grass believes in is National Socialism. He is the poster child of the Nazi intellectual! 
The only thing that is liberal about Mr. Grass and many of the Liberal Left today is their hatred of Jews and Israel! 
This was made clear by the European Nazi activists who attempted to breach Israeli sovereignty with there failed flytilla! Yes, these open minded, liberal Europeans who were detained drew Swastikas in their cells will waiting to be deported. 
I think that does enough to sum up their mentality! 
Along with all of this, in remembering those who fell in the Holocaust, we must remember that even amongst our Nation we too have our own Nazi’s; that is the self-hating Jew! 
These are the people who crucify an IDF Lt. Colonel for defending the Jewish Nation against yet another Greco, Roman, Arab and Nazi attempt to rob us of our freedom and self-determination! 
That was no peace activist that Lt. Colonel Shalom Eisner faced down. 
Instead of being shamed Lt. Colonel Shalom Eisner should be hailed as hero for standing up to the Arab/Muslim-European/Nazi attempts to delegitimize and kill Israel. 
On Holocaust remembrance day we need to follow in the foot steps of Shalom Eisner.

We need to remind the world that Israel refuses to die and that those of the Jewish Nation that perished in the fires of Europe did not die in vain! 
The SIRENS have now sounded on Holocaust Remembrance day 2012 and the world must know that WE SHALL NEVER FORGET THE CRIMES OF ALL OF EUROPE; FOR ALL OF EUROPE WAS NAZI LAND! 

Friday, April 13, 2012


By Simon Fischler

With the Middle-East Quartet doing all it can to revive negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians it's time to take a step back, a deep breath and look with a magnifying glass at how the Palestinians will ruin any chance of Peace.

History is a key component to making a better future.

This is a bit of knowledge the Palestinians lack. These negotiations will probably fail because the Palestinians have never wanted to look back on their history with an ounce of truth. They have never wanted to look at their past mistakes in an attempt to correct them.

From the beginning of this conflict the Arabs of Eretz Israel ( I call them this because the name Palestinian is nothing more than a twentieth century invention) have done all they can to deny the Jews their rightful home.

Jews were a majority population in the major cities of Eretz Israel until the Arab riots of the early twentieth century. The Jews were the majority in Hebron, Safed and Jerusalem.

When the opportunity of returning European Jews to their native homeland in Israel was approved through international law in the Leaugue of Nations the Arabs of the mandate revolted and murdered hundreds of Jews.

In 1929 the Arabs committed the Hebron massacre, killing 67 Jews and pushing the rest out of Hebron. Hebron, a majority Jewish City since antiquity was, in one fell swoop, de-Judaized.

On November 29th, 1947, the United Nations voted 33 to 13 to partition the British Mandate in Israel into two states, one Jewish one Arab.

The Jewish population accepted this, the Arab Higher Committee rejected it with the backing of the Arab League. What this means is from the beginning of this conflict the Arabs and the Arab world in general have never accepted the concept of the right of Jewish Self-determination in the land of the Jewish Nation.

Because of the Arab refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist, the war of Israeli Independence was fought and won by the Jews. Israel fought and won this war against the combined armies of Egypt, Trans-Jordan (under British military leadership), Lebanon, Syria, plus contingents from Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Iraq.

From this point on the Jews created and maintained the state of Israel.

In addition to creating a homeland for the battered remnants of Europe’s Jewry, Israel brought in all the Jewish refugees, some 900,000, who were subsequently expelled from the Arab and Muslim states where they had been living since exile from ancient Israel thousands of years ago.

The Arabs, on the other hand, forced their supposed brethren into refugee camps WHERE THEY STILL EXIST TODAY! Refugees camps still exist both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, both areas ostensibly run by the Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

While Israel has built itself up into a pluralistic, democratic country while simultaneously constantly fighting for its survival, the Palestinian Leadership and the Arab world have let the Palestinians squander in refugee camps ... as a bargaining chip.

On numerous occasions the state of Israel has gone the extra mile to give land back for peace. On almost every occasion the Arabs have rejected these offers, opting for war -- in the hopes of finally destroying Israel.

After the Six Day War (1967), the Eshkol government offered to return all of the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights and the West Bank for peace. The Arabs counter-offered with the once famous Three No’s of the Khartoum Conference: No Peace with Israel, No Recognition of Israel and No negotiations with Israel.

The facts of history point out again and again the refusal of the Arab world to recognize the Jewish nation’s right to exist, with their own self-determination, on land that had been theirs for thousands of years and long before Arabs had come out of Arabia.

The greatest folly committed by the Palestinians, which the world has seemingly forgotten was the rejection of peace by Yassar Arafat.

After seven years of painstaking negotiations Ehud Barak decided to put the Palestinian leadership to the ultimate test.

American President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinian leadership 97% of the West Bank, all of Gaza, East Jerusalem, the Muslim and Christian quarters of the old city, sovereignty of the Temple Mount and the return of Palestinian refugees, to the new state of Palestine.

Arafat rejected what was -- and always will be -- the best offer any losing nation will receive in any peace negotiations.

In fact one could even claim that what was offered to the Palestinians that day was what a winning nation should receive out of peace negotiations!

Once again, compromise -- the heart of making peace -- was a foreign concept to the Arabs.

Arafat rejected this offer because it would mean that Israel would have to be recognized and accepted as the Jewish Nation State.

It made no difference that everyone from Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, the heads of Europe to the King of Saudi Arabia condemned Arafat.

Today Mahmoud Abbas is not interested in peace or compromise with Israel. No, Abbas is interested in creating ficticious Arab history, creating pre-conditions that make negotiations impossible and blamming Israel for Arab Racism.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

With the November election front and center on the political radar screen, the message oozing out of the Obama propaganda machine is clear; pretend to love Israel to get the Jewish vote, but do nothing tangible to prove that the "friendship" is real.

Ever since the American president's catchy comment that he "has Israel's back," that month-old promise appears as faded as a 1910 scrapbook photo. 

Echoes of Obama's "Be Nice To Israel" message at the AIPAC meeting have been erased by facts on the ground, in the air and throughout the political spectrum. 

Through it all, one truth is self-evident; Benjamin Netanyahu can depend on only one sure thing vis-a-vis the White House and that is that the president will deliver superficial platitudes -- a Passover message being a good example -- but when it comes to the tangible good deeds, Israel can forget about it. Try these egregious Obama sins on for size: 

* JONATHAN POLLARD: The president could be a mensch and, once and for all release ailing Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard but Obama has insistently turned his back on pleas from Pollard's wife, Esther, and numerous Israeli officials including Bibi. Pollard's medical condition has seriously deteriorated and he has been taken to a hospital outside the Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina. There is no useful purpose -- except for presidential obstinacy -- in keeping Pollard imprisoned -- especially during Pesach, the Jewish holiday of freedom.

* THE GAZA ESCALATIONS: A million Israeli citizens in the South were forced into shelters because of the indiscriminate missile assaults emanating from Gaza. Katyushas were fired at major cities with virtual impunity. Remarkably, the Israelis maintained decorum during the attacks although some realists would say the tolerance was excessive. Imagine how Obama would have reacted had Canadians or Mexicans fired a similar number of rockets into El Paso or Detroit from the other side of the American border. Did Obama speak up in defense of the embattled Jews? Nay. Not a peep was heard.

* EGYPT'S FAILURE TO SAFEGUARD THE SINAI: Uncle Sam has made zero progress in deposing the murderous Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. By contrast, Obama undercut Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in record time enabling the Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood not only to surface but gradually take command in Egypt. The post-Mubarak era has seen the Sinai overrun by groups hostile to Israel. Thus, the volley of rockets that landed in Eilat should not have come as a surprise to anyone. Obama, who should take credit for Egypt's chaos, has done nothing to stop the anti-Israel assaults.

* THE STATUS OF JERUSALEM: Never mind watching out "for Israel's back," how about the president coming face-to-face with Netanyahu and, once and for all, acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. How can the president be trusted to protect Israel's back if he doesn't think Jerusalem is the capital of the Middle East's only true democracy? As avid Israeli blogger, Lynn Sharon, notes, "This administration refuses to say Jerusalem is even located in Israel." 

* OBAMA'S ISRAEL-HATING BUDDIES: Democrats have consistently failed to note that the president's thinking has been shaped in large part by Chicago-based Jew-loathing Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's friend of twenty years. This is the same Rev. Wright who supported the recent "Global March on Jerusalem," an anti-Israel event if ever there was one. Notorious terrorists such as Dr. Abd-al-Azuz Amru was a key backer of the march. In case the president has a short memory, Abd al-Azuz Amru was sentenced to seven life sentences for his involvement in the Cafe Hillel suicide bombing in Jerusalem on Sept. 9, 2003 which took seven lives and wounded fifty. Obama must have been aware of these terrorist ties yet not one denunciation was heard from the president either before or after the march.

* FOOLHARDY SUPPORT FOR THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: Although it is patently clear that the objective of both the PA and Hamas is the destruction of Israel, Obama ignores this obvious fact of life. For example, Palestinian Authority Mufti Muhammad Hussein used his pulpit at the celebration of the 47th anniversary of the founding of Fatah to dump on the Jews. The Mufti asserted, "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs is a war of religion and faith." And Uncle Sam wants Israel to deal with these people? As for Hamas, this should hardly surprise anyone who wonders why Hamas fails to crack down on Israel-destined rocketry. "The Palestinian people," said Hamas leader Ismail Haniya to a Tunisian audience, "will never recognize Israel at any cost." 

* IF BIBI GOES TO WASHINGTON, WHY DOESN'T OBAMA GO TO ISRAEL? Never mind protecting Israel's back, the president should come face to face with the Jewish state's leader -- in Jerusalem. Furthermore, Obama owes the Knesset a visit as well. Or, as Lynn Sharon posits on her fourth of four Passover questions for Obama, "Why is it that in other administrations the president visits both Muslim and Jewish states, but this administration visits only Muslim states?

Jewish support for Obama in America is slipping but not -- based on the above facts -- nearly enough to jeopardize his re-election. Too many American Jews are deluded into believing that voting Democrat is as necessary as inhaling. This despite the rants of Democrats such as Jimmy Carter who slams Israel for refusing to negotiate with terrorist Hamas. 

Carter and other Democrats -- led by the chief executive -- continue pressuring Israel to make concession after concession for the shadowy promise of a peace that will never come. We learned that from the mistaken withdrawal from South Lebanon and the Israeli exit from Gaza. Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is right-on when it comes to protecting both Israel's back -- and front. 

"Too many diplomats," says Rabbi Hier, "media and respected ethical voices fall silent when those targeted for hate are Jews, and they remain silent when the Jewish state is held to one standard, while the Palestinians are given a free pass."

Unfortunately, his cheery homilies about Israel to the contrary, the status will remain quo as long as Obama remains president!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


By Simon Fischler

The middle-east conflict is moving from a physical battlefield to a figurative battlefield where wars are fought in classrooms, university campuses, newspapers and other media outlets.

For many reasons the Palestinians and Arabs have an advantage in this new battlefield.

Saudi oil money buying off American and European universities is a hard reality facing Israel today; one that is very disturbing.

In Europe the rise of Arab/Muslim influence is far more understandable. Europe has been overrun by Arab Muslim immigrants from former colonies. In many instances these populations have refused, sometimes violently, to join the mainstream culture of their new country.

What to do with or how much to assent to the customs and demands of these Arab populations has become a major preoccupation in France and other Western Europe countries.

It’s almost understandable, if not forgivable, that anti-semitism should be on the rise in Europe: after all, most of the Arab populations are themselves semites; and in some convoluted fashion, these Muslims wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the Jews!

In America it is very different. There is no huge dissatisfied immigrant Muslim population. Instead there is an incredible amount of Arab oil money being fed into American universities, particularly into universities that have traditionally had a liberal bent and a somewhat pro-Israel slant.

No more. Infused with monies for “International Chair of Middle Eastern Studies” and the like, American academia has become more and more vociferous in its condemnation of Israel.

The situation in American academia has worsened to the point that major universities have withdrawn investments in Israel or Israeli products, encouraging others to do the same.

Jewish students, whose parents are paying more than $40,000 a year for tuition, are being intimidated and/or shunned if they attempt to protest or even to clarify the misstatements constantly being put forth about Israel.

Then, unfortunately, there are the Jews themselves.

Jews have always been the greatest enemies of the Israelite, Jewish nation. Historically from biblical times we have caused ourselves the most amount of harm. Jews complained to Moses, forsaking G-D’s miracles the whole trip out of Egypt. Jews pushed Aaron to make the Golden Calf. Jews brought the Temple down by corruption. In all these cases it was but a few Jews actively working against the best interests of the nation. Anti-Semites have tried on numerous occasions to blame the whole of the Jewish nation for the problems created by a few.

Today Israel and the Jewish nation worldwide are faced by the same problem: self-hating Jews who use their credentials as a Jew to speak out in an ant-semitic fashion against the existence of Israel. Academic Noam Chomsky is one; Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn (now dead) and Ilan Pepe are other notorious Jewish anti-semites. All of these professors are or were anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, lying demagogues -- mouthpieces for today’s gentile Jew haters.

In Israel we are also faced with this sickness. After all Ilan Pepe taught at Haifa University.

Sadly, for people like me the Israeli left has been replaced by groupies who seem to think the way to be peace-seeking Israelis is by blaming Israel for all the problems mostly created by our Arab friends! They have become tools for the self-hating academics, who are in reality simply implementing the agenda of the Arab/Muslim countries surrounding Israel.

A perfect example of this takes us back to an article written for Haaretz by Alan Dershowitz in response to the UN Goldstone report (which has now been refuted).

Dershowitz, a left-leaning liberal and former good friend of Goldstone finished his rebuttal by saying that Goldstone is a traitor to the Jewish nation for writing the report.

That is a very strong statement to make, but Dershowitz was right. He was later proven to be right when Goldstone himself retracted his support and condemned the same UN report he wrote.

Anyone who took the time to do their own independent research into the IDF’s actions in Gaza (today there are plenty of places on the internet alone to research the IDFs actions) would know that Goldstone purposefully attacked Israel and discredited it in his report.

He did this while totally overlooking the criminal acts carried out by Hamas, both against the Israeli people by indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel and the Palestinian people of Gaza by using them, their houses schools and hospitals as shields.

Who came to the aid of Judge Richard Goldstone?

None other than the Queen of Israeli Liberalism, former MK Shulomit Aloni.

What did she have to say about Alan M. Dershowitz? "Dershowitz's statements border on hate. Goldstone is a Zionist Jew who was simply doing his job. Dershowitz is a despicable man who opposes the left and supports the settlers, his opinion doesn't count in my eyes, and the way he speaks of Goldstone is disgraceful. The Goldstone report isn't entirely accurate, though we cannot ignore the fact that we did violate international law - the IDF used phosphorus and bombed schools and hospitals."

Here is the problem, first Professor Dershowitz is a known liberal, who clearly sits on the left and has strongly, on numerous occasions, in almost all of his books come out against Israel’s settlement policies. So, either MK Aloni has never read an article or book of Professor Dershowitz’s, or like many of her kind just depends on lies, knowing the media will print them without a second glance!

MK Aloni also makes another mistake.

Using white phosphorus is not illegal in battle as long as you do not intentionally use it against the citizens of your enemy! The International Red Cross (no friend of Israel) went out of its way to say they found no evidence at all of Israeli using WP illegally. So, Israel clearly did not do this.

Aloni also does not understand that by Hamas shooting from inside, next to and around schools they made them military targets, which means it is not a violation of international law to target them. MK Aloni would do well to read more International Law before she attacks someone with the knowledge of Professor Deshowitz or even opens her mouth.

Aloni truly represents all that is wrong with the Israeli left today.

Had Tzipi Livni taken the time to look over the demise of the Israeli left, a fall from grace that started by their failure to grasp the Palestinians deceit in the Oslo Accords, she might have beaten Shaul Mofaz!

They Israeli Left has given up their beliefs for deviant slogans that are mostly hateful towards the people whom they pretend to represent! Thanks to “liberals” such as Aloni and the negative influence they have, Israel has been forced to rebuild decades worth of great foreign policy that was tossed into the trash.

Today it is imperative for the Jewish nation and those who support Israel to stand up to the corrupt, counterfeit lies being spread by the counterfeit left in Israel and abroad. They are not pro-Israel, nor are they liberal, they are nothing more than a bunch of phonies who have forced out the true liberal, Zionist supporters of Israel.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Dear Oudeh:

I just finished reading your article published in the HAARETZ of 31/3/2012. At first I thought, “Why, Basharat must be hip to the American concept of “April Fool’s” jokes, and he’s just a day early!

Then I realized it was merely another attempt to deceive the foreign diplomats and two super liberal Jews (who actually read HAARETZ) that Israel’s Arab population “just wants to be equal.”

Sadly, most of us Israelis who are Jews -- along with many Druze, Circassians and some Bedouins -- are aware that you are attempting to pull the proverbial wool over the sheep’s eyes.

Your big problem purports to be with Bibi and his whispered understanding of ISRAELI SUPREME COURT Justice Salim Joubran’s refusal to sing the Israeli National Anthem, “Hatikva.”

Hmmmmm. Mr. Basharat, have you ever taken the time to find out how long it took for an African American to make the Supreme Court of the United States of America?

Have you ever asked yourself how long it took for a Native American to reach the American Supreme Court, or if there even has been a Native American on the U.S. Supreme Court?

I imagine not! You are not interested in that because you are not really interested in equality: you already have that. In fact, you are better off than many Israeli Jews.

Do you have to serve in the Army? Why are Israeli Arabs exempt from being drafted into the Army?

In fact, what is problem with singing Hatikva?

Is it so insulting having to say, “The Jewish Soul?”?

Of course it is, because inherently your community is anti-Semitic. In reality the Arabs who live in equality and freedom in Israel have always wanted to take the country away from its Jewish majority.

If singing “Hatikva” really was the issue, then I’d direct your attention to a place called Syria, where a ruthless dictator, running an Alawite apartheid regime is mass murdering Sunni Muslims only because they are just that: Sunnis fighting for equal representation. You want to talk inequality? I’d call Assad’s game REAL inequality.

You also forget that the source of your “problem” of alleged inequality originates from a decision your community made in 1947-48 and has continued to resolutely back ever since.

Sadly, instead of accepting that Jews have as much right to self-governance and freedom as Arabs do, your community chose the path of racism and genocide.

This decision was made even though the governing international body, the United Nations, voted to create a state for the Arabs and a state for the Jews. IT WAS INTERNATIONAL LAW; law your community chose overwhelmingly to disregard.

There is no separating the situation of Arabs in Israel today from the decision they and their leaders made in 1947.

The undeniable decision of Israel’s Arab population in 1947-48 against their Jewish co-patriots has always made their situation tense. Even worse, the Arab population -- or at least your leaders (of which you are now one) -- has continued to promote this goal. ,

What was that decision? What was the goal?

The Arabs of what is Israel today attempted to ethnically-cleanse Israel of its Jewish population. Their attempt to commit genocide against Israeli’s Jewish population failed. You, Basharat, failed also, because you continue to promote this goal even today.

This plan started in1929 during the Hebron Massacre against the Jewish majority population of that city. It continued in World War Two when the Palestinian leadership chose to side with the Nazis under the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Yes, Mr. Basharat, you Israeli Arabs and your Palestinian neighbor/brothers are the heirs of full-blown Nazi sympathizers.

Egypt and the rest of the countries in Arab World almost all state in their constitutions that they are indeed Arab countries. Many also state that the nation is irrefutably Arab and Muslim AND that no one else can be a citizen.

Is anyone pressuring a single one of these countries to change their national anthems or constitutions?

Yet you ask the 80 percent-majority Jewish State (the ONLY one on the planet, as opposed to the more than 20 Islamic and/or Arab states) to change its national anthem so that you feel more at ease?

Secondly, if the Israeli Arab community continues to vote into office leaders like Ahmed Tibi, Taleb el-Sana and Hanin Zoebi than you cannot ask for any type of reconciliation.

You cannot expect the Jewish majority population of Israel to understanding your community when your leaders constantly call for the destruction of Israel.

You cannot expect us to take you seriously when Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi, Hanin Zoubi and others are to be busy fighting for the Palestinians instead of Israeli Arabs.

Do not ask me to forget the past crimes your community has committed against Israel! Especially do not ask me do be understanding to your community when you call for the destruction of our rights to freedom.

You want equality? Start serving in the Army! Fight for your country against HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and all others that wish to destroy it!

Call out the Palestinians for their attempts to destroy this country, the country you supposedly want so much to be a part of!

Admit to your anti-Semitic attempts at killing off Israel’s Jewish population during the 20th. Century, stop behaving as if you were not a cog in the Nazi machine!

Tell the world that Israel is not an Apartheid state, tell the TRUTH!

If you and your community are incapable of being understanding to the nature of the Jewish, democratic nation of Israel than your problems will continue to rest on your own shoulders!

Stop asking for Israel to do for you and start learning to do for Israel.