Monday, January 23, 2017

Fake News and Where It All Started

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbles

We cannot go a day without hearing about fake news.

It is the hot topic much to the chagrin of the major networks.

But really let us ask ourselves, what is fake news and where did it start?

Am I fake news? To a degree I have to be right.

I have no major media outlet backing me, no sponsors and no one paying me to print or publish commercials, so I must be fake news right.

Did fake news start with William Randolph Hearst, "Yellow Journalism" and the "Sinking of The Maine"?

Probably a good place to start your search would be the Hearsting papers of yesteryear. But they might be called tame and possibly had a higher degree of journalistic integrity from what we are witnessing today.

What Americans are experiencing now, we here in Israel have been living with for years.

Plain and simple corporations like CNN will do anything to appease their commercial backers and when you take the time to look at who is paying for those commercials you can grasp a little better what is happening and why.

An example, Reuters, a name with integrity right? Wrong!

During the 2006 War with Lebanon Reuters employed Adnan Hajj who was intentionally doctoring photographs to make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. There were so many pictures taken and doctored that the damage they did to Israel in the eyes of the world was as powerful as Hezbollah rockets.

What is scarier is the knowledge that Reuters would have kept paying Mr. Hajj for his fake, doctored news had they not been outed.

France 2, CNN and The BBC's coverage of the murder of Mohammad al-Dura by Palestinian gunmen.

The first photo's shown around the world by CNN, BBC and originating from France 2 were doctored and made it appear that shots coming from an Israel Defense Forces outpost killed young Mohammad al-Dura.

Initially the IDF apologized for the death of the twelve year old boy. Of course no one took the time to ask why a father would let his twelve year old boy go anywhere near the IDF outpost and the soldiers, but that is a totally different story.

After intense examination and a thorough investigation done together with American forensics specialists on hand it was proven by the Israel Defense Forces that without a doubt the IDF did not kill al-Dura. His killers were Palestinian gunmen from a point intentionally not scene on camera.

The Palestinian gunmen intentionally shot at the boy in order to kill him in front of cameras because Hamas and Hezbollah had already learned that they would always get the benefit of the doubt, no matter how horrible or heinous their crime (it is called anti-Semitism or Jew Hatred).

It was also proven that the journalists on the scene had to have known that the people who were shooting at the al-Dura's were Palestinian Gunmen. Furthermore from the angles of the pictures they had set themselves up knowing what was going to happen.

This is the intentional murder of a child by Palestinian terrorists (it makes no difference that the child happened to be a Palestinian Arab), that was intentionally reported to look like it was the fault of Israelis soldiers when the journalists knew all along it was the Palestinians.

This is fake news of the most horrific scale. It is a crime but it made CNN, The BBC, Sky News and just about everyone else tons of headlines and money.

Today this type of fake news has coined itself a name, Pallywood and it is flourishing.

Photo journalist, many from Europe and America will intentionally camp out with Arab terrorists (who sometimes happen to be children) as they through rocks at cars driven by Jews who live in Judea and Samaria. These rocks kill.

What these these journalists are doing is sickening and of course runs contrary to the codes of journalism.

This fake news is doing more to perpetuate the conflict and further peace between Israel and the Palestinians than any homes inside of Judea and Samaria.

There have been so many occasions when these journalists have taken pictures of faked deaths, people being taken off to ambulances for the photo only to get up with smiles on their faces after the click of the picture is done.

This is not just fake news, it is a crime against humanity. It is a blood libel that almost all of the major news corporations have taken part in against the Jewish People.

But all of this was fine as long as it was just happening to Israel.

Americans and Europeans were more than willing to buy this bullshit up no problem. Israel has lived with these lies for at least the last three decades, if not longer.

Now this fake news has been brought home to the states and it has destroyed the name of journalism.

When one looks at the scandals that have happened over the last few years this type of journalism is being used only by my people, the left leaning, liberal journalists.

It makes sense too. It is key for these journalists to show their readers that they have some sort of street credibility, like Brian Williams staring in Black Hawk Down.

Or Dan Rather, tough guy journalist busting up Bush Jr., only to lay the blame on those bellow him, as if he could not check his own information.

The great Fareed Zakaria who plagiarized half of his career (oops there is my fake news, but he did plagiarize a whole lot of material).

Here is a page with some more scandals.

And there is no doubt that the right takes part in this too, after all InfoWars has built itself up off of re-selling the Protocols of The Elders of Zion.

This journalistic formula we are witnessing got its start in liberal left academia.

Facts were no longer important, in fact, facts could be replaced especially when the facts did not fit into line with the policies of the liberal left.

Sounds a lot like Goebbles, right, but it is happening today and it is worse than it ever has been.

Today, cultures that are in complete conflict with the free, liberal ideals of America and the West, like Wahhabi Islam in Qatar and Czar Putins Russia are controlling media outlets that are pouring in sketchy stories through AJ+ and RT TV.

A day does not go by without one of these shady news groups flooding our senses with generally anti-American or anti-west news.

Or say promoting a Women's March. A Woman's March that was organized by a Jew Hating, anti-American, Genocide supporting, Sharia Law supporting, Hamas, Muslims Brotherhood and Qatari operative named Linda Sansour.

This woman is just about as opposite of a women's rights activists as you can get.

But she was promoting a March that made the new president of the United States of America look bad, so she got the coverage. And hey, Qatar put a whole lot of money into Hillary, both in the polls and in the commercial funding and they are unhappy about what Trump plans on doing.

Look there has always been "Fake News, but there are many factors today that make this type of news more dangerous than it once was.

One hundred years ago the only way to get your news was through print, so you had to be able to read, many could not.

Seventy years ago to get your news it was through print (again reading) and the new technology of Radio, which was expensive.

 Fifty years ago it was all the same with the addition of Television, again expensive.

not as many people were being bombarded with these lies and these sometimes true and explosive revelations.

Today with the advance of technology news and information is being rushed to the front line as quickly as possible and with the new internet sources everyone is trying to out do the other (without a doubt InfoWars played a role in winning Trump the election). Today, everyone is being bombarded and almost no one is willing to do the work, like finding our that the person who organized your March is a modern day Nazi.

This is a toxic mix that should give everyone cause for serious concern.

When news corporations are beholden to foreign regimes and the money they pour into them, be it Qatar or Russia it is no good.

Then when that same liberal culture of replacing fact with opinion is being applied to journalism, sadly as we have born witness in Israel, this type of journalism, complete sensationalist political journalism, proves to be a very fatal mix.

In fact just look at how this journalism helped forge the Toyota Army of ISIS. So really at the end of the day CNN, The BBC, they are the last who should be lecturing others on "Fake News", they would make Joseph proud.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Marching Into Slavery

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Ok, I'm done.

How stupid are you people?

I truly love how you claim to be marching for women's rights.

Yet like so many people today you just did not have the time to back-check who it was that put together your little get together.

Do you know who also liked to march?

The Nazis, they loved marching.

As do the chauvinistic, anti-Semitic, Hamas/Nazi's who put together your little Women's March.

Jihadist, Hamas and Sharia law supporting people like Linda Sansour, the woman behind this show of hatred, have nothing to do with feminism. Hence why Ms. Sansour blocked everyone who questioned her on how one could be a feminist and while also supporting sharia law. A true oxymoron!

The same woman who put together your hate filled anti-American, anti-Trump march was doing so, not to fight for women, but to once again, following the standard of AJ+, to make America look bad again.

You people really are deaf, dumb and blind.

Linda Sansour represents the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by Qatar who poured millions into Clinton.

They have been attacking Trump (who I voted against) ever since they realized he had a chance to beat Clinton.

You are literally being run by Wahhabi Sunni fanatics.

Ohhhh and I just love Angela Davis mentioning Palestine.

Let me ask you a question, what does Palestine have to do with feminism, or a March for the freedom of women?

Ohhh well I guess if she was talking about the vile, chauvinist, honor killing, wife beating, repressive side of the Arab Muslim culture of the squatters (who constantly rape the wealthy, far-left American and European agitators who come over to work with them) in Judea and Samaria; well then we would have some facts and a connection, but that was not  Ms. Davis' point.

Big "Islamic" Brother busted down the door and you just let him walk right into the house of feminism and rape the cause of women's rights. And you marched right along side him.

Scary, literally scary!

Here is what you have done by joining this march.

You have supported a march paid for and put together by Qatar, the Nation that runs both the African Slave Trade and the World Female-Sex Slave Trade.

Why don't you try a Klan march next!

By marching with these people and therefore for these people  (it makes no difference if you did not know who planned it) you were working for the people who carry out the worst crimes against women.

By taking part in this march you did not help women's rights in anyway, but you did strengthen a regime, Qatar, an organization, the Muslim Brother that believes women are not just second class citizens, but are sub-human.

You just went to work for the devil himself with the worst track record of women's rights.

By doing this, by taking part in this you have literally defecated on the sacred movement of True Feminism.

Let us get something real clear, you literally would not know what a feminists was if one came up to you and bit you straight on your ass!

My mother was a feminist, a true feminist. My mother had a women's book store in the Village long before many of you were alive. My mother fought for the rights of women, she fought against the horrid concept of what Sharia Law does to women.

My mother, a True Feminist is rolling in her grave thanks to what you morons have done to the movement for the rights and FREEDOMS of women.

My mother, who marched during truly dangerous times, is rolling in her grave because you, YOU, go out and protest for a fanatical, chauvinistic, racists movement and YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT! Why? Because you would never take the time to find out who is pushing you forward.

You know, they do a whole lot of marching in Animal Farm too and this march was 1984 and Animal farm wrapped up with a nice little Sharia bow-tie.

Sure, women's rights, together with Sharia Law, fools.

Women's rights while calling for the destruction of Israel, which means a second Holocaust.

Nice work.


I will carry on my mothers work fighting against the enslavers of women, fighting against the Sharia laws that deprive women of their natural rights.

I will do that while you continue grazing in the meadow. Better yet, I will continue my mothers battle for the Women's Equality, while you keep marching like good little lemmings into mental slavery.

Stay asleep, I will stay woke!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Am Not Your Kike, Your Heb, Your Jew

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

I am not your Kike, the one you, the world, white, black, Christian and Muslim have decided to enslave.

No, that is not me.

No sir, I am not that Heb, the one you thought you could push around, use and then kill off.

Please, please do not talk to me about enslavement, racism or oppression.

I am not that Jew, no sir, I will not shut my mouth, for it is my people who have been oppressed since the dawn of man.

I have watched through the eyes of history, my people have recorded it, I have watched as the world has ruthlessly oppressed, enslaved and killed my people.

Today the nations of the world, White European, Asian and African are still trying to enslave Israel, we see this everyday at the United Nations. Anti-Semitic resolution 2334, calling for ethnically cleansing Jews from Judea and Samaria is further proof of your hatred.

Now, put on your fake sign of rebellion, the bullshit Kefiyah yet another symbol appropriated from my people, from our real symbol, the Talit.

You have come to my land, my home. You work with those who have ethnically cleansed me, killed me.

You have all the power of the oil world at your hands, it is you, not the Jews that run the media. You have been using this against me from the second an oil well was dug in Arabia. You have intimidated my friends with your wealth and your threats of violence, you are a thug, yet all of your devious acts have not stopped me. I am still here in my homeland, free, master of my future.

You have forced upon me a foreign, colonialist Arab/Muslim invader. Yet I have tossed off his shackles, returned my people to dignity and brought them forth to freedom.

So no, no sir, I am not your Heb, your Kike your timid Jew.

I am not your slave.

I will not walk off to the gas chambers as you wish.

I will not abide by your anti-Semitic laws.

I am the Indigenous child of Israel, while the Arab Muslim has always been the colonialist, imperialist invader.

I am royalty.

I am the Sicarii Knife.

I am the Maccabean Sword

I am Moses

I am David

I am Solomon.

I am not your Heb, nor am I your Kike.

No, I am a man, a Hebrew, Jewish, Israeli man and I am ready to smash the colonialist lies of the Nazi, Palestinian people.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Obama's Smoking Gun, The Bullet In The Back of Israel

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

If ever one needed proof of how deeply connected the Obama administration has become to the Palestinian cause of destroying Israel all they need to do is read the quote below.

There is so much proof in the media to the pernicious behavior of this American Administration.

Below is the aforementioned excerpt from an article inside of The Middle East Research Institute.

Rice "Stressed The Danger Posed By The Trump Administration"

Rice, the report stated, "stressed the danger posed by the Trump administration, which could take a position different from that of all American administrations since 1967 on the issue of Palestine and Israel. She emphasized that she took seriously statements about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the Trump administration's view of the settlements."

Kerry and Rice "advised Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas to not take any preliminary steps that could provoke the Trump administration, such as dismantling the PA, turning to the International Criminal Court, or ending security coordination with Israel," said the report, adding: "They [also] stressed the need to avoid military action or martyrdom [attacks], as these would greatly jeopardize the Palestinian position.

"They praised the substantial efforts of the Palestinian security apparatuses, specifically Palestinian [general] intelligence, led by Majid Faraj, as part of what they called 'the struggle against terrorism.' [The two] maintained that Palestinian-American collaboration in this area is among the closest of all the coordination between American apparatuses and security forces in the region."

Here is where Kerry made an extremely stupid mistake. I try not to use the word stupid when I write, but there really is no other way of explaining the behavior and actions of John Kerry and Saeb Erekat.

This failure on their part to understand the dynamic that now exists between Israel and Egypt was also a failure by the Left-Leaning analysts of the Hebrew press.

Kerry and Erekat failed to realize that Egypt values its alliance with Israel more so then just about any other relationship it has in the diplomatic world.

It was Kerry's arrogance that let him overlook the facts. It is Israel that is keeping the Egyptian government in power, it is Israel fighting with Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood (the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood) Jihadist in the Sinai Peninsula.

Because of this it is Egypt that is behaving as a true ally of Israel, releasing the truth of Kerry's and Obama's deceitful behavior and their backing of UNSC resolution 2334.

Mark my word, there has never been an administration as hateful towards Israel as this one. But it is not just hatred that Obama and Kerry have towards Israel it is a type of arrogance never seen before in the two countries relationship.

The arrogance of John Kerry towards Israel, the patronizing talk is on a par with the Palestinians.

Remember, the arrogance and the corrupted behavior of the Palestinian leadership is unmatched across the globe. These spoiled brats have had the gall to threaten the United States of America with violence if America dares to do the natural diplomatic action and move the American embassy to Israel's eternal capital city of Jerusalem. Of course these threats come after than Palestinians have gone to the UN to delegitimize Israel at every chance. An important part Kerry forgot to mention in his speech hour long hate speech against Israel communities is Judea and Samaria.

I hope that the Israeli government works with the American Congress and the Trump Administration to open an investigation into the actions of John Kerry to see if they are in fact in direct conflict with American Laws.

There are many things to focus on inside of the quote above. What is must troubling is John Kerry and Susan Rice telling the Palestinians not to carry out any martyrdom actions and to keep violence completely down.

Now, take a look around fellow Israelis. Have you noticed how quiet it has been inside of Israel for the last month?

This is an indictment against Abbas and a direct indictment against the Obama Administration that the congressional committees on foreign affairs and intelligence need to investigate.

This proves that Abbas has control over the violence just as Arafat did and has been using it as a political tool.

Worse, the American Administration of Barack Hussein Obama knew this and worked with the Palestinians in the hopes of pushing Israel to the negotiating table.

This is criminal behavior by the Administration of the President of the United States and State Department.

The proof laid out here also totally obliterates the lies coming from Obama, Kerry and Samantha Powers that they did not organize the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.

It also exposes Obama as a compete and utter hypocrite for his behavior towards Russia.

Although I always favor Israel and Egypt coming closer and closer it is a horrible day when it is Egypt and the Russian Foreign Minister stopping America from pushing through more anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations Security Council.

Never before has Israel dealt with such a hostile President and Administration and hopefully Israel will never have to face this hostility from its greatest ally ever again.

But as Obama has proven, Israel can rely only on itself.

It is now imperative for the leadership of Israel to prepare for this possibility of future presidents in the vein of Hussein Obama.

The first step is to move away from American military hardware and to once again resurrect certain areas of Israeli military manufacturing, starting with a new fifth generation Lavi fighter jet.