Tuesday, December 30, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

After the delegitimization of Israel there are two names that some up Israel's greatest challenge, Hezbollah and Iran.

Both are threats to Israel with or without nuclear weapons. 

Hezbollah and Iran have been in the business of killing people, especially Jews since Ayatollah Khomeini came to power. 

They believe they serve and are fighting for G-d. They are inherently anti-Semitic and seek the destruction of Israel at any cost. 

They are also attempting to establish a Shia dominant system in the Middle-East at the expense of some of Israel's natural Sunni allies. 

What worries me most comes directly from an article written in today's Jerusalem Post. 

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) conducted a simulation of what would happen if Hezbollah carried out a cross border attack against IDF positions in the Har Dov area and against communities in the Golan Heights region. 

Their estimate is that a major conflict would not ensue. My estimate, is that estimates like this or no good.

It was estimates like this that lead Gamal Abdel Nassar to believe his own rhetoric and remove the UN from the Sinai Peninsula which lead to the Six Day War.

Estimates like this lead Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nashrallahs to believe that Israel was like a spiders web, or a paper tiger and from this came the war of 2006. 

Iran and Hezbollah are desperate.

Combined with what is left of the Alawite Army of Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have lost ground in Iraq, Syria and have even become vulnerable inside of Lebanon. 

Many analysts say that Hezbollah has become battle hardened from Syria. They have, but they have also lost many front line soldiers and are stuck in a quagmire that is not going to end soon. 

Hezbollah has proven to have weak offensive capabilities on the ground, the battle of Qusayr was proof of this. 

It took Hezbollah, Assad's Army and Iranian revolutionary guards months to dislodge the badly supplied, barely armed rebels holding the town. 
They have become so desperate they are taking photographs claiming to be on the Lebanese side of the Israeli border.

One would assume they are trying to make noise with this but we already knew they were there. The IDF fought and killed Iranian soldiers during the war against Hezbollah in 2006.

ISIS has managed to kill Iranian Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Hamid Taghavi in Syria. 

This has made Iran and Hezbollah desperate enough to do something very illogical concerning Israel.  

We saw the outcome of this type of desperation this summer with Hamas.

At this moment there is a keg of dynamite that has largely been set by the horrible foreign policy of the Obama Administration.

If Hezbollah decides to light this keg Israel will without a doubt endure painful times. 

For Lebanon it will be catastrophic and would give Israel the green light to target Iran's nuclear sites.  

Monday, December 29, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

This can be wrapped up in one word, Delegitimisation. 

Six years ago I wrote a piece emphasising the need for a team, unit or division of internet, social media and historically savvy writers to be integrated into the IDF or one of the intelligence agencies defending Israel.

I went so as to say this team might be just as important as a squadron of F-16’s. 

This has become reality and nothing has been done to create a viable force to fight the Arab machine pumping out lies and innuendo. 

One of the politicians (the one who got my last vote) sitting in last government promised he would take this part of the war seriously and do something about it when he entered the Knesset and government. 

That too never happened.

The war to delegitimise Israel is a brutal one, much like a street fight. 

Like the physical war being fought on the battle fields of Gaza, Lebanon and the Arab Occupied Territories of Judea and Samaria this battle takes a toll on all of us who are independently fighting for Israel.

The amount of threats I receive on a day to day basis whenever I publish a blog is enough to make many with a weaker back bone walk away from this.

So, I try to put into perspective how it must feel for those students, also fighting for Israel, on campus’ around the United States and Europe. 

They too face threats on the internet, verbally and physically. 

The Electric Intifada, broadcasted out of Columbia University, is the mouth piece for the BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction, movement (which is a Hamas front in America). It is the colonialist Arab version of Tokyo Rose.

Like Tokyo Rose, it is the propaganda voice of a terrorist group, the BDS movement is a terrorist organisation, period. 

It calls for the destruction of a Sovereign State recognised by International Law and the United Nations. 

BDS practices physical terrorism, the groups members (like the Brown Shits of Nazi Germany) regularly physically threaten students and Professors who support Israel on campuses around the United States. 

BDS also practices financial terrorism through boycotts (i.e. the livelihood of people, sounds a lot like Nazi Germany too). 

Lastly BDS also practices virtual terrorism, a new terrorism, through the internet. Threatening students, professors and pro-Israeli bloggers. 

All of this can be fought if there was a more cohesive unit to bombard American Senators and Congressman with the facts.

American Israelis can start by pushing their representatives to take punitive action against any groups, unions and places of higher education that promote the genocidal views of BDS. 

This street battle has started and our nose has been bloodied, but it is far from over.

Since our cause, the cause of Israel, is the morally correct cause and the Arab cause is built on the flames of Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini we still have the ability to fight back and win.

Now it is time for the government of Israel and the military establishment to get involved and help US out! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Dear European Union,

It is not surprising that you would do something as insidious as removing Hamas from your terrorist list.

Your anti-Semitism never ceases to amaze. 

This action is an affront to all the families that have lost loved ones to Hamas suicide bombs, suicide attacks and rockets.

Your repulsive behavior is literally spitting on the graves of all the Israelis who have perished in Hamas' Nazi attacks against Israel from the begging of the Oslo "PEACE" accords.

It is indignity to former Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, who lost his life fighting for peace and justice against Hamas' wish for death and destruction. 

Shall we send you an EGGED bus to remind of the Hamas vision of Peace?

Please do not forget it was the rancid mentality of Hamas and a green light from Yasser Arafat that allowed the Homicide bombings to happen RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OSLO "peace" ACCORDS!

You have celebrated the murder of Rabbis in the Jerusalem synagogue with this decision. 

You have done what you've always done. 

Betray, kill and support those who kill Jews.

Your defective attitude towards Israel is displayed in all your actions and by your detestable Ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg Anderson. 

He behaves as if taking Hamas off of the EU terror black list is but a mere technicality.

We've heard that before Lars! Killing Six million Jews, with the help of Arab (Palestinian) friends like Haj Amin al-Husseini was just a mere technicality too.  

So, we The Jewish Nation State of Israel, will take it upon ourselves to ensure that Hamas will remember, their lives will remain short. 


By Simon Fischler 

Is it not interesting that the Palestinians, Arabs and Europeans are once again working together to destroy the Jewish Nation State of Israel?

More interesting is that the attempts of destroying Israel by the afore mentioned is occurring during the Jewish Nations holiday of Hanukkah. 

Hanukkah one of the first recorded histories of a people rising up against an evil (European backed) empire.

Just as the European backed, Hellenised, Seleucid King Antiochus was crushed by the Maccabees I can only hope that the attempts at the United Nations will fail. 

France has been promoting a possible United Nations Security Council Resolution calling for the creation of a Palestinian State in the Occupied (by Arabs) territories of Judea and Samaria. 

This French resolution was supposed to include the FACT that Israel is the Jewish Nation State, but the French as always, lost their back-bone and have backed down even on this. 

If any resolution is passed in the Security Council it would mean that the United Nations is acting in defiance of its own laws created in Security Council resolution 242. 


United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 is international law.

It calls for a negotiated solution (not a Arab forced solution, anything forced cannot be called peace) and the freedom and security of all states. 

It calls for a just settlement of the Refugee Issue, meaning both Arab and Jewish refugees and it once against calls for the Two State Solution. 

The Two State solution is a very interesting. 

One state already exists because it has continually accepted international law, that state is the Jewish and Democratic state of Israel. 

The other state, Palestine, does not exist because its leaders and its people have continually acted against international law in the most immoral fashion. 

The Palestinians are attempting to bypass international law, Security Council Resolution 242 and force an unattainable situation on Israel. This is akin to the international rape of Israel.

Now it appears that the Europeans will be joining the Arabs yet again in an attempt to rape the Jewish people. 

Instead of reprimanding the Arabs for constantly breaking the laws that the United Nations sets, both the EU and the United Nations are rewarding them.

When Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo Peace Accords he forswear to never use violence again. 

What a joke that was!

Yesterday Mahmoud al-Zahar of Hamas admitted that Yasser Arafat gave Hamas weapons and a green light to carry out attacks against Israel after Arafat refused a Palestinian State. 



Now the EU has the nerve to take Hamas off of its Terrorist List and wants to force a “Peace” solution on Israel.

These are very dark times. 

What should Israel do? 

Should Israel listen to Itzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid and capitulate to the demands being forced on Israel? 

That would mean the Israeli people have learned nothing from history or nothing from the last 23 years. 

It has been proven the more Israel gives the Palestinians, the more they demand.

So what to do? 

Much of how Israel should move depends on the United Staes of America. 

Once America could be counted on to do what was morally correct at the United Nations. 

Yes, Israel had to “Go it Alone” as President Johnson said, militarily but when it came to diplomacy Israel could always count on America. 

We will now see if American President Barack Obama really has Israel’s back. 

If America allows a resolution to pass in the Security Council that does not clearly define Israel as the Jewish Nation State it will be a complete betrayal of Israel.

If Obama fails Israel, as I believe he will, it will be time for Israel to take the situation passed what is the norm. 

In one of my favourite movies “Pulp Fiction”  the character Marsellus Wallace has a quote perfect for what Israel needs to do. 

“I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass.”

Although I would change it to make sure America, the European Union and the United Nations understands what Israel is ready to do to fight for the Jewish Nations right to live inside of its sovereign state, Israel.

I aint’ through with you by a damn sight. I’ma get BIBLICAL on your ass now! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak


The headline in the Wall Street Journal actually minimized the scope of Islamic terror.

Where once -- and not that long ago either -- we tended to localize the Muslim madness to the Middle East that fantasy no longer can be tolerated.

The latest, brazen terrorist siege has taken place in Sydney, Australia.

Think about it; Sydney; often regarded as pacific a metropolis in the Pacific as any other; give or take Melbourne or Christchurch in New Zealand.

Australia: one of the world's most enlightened nations and the bastion of democracy in the World War II counterattacks against the Japanese aggressors.

Like a mean-spirited slap in the face, the civilized world should once and for all understand the obvious: militant Islam eagerly aims to conquer the universe.

If anything has changed it is the brazen nature of the Arabs. There's nothing subtle about their methods any more.

Beheadings are proudly shown for the world to see.

A siege of a peaceful city takes place with Arabic gunmen taking hostages.

While a truce supposedly is invoked in Gaza, Hamas openly prepares for another war against Israel.

Ditto Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Double Ditto for the Muslim Brotherhood's cells now imbedded just about everywhere.

And while all this terrorism inflames assorted continents, the Middle East's only democracy, Israel, is viciously assailed from all sides because it wants to build homes for innocent, non-aggressive citizens.

Militant Islam has become so emboldened because only one significant democracy -- Canada -- has dared to challenge their aggressiveness.

Under its Muslim president, the United States of America has indulged militant Islam and that indulgence has further encouraged the form of terrorism that now has spread to Australia.

Barack Obama is more responsible for this hideous state of world affairs than anyone. 

His obsequious Cairo speech of yesteryear was a signal to the Arab world; do what you want, Uncle Sam will play ostrich.

Militant Islam took that message and has gone to war with the world. 

Meanwhile, on the American side, the ostrich act is in full swing.

Peace on the Earth; Good will toward men.

The Islamists are laughing!


By Simon Fischler

Hanukkah was the first recorded act of Zionism by the Jewish Nation. 

Guess what, this act of Jewish Heroism happened long before Mohammad was born and the religion of not-so-much peace came into being. 

We had lost our great kingdoms and had been invaded by the Assyrians. 

Now oppressed by the Seleucid King Antiochus, we were forced to except a culture and religion that greatly contradicted the culture and traditions of the Jewish nation.

Our people, the Hebrews, Israelites or JEWS, under the leadership of the pragmatic fighters called the Maccabees rose up in OUR land, that is Israel, and defeated the imperialistic EUROPEAN client state run by the Seleucid Empire.

This piece of history is so very important for the Jewish Nation because it marks the first of many times throughout our history that the Jews have fought for their freedom and self-determination (this is what Zionism stands for) in Israel.

Hanukkah is testament to how long the Jews have been fighting to keep their little piece of land.

After losing our Kingdoms, it was the Maccabee revolt that restored Jewish government to Israel in 140 BCE. 

This festival is also a reminder that we, the JEWS, have fought for our independence long before most other nations were even born.

During Hanukkah we remember our victory over an oppressive regime that did all it could to erase the laws and culture given to our nation.

The Jews and their nation state Israel are still faced with many of the same problems that faced the Maccabees in their time!

Today our King Antiochus has many names, the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement, Hamas, Qatar, Turkey, UNWRA and the United Nations itself.

The President of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement promises the destruction of the Jewish Nation; he calls for wiping Israel off of the world map. 

Barghoutti and his cohorts have been calling for genocide against the Jewish Nation. As have many others.  

While working with fascist clients around the world this new assault and these new weapons are to be used against the civilian population of Israel.

Today's fight is against the racist anti-Semites who wish to delegitimize Israel and rob the Jewish Nation of its freedom through crooked diplomacy, incitement and downright lies.

Hanukkah is a lesson for Israel’s enemies.

For all those who seek to destroy Israel and the Jewish Nation, either with warfare or diplomacy, you would be wise to remember the story of Hanukkah. 

Hanukkah is one example of how the greatest empires -- from the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arab Muslims, Nazi’s and Arab Nationalist -- have all attempted to steal our land and rob the history books of our place. 

The Romans went so far as to change the name of Judah to Palestina, from where the colonialist name Palestine comes from. After burning Jerusalem to the ground they changed its name to Aelia Capitolina. 

What is so important this is that we the Jewish Nation may have lost our freedom in our land for portions of time.

We have been oppressed in our land, but we have always, eventually fought back and regained our freedom and self-determination in our land.

We must always remember this part of Hanukkah.


Sunday, December 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler

There has been an in depth report by the Foundation of Defense of Democracies that makes it clear Qatar is funding the worst terrorists, fascists and slavers our world knows today?


Does this surprise anyone? 

The real question to ask and it's the one that cost Chuck Hagel his job, is why is one of Americas largest army bases in the world inside of Qatar? 

In fact, this is not just any base, it is the United States Army Central Command (CENTCOM's) forward headquarters. 

Another question to ask, why are American military contractors and the pentagon selling billions of dollars worth of arms to a country that is funneling weapons to groups like Al-Qaida, ISIS and Hamas?

The results of Qatar's handiwork can be seen every time an ISIS terrorist is caught on television, YouTube and other internet sites. 

The plethora of A4 m16 's being used by the Jihadis is scary and they don't just have them from looting dead Iraqi soldiers. 

The A4 has become as ubiquitous as the Ak47 and it's not because it's a better riffle.

That says something! 

It's not just the small arms that Qatar is funneling off and this is where things become really scary. 

Do American citizens remember the date September 11th., 2001?

Apparently the Obama administration, democrats and republicans have all forgotten it.

This summer Israel saw first hand where Qatar's money is going. Hamas' concrete tunnels (paid for by our friend Qatar) leading right under Israeli towns next to the Gaza Strip. 

These tunnels, the Middle-East versions of the Lincoln tunnel, were built for one reason only, murdering mass amounts of Israeli citizens, something Hamas boasted of. 

Hamas committed an international crime when it breached Israel's sovereign border, so did Qatar because they were funding and giving diplomatic backing to this terror organization. 

Both Hamas and Qatar also committed war crimes and crimes against Humanity. 

Hamas' intentional firing of rockets into Israel civilian centers from Arab civilian centers in the Gaza Strip is a double war crime and crime against humanity.

Hamas may not have succeeded in carrying out their plan of murdering and abducting as many Jews as possible with their tunnels but that was their intention with Qatar's backing. 

This too should be judged as both a war crime and a crime against humanity. 

So, how is it that America is even in leagues with a country like Qatar? 

With all of this information has nothing been learned from history, especially history that happened such a short time ago? 

Here are some more examples of what Qatar has to offer our world, it is called Wahhabism.



Without a doubt Qatar, like the Nazis Germans of World War Two, is doing all it can to spread its Arabist/Islamist fascism throughout the world, especially inside of the "Free World". 

Don't forget Qatars role in The African slave trade. 

This may be the nastiest part of what Qatar is partaking in to make money to fund its band of Islamic brown shirts throughout the world. 

The Arabs have been running the African side of the Slave Trade since they occupied and colonized North Africa.

Today Qatar, with Hamas assistance continues this evil. 

Sadly America and the not so "Free World" are turning a blind eye to this despicable behavior. 

How is this possible?

Because Qatar understands the meaning of C.R.E.A.M, Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and is not embarrassed to use money to cover its heinous activities.

Even scarier is the influence Qatar has over the Obama administration. 

They achieved this by easily planting an organization like the Council on American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R), a non- profit organization bringing in the Qatari dollars by the millions, inside of America and inside the American Government.

Qatar has also given millions of dollars to Jimmy Carter (now the official PR agent for the Muslim Brotherhood in America) through his Carter Foundation.

Qatar has also just bought off former American Ambassador Martin Indyk with a hefty donation to his Brookings Institute. 

Important not to forget that Qatar owns many of our centers of Higher Education, like Columbia University, by giving big, fatty donations.

So, now the simple question is, can Americans really afford to let this diseased relationship continue? 

Thursday, December 11, 2014


By Simon Fischler

An "Overwhelming Majority" of Palestinians support stabbing or running over Jews. Can you imagine the noise if this was reversed? 

Maybe I'm stupid, but there is something seriously wrong with a society, meaning it is completely immoral and run by criminals, if an "overwhelming majority" of your population wants to stab and run-over human beings. 

Take a look, http://pcpsr.org/en/node/505. 

This is the situation with the "Palestinians".

This makes sense being that the "Palestinians" are an Arab, 20th. Century invented people, created solely for the purpose of re-robing the Jewish Nation of its liberty and self-determination. 

When a society is created to be taught lies, innuendo and hatred of course an overwhelming majority will want to commit crime.

Please spare me the oppressed bullshit because the only people oppressing the made up Palestinian people are their supposed Arab brothers, the EU and the United Nations. 

Please remember that there isn't a single nation in the world that has been as oppressed as the Jewish nation. 

I don't want to stab Arabs because their leader Haj Amin Husseini was a Nazi responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of Jews during the holocaust. 

I don't want run-down Arabs with my Jeep because they forced the British into creating the White Paper laws which barred Jews from immigrating to their home Israel; which ended as a death sentence for them during the Shoah. 

I don't want to stab Arabs because they have genocidal and homicidal thoughts towards my nation, my people and my family.  

I'm pretty sure an "overwhelming majority" of Native Americans don't want to stab the descendants of white Europeans. I'm also pretty sure an "overwhelming majority" of African Americans don't want to stab Caucasians in America.

Both have suffered and been oppressed in ways the Palestinians could never imagine.

In fact it is the Palestinians who are the oppressors, it is they that rejected peace, partition and statehood in 1948. It is the Palestinians who continually seek the destruction of Israel in clear defiance of international law. 

It was the Arab nations that kicked out 850,000 to 1,000,000 Jews from their countries. Stealing everything these Jews owned.

One of the issues here is that the "overwhelming majority" of Arabs harbor the same sadistic thoughts that their colonial allies the Europeans have. JEW-HATRED, or as some like to call it anti-Semitism.

The Palestinians are goaded on by racist, hypocrites like Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr. Or the Irish Parliament that voted for the colonialist enterprise called Palestine.

Vahr just openly admitted that the Europeans hold Israel to a bigoted, double standard at a Jerusalem Post conference. http://m.jpost.com/HomePage/FrontPage/Article.aspx?id=384438. 

These are sad times when diplomats can openly admit that they are practicing diplomatic anti-Semitism.

This is "Palestinianism", an OVERWHELMINGLY sick creature.

Monday, December 8, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Yesterday Mahmoud Abbas took the time to yet again incite against the State of Israel in a manner that can only be seen as calling for the destruction of the Jewish Democratic State.

Where is the American condemnation? 

I guess Jewish Home building is the only atrocity that can make Obama mad. 

It is imperative that Israel make it clear to the Obama administration, the European Union and the United nations, if the Arabs are not willing to accept a Jewish State then there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for Israel to accept yet another Arab state.

By promoting ideas that call for the flooding of Israel by hostile Arabs, Mahmoud Abbas is flaunting, disregarding and disrespecting international law.

Fact, by insisting he will never recognise the Jewish State of Israel, Abbas is actively working against United Nations resolutions, the Two State solution and therefore international law.

Abbas and his cronies are not stupid, their venomous lies against Israel may be Jew-Hatred, but that has always been part of their Nazi ideology. 

It is nothing new that the Palestinians, a 20th century Arab invented people, are calling for the destruction of Jewish self-determination in the Land of Israel. This is why they have rejected the foreign concept of a Palestinian State since 1948. 

The only difference is how they are attempting to commit this crime against humanity. 

Today the Arabs are using a new form of terrorism, it is diplomatic and political terrorism, with the same Arab colonialist objective of destroying Jewish Liberty.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was correct to call out Abbas for this despicable act of incitement but more needs to be done.

This is a street fight and Israel is behaving like this is a regulated boxing match.

The gloves cannot just come off against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority has been disregarding the Oslo Accords, diplomatically, for years. 

Of course Abbas and his legions are following the security parameters set out in Oslo. If they did not the parts of Judea and Samaria they OCCUPY would have already fallen to Hamas. 

The Palestinian Authority and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan exist today only because of the IDF protection that keeps them in power. 

It is time for Israel to give the Palestinian Authority and the Obama Administration the same message they gave to Vladimir Putin yesterday. 

When the IAF bombed what was to be a shipment of P-800 Oniks (Yakhont) surface to sea missiles for Hezbollah, Israel made it clear that the security and well being of its citizens and state come first and foremost. 

These missiles were to be used to create a sea embargo against Israel or to bombard Israeli Natural Gas assets in the Mediterranean. 

Either way this was a Casus Belli. Israel was correct to carry out a pre-emptive strike.

Every time Abbas diplomatically incites against the Jewish State it should be seen as a Casus Belli. 

Every time Abbas calls for the destruction of Israel the Palestinian Authority MUST pay a heavy price! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014


By Sig Demling

It reads like fiction; almost science fiction it is so irrational.

But as some of us -- me included -- predicted; once the 2014 American elections are concluded President Obama will bare his fangs and attempt to poison Israel.

Not that the White House hasn't already damaged its closest Mideast Ally beyond belief but this latest assault on the Jewish State defies credulity.

While Arabs slaughter Arabs in just about every Middle East country from Iraq to Syria and Islamic beheading practices become as matter of fact as oxygen, the Democratic administration is going out of its way to demonize Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

Mind you, this so-called "ally" is putting Israel in a totally uncompromising position simply because Bibi refuses to capitulate to Obama's irrational demands. 

Now the President is threatening sanctions against a country that is surrounded by enemies bent on its destruction.

Does the White House give a damn?


Instead it is encouraging the vicious Arabs to increase their incitement and harass Israel whether its via Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas or any other haven for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, the mullahs threaten all methods of attacking Israel either directly or through their many proxies and what does the White House do but campaign vigorously to lift more sanctions against a nation that would attack America this moment if it could.

Once again the petty Obama thinking is activated because Israel's Prime Minister is encouraging building of homes -- not placing of rocket launchers or building a nuclear arsenal -- in Israel.

Putting it simply, Washington is telling Jerusalem, sorry, but you cannot build within your own nation because it offends the Arabs.

In a rational world, such a nonsensical demand would hastily be thrown in the garbage heap. 

Barack Obama does not operate in a rational world.




Yes, when it comes to Israel.

(And if this sounds redundant, you might want to recall how many times I have warned of just such a stab in Israel's back ever since Obama told a deceived APAC audience that he "had Israel's back.")

-- end it --

-Stan Fischler

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Under the watch of Barack HUSSEIN Obama the world has become a far more dangerous place for Jews. 

Maybe this is connected to Obama’s insatiable need to assail Israel at every moment, while giving carte-blanche to an Arab entity that has made it clear it is hell bent on destroying Jewish self-Determination. 

Obama was handed in his first term what no other American President had ever received, a ten month settlement freeze in Judea and Samaria. No left wing, dovish Israeli government was ever willing to do this.

The Pharaoh got this from the supposedly “Hard Line”, conservative Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. 

With this in hand did Obama bring Mahmoud Abbas and his Arab colonisers to the negotiating table?

No, he did not! 

Did Obama or then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do anything meaningful to halt the Arab’s insatiable desire to destroy Israel?

 No, they did not.

Obama persuaded “Hard Liner” Netanyahu to apologise to the Sublime Porte, President Erdogan of Turkey, for defending Israel against jihadist Turks bent on harming the people of Israel. 

Has Turkey re-established relations with Israel as Obama and Court Jester Kerry promised? 

No, it has not! 

The world has once again become very unsafe for Jews.

It has become so bad for Jews and their Nation State that the New York Times openly admits that it intentionally produces biased, anti-Israel media. Have a look, 

This brazen bias (anti-Israel, anti-Semitic) against Israel would never have happened on this level before HUSSEIN Obama and his Qatari allies got into the White House. 

The Jews who ridiculously continue to support Obama are butchering Israel’s ability to defend itself. The Obama-Kerry duet has done more to harm the Middle-East’s only true democracy than any American administration. 

It is time to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that no concessions made by Israel ever will assuage the Arab thirst to devour this thriving country. 

American Universities were becoming Brown Shirt workshops before Obama began promoting the fabricated histories of Howard Zinn and other self-haters. All one needs to do is look to Columbia University— or other Arab funded colleges — where Jew-hatred is not so-subtly encouraged. 

Under Obama, with the financial backing of Qatar and Turkey, these supposed bastions of higher education have become the S.S. bases of the Nazi Arab cause. 

Their intent is promoting the destruction of Jewish Liberty in the internationally recognised Jewish Homeland. 

This is what passes for higher education that Americans pay tens of thousands for. Thanks but no thanks, I will keep my greenbacks. 

Let us make something very clear, when the United Nations voted for two states for two peoples it was not voting for the Moon People to get a state. 

The United Nations enacted, in INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED LAW, the rights and legitimacy of the Jewish Nation.  

If the democratic, Israeli parliament (called the Knesset) were to pass a Jewish Nation State bill, all it would be doing would be further enacting international law;  that is what the United Nations long ago called for, Israel, the Jewish Nation State. 

Obama, the Arabs and their cohorts at the EU are the ones so ready to disregard international and United Nations laws by not recognising Israel as the Jewish Nation state.

Virtually every Arab nation has in its Constitution a proclamation stating that it is an Arab nation by culture and nature. The Syrians go so far as to call their Army, The Syrian Arab Army. 

For the world to overlook this and then say that Israel’s righteous demand of recognition as the Jewish Nation state is racist just shows the perverse anti-Semitism that has flourished under Obama’s world order. 

Due to Obama’s virulent anti-Israel administration, countries such as France are now promoting recognition of a non-entity called Palestine.

No surprise here; the French often were worse than the German Nazis when it came to ridding their country of Jews during World War 2.

The Jew-hating French parliament enacted this colonialist Arab ploy on the same day that a Jewish couple was attacked in Paris. 

The nineteen year old woman was raped and her twenty one year old boyfriend was forced to watch. These criminals made it clear that this was happening because they were JEWISH. 

But it all comes back to the White House and its almost decade-long anti-Israel policies. He has made it clear that Jewish blood and Jewish liberty is cheap. 

So now we Jews who believe in our rights face a darker scarier world. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Just recently I had the pleasure of eating dinner in the Armenian Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem. 

Twelve years ago I had found the Armenian Tavern in the quarter and experienced one of the best meals of my life. 

Then the Tavern was actually owned by Armenians. 

Today I am sorry to say it is not the same.

Like in so many places in Jerusalem and Israel, Arabs have bought the Armenian Tavern. This is a stark reminder of how the Arabs are attempting to buy up Israel with Saudi oil money. 

They have kept the Armenian Tavern looking the same but the atmosphere is as fake as the Arab claim to the land of Israel. 

Our young, very gay, very white and blue-eyed waiter had a tattoo of a key on his arm. 

After announcing that he was not Armenian but Arab, he proceeded to tell me the key was to his grandfather’s home and was a long story I would not understand. 

I guess because I spoke Hebrew to him he knew I was an Israeli Jew. 

The arrogance of this child was sickening; at first I felt like pointing out how lucky he was to be living in Israel. 

It is a FACT that homosexuality is more accepted in Israel (i.e., open gays serve in the IDF without a word) than in America (where they’ve been fighting for years just to admit that there were gays in the US armed forces). 

Another FACT: if he had been born and raised in either the West Bank or Gaza Strip, he would have been dead ages ago, thanks to his sexual orientation. 

Although he and the rest of the Arabs posing as Armenians had done a fair job of ruining my meal, I was not going to let them totally destroy it by dragging me into an argument.

What this child does not understand is that I also posses a key to a house and that key trumps his! 

That’s right: in my possession is the key to my great-grandfather’s home; my great, great-grandfather’s home and also to my great, great, great-grandfather’s home. 

In fact I posses a family key that dates all the way back to the first Kingdom of Israel. 

This key has stayed with me through Ancient Greek tyranny, Babylonian tyranny, Assyrian tyranny, Roman Tyranny, Arab and Muslim Tyranny, Crusader Tyranny, again Arab and Muslim colonial tyranny and finally modern European tyranny. 

In every case the colonialist empires and peoples named above have tried to wrest that key from my hand and to wring it out of my blood; in all cases they have failed. 

From building mosques on my nation’s Temple Mount to creating imaginary peoples and places, these groups have done everything to steal my key. 

They have and will always fail! 

This key to my home is not just physical, nor is it imprinted on my skin. I do not need something that simplistic or materialistic to retain this eternal key. 

No, the key to the Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish and Israeli nation is much deeper than that: it is in my GENES. 

This key of mine was in my DNA long before the Arab nation swept in violent conquest out of the sand dunes in which they had been born. 

This key, my key, the Jewish Nation’s Key supersedes all other keys to the land and is locked in our name, our hearts, our souls.


Sunday, November 23, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Any clear-thinking American Jew who loves Israel and still believes that Barack Obama cares about the Middle East's only democracy requires a good head-cleaning. 

Every move the forked-tongue Chief Executive has made since taking office has been designed to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

Plan after plan, whether orchestrated by the White House or the State Department's official Dummy, John Kerry, has had Jew-hatred written all over it and not in subtle language either.

Pretending to be Israel's friend, the Democrat administration began undermining Israel from the moment Obama took office.

You can start with his dreaded, ill-advised and proven-totally-wrong Cairo speech?-- and move along to support for the Muslim Brotherhood which is dedicated to the elimination of Israel.

Virtually every Obama ally -- be it Turkey or Qatar -- wants to wipe the Israelis off the map and winds up coddled by Obama. And that goes for Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Worst of all has been Washington's disgraceful love affair with the Iranians.
While the mullahs of Teheran overtly plot to destroy Tel Aviv and other centers, the White House does nothing more than try to arrange an Iranian-American marriage which will have a far-reaching negative effect on the world at large, let alone our prime ally in the Middle East.

If Israel -- and by inevitable linkage, the world -- is to be saved it can only happen long-range via a fervently Israel friendly president in the next. Short-range, Israel's hope sits with the new Republican congressional majority thwarting Obama's every move.