Wednesday, December 3, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Under the watch of Barack HUSSEIN Obama the world has become a far more dangerous place for Jews. 

Maybe this is connected to Obama’s insatiable need to assail Israel at every moment, while giving carte-blanche to an Arab entity that has made it clear it is hell bent on destroying Jewish self-Determination. 

Obama was handed in his first term what no other American President had ever received, a ten month settlement freeze in Judea and Samaria. No left wing, dovish Israeli government was ever willing to do this.

The Pharaoh got this from the supposedly “Hard Line”, conservative Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. 

With this in hand did Obama bring Mahmoud Abbas and his Arab colonisers to the negotiating table?

No, he did not! 

Did Obama or then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do anything meaningful to halt the Arab’s insatiable desire to destroy Israel?

 No, they did not.

Obama persuaded “Hard Liner” Netanyahu to apologise to the Sublime Porte, President Erdogan of Turkey, for defending Israel against jihadist Turks bent on harming the people of Israel. 

Has Turkey re-established relations with Israel as Obama and Court Jester Kerry promised? 

No, it has not! 

The world has once again become very unsafe for Jews.

It has become so bad for Jews and their Nation State that the New York Times openly admits that it intentionally produces biased, anti-Israel media. Have a look, 

This brazen bias (anti-Israel, anti-Semitic) against Israel would never have happened on this level before HUSSEIN Obama and his Qatari allies got into the White House. 

The Jews who ridiculously continue to support Obama are butchering Israel’s ability to defend itself. The Obama-Kerry duet has done more to harm the Middle-East’s only true democracy than any American administration. 

It is time to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that no concessions made by Israel ever will assuage the Arab thirst to devour this thriving country. 

American Universities were becoming Brown Shirt workshops before Obama began promoting the fabricated histories of Howard Zinn and other self-haters. All one needs to do is look to Columbia University— or other Arab funded colleges — where Jew-hatred is not so-subtly encouraged. 

Under Obama, with the financial backing of Qatar and Turkey, these supposed bastions of higher education have become the S.S. bases of the Nazi Arab cause. 

Their intent is promoting the destruction of Jewish Liberty in the internationally recognised Jewish Homeland. 

This is what passes for higher education that Americans pay tens of thousands for. Thanks but no thanks, I will keep my greenbacks. 

Let us make something very clear, when the United Nations voted for two states for two peoples it was not voting for the Moon People to get a state. 

The United Nations enacted, in INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED LAW, the rights and legitimacy of the Jewish Nation.  

If the democratic, Israeli parliament (called the Knesset) were to pass a Jewish Nation State bill, all it would be doing would be further enacting international law;  that is what the United Nations long ago called for, Israel, the Jewish Nation State. 

Obama, the Arabs and their cohorts at the EU are the ones so ready to disregard international and United Nations laws by not recognising Israel as the Jewish Nation state.

Virtually every Arab nation has in its Constitution a proclamation stating that it is an Arab nation by culture and nature. The Syrians go so far as to call their Army, The Syrian Arab Army. 

For the world to overlook this and then say that Israel’s righteous demand of recognition as the Jewish Nation state is racist just shows the perverse anti-Semitism that has flourished under Obama’s world order. 

Due to Obama’s virulent anti-Israel administration, countries such as France are now promoting recognition of a non-entity called Palestine.

No surprise here; the French often were worse than the German Nazis when it came to ridding their country of Jews during World War 2.

The Jew-hating French parliament enacted this colonialist Arab ploy on the same day that a Jewish couple was attacked in Paris. 

The nineteen year old woman was raped and her twenty one year old boyfriend was forced to watch. These criminals made it clear that this was happening because they were JEWISH. 

But it all comes back to the White House and its almost decade-long anti-Israel policies. He has made it clear that Jewish blood and Jewish liberty is cheap. 

So now we Jews who believe in our rights face a darker scarier world. 


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  2. Thank you for posting this article.

    We should all learn from our past and not stay silent in the face of tyranny. Every voice counts and exposing the bias treatment of Israel may wake up a few Americans.

  3. Thank God this community organizer does not represent all of the citizens of the U.S.. God Bless Israel and her peoples.