Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bibi's Speech

By Simon Fischler 

I hope that Benjamin Netanyahu uses the opportunity given to him at the United Nations to remind the world that it was the Arabs who rejected peace in 1948. 

I hope he stands at the UN Dias and breaks out the numerous resources that prove as historical fact that the Arabs rejected partition and Peace. 

To remind the world that it was the Arab armies that promised a war of annihilation against the nascent state of Israel in 1948; it was the se armies that created the Arab refugees of today.

I pray that Bibi, at the general assembly podium, reminds the world that the founder of Palestinian Nationalism, Haj Amin Al-Husseini was a Nazi agent who had the blood of thousands of Jews on his hands. 

I hope he speaks of the Racist policies of the Palestinian Authority, the promises that emanated from the mouths of Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat that "there won't be ONE Jew living in the Palestinian state". 

Let Bibi remind the world that it is UN Security Council resolution 242 that must be used for peace, because it is international law, not general assembly resolution 194, which Is merely a recommendation. 

Today Benjamin Netanyahu has the opportunity to prove he is a statesman by refuting the mendacious lies that have been used against the Jewish Nation by an Arab Fascist posing as a peacemaker. 

I hope that Bibi is blessed when he stands in front of the world and I hope his eloquence will bring some understanding of the anti-Semitic world the Jewish Nation is facing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mahmoud Abbas' United Nations Lie

By Simon Fischler

With Mahmoud Abbas doing all he can to force an Arab/UN resolution on Israel it is time to take a step back, a deep breath and look with a magnifying glass at how the Palestinians have ruined any chance of Peace throughout history . 

History is a key component to making a better future. 

This is a bit of knowledge the Palestinians lack. 

The Palestinians have never wanted to look back on their history with an ounce of truth. They have never wanted to look at their past mistakes in an attempt to correct them. 

From the beginning of this conflict the Arabs of Eretz Israel ( I call them this because the name Palestinian is nothing more than a twentieth century invention) have done all they can to deny the Jews their rightful home, accepted under international law. 

Jews were a majority population in the major cities of Eretz Israel until the Arab riots of the early twentieth century. 

The Jews were the majority in Hebron, Safed and Jerusalem. 

When the opportunity of returning European Jews to their native homeland in Israel was approved through international law in the League of Nations the Arabs defied the same international law they attempt to use against Israel today, revolted and murdered hundreds of Jews.

In 1929 the Arabs committed the Hebron massacre, killing 67 Jews and pushing the whole Jewish population out of Hebron.

On November 29th, 1947, the United Nations voted 33 to 13 to partition the British Mandate in Israel into two states, one Jewish one Arab. 

The Jewish population accepted this, the Arab Higher Committee rejected it with the backing of the Arab League. This is FACT and it is also a continuous international crime.

From the beginning the Arab world has never accepted the concept of the right of Jewish Self-determination in the land of the Jewish Nation.

Because of the Arab refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist, the war of Israeli Independence was fought and won by the Jews. 

Israel fought and won this war against the combined armies of Egypt, Trans-Jordan (under British military leadership), Lebanon, Syria, plus contingents from Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Iraq. 

From this point on the Jews created and maintained the state of Israel. 

In addition to creating a homeland for the battered remnants of Europe’s Jewry, Israel brought in all the Jewish refugees, some 900,000, who were subsequently expelled from the Arab and Muslim states where they had been living since exile from ancient Israel thousands of years ago. 

Today Mahmoud Abbas is not interested in peace or compromise with Israel. No, Abbas is interested in creating fictitious Arab history, creating pre-conditions that make negotiations impossible and blaming Israel for Arab Racism.

Israel must fight Abbas’ attempts to force a colonialist Arab proposition on Israel and counter him with an Israeli proposal that is beneficial to Israel. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

It is interesting that the irregular fighters throughout the world are referred to as “Guerrillas” and not Maccabees. 

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the word Guerrilla comes from the Spanish word guerra, which means “war”. 

The word Guerrilla was first used in reference to the Guerrilleros, Spanish and Portuguese irregulars, who aided the Duke of Wellington push the French out of the Iberian Peninsula.

To me, its just another European white wash.

The Hebrews, Israelites or JEWS, were doing this long before the Ol’Duke of Wellington made it to the Iberian coastline.

Under the leadership of pragmatic fighters called the MACCABEES, Israel rose up in its land and defeated an imperialistic EUROPEAN client state run by the Seleucid Empire.

This war of freedom is so very important because it marks the first of many times that the Jewish Nation rose up to fight for its freedom and self-determination (this is what Zionism stands for) in Israel.

The Maccabean revolt is testament to how long the Jews have been fighting to keep their little piece of land. After losing their kingdoms, it was the Maccabee revolt that restored Jewish government to Israel in 140 BCE. 

What does all of this mean? JEWS, have fought for their independence long before most other nations were even born, used Guerrilla tactics long before there were ever any Guerrillas. 

The Maccabean victory was over an oppressive regime that did all it could to erase the laws and culture of the Jewish Nation.

The same battle is raging today against yet another European, colonialist entity. 

Mahmoud Abbas, The President of the Palestinian Authority is playing the role of Antiochus the 4th. Abbas’ brothers in Hamas are the greek foot soldiers. Both are promising the destruction of the Jewish Nation. 

Abbas calls for genocide against the Jewish Nation and his new attempts to carry this out at the United Nations is cause for worry. 

The genocidal plans of the Arabs that call themselves “Palestinians” are not the only evil thoughts being directed toward Israel and the Jewish nation. 

Today, the modern Maccabees,  must also fight against the racist anti-Semites who wish to delegitimize Israel and rob the Jewish Nation of its freedom through crooked diplomacy, incitement and downright lies.

Yet it is the Maccabees, not the Guerrilleros (who have long been forgotten), who are the example of how the greatest empires -- from the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arab Muslims, Nazi’s and Arab Nationalist -- have all attempted to steal our land and rob the history books of our place and have failed. 

The Romans went so far as to change the Name of Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina and Judea to Palestina.

The Jewish Nation may have lost its freedom in its land for portions of time. The Jews may have been oppressed in their land, but they have always, eventually fought back and regained their freedom and self-determination in the land of Israel.

This is a lesson the Arabs still have not learned. 

Monday, September 8, 2014


SHIRL’S PLACE- A Bed and Breakfast at the heart of the Northern Israeli Golan Heights

Israel’s Golan Heights ranks among the most beautifully, scenic areas in the Middle East’s only democratic country.

Framed by Mount Hermon, which features skiing in winter and chair lift sightseeing in spring and summer.

The idea for "SHIRL's PLACE", started with my wife Lilach and my mother Shirley Fischler.

Their dream was to expose people to the beauty and endless activities offered on the Golan and to then keep these people on the Golan.

While providing a beautiful place to stay, wholesome food and all at a reasonable price.

Sadly we lost my mother Shirley to lung cancer this past May. 

On top of this, Israel has endured a traumatic summer.

In defiance of those who wish to bully Israel and Israelis, my aim is to continue on with the dream of Lilach and Shirley and to open their Bed and Breakfast as soon as possible.

I will conduct personal bicycle tours for individuals as well as groups. 

Ditto for hikes and for those who enjoy the thrill of Jeep rides over off-road trails near the Kibbutz.

The B&B also will feature overnight camping in tents provided by the hosts.

We will also be offering seminars and workshops on the history of Israel and its fight for freedom.

To turn this dream into reality, we need funds to complete the B&B. To accommodate the number of anticipated tourists we also are planning an adjoining cabin to supplement the apartment. 

This comes at a cost of $20,000. 

Our hope, our dream, is to find this money among contributors who not only will help us complete this worthy project but also both to fiscally and philosophically aid the state of Israel and the well being of the Jewish Nation.


Simon Fischler

Friday, September 5, 2014


By Simon Fischler

There are many “Day After” scenarios on the horizon for Israel, but one stands out for immediate and direct attention. 

The volatile situation in Jordan and the possibility of the assassination of King Abdullah by the ISIS militia.

With ISIS gains in Iraq and Syria now coming under threat by United States bombing raids, they are prepared to do everything to protect their battlefield victories.

This was made evident with the beheading of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. 

ISIS knows that beheading journalists will not stop America, so they have definitely set their sites elsewhere. 

Be sure that this fascist, terrorist militia is preparing to bring down the Hashemite King. He is the American achilles heal in the Middle-East. 

The Hashemites have always been a CIA political entity stuck right smack in the middle of the Arab world. 

ISIS knows the Hashemites are weak and they view Abdullah as a crusader stooge. 

ISIS also knows that the best way to hit back at America’s military might is through Amman. 

The Obama administration has done much to destroy its relationship with Israel and Egypt to placate Qatar and Turkey. This has been an incredible mistake, these are the same fundamentalist governments that created ISIS and pay the bills of HAMAS. 

This administration needs to work overtime to get the leaders of Egypt and Israel on the same page with America to stop ISIS before they are capable of getting a stronger foothold in Jordan. 

That would mean America could no longer avoid putting “Boots on the Ground.” 

Having the information and sources to protect Abdullah and his regime will only be capable with Israel and Egypt working together with America. 

Israel cannot forget that this administration has failed in all of its endeavors in the Middle-East. 

Taking this into account it is imperative that the IDF prepares for an “End of Hashemite Days” scenario on its Eastern border. 

Israel is returning to a 1948 diplomatic and political scenario; dealing with this will take pragmatic, honest leadership. 

It will take leaders who will start from this very moment to prepare the Economy and the nation for tough times. 

The IDF leadership and defense ministry were right when they said there is no way that Israel can cut the defense budget. 

The Israeli navy is desperate for new Frigates to protect the Gas Platforms in the Mediterranean Sea, (these vessels won't come in at less then 460 million dollars) that promise a steady income and political power for Israel.

That income and power will vanish, not be, if the IDF cannot maintain security in Israel’s coastal waters. 

It is clear that to do this the IDF needs at least two of these new frigates that can provide air-defense for the platforms; in truth four are really needed to remind Turkey and Hezbollah that Israel is not to be trifled with. 

Now with ISIS and Al-Nusra on Israel’s Northern and Eastern borders training of both the standing army and reserves must be increased, not decreased. 

Along with this the defense ministry will have to speed up the orders and numbers of Merkava Mk. 4 tanks, Namer Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Trophy anti-Tank missile countermeasures and of course Iron Dome, Davids Sling and Arrow 3 missile interceptors. 

If Obama and Kerry do wake up and come to Israel (Americas traditional and natural ally) for help in dealing with ISIS then Israel must help. 

One thing that America could provide to immediately help Israeli border communities is the Phalanx CIWS Land Based Canon. 

This system has proven extremely affective at destroying the mortars that are causing havoc on the border communities from the South along the Gaza Strip to the North on the Golan heights. 

One way or another, Israel must start preparing for the worst case scenario in Jordan.