Saturday, August 30, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Should I denounce the physical attack of George Galloway inside of London? 

Should I denounce an attack on a known anti-Semite, a man that revels in the death of Israelis? 

Should I denounce an attack on a man that would be happy to see my children raped and murdered by Fascist Arabs? 

Should I denounce an attack on a man that incites against the whole of the Jewish Nation?

No I won't denounce it. 

I'd say he may have had the whole thing staged even. 

But if this really did happen, now Mr. Galloway understands how it feels to be a Jew on every street, in every capital of Europe and in many cities in America. 

NO, forget condemnation, I won't denounce it. 

The punk Galloway got what was coming to him. 

I'll even raise you one higher. 

This response to Galloway's anti-Semitic behavior is what is needed. 

The Jewish Nation needs to be hitting back hard against the campus rhetoric, the boycotts and the down-right Jew-Hating campaign to elegitimize Israel.

I've been saying it for a while, we are involved in a street fight, Hasbara will only work if it has a forceful side to it.

George Galloway would be happy to see the Jews being marched off to death camps again. 

So I will not denounce any action used to shut his filthy Jew-Hating mouth. 

Remember people, NEVER AGAIN, and this starts with George Galloway. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


By Sig Demling

It sure takes a lot to get Israel's Prime Minister really angry.

And that, my dear friends, has been the crux of Benjamin Netanyahu's strategic problem ever since taking over as the leader of the Middle East's only democracy.

To put it bluntly, Bibi simply does not know how to get militarily angry.

Avigdor Lieberman does. So does Naftali Bennett, among other two-fisted Israeli politicians.

Unlike Netanyahu, who seems to have one eye on the EU and the other on the UN, the Leiberman-Bennett camp believe in a take-off on the Teddy Roosevelt "Speak softly and carry a big stick" military modus operandi.

What the Lieberman-Bennett strategy comes to simply can be called "Whack hard and then speak softly while the enemy is bleeding; hopefully to death."

During the second week of this latest Hamas War, Netanyahu appeared ready to let the Gaza terrorists have it with all guns blazing. "We're taking off the gloves," the Prime Minister threatened.

And to a certain extent he did. The IDF invaded Gaza and delivered a number of telling blows to Hamas. Tunnels were painstakingly detected and destroyed. Terrorists were killed and the enemy appeared backed into a corner.

But, when the first dust of a truce was declared, Bibi seemed to be wearing kid gloves rather than the necessary mailed fists. 

Hamas may have hit the canvas but it bounced back with a venom. Rockets continue to pulverize the South but now salvos are coming in from Lebanon and Syria. 

Israel should now raze Gaza, section by section, until -- as the Foreign Minister declares, "The white flag of surrender is raised by Hamas."

Until the enemy is forced by devastation to give up, the IDF must stop with the Mister Clean approach because that only encourages the terrorists.

Bibi has meant well, to be sure, but his strategy of gloves and mittens off just don't cut it with the bloodthirsty foe.

Mailed fists must be applied whether the EU or UN likes it or not. 

And, hopefully, Hamas will not like it enough to end its murderous anti-Israel policies.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Dear Israeli Politicians, 

You have a country to protect.

You have a nation that supports your efforts to defend the borders and sovereignty of Israel. 

You have one of the best armies in the world and the best equipment, SO USE IT. 

You have mothers and fathers who are willing to let their sons and daughters fight for their nation and die for the freedom and peace of Israel. 


There is no longer time for moderation. Israel has given moderation a chance and has given a fumbling, pathetic Obama administration the chance to right all the mistakes they have created in the Middle-East. They have failed once again.

It is NOW time for the leaders of Israel to take the future of the nation into account and to dictate the end results of this conflict.

America demanded the unconditional surrender of Japan during World War Two.  

The same must be applied to Hamas. This talk of a cease-fire is nonsense, HAMAS MUST BE FINISHD, PERIOD! 

There can be no other path, not after the nation, especially those of the south have suffered so much. 

If the Zionist parties from across the spectrum cannot use the mandate that has been given to them by the people of Israel than they have TOTALLY FAILED THE CITIZENS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT. 


Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Jewish Organizations,

Please stop calling the UN one sided and start acting in an effective manner!

Yes, the United Nations is one sided, that is not even a question anymore. 

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the United Nations Human Rights Council a “Kangaroo Court” he was 100% correct. It has one goal, passing anti-Israel resolutions which makes it an anti-Semitic institution. 

This is where The Major Jewish Organizations should be focusing their attention, not in writing Ban Ki Moon useless letters. 

The head of this Kangaroo Court incites against the Jewish people,PERIOD.UNHRC head Navi Pillay has Israeli blood on her hands. She had many mendacious words to say in condemnation of Israel as it defended its citizens against thousands of rockets being rained down on its sovereign land and cities. 

But Pillay had nothing to say against Hamas as this terrorist organization shot thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian centers and used its own citizens as human shields.  

Pillay’s behavior stands as a stark reminder that it is not Zionism that is racism, but Arabism that is racism. 

The Arabs use stooges like Navi Pillay and organizations like the United Nations to advance their colonialist aspirations. This should bother American Jewish Organizations because American Tax payer money is being used to support an anti-Israel/anti-Semitic world policy! 

With UNHRC members like Pakistan, Kuwait, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to name a few can Israel ever hope to see a fair trial? Of course not. 

Then we have the Arab created United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near-East, UNRWA. This agency it built for one reason and one reason only, the destruction of the Jewish Nation State of Israel. 

UNRWA perpetuates a made-up refugee problem by giving refugee status to the children of refugees that left Israel during the Israeli War of Independence. They did this mainly in order to assist the Arab armies that were invading the nascent Jewish Nation State. No other refugee status throughout the world can be passed down from parent to child. Once again a double-standard and bias in favor of Arabs. 

The behavior of UNRWA during Israel’s battle against the Hamas terror enclave called the Gaza Strip was nothing less than duplicitous. Instead of abiding by the UN demands of being neutral and impartial, UNRWA aided Hamas hand and hand. 

They did this by promoting the Hamas narrative throughout the conflict by spreading the constant lies and innuendo of UNRWA Chief Chris Gunness. .

Gunness is so deeply connected to Hamas that he was willing to stage one of the most dramatically apocryphal break downs on the Qatari (Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas) owned Al-Jazeera network. 

UNRWA gave protection to Hamas gunmen at UNRWA  institutions like schools, Health Clinics and Shelters, FACT!  

Rockets were fired from UN positions on a daily basis. It matters not that the UN gave the IDF coordinates of its buildings in an attempt to protect them because Hamas terrorists were using these buildings to attack the IDF in coordination with UNRWA. 

Three times Hamas Rockets were found inside of UNRWA schools. This is beyond illegal and beyond unacceptable! Three times these rockets were GIVEN BACK to Hamas. 

A UNRWA health clinic was used as a staging ground for an ambush of IDF soldiers that lead to the death of three soldiers. This is not just obviously illegal under the institutions of international law and the laws of the United Nations bit it also makes all UNRWA buildings military targets under the Geneva Conventions! 

What needs to be done is simple.  

The combined effort of the Jewish people, Jewish organizations in America and throughout the world needs to be used, not to write a letter the UN General-Secretary, but to bring law-suits to bear against the United Nations because of its complicit behavior against Israel. 

The undeniable connection between UNRWA and HAMAS is illegal under international law, it incites against both Israel and the Jewish Nation world wide. 

Furthermore it is imperative that the American Justice system be used to remove Chris Gunness from his position for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization that has killed American citizens. 

Friday, August 8, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Hello nasty world. 

How are you today? 

Just to let you know the fanatical muslim terrorist group named Hamas has started shooting rockets into my country, Israel, again. 

That is right, although Israel wanted to continue a Cease-Fire, Hamas refused and like the bloodthirsty animals that they are the second the 72 hour cease-fire ended they immediately fired rockets into Israel.  

Now I know all of you can't wait to get to your next anti-Semitic/anti-Israel rally but maybe you can take a second to think. 

All of you who stand against Israel, you are the worst haters of the world. Take a second to think, you are the bully in the playground and Hamas is your anti-Semitic weapon. 

How dare you expect that a people, a nation would just let rockets rain down on them! How dare you tell us to be proportional when our children are the ones who will suffer. You think you can punch us and bully us into submission? We have not forgotten the last time we submitted, it was called the Holocaust. 

The aggressive, fanatical, fascist actions carried out by Arabs and non-immigrant Europeans towards Israel and Jews in general is the same sick disease that flooded Europe during the Shoah. 

It makes no difference if you do it through ignorance, when you speak against Israel you are speaking against Jews.

This was proven with the inhuman attacks against Jews throughout Europe, Australia and the United States.

Heck, you Jew haters haven't had it this good since the third Reich owned Europe. 

I hope and I pray that the forces of my country, The IDF, will once again engage the Muslim terrorists that are trying like you to delegitimize and destroy my nation. There are NO INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN GAZA ANYMORE!

I hope that all of you standing against Israel also know that the Jewish nation will not be beaten up by the world again. 

Every Arab child that dies, does so because this Nasty world is letting Hamas get away with Murder. Every Arab child that dies does so because the people protesting against Israel are fascist Nazis egging on Hamas in a battle Israel will never let itself lose.

The United Nations and the World needs to be held responsible for committing ethnic crimes against Israel and the Jewish Nation by giving support to Hamas. 

Organizations like the UN, CNN, BBC and Al-Jezeera are inciting against Israel and Jews . This is no longer just bias and being one-sided. These groups are committing a massive hate crime against the Jewish nation by intentionally falsely reporting. Therefore they are engaging in a crime against humanity. 

Look you nasty anti-Semitic world, THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE HOLOCAUST STARTED, but this time I pray that the Jewish will not lie down to be slaughtered. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Anti-Semites love to talk about the Jewish lobby in America. 

In reality it has become evident that Qatar owns the United States of America. 

Well, at least Qatar owns American Universities like Columbia, the United States Army and the State Department. Oh, Qatar also owns Jimmy ”Crack-Corn” Carter too.

The Emirate of Qatar, a Wahhabi Fundamentalist government, has more money than all the Jews in the world, plus another trillion. 

They are the largest donors of American Universities, so much so that they can shape the curriculum at these supposed centers of higher learning. 

Qatar owns Al-Jazeera and pays billions of dollars to CNN, BBC and other media outlets through commercial money. 

Basically, Al-Qaeda/Qatar, is shaping the minds of Americans and Europeans and that is a very scary thought.

This is nothing new though; they have been slowly building this enterprise.

It has been the horrible human rights records that have made the Arab governments  look so bad in the past. 

That has changed: Qatar has learned that with Political Correctness and the spending of trillions of dollars they can bamboozle the world with lies. 

After all it was Qatar that gave the OK for Hamas to kidnap and MURDER three Israeli teenagers and then start shooting rockets into Israel.

Why would nice little Qatar do such a thing? 

They gave Hamas the green light because their other Wahhabi backed Islamic group, ISIS, started making really bad headlines in the international media.

ISIS was running around Iraq beheading Christians and mass murdering Alawites in Syria. 

Qatar needed to take the heat off.

They are aware of how anti-Semitic the world is because they have spent Billions in shaping it this way.  

Qatar needed international eyes turned away from the heinous acts their militias were and still are creating in Iraq and Syria. 

So they used the oldest play in the Arab play-book. Start a war with Israel.

Qatar was ready to sacrifice ten thousand civilians living in the Gaza Strip to turn the eyes of the world from the atrocities happening in Iraq and Syria. 

So, Qatar FOCUSED the worlds attention on Israel.

Qatar’s version of the news read like this, Israel is bad even if it is defending itself against thousands of rockets and tunnels dug into its sovereign land to murder thousands of Israelis. 

Qatar knew well that the world would buy this and condemn the Jew among nations. Joseph Geobbles could well be alive and working for the Qatari foreign ministry.  

Scariest of all was the control that Qatar had on the Obama Administration and American Secretary of State John Kerry. 

We can thank C.A.I.R- The Council On American Islamic Relations or The American Muslim Brotherhood for the anti-Israel behavior of the Obama Administration.

It finally took the combined effort of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Mahmoud Abbas to stop the Qatari programed John Kerry “Cease-Fire”. 

Wake up America and Europe, your friend Qatar is evil to the core!