Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Message To The Druze of The Golan and The Government of Israel

By ⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

It is time for the government of Israel and the people of the Israeli Golan Heights to make it clear to their Druze neighbors that enough is enough.

If you want to live in Syria, good luck, you want to fly a Syrian flag good luck.

In fact enjoy yourself, w e will open the gate to let you through and I hope it doesn’t hit you on the ass on your way out.

But, like what the Arabs did to the Jews when the kicked us out of our homes throughout the Levant. You will drop off your BMW, your Mercedes, your Audi, your Porsche, your Land Cruiser, your Alpha-Romeo, Skoda and VW and the millions upon millions the you have made by cheating the Jews of the Golan. 

This you will not be able take with you, your monopoly broken, your mafia destroyed the money you have cheated out of us stays! 

You dare threaten us, you dare threaten the soldiers of the IDF!

You say we are playing with fire, that we are helping terrorist. 

My dear Druze friends of the Golan you have Hezbollahs penis so far down your throat I’m surprised your not chocking on it you traitors. 

Not to mention your cowardice. The Syrian Arab regimes and the Ottomans before them have been murdering your people for centuries. 

Unlike your brave brethren inside of Israel you do not have the backbone to stand by the only country that has done right by you.

My dear friends you don’t know what fire is and the town of Hadar stands today not because your pathetic ass went to a fence and yelled, not because you marched around your town and were allowed to fly the Druze flag (something you won’t be able to do in Syria, just ask your Kurdish friends). The town of Hadar stands today thanks to Israel.

You marched around like the tools that you are, while Jewish soldiers were protecting your families on the other side of the fence.

And NO, you ungrateful losers you did not help one bit, all you did was make it harder for the IDF to help your families. 

The town of Hadar stands today because the IDF assisted the Assad regime soldiers and because Merkava MK4 tanks moved into pre-set positions because we have promised to protect the Druze people from day one.

Where was your Assad regime when you needed them? Nowhere.

If IDF tanks had not begun shelling the terrorists attacking Hadar all your families would be dead. Do you comprehend that, or does it need to spelled out more clearly!

So, thank you very much.

Now as for my fellow Jews, it is time for these people to learn and learn real well. We are part of the problem by allowing the Druze to get away with Murder.

The Golan is part of Israel, the GOLAN IS ISRAEL! It will remain part of Israel until the world is over.

So to make this more clear it is time for the Jewish Agency to immediately implement a plan working with Nefesh B’Nefesh (even if this is not totally connected to Anglo Jews), to immediately encourage, Jewish, vocational workers, contractors (my lord the business is here) and builders to move to the Golan and to replace in totality the Druze, ENOUGH.

Furthermore I believe that this Sunday as an example, even at the cost of losing business, when your Druze workers show up to work, SEND THEM HOME!

No more money from the Jews or the Jewish State while they work with Syria, believe Syrian lies and threaten Israeli lives. 

My dear Druze friends you took it one step to far over the border this time. Now my very little, little Druze friends you will hopefully pay the price.

And god help you if you ever entertain the idea of violence.

We are not the Phalangists of Lebanon. If you dare step up you will get beat down so hard you will never know what the hell happened to you.

It is time for a strong presence inside of the Knesset representing the Golan Heights to end this fiasco.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Letter To Radiohead

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

I imagine in his letter to you Roger Waters forgot to tell the little secret of the Palestinian People.

Here are some important facts for you to know before you make a decision on whether or not you want to boycott the Jewish People.

One hundred years ago there were no Palestinian people. 

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem and ardent Fascist gave birth to Arab Nationalism (then it wasn't even called Palestinian Nationalism).

He is to this day a national hero and exalted by the people who call themselves Palestinians.

Here is another little fact that Roger Waters probably didn't tell you.

Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of Adolf Hitler's closest friends, he worked to raise battalions for the SS and came up with his own final solution for the Jews of Israel.

The architect of Palestinian Nationalism was a Nazi. 

Palestinian society was and always has been based on virulent anti-Semitism since its inception; it is a left over of Nazi culture. That is why THEY have continually rejected the peace offers offered to them by Israel.

When Haj wasn't working with the Nazis he was forcing the British to enact racist laws that prevented Jews from immigrating (not very progressive to prevent immigration) to their homeland by Rioting and killing the Jews of Israel. 

This in turn left the Jews of Europe to die in the Nazi Holocaust, a cause once again supported by the creator of the "Palestinian" people. 

This resulted in the British White Paper laws that allowed Arabs to flow into Israel from neighboring countries but prevented Jews from coming in.

This still did not work, so Haj called for all out war and promised to finish Hitler's work. 

Again Roger probably forgot to tell you all of this in his letter.

So I ask you Radiohead ask Roger about Haj Amin al-Husseini and the WHITE PAPER LAWS.

Ask him about the Hebron Massacre of 1929 and the Arab Riots of 1937 all ending in Jewish bloodshed. Ask Roger about the Farhud, or since Roger will lie to you go look the Farhud up yourself.

I guess the real question is this, do you want to boycott the Jew among the nations with the last remnants of the third Reich?

Do you think boycotting a whole nation is right, especially when that said Nation, Israel has done so much to make peace; Ehud Barak offered a Palestinian State on 97% of Judea and Samaria, all of Gaza and parts of East Jerusalem. Ehud Olmert did the same but with 99% of Judea and Samaria. Of course Israel accepted the UN partition plan of 1948 while the Arab rejected it.

I imagine that Roger did not tell you this.

I also imagine that Roger did not tell you that the Jewish people are the true indigenous people of Israel backed up historical fact, collegiate fact, scientific fact through archaeology and biblical history.

Maybe, Radiohead, you should ask Roger Waters, Alice Walker and Desmond Tutu why they support a Nazi cause.

Unlike international law, which calls for a Two State Solution, One Jewish and One Arab (similar to what you've seen in the Balkans), Roger Waters, Alice Walker and Desmond Tutu work for the Qatari, Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni Nazis) sponsored BDS movement that calls for the destruction of the 80 to 85 percent Jewish majority State of Israel. 

That is called Genocide. Do you like Genocide Radiohead? 

If you do then go along with Waters and his band of Jew Hating Nazis. 

This is the easy thing to do today, Jew Hatred is the coolest of cool from progressives movements to college campuses.

This of course is how the Brownshirts came into being and how Hitler gained power.

Waters truly is the biggest brick, or prick, in the wall to peace.

It you want to stand with morality and justice Radionhead then ask Roger Waters and his cadres of Jew haters why they never speak about the Peace Deals that Israel offered.

Ask Roger why he stands against an indigenous people that has thrown off the yoke of Jihadist/Arab supremacy. 

Ask Roger, Alice and Desmond how they can support Arab/Islamic Supremacy, how they can work with a people that has striven to erase the undeniable Jewish history to the land of Israel with ARAB OIL MONEY.

Ask them why they never talk about the fact that a Palestinian state could exist today had the Arab leadership not put destroying Israel before the freedom of their own people.

Radiohead, ask yourself this, the last people to boycott the Jews were the Nazis, do you really want to share the same bed as Joseph Goebbles?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Always Remember, Never Forget

The Duke of The North

In remembrance of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust we the people of the Jewish Nation, Israel must remember that the Nazis were not alone in their actions. They had the Europeans to work with them, to turn a blind eye to the murder of Six Million Jews

And it is just as important to remember that the Nazis and the Europeans too were not alone in their actions.

The Arabs that call themselves Palestinians today, lead by the first Palestinian Haj Amin al-Husseini aided and abetted the Nazi’s. 

"Who speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians" Adolf Hitler 1939.

Today, who speaks of the work between the Arabs and the Nazis?

Husseini was Hitler's good friend, he raised SS battalions for Hitler and worked effortlessly for the destruction of the Jewish people.

No matter how much the Palestinians or their friends in the liberal, left media try to re-invent history the Arabs were part and parcel to the murder of Six Million Jews.

We must never forget this, nor should we ever let politics get in front of this truth as it has. 

We must never forget, that Haj Amin al-Husseini prepared his own final solution for the Jews of Israel. 

Along with this it is imperative that we recognize that the BDS movement and its siblings are an extension of the Nazi roots started at the very beginning of Palestinian nationalism.

Linda Sarsour is the off-spring of Nazism, she is not woke unless being woke mean being a vile racist.

And like the Brownshirts of 1930’s Germany the BDS movement is using the same type of violence to spread anti-Semitism. 

Nor can we forget that the Jews of Europe believed that the Shoah could never happen in the New Europe. 

We must remember that the new Fascist and anti-Semitic movements that almost all fall under the name of “Liberlism” are spewing the same dangerous anti-Semitism that their Nazi forefathers spread and they are doing so at the same places as their Nazi forefathers on University Campuses around the world.

In fact Antifa has done a beautiful job of almost identically copying the Nazi flag.

And no, it is not Israel’s fault, nor is it Bibi’s fault. 

The anti-Semitism that has become "Cool" today is like all anti-Semitism, it comes from hating us Jews for our progress, our achievements. 

Those pushing for a Label of Jewish goods from Judea and Samaria are the same people who boycotted the Jews of Europe circa World War Two.

On Holocaust remembrance day we need to follow in the foot steps of the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto. 

We must fight back against the lies being spread about us by Palestinian propaganda whether it be at the United Nations or on University Campuses world wide. 

We must rise up against the anti-Semitic forces growing around the world and against those trying to boycott our people and we must fight them with all of the might of the Jewish Nation State. 

We must remind the world that Israel will not walk off to the ovens again so the EU can feel better about itself.

Nor will we walk off to the ovens because of the continued, hateful attempts of Arab colonialists to destroy Jewish identity history and to rob us of Israel.

Because of our remembrance of the Shoah we will fight for Israel.

For those of the Jewish Nation that perished in the fires of Europe, we will make sure that they did not die in vain and that Israel will always be here to fight against THE NEXT ATTEMPT AT OUR DESTRUCTION! 

The SIRENS will sound tomorrow on Holocaust Remembrance day 2017 and the world must know that WE SHALL NEVER FORGET THE CRIMES OF THE WHOLE OF EUROPE; FOR ALL OF EUROPE WAS NAZI LAND! 


NEVER AGAIN is for real when it is said in Israel, by an Israeli and we must use the IDF to protect Jewish sovereignty AT ALL COSTS! 


Monday, March 13, 2017

Dear Linda, Please Stop Lying!

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Let us get something very clear Ms. Linda Sarsour.

There is zero connection between the chauvinistic, male dominated religion of Islam and feminism.

Hey Linda, how many female Imams do you know, not that many!

Here is a little sample of the chauvinism to be found in Islam.

According to Imam an-Nawawi, “If a woman leads a man or men in a congregational prayer, the prayer of the men is invalid. As for her prayer, and the prayer of the women praying with her, it is sound.” Within the household, if no qualified man is present, is the one exception for women to lead men in prayers.

Now back to Ms. Sarsour and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

You see when fighting for your freedoms it is key not to step on others, especially if those others belong to a minority group that have suffered as much or possibly more than your own.

Now I don't want to get into a pissing match over whose people have suffered more, but I will say this, Black America and Jewish America are on the verge of an irreparable fissure, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I call out this movement because it has made a deal with the devil.

Yes BLM, I know Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood have a whole lot of cash to fund your protests and get violent Arab Muslim protestors into the street, but do you really want to sell out your cause for some easy dollars?

No, these people have nothing in common with Black America except for the fact that it was their ancestors who enslaved your ancestors. It was Arab Muslims who carried out the worst parts of the African Slave trade.

Look, you want to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the same people who are still running the African slave trade, then there is something very wrong with your leadership.

I still believe that the majority of Black Americans stand against the Jew Hatred that was spouted at this Woman's Strike, sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now I ask my Liberal Jewish friends who were so happy to see this charlatan Sarsour raise money for dead Jews, are you still feeling the love?

In fact Ms. Sarsour, where did that money you raised really go? Did it go to the Jewish cemetery in St. Louis or did it go to your coffers to fund this raw Jew hatred that was on display.

Let me ask you Ms. Sarsour and the rest of the feminists who were hating on the movement for Jewish self-determination,  how did you somehow let the fight for the rights of women get sidetracked to the Israeli-Arab conflict?

There is zero correlation unless you are totally willing to let this charlatan use you for her own racist, Jew hating cause.

And again, to the people who are pretending to be liberals out there please, stop blaming the virulent anti-Semitism that has been propagating for the last ten to sixteen years on Donald Trump.

Where does the anti-Semitism we are seeing today come from? Simple, it comes from people like Linda Sarsour.

Ms. Sarsour, maybe you forget that Israel had a female Prime Minister in the early 1970's.

Maybe you forget that women were allowed to fight for Israel's freedom against radical, Arab Supremacists like you in our war of independence.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour, you forget that Jewish Israeli women and Arab Israeli women have full and equal rights.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour, you forget that Israel has long been pushing back against your chauvinistic culture bringing down the rates of honor killings and forced marriages inside of Israeli Arab society.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour you forget that we have female fighter pilots, female combat soldiers, female Supreme Court justices, and Israeli Arab Knesset members.

Ms. Sarsour, you are a joke and with you I carry a message to the Left leaning liberals backing this anti-Feminist, this woman who belittled a true feminist like Ayan Hirsi Ali.

 It is you that brought about Trump. It is your ability to overlook the Jew hatred and the fake feminism of Linda Sarsour that has allowed Trump to come to power.

No, Ms. Sarsour you are dead wrong. Zionism and feminism have long been compatible.

What is not compatible with feminism is the chauvinistic Islamic culture that permeates your Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood connections.

Feminism is not compatible with the homophobic, women hating Islamic culture that allowed the Taliban to board a bus and shoot Malala Yousafzai in the face because she wanted an education.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and chauvinistic culture that allowed the assassination of Benizir Bhutto!

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that stops women from voting in elections.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that does not allow women the right to leave a house without a man.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows little girls to be married off to grown men.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows women to be forcibly married to a man they do not love.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows honor killings of women.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that does not take a women's testimony of rape into consideration if a man did not witness the rape and allows men to get away with rape, often with the women being punished for having sexual intercourse outside of marriage, which is punishable by lashings and sometimes even death.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that stops a person from leaving the Islamic religion if they choose to do so.

In short Ms. Sarsour, you are a lair, a fake and those supporting who claim to be feminists are also fakes if they are willing to overlook your horrid persona. Those calling themselves feminists who are following you should be ashamed of themselves for selling out the years of hard work that was put into the movement for women's rights by people like my mother.

I wish my mom were here today to verbally smack Ms. Sarsour upside her fascist, Jew hating, anti-feminist face.

It is to bad that she is not alive today to do it.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Let's Talk Racism

⚜The Duke of The North⚜


How is the world not covering the extremist, racist/anti-Semitic events happening at Columbia University this week?

How is Columbia not being thrashed across the media and with my fellow liberals for their allowing an outright anti-Semitic get together like this BDS get down.

Israel Apartheid week is one of the largest, most hateful, racist events you could hold. It is nothing more than a Nazi rally intended to distribute lies and innuendo about the modern movement of Jewish self-determination and freedom in the indigenous land of the Jewish Nation.

It's a lot like letting the KKK hold a cross burning in NYC.

Again don't talk about racism unless you truly want to deal with it.

Then you have the classics who defend this garbage.

These nice folk say that the Jews of European decent who returned to their indigenous home in Israel, those who were stollen away from Jerusalem and Israel and dispersed throughout Western Europe by Rome (The European Union of Antiquity) as Slaves aren't really Jews.

Wow, now if I remember correctly, the last people or nation who were qualifying and not qualifying another nation by their genetics were the Nazis.

Funny also how these folk are so fervently pro-immigration, yet have such a serious problem with Jews returning/immigrating back to their ancestral homeland. Everyone should be able to immigrate, just not Jews.

So in World War Two we Jews were killed for being real Jews, but now, since it does not fit the colonialist, supremacist Muslim Arab/Uber-Left narrative, we Jews are being attacked, intimidated and killed because we are really fake Jews.

Could you imagine me telling a Black American that he or she really isn't black?

What is most sickening is the attempt by the Qatari backed, Muslim Brotherhood Nazis to behave as if they have something in common with Africa and or Black Americans.

So it's not enough that Arabs have appropriated the Jewish Nations laws and culture with Islam.

They conquer, steal and occupy Israel.

Intentionally desecrate the Jewish Nations most revered site, the Temple Mount.

Now they are appropriating the hard work of Jewish and Black America our fellowship/family!

It was JEWS, not Arabs Muslims who stood shoulder to shoulder with Black Americans during the civil rights movement.

It was JEWS who gave their lives, not the Arab Muslim Sheiks.

NO! Liars, take your Taqqiya somewhere else, you don't get to steal this one too.

NO! The only thing Arab Muslims have in common with Black America, is that their forefathers and their living relatives ran and are running the African side of the slave trade with White Europeans.

Enough, you want to talk racism, let us talk a little racism. Anti-Semitism is the most prevelant form of racism being practiced in America and Western Europe. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism and the State Department makes that very clear.

So, it is time for leaders from the left, right and center to call for this horrid, reprehensible week of Racism to be called off.

Enough with the games.

Do not pretend to be progressive or think you are fighting against tyranny if you are fighting against the Jewish Nations freedom and self-determination in its indigenous home, Israel.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Say No To The Appropriation of The Holocaust

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Let us get something straight, it is time for the left and those it has allied itself with, specifically Jihadist Islam, to stop appropriating my peoples history.

It is appalling that Social Justice Warriors and fake leftists are attempting to use the atrocities faced by the Jewish People during the Holocaust to defend the very people who worked hand in hand with Nazi Europe to kill Jews.

That's right, Let's settle this once and for all.

Arab Muslims, especially those that call themselves the Palestinians, were the worst accomplices to Nazi crimes.

Haj Amin al-Husseini, The Godfather of the Palestinian people, was not just a Nazi agent, he was a great friend of Hitler.

This man worked hard for the SS.

He raised battalions for them, promoted the Nazi cause throughout the Arab Muslim world. He also came up with his own final solution to exterminate the Jews of Israel.

Should it surprise anyone that anti-semitism so permeates the core of Palestinian culture. Palestinian culture is based on the principles of the National Socialist Party.

In Iraq, Arab Muslims carried out their own fascist, Nazi inspired atrocities called the Farhud.

The Farhud was the worst, but not the only Nazi inspired program carried out by fascist Arab Muslims.

These crimes were carried out against Jews who had been living in these countries long before the Arabs arrived.

It was Arab Muslims who worked with their colonialist brethren, Britain to enact the White Paper Laws.

These laws prevented Jews from returning to their ancestral home, to their indigenous land, Israel.

I now find it funny and galling that those who worked with the Nazis to kill Jews and to prevent them from returning to their indigenous land, now believe they have the right to even talk about immigration.

Along with their blatent racism,  the Arab Muslims world has been one of the worst perpetrators and abusers of fighting against immigration.

Why haven't Qatar, Saudi Arabia, The U.A.E and Egypt taken in Syrian refugees?

In fact Israel has secretly taken in more Syrian refugees than all of these Arab Muslim countries combined.

The Arab Muslim world has the blood of millions of Jews on their hands, from the Holocaust to the murders of Jewish Israelis.

It was Arab Muslims who rejected international law and rejected the two state solution in 1948, 2000 and 2008. Don't you dare appropriate my peoples history for those who deny the history and undeniable scientific connection of my nation to the land of Israel.

There has been no apology, no acceptance of guilt for the crimes carried out in the name of Islam against the Jewish people and there will never be one..

So, no, you do not have the right to use my peoples sufferings for the betterment of those who worked to kill my people.

The Greenwashing of Linda Sarsour

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

I would like to comment on the sick attempt by Linda Sarsour to cover up her anti-Semitic, Nazi beliefs by raising money for the St. Louis Jewish cemetery that was desecrated this week.

First, I look forward to and hope the police quickly find out who was behind this disgusting crime. 

Now, I wish to be vey clear, all of the statistics show that the majority of anti-Semitic attacks happening today inside of the United States and Europe are not carried out by Neo-Nazis but are perpetrated by Arab Muslims, Muslims or in the name of the supremacist, Arab Muslim colonialist Cause of Palestine . 

So, this leads me to question the quick response of Ms. Sarsour. 

I question how she was able to know and act so quickly when it comes to the crowd funding and raising money for the Jewish Cemetery. 

This leaves a very fishy taste in my mouth.

And it is very clear that Linda Sarsour is taking part in this to carry out her own Greenwashing here and possibly to set up the start of a political career, g-d forbid. 

She may believe that she can cover up her Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, BDS, Genocidal Nazi past by raising money for a Jewish Cemetery.

She might make some headway with the naive, uber-leftists (who are not liberal but are fascists) among American Jews. 

In fact I am sure she will be able to use the righteous outrage of us in the know to paint us as militants. But those who know she is a fake, who know she stands for the destruction of Jewish Freedom in the indigenous land of the Jewish People, Israel, will not be fooled and we will win the day with facts she cannot hide from.

Linda, get it into your head, we cannot be bought off! 

But it is dependent upon us, those who know the truth about Linda Sarsour. We must get the facts and information out into the open and to do it immediately. 

So, first, I plead with all of the pro-Israel camp, the grassroots bloggers and the those in the media to put the information, the facts of Sarsour’s anti-semitic past out there in large neon letters.  

I call on the American Jewish community to not accept a single cent from Linda Sarsour or the groups she represents. 

There is no difference between accepting her money and accepting money from a Nazi. We need to say very clearly to Linda Sarsour, No, we will not take your blood money!

It is time to take a stand, from America to Western Europe, from University Campuses to  inner cities, towns and villages. 

It is time to scream out and demand a stop to the acceptance of Arab/Muslim anti-Semitism.

I say no more of the Greenwashing of anti-Semitism by the Linda Sarsours and Omar Barghouti’s of the world.

Their poisonous, racist, anti-Semitism cannot be covered up by money and no one should accept their appropriation of the Jewish people’s rights to self-determination and freedom in the land of Israel.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Here is a question for all you Facebook academics, intellectuals and later day saints.

Noam Chomsky is hailed as one of the greatest minds of our day and possibly one of the greatest thinkers of all time by many in the left. The problem is, many of those who adore the former kibbutznik Chomsky, don't know a damn thing about the man.

Many, today also believe that Donald Trump is the next Hitler in the making. This I know to be an extreme overreaction.

Which one of them, the articulate academic or the bullish businessman, do you think was a fervent supporter of the Khmer Rouge?

If it happens to be that you do not know the Khmer Rouge, then I suggest you look up some history. In a sentence, they were the regime that stormed into power in Cambodia under Pol Pot and by their demise had mass murdered more than one million Cambodians in one of the worlds worst recorded genocides.

If you said Trump, then you would be very wrong.

The world and especially left leaning media groups like CNN, MSNBC and The BBC like to pretend this did not happen.

But it did.

The "Left" had taken power and low and behold one of its movements was carrying out crime unimaginable.

It was the leaders of thought inside of the left, the great minds of the left that rallied behind the Khmer Rouge.

Chomsky was one of their greatest supporters.

This man lionized the worst type of maniacal, despotic leaders possible. Those that had zero problem killing a million plus Human beings.

Chomsky has zero regrets about the decisions made, in fact he does not even bat an eyelid, he still behaves as if he made the right decision.

So I guess, my fellow humans, the question really is should you be protesting a gay, Jewish man (Milo) at UC Berkeley, a man trying to use his first amendment rights to support the President of the United States of America?

Or should you be protesting MIT for allowing a man, Chomsky, who is a stalwart supporter of one of the worst criminal, genocidal, regimes in world history? A regime, I will remind you, that killed more than one million of its own people.

Do you not think it would be wiser and more productive for the human race to protest MIT for giving this vile man the ability to continue to teach his deviant opinions to the future leaders of our world?

Maybe even protesting the fake leaders who have sold out the left and liberal values, who have sided with the jihadi movement to pick up a Qatari paycheck and the senators like Elizabeth Warren (who I happen to like) who should have put an end to this malignancy that has been growing right inside our institutions of higher learning in America.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Mexican Connection

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The political situation for America and Israel vis-a-vis Mexico is not as nice and cozy as many are making it out to be.

The opposition inside of Israel seems to forget that Mexico originally voted against Israel in the anti-Semitic UNESCO resolution that denied the Jewish People's connection, historical ties and international law that makes Jerusalem the Capital City of the Jewish Nation State.

I do not remember Mexico apologizing for that, but I could be wrong, they might have.

But Bibi should know better and he should definitely not emulate Trump and his feverish tweeting.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has enough on his plate right now, he cannot afford to make enemies of friends, like he did with his tweet that offended the Mexican Government.

And just to be clear to my American readers and friends, Mexico will not pay for the wall, nor should it. Maybe I could have seen Mexico going half and half with the Trump administration had Trump done things in a more diplomatic fashion, but that is not going to happen now.

When Israel decided to build the separation barrier, which is basically a partial border, it did not ask the Palestinian Authority for permission, money or assistance.

Israel went ahead and got business done for the safety of Israelis.

But the real problem with Mexico is not immigrants. It is the Drug Cartels, there relationship with the Colombian guerrilla movement F.A.R.C and both of their relationships with Hezbollah/Iran.

Hezbollah has been working with the Drug cartels and with the F.A.R.C., for years.

This has given Hezbollah a very deep bridgehead on the American border.
Using the knowledge they gained by working with their native Colombian cartels the F.A.R.C just moved shop north when the heat from the Colombian Army got to be to much inside the jungles of Columbia.

Meanwhile both the F.A.R.C and the Mexican Drug Cartels, specifically the Sinaloa, Los Estes and Juarez Cartels (often rivals) received military knowhow, tunneling, drug making and drug running expertise from Hezbollah (many forget that Hezbollah funds itself from growing and selling Heroin  from the Bekaa Valley).

This knowledge was used by the F.A.R.C in their fight against the American backed government of Columbia.

The Sinaloa, Juarez and Los Estes Cartels used the Hezbollah knowledge to protect their drug shipments, set up intricate tunnel systems (like the ones used by Hezbollah to continually fire rockets into Israel during the war of 2006) for running their Heroin and Meth into America which has created one of the worst drug epidemics America has seen.

Hezbollah also provided the knowledge of transporting large amounts of illegal materials without being noticed, like rockets.

All of this was done not to get money but in exchange for bases from which Hezbollah and therefore Iran could easily launch attacks against America, insert terrorist cells or long range sleeper cells for future missions and possibly fire short to medium range rockets into America.

Both the drug Cartels and the F.A.R.C were more then happy to provide Hezbollah the acreage and the protection.

This Hezbollah connection to both Mexico and South America dates back decades. It is thanks to these forward Hezbollah bases that their agents, working for the Iranian Republican Guard, were able to detonate large bombs (a la Al Qaeda long before Al Qaeda was doing this sort of thing) inside of Buenos Aires in 1992 against the Israeli embassy and again in 1994 against the AsociaciĆ³n Mutual Israelita Argentina, which killed  Argentines both Jews and non-Jews and Israelis.

Today Hezbollah is continuing to provide Heroin and advance weapons training to the cartels and the F.A.R.C (this may soon end with the FARC because of the Columbian peace agreement). In return the cartels and the F.A.R.C have provided on site weapons, safe houses and the depots to store weapons of greater capacity (rockets) on the Mexican side of the border.

Thanks to the network that Hezbollah has been able to set up, there are multiple cells ready to cross over the border and go into action if America were to attack Iran or Syria and there are rockets pointed towards America's South Western States.

This was a key point in Iran wrestling away such a good Nuclear deal. A deal that flouts International Law and let's Iran keep Uranium Enrichment..

So, really the problem is not the immigrants, and while a wall can keep people out it cannot stop rockets, Israel can testify to that.

What is the solution?

Working hand in hand with the Mexican government could go a long way. Changing drug laws inside of America with decriminalizing certain drugs could also play a productive role and yes building a much better wall.

This combination could take power away from the enemies of America, Mexico and Israel.

But of course, it is not the populous road to take.

*Since the writing of this article, the Iranian backed, Shia Houthi Terrorist group (a minority group in Yemen) that staged a coup to overthrow the internationally backed government two years ago,  carried out a suicide attack on a Saudi Arabian Naval Frigate killing two Saudi sailors and injuring many others.

While the perpetrators were filming the attack  "Death to America, death to Israel, death to the Jews!" was chanted.
The American Navy routinely patrols the strategic Bab-a-Mandab straight. This has led many in the field of defense to speculate that the Houthis believed that they were attacking an American vessel.

This is an extreme escalation of the conflict and all parties of The West, including Israel should be preparing for further attacks.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fake News and Where It All Started

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbles

We cannot go a day without hearing about fake news.

It is the hot topic much to the chagrin of the major networks.

But really let us ask ourselves, what is fake news and where did it start?

Am I fake news? To a degree I have to be right.

I have no major media outlet backing me, no sponsors and no one paying me to print or publish commercials, so I must be fake news right.

Did fake news start with William Randolph Hearst, "Yellow Journalism" and the "Sinking of The Maine"?

Probably a good place to start your search would be the Hearsting papers of yesteryear. But they might be called tame and possibly had a higher degree of journalistic integrity from what we are witnessing today.

What Americans are experiencing now, we here in Israel have been living with for years.

Plain and simple corporations like CNN will do anything to appease their commercial backers and when you take the time to look at who is paying for those commercials you can grasp a little better what is happening and why.

An example, Reuters, a name with integrity right? Wrong!

During the 2006 War with Lebanon Reuters employed Adnan Hajj who was intentionally doctoring photographs to make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. There were so many pictures taken and doctored that the damage they did to Israel in the eyes of the world was as powerful as Hezbollah rockets.

What is scarier is the knowledge that Reuters would have kept paying Mr. Hajj for his fake, doctored news had they not been outed.

France 2, CNN and The BBC's coverage of the murder of Mohammad al-Dura by Palestinian gunmen.

The first photo's shown around the world by CNN, BBC and originating from France 2 were doctored and made it appear that shots coming from an Israel Defense Forces outpost killed young Mohammad al-Dura.

Initially the IDF apologized for the death of the twelve year old boy. Of course no one took the time to ask why a father would let his twelve year old boy go anywhere near the IDF outpost and the soldiers, but that is a totally different story.

After intense examination and a thorough investigation done together with American forensics specialists on hand it was proven by the Israel Defense Forces that without a doubt the IDF did not kill al-Dura. His killers were Palestinian gunmen from a point intentionally not scene on camera.

The Palestinian gunmen intentionally shot at the boy in order to kill him in front of cameras because Hamas and Hezbollah had already learned that they would always get the benefit of the doubt, no matter how horrible or heinous their crime (it is called anti-Semitism or Jew Hatred).

It was also proven that the journalists on the scene had to have known that the people who were shooting at the al-Dura's were Palestinian Gunmen. Furthermore from the angles of the pictures they had set themselves up knowing what was going to happen.

This is the intentional murder of a child by Palestinian terrorists (it makes no difference that the child happened to be a Palestinian Arab), that was intentionally reported to look like it was the fault of Israelis soldiers when the journalists knew all along it was the Palestinians.

This is fake news of the most horrific scale. It is a crime but it made CNN, The BBC, Sky News and just about everyone else tons of headlines and money.

Today this type of fake news has coined itself a name, Pallywood and it is flourishing.

Photo journalist, many from Europe and America will intentionally camp out with Arab terrorists (who sometimes happen to be children) as they through rocks at cars driven by Jews who live in Judea and Samaria. These rocks kill.

What these these journalists are doing is sickening and of course runs contrary to the codes of journalism.

This fake news is doing more to perpetuate the conflict and further peace between Israel and the Palestinians than any homes inside of Judea and Samaria.

There have been so many occasions when these journalists have taken pictures of faked deaths, people being taken off to ambulances for the photo only to get up with smiles on their faces after the click of the picture is done.

This is not just fake news, it is a crime against humanity. It is a blood libel that almost all of the major news corporations have taken part in against the Jewish People.

But all of this was fine as long as it was just happening to Israel.

Americans and Europeans were more than willing to buy this bullshit up no problem. Israel has lived with these lies for at least the last three decades, if not longer.

Now this fake news has been brought home to the states and it has destroyed the name of journalism.

When one looks at the scandals that have happened over the last few years this type of journalism is being used only by my people, the left leaning, liberal journalists.

It makes sense too. It is key for these journalists to show their readers that they have some sort of street credibility, like Brian Williams staring in Black Hawk Down.

Or Dan Rather, tough guy journalist busting up Bush Jr., only to lay the blame on those bellow him, as if he could not check his own information.

The great Fareed Zakaria who plagiarized half of his career (oops there is my fake news, but he did plagiarize a whole lot of material).

Here is a page with some more scandals.

And there is no doubt that the right takes part in this too, after all InfoWars has built itself up off of re-selling the Protocols of The Elders of Zion.

This journalistic formula we are witnessing got its start in liberal left academia.

Facts were no longer important, in fact, facts could be replaced especially when the facts did not fit into line with the policies of the liberal left.

Sounds a lot like Goebbles, right, but it is happening today and it is worse than it ever has been.

Today, cultures that are in complete conflict with the free, liberal ideals of America and the West, like Wahhabi Islam in Qatar and Czar Putins Russia are controlling media outlets that are pouring in sketchy stories through AJ+ and RT TV.

A day does not go by without one of these shady news groups flooding our senses with generally anti-American or anti-west news.

Or say promoting a Women's March. A Woman's March that was organized by a Jew Hating, anti-American, Genocide supporting, Sharia Law supporting, Hamas, Muslims Brotherhood and Qatari operative named Linda Sansour.

This woman is just about as opposite of a women's rights activists as you can get.

But she was promoting a March that made the new president of the United States of America look bad, so she got the coverage. And hey, Qatar put a whole lot of money into Hillary, both in the polls and in the commercial funding and they are unhappy about what Trump plans on doing.

Look there has always been "Fake News, but there are many factors today that make this type of news more dangerous than it once was.

One hundred years ago the only way to get your news was through print, so you had to be able to read, many could not.

Seventy years ago to get your news it was through print (again reading) and the new technology of Radio, which was expensive.

 Fifty years ago it was all the same with the addition of Television, again expensive.

not as many people were being bombarded with these lies and these sometimes true and explosive revelations.

Today with the advance of technology news and information is being rushed to the front line as quickly as possible and with the new internet sources everyone is trying to out do the other (without a doubt InfoWars played a role in winning Trump the election). Today, everyone is being bombarded and almost no one is willing to do the work, like finding our that the person who organized your March is a modern day Nazi.

This is a toxic mix that should give everyone cause for serious concern.

When news corporations are beholden to foreign regimes and the money they pour into them, be it Qatar or Russia it is no good.

Then when that same liberal culture of replacing fact with opinion is being applied to journalism, sadly as we have born witness in Israel, this type of journalism, complete sensationalist political journalism, proves to be a very fatal mix.

In fact just look at how this journalism helped forge the Toyota Army of ISIS. So really at the end of the day CNN, The BBC, they are the last who should be lecturing others on "Fake News", they would make Joseph proud.