Monday, June 30, 2014


Three Israeli boys wont be coming home tonight to their parents. In fact they will never come home to their mothers and fathers again. 

I have no concept of the pain the mothers and fathers of these three boys are feeling at this moment. All I can say is that my heart and love goes out to them. 

Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel were killed for being Jews, just as Jews were killed during the Holocaust and have been killed throughout history. 

Those who killed these boys are no different from the Nazis of the third reich! Today we say never again and never again because we have Israel and the IDF to protect us. Well I want to see this point proven! 

The government of Israel and it's Justice system needs to start by removing Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset, she has BLOOD on her hands. She needs to be arrested and tried for treason, incitement and aiding the murder of these three Israeli teenagers. She represents a community in Israel, she is an example to them and the second she condoned the kidnapping of these boys she signed her death certificate. The penalty she should pay is death. Her case should be used as example to those inside of Israel who think they can defecate on the democracy, freedom and the self determination of the state and the Jewish people. 

Israel and it's citizens must be ready to weather a storm for these three boys, they were murdered in cold blood because they were Israelis. For Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, for the South, for Sederot and for all Israeli citizens each and every member of the Hamas leadership must be targeted for assassination. 

As for the families of the kidnappers, who relished in the heinous work of their children, they should have their houses destroyed. When this job is done it should be done with them inside of their homes so their community will understand that death awaits you if you seek to take Jewish blood. 

The blood of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali is also on the hands of the EU and it's ambassador to Israel. By constantly ignoring Arab incitement, while constantly railing at Jews daring to build homes in their ancestral home they have condoned this murder. The EU is PAYING for Arab text books that condone the killing of Jews and call for the destruction of Israel. This atrocious behavior by the European Union has also condoned this grizzly murder. 

The people who committed this vile murder are not freedom fighters, their cause is the same cause as the Nazis. They are monsters that were bread from a society that condones the vilest forms of chauvinism, racism, colonialism and anti-Semitism. The hate that is inside of this society was bred not from Jews building houses in the land of Isreal but by an Arab/ Islamic yearn for dominating all ethnic groups outside of theirs. They are a cancer of the worst kind, they are the sickest of murderers and the quicker the IDF extinguishes their lives the better. 

The blood of these three boys also sits on the hands of Omar Barghoutti, Roger Waters, Alice Walker, Gideon Levy, Angela Davis, The Presbyterian Church and every other anti-Semite that is dehumanizing Israel and it's citizens. While I wish they would pay the same price that Hamas will hopefully pay I know it will not happen by means of the IDF. Maybe it is time for Jews around the world to take up arms to defend the citizens of the country that is always defending them! 

Lastly, to defy this inhuman act and those who wish to extinguish the eternal flame that is Israel and the Jewish people, I ask the Jews living outside of Israel to make Aliyah, come to your home, show the world that these three boys did not die in vain. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


By Simon Fischler
The brutal onslaught by the Sunni militia ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria) that has conquered large swaths of Syria and Iraq should be an example to the Druze living on the Golan Heights of Israel.
In less than two weeks, ISIS has routed the feeble, Iranian-backed Shia government of Iraqi president Nouri al-Malaki. 
Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, fell as Iraqi soldiers laid down their weapons and uniforms, and ran for their lives. Those who stayed were either killed by the ISIS in battle or were executed on video for all their family to see.
ISIS claims they executed 1,700 Shias in just one day. The number may be exaggerated, but anyone who has been following the disaster in Syria knows about the mutual executions that have been carried out between Hezbollah, a fervent Shia terrorist organization, and the numerous Sunni organizations. They also know that the number is not too far off ISIS’s claim.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah and Iran are barely hanging on in Syria. And this is with the military help of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Russia is now faced with a major military problem thanks to the over ambitiousness of Putin. The annexation of the Crimean peninsula has cost Putin more than he could have ever imagined, and the weaponry and funds he has been flooding into Syria will eventually come to a halt.
Iran has been bleeding daily in Syria; the supposed elite Republican Guard has been fighting poorly against a bunch of Sunni militias that can barely work together. Iran, to its surprise, has seen a friendly Shia government in Iraq lose more than half the country in less than two weeks, much closer to the Iranian border, brining back terrible memories of the long war fought with Iraq.
The point coming out of Iraq should be very clear for the Druze living freely under the protection of Israeli democratic law in the Golan Heights. There is only one country that has the strength to protect them and guarantee them their liberty and ability to live their lives freely, and that is Israel.
It is time for the Druze of the Golan Heights to give up any ludicrous dreams of Israel giving back land to Syria that is without a doubt Israel’s to keep. The majority of the people living on the Golan Heights today are Jewish. There has also been a surge of Golan Druze requesting Israeli citizenship. Thanks to the Arab Spring (which should really be called the Arab Winter of Demise) and the destruction and chaos running wild in the Arab world, Israel cannot even think of signing peace agreements with its neighbors. Arab Governments are rising and falling faster than dominoes. 
But the Druze of the Golan face a bigger problem, one that only Israel can solve.
Since the aggression carried out by Egypt, Syria and Jordan that led to the 1967 Six Day War, the Druze of the Israeli Golan have been cut off from their brethren living inside of the Syrian-occupied Heights. It is now time for Israel to re-unite these communities.
At the moment, Sunni Jihadist militias have occupied many of the Druze villages on the Syrian side. Many Druze have been forced to convert or face execution.
If Israel were to take the initiative it could free the Druze villages from these oppressive groups using the Harev battalion, the Israeli Druze battalion of the IDF.
This would be to the great benefit of the Golan Druze and to the State of Israel.
It would push back those who have been launching rockets, mortars and other weaponry into Israel while re-uniting the Druze. When this is done, Israel could give the Druze full autonomy, like the Kurds of Iraq.
Under these circumstances, the Druze, knowing their families are completely safe and protected, would want to integrate into Israel and would claim Israeli citizenship. After building many relationships inside the Golan Druze community, I can say I have heard this from every side of the political coin, even those who claim to love Syria.
It is high time that the Golan Druze and the State of Israel work to make this dream come true.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi has not only taken advantage of the abilities of the freedom of speech granted under the laws of the democratic state of Israel. Yesterday, she committed treason.
When she praised terrorists who kidnapped three Israeli teenagers she forfeited every right granted to a person in a liberal, democratic society, whether it be Israel or the United States of America.
Zoabi, an Israeli-Arab, proudly stated that the kidnappers were indeed not terrorists, which prompted the Knesset to protect her with a bodyguard because of threats to her life.
Zoabi should instead be arrested and tried for treason. 
I cannot fathom why Israeli tax payers should shoulder the bill to protect a person who has continuously called for the destruction of the state, and who has now attempted to justify the continued abduction of Israeli youth.
"It is strange," she said, "that people who are under the Occupation and living the high life ignore the reality that Israel kidnaps Palestinian Arabs and jails them every day. [The Palestinians are] people who don't see any way to change their reality and they are forced to use these means until Israel will wake up a little, until Israeli citizens and society will wake up and feel the suffering of the other."
Zoabi and her henchmen are committing another crime against the state and the Arab citizens of Israel. She runs an intimidation racket against Israeli Arab citizens who are proud supporters of their country.
Her last victim was her relative Mohammad Zoabi. This 17-year-old Israeli citizen had the bravery to stand up to his aunt and the rest of the Arab world as he called for the release of his three fellow co-patriots in a powerful Youtube video. Hanin Zoabi's actions are criminal, and it is high time the state does something about it. 
Zoabi and her mafia friends are doing this in the vain attempt to stop the rising solidarity, pride and even patriotism inside of the Israeli Arab community for their country. More and more Israeli Arab youth are joining the ranks of the IDF. This, in fact, is happening in both the Christian and Muslim communities. 
It is happening because the State of Israel is doing more for its Arabs citizens than ANY Arab country in the world. It is also happening thanks to Bashar al-Assad. His example of what happens in an Arab country if the citizens dare to ask for freedom was enough to push many in favor of Israel’s liberal democracy, even if it happens to be a Jewish one.
For someone like Hanin Zoabi (who was trashed when she ran for Mayor of Nazareth), this fact is both scary and dangerous. Scary because her brand of colonialist Arabism has once again failed. Dangerous because she knows she will eventually be replaced by an Israeli Arab politician who actually does something to help the Arab community integrate into Israeli society. 
If Hanin Zoabi thinks that being a Knesset Member grants her the right to incite violence, kidnappings and terrorism, then she is DEAD wrong and there should be no reason for her to get away with treason.
She belongs behind bars, not behind a bodyguard. 
So, I call on the bodyguard asked to protect this vile, terrorist, leave your post and let Zoabi face the citizens of Israel, the same people she seeks to murder with her terrorist propaganda on her own. What happens to her in the end was brought on by her own actions!  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This article is a re-post from last summer, the on-going situation inside of Syria and the now brutal onslaught of the ISIS inside of Iraq makes it import yet again.

By Simon Fischler 
This weekend a watershed event in Middle-East politics occurred. 
The Druze community of the Israeli Golan Heights, led by their Sheik Taher Abu Salah, asked the Israeli government to allow their co-religionists living on the Syrian side of the border entrance and refuge in Israel!
It is of great importance that one understands the differences between the Druze of Israel, who are some of Israel’s greatest defenders and patriots, and the Druze living on the Israeli Golan Heights. 
The Druze of the Israeli Golan Heights lived in what was then Syria, until 1967 when Israel liberated the Golan in the Six-Day War. Until the Syrian civil war began two years ago, 90% of the Golan Druze kept allegiance to Syria and even had Syrian citizenship, despite also living comfortably in what was now part of Israel. 
However, this continued loyalty to Syria was built largely on the fear Israel would eventually transfer the Golan Heights back to Syria for Peace, or at least that word on a piece of paper. 
The Druze people and their leaders are no fools and know clearly what would become of them if the Assad regime viewed them as traitors.  Does anyone need more information than 100,000-plus civilians killed in two years, the use of chemical weapons on a civilian population and the use of terrorist militias like Hezbollah to explain why the tiny Druze community wanted to maintain the appearance of loyal subjects? 
Things have changed though: since the start of the civil war in Syria this once loyal group has seen a several-hundredfold increase of Druze youth requesting Israeli citizenship. 
That alone is an historic event in the dynamics of Middle Eastern politics.. 
Things just got more exciting this weekend. Over 100 of the Golan Druze leadership and their Sheik, Abu Saleh, sat down with the Israeli government and formally asked for Israel to grant entry to the Druze population on the Syrian side of the Golan Plateau. 
Almost as important as the meeting is the timing of this grand, Druze council with Israel -- ONE DAY after American Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with the Friends of Syria Front and worked out Western arming of the Syrian rebels. 
This means the fighting in Syria will only get worse in the short term. The minor gains against the rebellion -- only achieved by the introduction of 5,000 Hezbollah fighters, Russian armaments and Iranian Republican Guard soldiers  -- can be halted and possibly even reversed. 
The Syrian Druze once enjoyed great safety and prosperity, not to mention very beneficial commerce with their brethren living on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. Now this has come crashing down around their heads. 
Whether they would openly admit it or not, this meeting and request to the Israeli government is an admission by the Golan Druze that Israel is their country and benefactor now. 
It is a signal by the Golan Druze from both sides of the border (because this meeting would never have happened without the acceptance of the leadership on the Syrian side) that the illegitimate Assad regime can no longer protect them and they are in the market for Israeli protection. Lastly, and probably most importantly it means the Golan Druze would welcome an Israeli incursion and annexation of the whole Golan Plateau.
Blatant opportunism? Perhaps. But once the Druze people cement their allegiance, they are among the most loyal and patriotic on the planet.
The cards are now in the hands of the Israeli government. This is a moment wherein Israel should be equally opportunistic.. We must show the world why all those against Israel are truly nothing more than anti-Semites, by stepping in and assisting the Druze in their time of need. 
It is time to welcome the majority of the Druze into Israel by annexing the whole of the Golan Plateau and setting up an autonomous Druze state under the protection of Israel -- from Majdal Shams into the Eastern Golan! 
It is time to for Israel to put her cards on the table!