Thursday, March 29, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Today, March 30, 2012, a crime will be committed, a crime of the worst nature.

Today hordes of modern day Nazis, fascists -- today's real life Brown Shirts --will march on the Jewish Nation in hopes of its annihilation.

The Global March to Jerusalem is just another colonial Arab attempt to destroy the Jewish Nation; that’s it and no more. This so-called “peaceful” march has nothing to do with freedom or rights of Palestinians. The Arabs’ refusal to accept compromise has rendered their rights null and void.

The continual attempts of the Arabs to wipe out the TRUE NATIVES (Jews), has created the situation of the so-called Palestinians, not an occupation nor the INTERNATIONALLY granted legal right of the Jews to their homeland.

The next time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes under pressure to concede anything to the Palestinians by the Obama administration or the EU, he had better use the PLO's participation in this political terrorism as an example of why Israel truly has no partner for peace.

This Global March to Jerusalem is nothing like the marches of Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement in America. No, this march is more similar to the Nazi SS marches throughout World War II Europe, or the marches of the German Brown-Shirt incited public on Jewish houses and businesses during Kristalnacht.

Today is another day of such infamy.

Today the Oslo Accords are officially 100 PERCENT DEAD. There is no peace and there will be NO peace. Today the Arabs (there is no such thing as a Palestinian) will declare that they intend to force themselves on our borders in an attempt to steal our land.

Along with the Arabs who occupy Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli land in Judea and Samaria (you probably know this area as the West Bank), the Arabs who live in Israel and take advantage of the country plan on marching in protest. If the Arabs who are citizens of Israel do protest in large numbers, it had better be an example of their deceit to their Jewish Israeli co-patriots.

So how should we defend our nation against those who wish to take it from us?

This is a street fight and it has to be fought that way.

Israelis and all others who support and love Israel must march in response. It is time to toss off the lie that we Israelis must quietly abide the corruption and hatred of the Arabs.

The time has come for us to march on the towns and cities of Israeli Arabs. If they do not like or respect their nation and if their true hope is to destroy Israel, then the time has come for them to leave, willingly or unwillingly! If every Arab country, the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Kosovo and China can remove hostile populations, then Israel can, too!

The time has come for Israel to release itself of the weight it carries on its chest. The weight of the foreign oppression of Arabs in Judea and Samaria too! Enough already. If a large number of people actively call for genocide against your citizens, then you rid yourself of them. Israel should have done it along time ago; sadly it didn't!

Just as the Arabs marched on Hebron in 1929 and killed off the Jewish majority population, stole their property and land, we must march them right out of Hebron back to Arabia where they belong.

The towns and cities the Arabs claim as theirs do not belong to them. The factual history of the Jewish nation has always been embedded in Israel. IT’S IN THE ARCHEOLOGY, PEOPLE!

The Arabs have no genuine claim. They say this march is to retake Jerusalem (they don't even call it Al Quds anymore): Jerusalem, the Hebrew-named capital city of the Kingdom of Judah; Jerusalem, the city named 800 times in the Tanach and not once in the Koran, is theirs?

Enough of this nonsense! Jerusalem has always belonged to the Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish Nation.

Since this land is not theirs and the Arabs are a hostile, colonial-based culture, we must rid our lands of them. We must send them back from whence they came, back to Arabia.

Like the Americans, when they pushed out the colonial English and were an inspiration for democracy in the 18th century, it is time for Israel to be an example. Israel must be a shining light to all nations that have suffered under colonial Arab rule for centuries!

We must show them that they will never deprive us of our FREEDOM, that we will always march out to the battle field and fight for our right to live in OUR land.


By Simon Fischler

Friday starts the first Global March to Jerusalem – an Arab propaganda stunt aimed at re-directing the minds and hearts of world opinion from the truth.

What is the truth? It is simple enough to find the truth and the cause of this conflict if you choose to open your eyes. This quote from Adli Sadeq, the Palestinian Ambassador to India, is a glaring example of the truth.

“They [Israelis] have a common mistake, or misconception by which they fool themselves, assuming that Fatah accepts them and recognizes the right of their state to exist, and that it is Hamas alone that loathes them and does not recognize the right of this state to exist. They ignore the fact that this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never had any shred of a right to exist.”

It is absolutely impossible to make peace with an opponent whose sole raison d’etre is to rob you of your dignity, respect and freedom – your existence.

The fabricated nation of Palestine is attempting at all costs to hide their malicious intentions towards Israel 90% of the time. Every now and then the truth, such as the quote above comes out.

The Palestinians are nothing more than Arabs, most of whom were implanted in Israel in the hopes of robbing the Jewish Nation of its land. These Arabs are a foreign implant from Arabia; their goals have always been colonialist and racist; so peace is unattainable with them.

The Arab goal, as it was in Africa, is to lie, cheat and kill, until the land that is Israel is devoid of the Jewish Nation. Their goal is no different than the creator of their name, the Romans, when they sacked Jerusalem.

This global march is a sham and those organizing it are charlatans, albeit some may be unaware of the heinous role they are playing.

The attempts to say this march will be peaceful are a joke. The organizers know better than anyone that no nation in this world will tolerate a large group of hostile, illegal aliens converging on its borders.

The organizers of this travesty of a march have also lost control of it to Iran, Hezbollah and Syria. These nations and terrorist organizations will do anything to distract the world from the atrocities being carried out in Syria and they will instruct their underlings to engage the Israeli army in combat.

After the lies of the Palestinian “Nation,” the next best sham on the market is that of their Muslim cousins who are perpetrating the worst types of human offenses the world over.

How to spot their fallacies?

Another quote coming from a Muslim academic (virtually a synonym for anti-Semite at some institutions today) gives us a major clue. This amazing piece of artful deceit was orated by Susan Musarrat Akram, a professor of Law at Boston University.

“Israel’s claim of a state on the basis of exclusive and discriminatory rights to Jews [sic], has never been juridically recognized. In other words, the concept of the Jewish people as a national entity with extraterritorial claims has never been recognized under international law.”

One must really wonder if it is worth it to pay so much money for a university education, if professors know so little about the topic on which they are supposedly educating our children.

First, it is important to note that Ms. Akram is 100 percent wrong in her statement. All international bodies that accept and create nations have recognized Israel, as the Nation State of the Jews. That means the United Nations, and all the LEGAL BODIES under it.

On top of this, Israel as a nation and homeland of the Jews was also legally accepted by the League of Nations before the United Nations ever existed.

No nation in the world waits for a Judge to grant it legality. It is unheard of, and the fact that this woman uttered these words should be an embarrassment to Boston University.

In fact her words would deny almost every nation in the United Nations the right to exist. No judges granted Egypt, the right to be the Arab, Muslim nation it is in the Egyptian constitution. Almost every Arab State’s constitution or governmental legal document -- from Lebanon and Syria, to Algeria -- all clearly state they are Arab national states; no judge or Judiciary body granted them the right to declare that.

The same goes for America: no international judges granted newly-minted “Americans” the right to exist on the North American continent. Have we all forgotten the words “manifest destiny” and how that slogan was carried out on indigenous peoples and other equally rapacious foreign nations attempting to assume control of parts of North America?

One must hope that the Global Farce of Jerusalem will fail overwhelmingly, just as the attempt to boycott Israeli goods at a Park Slope co-op failed overwhelmingly.

Arabism is the colonialism of today. It is based almost entirely on lies and an attempt to propagate the imperialist aspirations of the Arab Nation.

It must be fought vociferously and adamantly.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Enough is enough.

An article published in Haaretz (3/3/2010), entitled “Israel’s Apartheid Doesn’t Stop in the West Bank” by Salman Masalha is a glaring example of the Racist attempts by Israeli Arabs and Arabs alike to destroy Israel.

One must truly wonder if Israeli Arabs and their leaders truly want to be a part of the state of Israel.

This article and the fact that it was printed completely contradict Mr. Masalha diatribe against Israel.

The article alone is proof that Mr. Masalha is doing all he can to deceive Israelis who read Haaretz!

He knows that Israel’s free press will allow something as low and propagandist as his words to be printed. He also knows that Haaretz, once a great source of unbiased information, has become nothing more than a raging outlet for Israel-bashing.

He knows his deceitful rhetoric will make it to the pages of the press and into someone’s home, taking advantage of the opposite of Apartheid, which is the democracy and the freedom of speech that exists in Israel.

In his article he openly admits that Israeli Arabs are free to live and go where they wish. What he then tries to do is deceive the reader with MIS-facts about appropriated land. What he is not telling you is that much of this land was bought by the Yishuv (Pre-State government) before the Israeli War of Independence. This land is not being appropriated. He also forgets to tell his reader about the 100 million shekels the government of Israel has passed for the betterment of the Israeli Arab sector.

Salaman Masalha continues his deceitful rhetoric by not acknowledging the undeniable fact that his people are the freest Arabs in both the Arab and Muslim world.

This is not an arguable point.

Nowhere in the Arab/Muslim world would Mr. Masalha get away with writing something as fictitious, critical and condemning of his country. He would find himself six feet below the ground if he wrote this in an Arab-governed country.

He again admits that Israeli Arabs can vote, an admission that totally contradicts his use of the word Apartheid.

What makes matters worse is his failure to recognize that Israeli Arabs don’t just have the right to vote, they have this right and can use it, unlike others who have lived in highly-touted democracies.

A good example is African Americans of the South during Segregation. The African Americans had the right to vote, but white Southerners made sure they didn’t. Another good example would be any Arab nation where people threaten, abduct and kill their fellow Arabs to ensure they do not vote – and there have been several documented, recently!

Moreover Mr. Masalha neglects to mention Israel’s other minorities. He behaves like many in the Arab world, as if the whole universe circles only around his people.

He won't mention the Druze to his readers, because he knows well enough that they feel one hundred percent Israeli. He knows the Druze love Israel and except it as both a democracy that is there for them as well as being a Jewish State.

I ask Salaman Masalha: Do you really want to be a part of Israel?

If you do, then you know you can be a part of Israel. I also ask the Israeli Arabs of my nation, do you truly want to be a part of Israel? If you do, then stop trying to destroy her.

Recognize you live in a democratic state, a true democratic state. It’s fine to offer constructive criticism, but I can’t think of a single nation in the world that allows its citizens to promote sedition. Your words, Mr. Masalha, border on sedition.

Israel might not be perfect and we must always work hard to unite both Jews and Arabs, but you must recognize our right to preserve what we have built here. If you cannot, then you do not wish to be part of this nation project.

If you do not recognize our right to preserve the one Jewish nation, a democracy that represents all her people, then you have turned your back on reconciliation and peace between the two peoples.

I believe we can come together, but not until people like Salaman Masalha stop spreading lies and misinformation.

Israel must always do all she can to provide for all her people, but all her people -- Israeli Arabs included -- must be willing to both accept her and do all they can to preserve her.

Friday, March 23, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Many people believe Zionism is a 19th century European creation. In reality Zionism has existed since the destruction of the Second Temple.

Since the mass expulsion of the Jewish nation at the hands of the Romans, we have been praying for our return to Jerusalem and Israel.

That yearning has brought Jews back to their native land on several occasions throughout history. These returning Jews integrated with Jews who were able to remain in the land of Israel.

This yearning and praying for our return to the land of our ancestors is one major factor that kept us as a nation, together and alive.

Jews throughout the world sit down to the first seder of Passover, at the end of the feast commemorating the first trek of the Jews to the “land of milk and honey,” we will finish by echoing that ancient longing: “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Zionism as the world knows it today is derived from roots that have always tied the children of Israel to their land.

The most intrinsic part of modern Zionism is that it is a nationalistic movement based on creation.

The movement wasn’t just about creating the nation we know as Israel today; it was also about improving the land, replanting forests, building reservoirs, and making that land bloom.

What many people do not know is that Zionism, even the modern form of it, was around before there was Palestinian Arab nationalism. Modern Zionism was also around before generic Arab Nationalism.

Palestinian Arab nationalism came into being after Zionism had gained many important goals in the land of Israel. Unfortunately (for all of us in the Middle East), Arab nationalism not only was created in response to Zionism, but it has been a nationalistic movement bent solely on the destruction of Israel instead of creation.

This is as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago.

The Zionists and their pre-state government, the Yishuv, lived along the lines of compromise, whereas Palestinian Arab nationalists lived along the lines of complete destruction of any Jewish hope for self-determination.

For instance, it was the Yishuv that agreed to the UN partition of Palestine Mandate into two states: one for the Jews and one for the Arabs. It was Palestinian Arab nationalists who rejected the U.N partition and promised the destruction of any Jewish State.

Today we see much of the same dialogue that we saw back at the birth of Israel more than six decades ago. The only difference is that Israel exists today, and Palestine does not.

Israel, likes the Yishuv is actively attempting to create a Palestinian State. That is right; read it loud and clear: ISRAEL IS attempting to create Palestine; while the Palestinians are still trying to rob the Jewish Nation of its political freedom.

This is why anti-Israel behavior is anti-Semitic. No other country in the world or in history has tried harder to create freedom, self-determination and a country for its enemy.

It is almost as if Israelis want a Palestinian state more than the Palestinians do!

At the opposite end the Palestinians -- and Arabs in general -- have continually fought to destroy the state of Israel.

Today it is as if Israel under Prime Minister Ehud Barak did not offer the Palestinians a state on almost all of the West Bank, all of Gaza and East Jerusalem. This unbelievable offer was rejected by the Palestinian leadership.

When will the world demand the Palestinians take responsibility for their actions?

Why does the Obama Administration play games and waste time with fruitless almost-negotiations? Will they finally demand that the Palestinians relinquish the Right of Return? If not, then there truly is no point in talking.

If there is to be peace between Israel and her neighbors, Obama’s administration, needs to demand of the Arabs what no administration has ever done. It must demand that they own up to their end of the bargain and play ball fairly with Israel.

The American administration must make it clear to the Arabs that they need to show Israelis that it is worthwhile for them to agree to peace and two states.

It can no longer be about Israel just making gestures of good faith to the Palestinians. It is high time for the Palestinians to make gestures of good faith in return. Like recognizing Israel as the Jewish State.

If not, then the Obama administration is just trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes again. Let’s tear off this blindfold and expose the truth: Arabs do not want Israel to exist.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

I'm from Missouri -- SHOW ME! -- Harry S. Truman, American president and formerly U.S. Senator from Missouri.

President Truman merely was echoing a theme that had become his home state's unofficial theme. Roughly translated into the normal American lexicon it comes out "Don't believe it until you see it"

And that's precisely what Israel's position must be in terms of "friends" who'll support it in a crisis. Or, to put it another way, there isn't a nation in the world -- with the notable exception of Canada -- that can be trusted to immediately come to Benjamin Netanyahu's aid should Israel be threatened with extinction.

Oh, sure, cheery homilies will echo from the White House and the State Department but in real time nothing will be done -- and the record so far proves this to be the case.

In 2009, for example, when Iranians were revolting against the ayatollahs dictatorship, there was every reason to believe that the rogue in Tehran could actually be overthrown. But the rebels needed help and when their S.O.S. was transmitted to Washington it was tabled. "No problem; nothing will be done," was the tacit response from America.

Meanwhile, the Iranian anti-government demonstrators chanted on the streets of their capital, "Obama, are you with us or with the regime?"

They could have been paraphrasing Harry Truman -- their theme being, "We're in big trouble, show us that you care!"

True to his administration, Obama reacted with silence, turning his back on the valiant protestors at a time when American intervention could successfully have dissolved the rogue regime.

Trust Washington? Are you kidding!

Last month when endless rocket barrages traumatized the South of Israel, beleaguered Jews had reason to demand, "Obama, do you care about us?"

While thousands of Israeli children were forced to stay in bomb shelters and schools were closed as rockets were launched from heavily-populated civilian areas in Gaza, did the Administration in Washington denounce the Arabs, condemn Hamas while encouraging a much heavier retaliation from Bibi? 

Of course not. If Obama wouldn't support the Iranian protestors why would he support the Jews in Southern Israel who were suffering as no Americans ever suffered from an enemy on their home front.

Writing in The New Republic, Yossi Klein Halevi described the President's behavior vis-a-vis Iran as "The worst moment of his presidency."

Halevi: "Obama's silence (in 2009) was a historic missed opportunity. So is his current inaction on Syria, Iran's most important ally. There appears to be no strategic coherence in his Middle East policy. Why, for example, help bring down Qaddafi, as odious as he was, after he had abandoned his nuclear program and his support of terrorism -- while allowing Assad a free hand?"

Judging by Washington's ostrich-like attitude toward Assad's endless massacres, one would surmise that the killings were taking place on some distant planet, out of sight, out of range and of no consequence to the habitues on Pennsylvania Avenue. Syria's Assad is Iran's premier proxy yet the administration is treating Assad as if the blood being spilled is whipped cream.

Syrian rebels could well be saying, "Obama, are you with us or with the regime?" So far, the answer has been the same silence the Iranian anti-government demonstrators got three years ago.

Show me?

What has Obama shown us? He erroneously believes that lasting peace can be achieved at the price of yielding to terrorism or trying to appease murderers.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust ever happened. He is the same madman who denied that any Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11. Furthermore, he said that anyone who supports Israel "Will burn in the fire!"

Meanwhile, Obama tries to convince Bibi that sanctions will deter a nuclear Iran hellbent on destroying Israel. That would be fine in a theoretical world where sanctions really do work. But in the world of 2012, sanctions are as effective as cotton candy.

"Obama's goal," says Halevi, "hasn't been so much to deter Iran but Israel."

Perhaps there is time -- precious little -- for sanctions to bring Iran to its knees. 

Perhaps Emanuele Ottolenghi of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies does have a sanction solution. He suggests: "A complete United Nations-imposed oil embargo enforced by a naval blockade, as well as total diplomatic isolation."

Theoretically, it might work. But we have been shown that Obama needed THREE YEARS to put in place sanctions which, so far, have been useless. 

That kind of time is no longer available as the Iranians race to build the bomb. 

It would be much more effective if Obama stepped to the plate and unambiguously told Ahmadinejad that America -- in support of Israel -- is willing to inflict devastating harm!

Were that to happen, the ayatollahs would think twice about moving ahead with their nuclear program and, for a change, the world -- especially Israel -- would be relatively safe for democracy.

When dealing with the Arabs, history has shown that Harry Truman's theme must be applied: SHOW ME! 

That theme also must be applied to Obama and his fallacious format for victory.


Until someone does, nobody -- no nation -- can be trusted to save Israel; with the exception of the Israelis themselves.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


By Simon Fischler

There has been a whole lot of debate whether it is wise for Israel to carry out a first strike on the Iranian Nuclear program. This nuclear program is for one reason only, weapons, anyone with an inch of common sense or an inkling of idea of Shia radicalism knows this.

The debate has been raging both inside Israel and the United States.

The quotes below from the New York Times should sum up any doubt of the Americans lack of intelligence vis-a-vis the Iranian nuclear program.

Another former intelligence official said: “Iran is the hardest intelligence target there is. It is harder by far than North Korea.

“In large part, that’s because their system is so confusing,” he said, which “has the effect of making it difficult to determine who speaks authoritatively on what.”

And, he added, “We’re not on the ground, and not having our people on the ground to catch nuance is a problem.”

You see what most people do not know or understand is that Israel is on the ground in Iran, firmly on the ground, we therefore have far greater ability to decipher and analyze what the Iranians true intentions are.

On top of this, Israeli political leaders, citizens of the State, the Israeli intelligence agencies and anyone who supports Israel must also factor in the complete American naiveté that has lead them to countless debacles in the Middle-East, Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Sorry Mr. Obama Israel cannot and should rely on America when it comes to Iran.


By Simon Fischler

When a RACIST, anti-Semite, Uncle Tom, slave to Arab colonialist diplomacy like Dieudonne M'bala M'bala gets enough power to stage a protest against Jews in Belgium, Israel needs to open its eyes.

This french comedian of African decent has been brainwashed by the Arabs to hate Jews.

Fooled by the Arabs, their money and trickery Mr. M'bala Ma'bala is incapable of understanding that it is the Arabs who stole much of Africa from its rightful owners and who enslaved and sold Africans into the hands of the European Whites.

Also, it is interesting that Mr. Dieudonne does not seem to understand that being anti-Zionist is a form of anti-Semitism and of course a form of RACISM!

This is where Israel hast to wake up.

Militarily Israel may well be the strongest it has ever been. Today no Arab or Muslim (Iran) state would start a war without taking a long time to think about the harsh response the IDF would bring upon it.

It is not in the physical realm in which Israel needs to hone its arsenal of covert weapons; it is in the spheres of academia, diplomacy and world politics. This is where Israel has become weakened to the point of needing life-support.

The situation must be reversed, in the future someone like Dieudonne must be targeted immediately.

Israel (and her allies) can no longer sit idly by as her enemies change the political playing field, turning her into a pariah state.

First, her missionaries must take the stage and confront this new form of terrorist, the POLITICAL TERRORIST.

The people who demonize Israel for defending her citizens, deny her the right to exist and actively call for the destruction of her institutions are Racists, anti-Semites and Political Terrorists.

That should automatically make them targets!

To confront these targets Israel must once again use response teams. As in the past these teams must be given the ability to use all means necessary to stop this new form of terrorism.

They must be made up of citizens with extensive knowledge of Israel’s historical validity; they must understand and be able to contrast Israel’s democracy to the hodgepodge of theocracies, tyrannical monarchies and juntas of the Muslim countries surrounding her; they must be representative of Israel’s multi-ethnic society. These teams must also be able to eliminate a target like Dieudonne when the time comes.

Along with confronting and eliminating those who would use political terrorism against Israel, these teams would also work with local Jewish institutions, Pro-Israel advocacy groups, and pro-Israel academics to ready them for combat against these terrorists and their organizations.

This arena of the Arab-Israeli conflict is no simple matter, nor is it a joke. It must be recognized as a battlefield and enemies like Dieudonne M'bala M'bala cannot be given any leeway.

They must be eradicated.

The Ministry of Defense, along with Israel’s security services, are slowly becoming involved in this war, they need to mentor the members of these teams more than anything.

Large amounts of money should be spent directed into this arena to ensure Israeli success on this virtual and physical battlefield, just as the ministry of defense would allocate the resources to any other weapons project.

If these teams are mentored correctly they will be changing the political landscape in Israel’s favor on university campuses and political institutions the world over.

Ultimately they would be worth more than a squadron of F-35’s.

The Israeli government must make it one hundred percent clear to both the United States and the EU that if funding by Arab, Muslim and PA institutions to those trying to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist isn’t stopped, then there is no point in negotiations.

If the Arabs are not willing to delegitimize people like M'bala M'bala then Israel will not just skip negotiations it will eliminate these people tirelessly.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Once upon a time much of northern Africa and the Nation of Israel were close allies.

The connection between Israel and the Ethiopic Kingdoms goes all the way back to King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

During the Arab invasion and colonization of North Africa (this happened after the Arabs invaded and colonized Israel and the Levant) in the seventh century, the only obstacle for the Arabs was the Jewish Berber Queen Dahia al-Kahena (Cohen).

The Kahena fought and died trying to stop Arab imperialism, she was a Berber Jew but she fought for Africa.

Africa and Israel have also been linked in their sorrows.

It was the EUROPEAN Roman Empire that invaded and destroyed ancient Israel and the Kingdom of Judea. It was the Romans who invaded North Africa and enslaved its indigenous people.

It was the Romans who forced most of Israel’s Jewish population into exile, burned the second temple and created the name Palestina for a period in place of the Kingdom of Judea and Israel.

It was the Romans who first made an alliance with Felix Arabia (the Arab nation) against Israel.

It was white Europeans who bought Africa’s native peoples from Arab slavers and slave traders and carried them off to foreign lands.

So it is that Israel and Africa have been suffering from white European imperialism since the days of the Roman Empire and Arab colonization since the rise of Mohammed in the seventh century.

Those who ousted Qaddafi from power in Libya this year were not liberators, but just a new set of Arab imperialists ruling in a land that is not theirs. Just as those who control North Sudan have no right to rule over Nubia and the Nubian people.

In the midst of these Arabs attempts to gain control over Africa and the Levant there have been a few success stories in liberation from the Arab yoke.

The redemption and liberation of Israel by the Jewish people is one. Ethiopia has long been a stalwart of defense against Arab and Muslim invaders. Now South Sudan has won its independence (with little or no help from the UN, EU or NGOs and much military and political help from the U.S.A and Israel) from Arab colonialists who have been oppressing the indigenous population for more than a century.

The history of Israel and Africa have not just been linked at home but also in the United States.

Jewish Americans and African Americans fought side by side in the civil rights movement. The bond between the two communities was natural, both had suffered centuries of oppression and demanded that America fulfill its promise of freedom for all.

It is time again for Israel and Africa to work together to protect what rightfully belongs to them. Our peoples must again demand complete freedom from Arab attempts at colonization and domination of both north Africa and Israel.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


By Barry Shaw

The Iron Dome missile defense system was a game changer in Israel’s war against Palestinian terrorism. Almost all the rockets from the Gaza Strip and heading for large civilian centres in Israel were intercepted and destroyed in the air.

The Israeli Air Force succeeded in spotting and pinpointing about twenty terrorists who were in the act of preparing or firing rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel. Most are no longer around to continue their murderous work. Despite the attempts of sections of the international media to portray Israel as killers of Palestinians, civilian deaths were minimal.

This has led to enormous frustration for the Palestinian terror organizations. They now see the ineffectiveness of their rocket campaign and how adversely it has cost them in terms of members lost, including their leaders, and destruction of their infrastructure without achieving any notable success.

No longer able to employ their suicide bombers due to Israel’s defensive measures, including the security fence and “humit” (human intelligence resources) they are left scratching their heads for an effective way to kill Israelis.

We will begin to see actions, starting later this year, which will attempt to copy scenes from “the Arab Spring.” They are planning a “Global March on Palestine.” They are busy planning and recruiting a million man invasion of Israel. They intend to transport huge numbers of people to the borders and security checkposts of Israel with orders to “take back Palestine from the Zionist enemy.”

With massive numbers assaulting Israel’s sovereign territory they hope to provoke Israeli security forces to take harsh measures to stop this mass incursion. They want it to be seen on TV screens worldwide as equivalence to the resistance of Ghaddafi and Assad to the Arab uprising. They want, by the necessary firm Israeli response, to draw a comparison between Israel and the brutal dictatorships in the Arab world that has drawn international condemnation. Who is to say that a conditioned media will not spread this mistaken message to the detriment of Israel that will be seeking to do no more than to protect its territorial integrity?

The Palestinians will be joined by European radicals who are readying to reprise last year’s “Flightilla” in which they tried to airlift hundreds of demonstrators to fly into Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and cause disruption by carrying out noisy protests in the arrival hall and later throughout Israel.

The 2011 Gaza Flotilla was an expensive propaganda failure for the extremists. Israeli social media activists and the Israeli Government managed to put out the message that this so-called “humanitarian mission to Gaza” was a sham, namely because there is no humanitarian crisis there but also because the ships did not carry any needed humanitarian aid on board. This, however, will not stop them wasting even more money and effort this year as the anti-Israel activists seek to pull a solidarity stunt to justify the huge amount of funding that is being pumped into radical organizations dressed up as “human rights” NGOs.

We are in a stage that began with failed wars of extermination against the Jewish state. It continued with the Arafat/PLO inspired decades of terror that is also reaching its nadir. The next stage is a form of lawfare in which the war to remove the Zionist state is waged by United Nations resolutions, appeals to the International Criminal Court, campaigns for boycotts, and calling Israel names, such as racist, Apartheid, etc. It will increasingly dress itself up as mass social protests. It is all a part of an attempt to demonise and delegitimize Israel for crimes not committed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When is the act of "having one's back" actually a kick in the tooches?

Answer: When America's president tries to sell his phony pro-Israel policy to his country's Jewish voters.

Uncle Sam's citizens will go to the polls in November with a Democratic president desperate to win a second term.

Despite the fact that Barack Obama has failed to achieve virtually every one of his domestic and political goals he somehow has a chance to win . next Fall because of Republican ineptitude at producing a truly inspirational -- try Rudy Giuliani for one -- no-nonsense competitor.

In order to cement his victory the president must ensure that he captures enough Jewish votes to put himself over the top and that requires remarkable assaults on the truth that, somehow, are easily digested by eager American Jews who viscerally cannot see themselves pulling a G.O.P. lever.

Yet, a closer look at Obama's rhetoric during Benjamin Netanyahu's recent White House visit clearly reveals that the President has been talking out of both sides of his mouth. And that, by the way, is the same mouth that piously proclaimed at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference in Washington -- "I have Israel's back."

If he's to be taken at his word, the president must be confusing the "back" with another part of one's anatomy because no sooner had the Israeli Prime Minister departed for home, Bibi was getting a long-distance kick in the tooches from Pennsylvania Avenue.

That kick, by the way, was so effective that it even prompted one of America's staunchest foes, Iran's supreme leader Ayotollah Ali Khamenei, to hail Obama's remarks against an Iran strike by Israel.

When the president insists that there's still room for "diplomacy" in an effort to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, he's merely playing for time; that is time enough to get through the Autumn elections, win a second term and thereby fulfill his diplomatic wooing -- a better word is appeasement -- of the Arabs.

If Obama really has "Israel's back," he would have loudly condemned the latest Gaza-based rocket barrage aimed at Israel. As usual silence was the order of the day on Pennsylvania Avenue; and that should surprise no one because the facts clearly depict the president's anti- Israei stance over and over and over again. Columnist Daniel Mandel cites several of these verbal back-stabs in an article "Obama at AIPAC -- Truth In Advertising?"

Mandel points out that the administration has used the terms "condemn," an "insult" and an "affront when expressing disagreement with Israel's March 2010 announcement of a program of housing construction in -- now get this! -- a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem. And that, by the way, violated no agreement with Uncle Sam.

"The words 'condemn,' and 'insult' and 'affront' are harsh and ugly terms that America and Obama have never used in reference to an ally's actions," notes Mandel. "To the contrary, when Turkey did not vote along with the U.S. for further sanctions on Iran, the Administration was merely 'disappointed.'

"When Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai spoke publicly of considering joining forces with the Taliban, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said it 'respected' him."

But there's no respecting from Obama or his lackeys when it comes to Israelis wanting to build homes in Israel. Go figure.

Well, the answer is clear if you check the president's roots; cleverly concealed by America's liberal press but easily discovered as proven by the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens. This is one columnist who swings hard and hits home runs, pointing out how Obama kicks Israel in the toochus.

"Here," writes Stephens, "is a president who fought tooth-and-nail against the very sanctions on Iran for which he now seeks to reap political credit. He inherited from the Bush administration the security assistance to Israel he now advertises as proof of his 'unprecedented' commitment to the Jewish state.

"His defense secretary has repeatedly cast doubt on the efficacy of a U.S. military option against Iran even as the president insists it remains 'on the table.' His top national security advisers keep warning Israel not to attack Itran even as he claims not to 'presume to tell Israeli leaders what is best for them.'"

While the administration engages in its pre-election "penalty-killing," the Iranian threat grows yet no government -- with the possible exception of Israel's friends in Canada -- has ripped Iran for its state-sponsored, pre-genocidal hate campaign against Israel and the Jewish people.

No, the Iranians are not kidding around and they make no secret of their blueprints. According to the reliable Simon Wiesenthal Center, a website run by the head of the Iranian Parliament's research center details the following:

* A step-by-step plan to wipe out Israel's infrastructure and annihilate her citizens.

* A theological basis for mass murdering Jews.

* Maps of Israeli population centers.

* Distances to strategic targets within Israel and the range of Iranian missiles.

* Specific stages of attacks.

* A chilling final stage targeting "urban settlements until final annihilation of Israeli people."

And the American president believes diplomacy is the answer?

Sure does -- just as Neville Chamberlain believed in Adolf Hitler at Munich in 1937!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


By Simon Fischler

On Friday Israel was forced to target Zuhir al-Qaisi head of the Popular Resistance (meaning colonialist) Committees and his Islamo-Fascist buddy and HAMAS military bigwig Mahmud Hanani as they went for a nice sight-seeing drive in the Gaza Strip.

Like always the “sight-seeing” drive that Zuhir and Mahmud were on was a planning session for carrying out murder against Israeli CITIZENS!

It isn’t enough that Egypt, America, the European Union and the United Nations did not demand that these two murderers be arrested instead of remaining free (after all they were the architects of the August terrorist attack in the Israeli Negev that led to the death of eight unarmed Israeli citizens and two Egyptian border guards) but now they have the nerve too condemn Israel for assassinating them in the midst of planning another attack against Israeli citizens.

Enough is enough!

The rancid smell emanating from the mouths of the Egyptians who condemned Israel for protecting her citizens is enough to make you want to puke!

On top of that the pathetic attempts of HAMAS to relate the situation in Gaza to that of the freedom fighters in Homs, Hama and Dera, Syria is a horrific type of insanity.

HAMAS, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority seem to forget that the situation in Gaza is bad because of HAMAS and the actions of the Palestinian population of Gaza!

Maybe they forgot that this is what happens when make war on another people or give the green light for shooting over ONE HUNDRED rockets (in just two days) into Israeli CIVILIAN CENTERS.

One must remember that these rockets attacks on civilian centers are in response to the Israeli military attack on a MILITARY TARGET that killed two MILITANT TERRORISTS!

Here is the difference between the two.

Israel targeted a military target. The Palestinians whether it be HAMAS, Islamic Jihad or some other group with another prideful, pathetic, Colonialist, Arab name are targeting civilians.

One is legal (Israel targeting a military target) and one is a War Crime (the Palestinians indiscriminately shooting rockets into Israeli City centers).

Here is the other difference between the two!

Israel and her citizens are running to the UN, EU and the rest of the international community crying like two year old children as the Palestinians are.


It would be fantastic if someone could explain to the Palestinians that if you punch someone in the face you should not expect them to smile back at you.

It would also be great if the Americans, American Jews, Europeans and certain Israeli leaders would realize that Israel cannot do anymore than she has to make Peace.

The concept that Israel can do more to understand the Arabs who deny it, condemn it for existing and revel in calling for its destruction is pathetic and SELF-HATING.

This theory has always been garbage and this weekend just proved that again. Israel and Israeli’s need to get this fallacy of a theory out of their systems.

Israel must explain to the world in blunt terms that it is not the cause of strife and the wars in the middle-east; nor are Israeli settlements the main cause of this never ending problem.

It must be made clear that Israel will no longer accept the Racist policies carried out against it by the Arabs, the United Nations and a majority of the international community.

The problem is and always has been the imperialistic principals of Arabism and Islamic colonialism and their intent to deny the Jewish Nation its RIGHT by the UNITED NATIONS and INTERNATIONAL LAW, to self-determination and statehood.

The problem is and always has been the Arab want and intent to carry out NATIONAL GENOCIDE (something the Arabs have never been embarrassed to admit or even brag about) against Jews, Israel and her citizens.

Along with confronting Arab colonialist policies on the world stage and attacking the eternal Arab fallacy of Israel always being to blame; it is time for Israel to also rid its body of those who refuse to accept it and go to great lengths to deny the FACTUAL HISTORY that proves Israel right!

That means getting rid of the self-hating, Jew animal parading around the Israeli Big Brother show like a plumed Peacock!

It means getting rid of Arab Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran.

As an Israeli supreme court judge Joubran is employed by the state, to uphold the laws of the state and it is unacceptable for him to refuse to sing the national anthem of the state!

It is insane and would not be tolerated in any other democratic country!

The only way of explaining Joubran’s actions is to support treason!

I do not care if he is an Arab, he is an Israeli Citizen and State employee first and foremost. He lives off of the backs of Israeli Jewish Citizens ( the only ones who pay taxes) and the taxes that they pay! If he does not like the national anthem of his state or if he takes for granted the freedoms that he receives from the democratic, Jewish State then he should go be a supreme court Judge in the Palestinian Authority, Jordan or Egypt!

It means getting rid of Hanin Zoubi, Ahmed Tibi and other Arab Knesset members who deny the states right to exist, encourage racism, treason and the worst type of incitement!

Yes Israel is a democracy, but no where in the rule books for democracy does it say that a democracy has it except treason by its citizens.

Nor do the rule books say that a democracy has to accept neighborhood bullies who continually call for its destruction.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH, it is pathetic and racist to condemn Israel for defending itself against genocidal maniacs that seek to harm its citizens!

Yet again Israel must stand up to the colonialist Arab bully.

We must tell them that we will not submit, we will not be their slaves, they will not lord over us, nor will they deny us our right to self-determination and freedom.


Thursday, March 8, 2012


By Simon Fischler

My love of Israel was always bound by the dream that my nation would eventually find a way to achieve peace with its Arab neighbors.

That dream survived the whole Oslo period that was ended the day Yassar Arafat chose war over Peace at Camp David.

This dream continued through Sharon’s premiership and the withdrawal of Israeli citizens from homes they had been living in for more than forty years in the Gaza Strip.

I have voted and backed four Israeli Prime Ministers who made Israeli policy one of peace. During this period our Arab “partners” continued to claim they wanted peace, while carrying out heinously anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli policies -- which in the end always called for the destruction of Israel.

To put it simply: Arabism has not changed a scintilla, and because of this my dream of peace has been MURDERED.

Sadly, I have come to understand that this is exactly what the Arabs want.

They are willing to sit down and drink coffee and cohort with the PEACE JEWS of Israel and the world; PEACE JEWS being the ones who believe in peace at any cost. Of course, that cost is invariably the destruction of the Jewish state, Israel.

These people are not actually seeking peace but fame; they would sell their family members to make an Arab smile. However, it is imperative for everyone to understand that these Jews the Arabs love to deal with do not speak for the majority of the Jewish Nation.

Simply, their version of peace would replace Israel with yet another Arab/Muslim state, the 23rd such state! They would destroy Jewish self-determination in the land that the Jewish nation -- NOT Arab nation -- was born in.

Conversely, just as the Arabs love the PEACE JEWS, they fear true Jewish and Israeli peace seekers.

True peace seekers demand COMPROMISE, which means mutual recognition, two states for two peoples.

We are hated by the Arab side because we, the true peace seekers have exposed them for the impostors they are.

When the dream of peace has been murdered, where does one go?

With the imperialist dreams of Persia (Iran) growing and its unceasing support for tyrannical, fascist, terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah (both organizations call for genocide against Israel’s citizens) and the murderous regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, Israel cannot go much further than preparing for war.

Again, this is what the Arabs and Muslims want: war with Israel.

As they did in 1947-8, 1956, 1967, 1973, 2006 and 2009, they hope this will be the war to end all Middle East wars, the one where Israel is finally wiped off of the map.

It is vital, absolutely vital, to realize two things about the above dates: in every single instance -- with the exception of 1947-8, which was about existence, not just survival -- Israel COULD have gone further and harder than it did; and two, every single battle involved Muslims who despised each other and had only one common cause, the destruction of the Jewish nation, Israel.

If the current situation again leads to war between Israel and her Arab/Muslim neighbors and Iran, this time she must carry the war to an absolute end.

This means Israel must be ready to use all means necessary to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities and Iran’s imperialist dreams. Israel also must be ready to remove all those who wish to destroy it from its borders.

Maybe then the Arabs will finally learn to accept our factual, historical rights to freedom, self-determination and statehood in the land that has always been Israel.

And maybe elephants will fly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Much noise has been made concerning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of AIPAC yesterday.

The western media is saying that Bibi all but declared war on Iran.

As always, they and the politicians of the West are deaf, dumb and blind. I have written in past blogs, Israel has already declared war on Iran.

The assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, high-level generals in the Iranian missile program and generals and personnel in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are military missions no easier to carry out successfully than attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The Mossad and Israeli military success in assassinating Iran’s top dogs at will is but one part of this war the western media ignores.

One must also add the Stutnex virus to this list of Israeli victories on the battlefield against Iran. This virtual assassination of the Iranian Nuclear program was the first of its kind and greatly disabled it.

So the truth is Bibi was not declaring war yesterday; he was doing something totally different.

Yesterday Bibi was reminding the world that Israel has been on the front line of this war against Iran for more than a decade, and that it has been calling on the world to take Iran and her plans for domination seriously

Bibi further was reminding the world that Israel has been patient for more than a decade with U.N., American and EU procrastination and appeasement of Iran’s nuclear and imperialistic goals.

By referring to the Holocaust in his AIPAC speech Bibi was reminding the world what happens to Jews when they are not allowed to fight for their inherent right to freedom and self determination. After all, it was the world’s appeasement of Hitler that lead to World War Two and the death of six million Jews at the hands of European Fascists.

He was also correct to expose to American Jews the utter MYTH that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a friend of the Jews, by reminding them of the Roosevelt administration’s treacherous failure to bomb the Nazi death camps or the railroads leading to them.

Yesterday’s speech by Benjamin Netanyahu had a very simple message to the world: You may choose to ignore history and play deaf, dumb and blind to the megalomaniac aspirations of Iran. Israel can no longer wait. When it comes to protecting the Jewish Nation and its country from another Holocaust, all options are on the table and already in motion!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The collision between Benyamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama is inevitable.

Or, is it?

Chemistry between the pair has been so rancid for so long it would take quite a bit of bending on the American president's part to produce a more pleasant formula than the one promoted by the Chief Executive since he took office.

Whether Obama has it in him to secure Israel's security by once and for all openly going to war with Iran is doubtful except for one possibility -- the election year.

Seeking a second term, the Democrat has been a political disaster on almost every front -- economic, oil spill, Egypt, et. al. -- and there's no guarantee that he'll be re-elected despite the endless Republican bungling.

Many seers believe that Obama dearly requires "the Jewish vote" in key states and although Jews traditionally have supported the Democrats the year 2012 may prove the exception.

That's because there has been a gradual awakening by a bloc -- some will say many -- of the Jewish voters that the current administration not only has been unfriendly to Israel, but downright hostile.

The feeling is rooted in several episodes as far back as Bibi's first visit to Washington in which he was treated roughly equivalent to a galley slave from medieval times. Any improvement in the relationship since then has been by perhaps an iota or two but not much more.

As a result a portion -- we won't really know the percentage until the election is over -- of Jewish voters have taken notice of the President's obsequious-to-the-Arabs Cairo speech, his timid approach to the Iranians, his misjudgment of the Mubarak-Egyptian crisis and his far-left-leaning advisors who endlessly suggest policies dismaying to Israel.

While many Jewish Democrats will reflexively dismiss the cool-to-Israel Obama approach, enough of them who have ties -- or are just sympathetic -- to Israel will decide that the survival of the Middle East's only true democracy is more important than their partisan politics.

This feeling surely has become apparent to Obama's advisors if not the president himself. Furthermore, the White House must realize by now that Iran means business not only when it comes to threatening to destroy Israel but also its warnings that long-range missiles might very well be directed at New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. itself.

All of these facts of life may finally awaken the president to some various facts of international political life. To wit:

* SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN: However the administration's barkers -- such as Hillary Clinton -- choose to disguise it, the collection of warnings to Tehran have caused nothing more than a mere ripple of change. The Iranians are hellbent to creating weapons of mass destruction and they may materialize sooner rather than later.

* ISRAEL THE PRIME TARGET: The Ayatollahs never have been hesitant about which country will first be in their cross-hairs. It will be the Jewish State. Period!

* END THE PROCRASTINATION: Anyone with a realistic view knows by now that the sands of time are running out at the United Nations, the European Union and the assorted other world political bodies who believe that the iranians can be stopped by peaceful means. It's time for the military approach.

Thus, when Bibi meets Barack, he will unequivocally tell him that Israel requires Uncle Sam's TOTAL support when the inevitable attack on Iran's nuclear facilities takes place.

He will tell the president that he's sick and tired of administration lackeys who -- in the past months -- have been undercutting Israel at every turn.

And he will put it as bluntly as possible; if the United States of America is a true ally of Israel, it had better step forward and prove it by supporting the Jewish State in its inevitable attack on Iran.

If Obama rejects Netanyahu, he will have a tough time selling his "I love Israel" mantra to the American Jewish voters.

The president had better think long and hard about it and even harder about what is right and what is wrong in this situation because he's spent his entire administration coddling up to the Arabs and what he's received for the past three years is nothing more than an endless face-slapping.

We await the developments and hope that once and for all Obama supports Israel -- in totality!

Superficially, the collision between Bibi and the president may seem inevitable but they invented the word "upset" for a reason!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler

A word to the wise and all Hezbollah leaders too!

Before any member of Hezbollah opens their mouth and threatens Israel, or calls us cowards, it would be best for them to remember a few names and one quote from a certain Sheik!

Let us start with the quote. It was given to us at the end of the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah by non other than the great Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah himself.

"We did not think that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me if I had known on July 11 ... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not,"
Now on to the names!

Name number one: Abbas al-Musawi, this rat and former Secretary General of Hezbollah is dead today thanks to an IDF missile, launched from an IAF Apache, right smack in the middle of southern Lebanon.

Name number two: Imad Mughniyah, leader of Hezbollah's military wing, and now officially very dead thanks to a Mossad bomb.
The Mossad planted this bomb in the head rest of his car in the heart of Damascus. The bomb nicely removed Imad’s head from his shoulders. He is now sitting in a burning hot pool of hell with absolutely no virgins!

Name number three: Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, head of the Hamas military wing Iz Adin al Qassam, he was also the main connection between Hamas and Iran.
Ol Mahmoud was killed by the Mossad deep in the heart of an Arab Emirate called Dubai.

The idiots in the western media like to try to say this was a Mossad failure because a few unidentifiable pictures of the agents were actually taken. On the other hand every single Mossad agent left Dubai without a trace and without being captured.

Unfortunately for al-Mabhouh and the Dubai police the same could not be said! Ol Mahmoud is also now resting in a hell pool without 71 virgins.

Last but not least Hezbollah should remember every single one of the Iranian Nuclear Scientists that Israel has assassinated, along with Iranian Major General Hassan Moghaddam.

Iran’s pathetic attempts to hit back have lead to the capture of their agents in India, Georgia and Thailand. Although the wife of an Israeli attaché was injured in India, Iran has still failed utterly at answering Israel.

The moral of the story is this, Israel may walk quietly but it would not be wise for Hezbollah, Iran and the asinine writers of the Western media to doubt Israel and our capabilities. Nor should they imagine that Israel will not or cannot defend itself when the time comes.

After all where is the great Sayyad Sheik Hassan Nasrallah today? Hiding like a bilge rat in his underground bunker, never emerging for fear of his life! REALLY WHO ARE THE COWARDS?