Sunday, March 24, 2013



Hope for the best -- expect the worst. Anonymous

The above bromide is the only realistic mental route to take when interpreting Barack Obama's visit to Israel.

Surely there were positive aspects of the American president's discovery of The Jewish State:

1. He actually came.

2. He actually told the Arabs that Israel must be recognized as a "Jewish state."

3. He made some nice speeches. 

4. He told Mahmoud Abbas that he'd better shape up.

Well, that was all very nice of him but, really, what has he done of substance about the real issue, Iran? 

Zilch. Nada. Gournished.

And when all is said and done, Iran is what it's all about. 

With Uncle Sam's support, Israel must deliver the pre-emptive strike against Tehran's nuclear facilities. Otherwise, sooner or later, the bombs will be raining on Israel and that will be the end of it.

As long as Obama is president, Benjamin Netanyahu will not get that "go-ahead" blessing because his leftists advisors from the Defense Secretary to the Secretary of State and others in the White House brain trust -- whether they know it or not -- are pure disciples of the Neville Chamberlain appease-appease-appease camp.

Over and over again we'll be told that Obama has "all options" on the table when it comes to dealing a blow to Iran but we already have seen that the only "option" is the embargo-sanction that troubles the mullahs as much as a mosquito bite bothers an elephant.

Not surprisingly, Obama pleased many Israelis who were skeptical about his visit. 

He pleased them because the president has the knack. 

Snake oil salesmen, con men and assorted other frauds have that ability to deceive. After all, how do you think he became president. Step by step, his rise was choreographed while Obama did nothing of substance as he climbed the ladder but give what the public considered eloquent speeches. Ron Ross of The American Spectator has X-rayed the president's style and nailed it down perfectly in print.

"Obama's most dangerous talent is his ability to make people believe he's something he's not," writes Ross. "He's effective because he has successfully hidden his true objectives."

Israelis -- those who believe in him -- should pay particular attention to the next line: "He has convinced his followers that he has their interests at heart, that he cares about them and wants to help them. The key ingredient in his power lies in his ability to deceive."

Do I believe that anything positive will come of the president's visit to Israel? 

I would like to be optimistic but America's Commander In Chief has a track record that tells me in the end, he will deceive Bibi on peace with the Arabs, dealing with Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran; not to mention what's happened lately with Turkey.

Don't tell me that Bibi's "apology" to the Turks over the flotilla episode came from Netanyahu himself. Never happen.

That was a product of Obama's con job visit. And no sooner had the president departed for Jordan we hear that Erdogan can't wait to visit Gaza and make nice with Israel's sworn enemy, Hamas.

For the moment at least, Jerusalem's relations with Egypt, the Palestinians and, yes, Turkey, remain small potatoes compared with what lies ahead in terms of the Iranian threat. 

I would like nothing more than to be fooled by the president but my gut feeling is that he will do nothing of substance -- nothing at all -- to help Israel's defense in this regard.

Because when all is said and done, that man in the White House is what he is a cardboard president. And if Israelis want to believe the nice things he said on his visit, I say let them since Israel is a free country and you can think and say anything you want from The Golan to Eilat.

But my pessimism is based on what I have seen this man do since taking office. Or, as Ron Ross notes:

"Obama sees no difference between his opinions and the truth. He doesn't seem to recognized that there is such a thing as the truth."

Now let's wait and see how the facts of Middle East politics evolve in the next few months to determine who's right.

The advice from here: don't bet a single shekel that Obama will be Israel's genuine pal.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Mister President: 

Congratulations on discovering the State or Israel or what we correctly call "The Jewish State." (And try telling that to your buddy, Mahmoud Abbas.)

Even though you could not find the time to visit Israel during your first team, I'll go along with the bromide, "Better late than never."

That is, "Better late than never" with an asterisk. Something like this:

* (Provided you're learning something about Israel on this visit.)

That said, some Israelis -- me included -- optimistically believe that when it comes to my country you are figuring out which countries are your friends (Israel, leading the list) and which are on the other side. (Start off with Egypt on that list.)

Some of us even hope that you even can acknowledge -- with some difficulty, of course -- the Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli nation's connection to Israel that dates back thousands of years -- and was established before Arabs arrived here.

Here's a bit more useful background information which may have eluded you. Start with the Merrian Webster Dictionary's definitions of Jew:

1. A member of the tribe of Judah; b. Israelite.

2. A member of a nation existing in the Land of Israel from the Sixth Century B.C. to the First Century, A.D.

3. A person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people. 

4. One whose religion is Judaism. 

The first three definitions refer to a tribe, a people, a nation. Why? Because being a Jew meant being part of a tribe or nation long before it meant being part of a religion. And you may rightfully ask why the definition of the word -- or name -- Jew has become so important in today's world?

I'll tell you why: For thousands of years other nations -- mostly conquerers expanding their empires -- have bullied, persecuted, exiled and mass murdered Jews in the Land of Israel.

Jews always have existed within and among other cultures as well as in their own lands with a national code of conduct which takes precedence over everything. 

The Greeks enslaved and killed us because we turned our backs on Greek culture. This, in turn, led to one of the first wars for Jewish freedom which, today, is called Zionism. 

Then there were the Romans who not only destroyed our country and capital city of Jerusalem but renamed them both and transplanted a majority of the Jews from Israel to Rome. The Romans attempted to erase us from geographical history but failed.

This was the first Jewish holocaust and was brought down on our nation by the Romans (Europeans) because we dared to fight once again for Jewish freedom (Zionism) in the province of Judah, or Israel.

Next came descendants of your pals, the Arabs. They invaded us, colonized our land and disgustingly built their Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa Mosque on our Temple Mount. 

I know that you know all about the pogroms instituted by Eastern Europeans -- yes, Russia included, Mister Putin -- in which endless scores of Jews were killed.

You've also heard of the Nazis' "Final Solution" that neither solved anything nor was final. 

Mister President, it's important for you to know that in all of the above cases we were persecuted and killed because we were the Jewish nation -- a people apart with our own code of conduct, no matter where we lived -- not the Jewish religion. 

Beware of today's revisionists, from the colonialist Arabs to the far right Nazis. Each tries to deny, whitewash and denigrate these irrefutable historic truths about Jews. These anti-semitic revisionists -- beware of some in your own contingent -- are attempting to remove this integral part of our identity from us. 

We know we have a fight on our hands -- nothing new to Jews.

We know that these so-called "cool" cultures such as the fanatic Islamists, leftists and rightists all have taken pages from the Nazi manual. But we are fighting back. The Israeli Defense Forces strikes major blows when necessary. The bullying and persecution of yesteryear doesn't work for the Jew-haters as it did in the past centuries.

Furthermore, Mister President. Get this and get it straight: 

* Jerusalem has always been a majority Jewish city and is mentioned 699 times in the Tanach; but not once in the Koran.

* Jerusalem has always been the most sacred and holy city for the Jewish Nation.

* When the Romans sacked Jerusalem in the Year 70, there were close to -- or more than -- one million Jews killed. And there's archaeological proof to support this fact.

President Obama, you claim to support the security of Israel but you seem to do so in the most tepid ways and certainly not by actions. 

Now is the time for you to declare the Israeli truisms and condemn those who fight against the only democracy in the Middle East. 

It's time for you to make clear to the world that anyone who calls Israel and apartheid state is an anti-Semite -- and an enemy of peace.

Yes, we're glad you're here in Israel. But we want more than a ceremonial visit filled with cheery homilies. 

We want genuine support and we'll know soon enough whether you mean it when you said you "have Israel's back."

Saturday, March 16, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

With all the fuss and fanfare accompanying the impending arrival of His Royal Highness, Barack Obama, I'm reminded of a line once offered by a relative.

The beauty part of this one is that: A. It perfectly fits the president's persona and, B. It's half-Hebrew and half-Yiddish. 

As uttered it comes out Bahrooch Cha Boo -- Ich Bin Due. 

Loosely -- very loosely -- translated it comes to this: Blessed Be The One Who Is Coming -- I Am Here!

And so he is, the flighty resident of the White House. Flags are fluttering and Israelis are talking. And -- no surprise here --  columnists are predicting everything from a major breakthrough in terms of Netanyahu-Obama relations down to a trivial ceremonial visit of no more consequence than a mosquito bite.

Bibi's agenda is clear. It's three major points are as follows:

1. Halt Iran's nuclear development.

2. Do it sooner rather than later.

3. And if Uncle Sam is not going to help, give Israel the green light to get it over with, big-time.

And should a postscript be necessary, the Prime Minister might add something about ensuring that the Syrian mess does not spill over to contaminate the Jewish State. 

Furthermore, If Mahmoud Abbas sticks his nose into the visit -- which he indubitably will -- then Bibi should tell Mister President with absolutely no equivocation: "You must understand that the Arabs are unwilling to accept a Jewish state of any kind. Land for peace will never work."

Despite all the columnist seers, from the Jerusalem Post to the pro-Arab Haaretz,  guesses are flying like Egyptian locusts as to the real meaning behind Obama's royal visit. 

What's he up to and how does he intend to deal with Netanyahu?

This much is certain; Obama dare not be as rude to Bibi on Israeli soil as he was to the Prime Minister on Netanyahu's earlier visit to the White House. The pompous president must have learned from that egregious mistake. 

No, nothing mean-spirited is expected to emerge from the talks; but as far as Iran is concerned you can bet that the emissary from Pennsylvania Avenue will play the same game as the mullahs in Teheran. 

The name of Obama's game can be summarized with three little words -- stall, stall, stall. 

A president who treats the Muslim world with the worst kind of obsequiousness will insist that Israel wait-wait-wait for more sanctions to work.

Already Obama has stated that Iran is a good "year away" from developing a nuclear warhead; as if he really knows. And based on the endless errors committed by American intelligence, any Israeli leader who believes this American president is sadly mistaken; and I don;'t mean maybe either.

The endless stall has been part and parcel of Obama strategy since the Democrat took office and nothing tangible that he's done would suggest that he'll meaningfully help Israel. In fact, all he will do is mouth his cheery homily -- "I have Israel's back" -- while simultaneously stabbing it in the back by appointing cabinet members who blatantly denigrate the Zionist cause.

If Obama really cared about Jews of the Middle East he'd pay less attention to his Arab-loving advisors and more to what the creation of Israel was all about. In advance of Obama's visit, Israel Hayom columnist Dror Eydar issued a cogent message to the White House.

"The truth," Eydar writes, "is that the Jewish people have come back home. We did not come back because of the Holocaust, but because of the ethos on which we were brought  up over many generations. To come back home means primarily to come back to Jerusalem and to the mountain ridge in Judea and Samaria where we transformed from a nomad society to a nation even before a king ruled in Israel and before David entered Jerusalem.

"That is the document of our identity, the identity that was stolen from us by the Arabs of the region."

Obama should tread carefully. Should the issue of Israel-Arab peace surface in the talks, beware Obama, beware: There already is an automatic dead end, established by Abbas. 

Eydar: "The Palestinians have never agreed to share the land. Doing so would be tantamount to recognizing the Jewish people's right to the land. -- at least that part still in its possession."

A two-state solution?

Humbug. Abbas long ago closed the door on that issue at least a dozen times asserting that he would never recognize Israel for what it truly is; the Jewish people's national home."

Forget Palestine. The front-and-center subject must be Iran and you can bet your bottom shekel that Uncle Sam's leader will urge patience which is Obama's way of saying appease, appease, appease.

The poor, misinformed man knows no other way!

Friday, March 15, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians!

Today, people downright hate my country and my people, and as I see it, they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking it to make peace, they are asking an 80% majority population to commit National Suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take a majority Jewish country and turn it into another minority ruled Arab country?

Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards this Jewish nation. 

Those who hate Israel and stand against the Jewish Nation never take the time to ask themselves why they want, or feel it is right to deny the Israeli people, who have fought so hard to protect their homes, families and lives, their right to emancipation! 

Why? Cause those who wish to deny Israel its right to exist do so based on the same principles and arguments the Klu Klux Klan used to deny African American their rights in the South of the United States and the Nazi’s used to over power all of Europe and KILL six million Jews. 

Israel our nation we built it from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens. 

We are not the ones who are wrong!

Some of the most vociferous of my country’s haters are the people of Europe. 

The people calling my country an Apartheid State are descendants of those who carried out some of the worst atrocities our world has seen.  From the Spanish Inquisition, to the rape and pillage of North America, Africa and vast areas of the Pacific, as well as the Holocaust.

How do these people who bear the heritage of so much cruelty in history, and are still occupying territories in the Falklands, Guadeloupe and etc.,  think they have the right to condemn my country for defending itself?

For that matter, since when has it become wrong for a nation to defend its civilians? 
Israel and Israelis have always wanted peace. We have demonstrated that on numerous occasions. 

Why must we go beyond what all other nations would offer for peace? Why must we get less in return for the land we give up than America got from Japan?

What will the world say when the Palestinians attack Israel after it has returned what is rightfully Israel’s thanks to the Balfour Declaration and international law?

Israelis love their country; they celebrate it all the time and no one has the right to tell them they are wrong for loving their freedom, loving their nation, loving what they have built through the most difficult conditions!

So if Anti-Semitism is the true root cause of all this Israel bashing, hating and delegitimizing, what can we as Israelis do?

We can only do what we have always done, from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, to the Babylonian captivity and the Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and European occupations of our land. 

We must fight the just battle and show the world that we, the Jews and the Israeli nation, will not lie down and sacrifice ourselves for their ingrained anti-Semitism. 


Cause this fight is about the freedom and safety for the future generations of the Jewish Nation! 

We must fight back, protect what we have built and never give up our just right to maintain our own self-determination and freedom.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Sig Demling

One could not even dignify him with the name of stuffed shirt. He was simply a hole in the air. GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950).  English novelist and essayist, on Britain's Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin

You can do one of two things with the above quote:

1. Substitute the name Barack Obama for the "He."

2. Re-write -- and update -- the quote to read, "Obama is simply a pain in Israel's tooches."

Either way, while the American president's upcoming visit to the Holy Land is being lauded in some Jerusalem leftist circles as the second coming of a Messiah, the reality is otherwise.

Change Messiah to simply read Mess.

The say-everything-do-nothing president will deliver to Israelis nothing more than applesauce although more candid observers might go so far as to call it bullshit.

Really, what's he going to tell Benjamin Netanyahu that the Prime Minister really wants to hear? Nada. Or, if you prefer a word from the Old Country, gournished.

* SYRIA: These days it's difficult to discern which side is more of a threat to Israel, the wobbly Assad government or the rowdy rebels which are peopled with more Israeli-haters than the Damascus government ever produced.
Either way, you can bet your bottom matzoh that Obama will do less than nothing more than walk the fence on the Syrian issue. Don't even think that he'll do anything tangible -- how about this for a Navy Seals rescue operation -- to support the kidnapped United Nations truce team.

* EGYPT: Ever since Uncle Sam's chief executive tossed Hosni Mubarak under the Cairo bus, the political engine from Alexandria to the Aswan High Dam has done a tail spin into chaos beyond redemption. With his well-concealed love of the Muslims, Obama will continue to support the horrendously anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood while the MB's continue raking in America's billions. Ergo; another strike three on the Pennsylvania Avenue diamond.

* IRAN: The White House will treat Tehran's nuclear ambitions as if the ayatollahs are playing with a five-buck Gilbert chemistry set instead of being hellbent on producing a bomb dedicated to killing as many millions of Jews as possible. Obama will chirp about the need for patience so that the unworkable sanctions can work. If there were an award for High-End Bullshitting, the dancing president would get it for his handling of Iran. 

`* PEACE TALKS: Already we're being told that the only way Israel can gain security is by submitting to peace talks with the Palestinians. But at his most recent meeting with hand-picked Jewish leaders, Obama was told by Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Institute that as long as Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are oceans apart, any peace talks will have the substance of cotton candy. And, furthermore, anyone with a dose of reality knows that peace with the West Bank fakers or -- worse -- Hamas will do nothing to secure Israel from Iranian threats.

Not surprisingly, Bibi won't beat around the bush. He'll tell Obama that it's useless to put up with the Iranian stall.

" Diplomacy has not worked," the Prime Minister correctly declares. "Iran ignores all these offers. It is running out the clock. It has used negotiations to buy time to press ahead with its nuclear program. The sanctions have not stopped the nuclear program either. Iran enriches more and more uranium. It installs faster and faster centrifuges."

You can bet that Obama will try to force Netanyahu to erase the red line Bibi drew at the United Nations last September. The president knows that Iran is getting closer to that line but he lacks the guts to challenge the mullahs head on and demand that they halt their nuclear enterprise under threat of military force. Netanyahu has the answer -- a military attack.

"Sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if diplomacy and sanctions fail," the PM insists. "Israel must always be able to defend itself by itself against any threat to its existence. The Jewish people know the cost of being defenseless against those who would exterminate us. We will never let that happen again."

I'm sorry to say but the political reality is that Obama will not deliver; Israel will have to take military action against Iran alone!

The only ones to benefit from Obama's visit are the mullahs and those who covet a photo opportunity. 

No more, no less.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


By Simon Fischler
I love you, Liberal Muhammad, you’re my boy for life.
Dude, your attitude towards women is amazing! You truly are the gold standard of chauvinism!
Liberal Muhammad, I love you because you’re not embarrassed to say, “Hey I need 50 spouses to run my house, and if one of them steps out of line I’ll have the family stone her!”
I love you, Liberal Muhammad, because in Saudi Arabia you say “Woman, you’re too stupid to drive a car, so my buddies and I will make certain it stays illegal for you, don’t you know?”
Liberal Muhammad, you made it illegal for women to leave the house by themselves in Saudi Arabia. Right on! More power to you, Liberal Muhammad!
If your sister does not marry whom you tell her to, or if there is a girl you want who has rejected you, it’s no problem for you to sneak right up on her and throw acid in her face then run away  … like a real man. ‘Cause that’s how you run things, my boy Liberal Muhammad!
Your attitude towards Gays is so forward thinking: DEAD; end of story! Not just dead, but dead like I’m going to drag your ass into the town square, burry you up to your head, then stone your ass to death: That’s how you do it, Liberal Muhammad, and the Twenty-First Century be damned!
Your attitude towards nonbelievers is stellar and simple: follow Islam or I cut your head off! I wish I could be that way with my neighbors sometimes, or I wish my nation could be that way with its neighbors: You don’t like my wall, I’ll cut your fricken head off!
You know what else is so cool about you, Liberal Muhammad? When you make a mistake, you don’t take responsibility: NO WAY; blame the Jews; or blame Jewy America. If that doesn’t work, you either burn an Israeli embassy or American embassy to the ground.
I love the magic you weave: look at the great invention you’ve come up with --  Islamophobia.
Your petrol dollars came in handy buying academics and the media to create this asinine idea called Islamophobia. What a joke, but you got the billions to make believers out of the sheep and that is why I love you!
You know better than anyone, Liberal Muhammad, why people fear you and it is not Islamophobia. It must be about the fact that you have no problem flying commercial airliners into civilian buildings and killing three thousand people in one fell swoop.
It’s not phobia; it’s justifiable fear.
People fear you because if someone draws a cartoon about you and you don’t like it, you’ll go on a million strong rampage, killing everyone who doesn’t believe in what you believe. Pow, pow: right to the point; that’s you, Liberal Muhammad!
Or lets look at how you invented a whole nation, then hoodwinked and bamboozled the world into backing it.
Before the twentieth century there was NO nation of Palestinians.
When you lost your colonial grip on Israel, you put all those billions of Arabian, Islamic, ozone-destroying petrol dollars into creating another nation by flooding Israel with Syrian and Arabian Arabs.
Then you borrowed the Roman name Palestinia and poof: here are the Palestinians!
This canard you have invented has fooled a good portion of the world. Today people who think they are fighting against colonialism are attempting to steal national emancipation from arguably the oldest nation in the world, The Jewish Nation.
You are brilliant. 
Let me give you a high five on that one, Liberal Muhammad.  You managed to buy off the world with the dirtiest of dirty petrol dollars and sell them colonialism disguised as Liberal/Academia!
That’s impressive. But what is more impressive is how you have made anti-Semitism the new, cool fade with your Petrol Dollars, THAT’S MY BOY, LIBERAL MUHAMMAD; AWESOME!
I mean, how did you convince all of those self-hating Jewish gays and lesbians to espouse the belief that Israel’s liberal attitude and practices toward gays/lesbians is actually PHONY? You’ve magically made these supposedly intelligent anti-semitic semites believe that the Israeli government is only permissive toward homosexuality to distract the world from its crimes against Palestinians!  Way to go, Lib MU!
You have done such an amazing job of buying and therefore rewriting history that you have totally disguised your explicit part in the African Slave Trade. After all, it was you who colonized North Africa, stole the land from Africans. And it was you, Liberal Muhammad, who sold Africans to your Blood Brothers – WHITE (and all too soon to be NAZI) EUROPEANS!
Man, Liberal Muhammad, you are the best. You bring so much good to this world: suicide bombings on a daily basis; using children as human shields; butchering women and minority sects.
There’s just one wee problem, my boy Lib MU: your “language of peace” is more like the language of a piece of crap!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


By Simon Fischler

I LOVE my adopted home, Israel.

When I decided twelve years ago to make Israel my home, many thought I was crazy.

Yes , I was doing something totally out of the box by making this move from New York to Israel. But I have never regretted the choice of making Aliya (immigrating to Israel).

Israel is a country of wonder.

Israel's beautiful scenery, multi-cultured society and democratic freedom make her amazing, and as the Jewish State she is totally unique.

The history is enough to blow a solid adventurer’s mind away.

Archaeological sites from the mountain fortresses of Masada, Gamla and Nimrod’s “castle,” to the Western Wall of Jerusalem and ancient “Tels” scattered throughout the country are awe-inspiring.

It seems every time a shovel goes into the ground to build a new structure, the remains of an ancient one appear.

Today all the marvels and wonders of Israel that comprise but a portion of its greatness are suppressed.

Sadly, my country has been forced to fight for more than six decades for its survival, against Colonialist Arab states that have made it their mission to destroy Israel and deny its right to exist.

Since birth Israel has been treated as a nation Ghetto. We have fought wars; now we have tried to fight for peace with these same Arab states, but to no avail.

A smear campaign that denies the Jewish nation’s right to self-determination is being waged.

Not since World War 2 Europe has such academic and political anti-Semitism been so acceptable, now it is disguised in the form of anti-Israelism!

Just last week the Prime Minister of Turkey, the nation that committed the first Holocaust of the Twentieth Century when they killed one million Armenians and Greeks, had the nerve to say Zionism is a crime against Humanity! This is the leader of the same nation that has been occupying Northern Cyprus since 1974 and Kurdistan since the end of World War One!

Zionism came into being during the Maccabean fight for freedom against Greco/Assyrian occupation.

Let's be clear, Zionism as the movement for Jewish National freedom has been around for thousands of years. It is and has always been the movement for Jewish Freedom and Emancipation in the land of Israel.

This national movement has spanned centuries, was around before Christianity, Islam, Anarchism, Feminism, Communism, Capitalism and most European Nations! No one, no matter how they want to re-write history can take that away from THE JEWISH NATION!

But, instead of recognizing Israel for her beauty, her freedoms, her multi-cultured, anti-apartheid society, many will try to beguile you with anti-Semitism disguised as "criticism".

These people do not respect Israel’s intense, democratic institutions, no matter how obvious the facts.

No, these people do not wish to see all that Israelis have built through their ingenuity.

Yes, our country is physically beautiful, but so are the citizens of Israel.

This is what bothers me more than anything!

We Israelis want peace; we have done way too much to attain it; yet this horrible smear campaign -- not simply directed at our government --is now directed at us, the people of Israel.

We are portrayed as a people who love occupying the Palestinians, when in reality it is the Palestinians who love being occupied and have rejected statehood on numerous occasions!

It is Israelis who created the Oslo Accords.

It is Israelis who voted in Ehud Barak in the late Nineties, in the hope of reaching a final peace accord.

How many nations would be willing to endure constant wars from both the Arab world and the Palestinians Arabs and still be willing to sacrifice for peace? None! History has proven it!

The majority of Israelis were ready and willing to give the Palestinians the HEARTLAND (Judea and Samaria) of Jewish history, just to reach peace between our nations.

The Palestinians and the leadership rejected this! They were too focused on destroying Israel, colonizing it and stealing freedom and emancipation from the Jewish Nation!

Do not believe the lies; please disregard the falsehoods about Israel. Do not be bamboozled by those who seek to trick you with venomous deceit.

If you want to know and understand Israel, come visit her. Come see our vibrant, beautiful, free and democratic country.