Monday, December 31, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Just recently I had the pleasure of eating dinner in the Armenian Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem. 

Twelve years ago I had found the Armenian Tavern in the quarter and experienced one of the best meals of my life. 

Then the Tavern was actually owned by Armenians. 

Today I am sorry to say it is not the same.

Like in so many places in Jerusalem and Israel, Arabs have bought the Armenian Tavern. This is a stark reminder of how the Arabs are attempting to buy up Israel with Saudi oil money. 

They have kept the Armenian Tavern looking the same but the atmosphere is as fake as the Arab claim to the land of Israel. 

Our young, very gay, very white and blue-eyed waiter had a tattoo of a key on his arm. 

After announcing that he was not Armenian but Arab, he proceeded to tell me the key was to his grandfather’s home and was a long story I would not understand. 

I guess because I spoke Hebrew to him he knew I was an Israeli Jew. 

The arrogance of this child was sickening; at first I felt like pointing out how lucky he was to be living in Israel. 

It is a FACT that homosexuality is more accepted in Israel (i.e., open gays serve in the IDF without a word) than in America (where they’ve been fighting for years just to admit that there were gays in the US armed forces). 

Another FACT: if he had been born and raised in either the West Bank or Gaza Strip, he would have been dead ages ago, thanks to his sexual orientation. 

Although he and the rest of the Arabs posing as Armenians had done a fair job of ruining my meal, I was not going to let them totally destroy it by dragging me into an argument.

What this child does not understand is that I also posses a key to a house and that key trumps his! 

That’s right: in my possession is the key to my great-grandfather’s home; my great, great-grandfather’s home and also to my great, great, great-grandfather’s home. 

In fact I posses a family key that dates all the way back to the first Kingdom of Israel. 

This key has stayed with me through Ancient Greek tyranny, Babylonian tyranny, Assyrian tyranny, Roman Tyranny, Arab and Muslim Tyranny, Crusader Tyranny, again Arab and Muslim colonial tyranny and finally modern European tyranny. 

In every case the colonialist empires and peoples named above have tried to wrest that key from my hand and to wring it out of my blood; in all cases they have failed. 

From building mosques on my nation’s Temple Mount to creating imaginary peoples and places, these groups have done everything to steal my key. 

They have and will always fail! 

This key to my home is not just physical, nor is it imprinted on my skin. I do not need something that simplistic or materialistic to retain this eternal key. 

No, the key to the Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish and Israeli nation is much deeper than that: it is in my GENES. 

This key of mine was in my DNA long before the Arab nation swept in violent conquest out of the sand dunes in which they had been born. 

This key, my key, the Jewish Nation’s Key supersedes all other keys to the land and is locked in our name, our hearts, our souls.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Anti-Semitism is possibly the oldest form of Racism this world knows.

From the Greco-Roman world until today almost every generation in the line of humankind has hated the Jews.

Anti-Semites will tell you that they must be right about the Jews; after all so many people for so many generations have hated and attempted to destroy the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation.

On the other hand, White Europeans and Arab Semites used to think Black Africans were sub-human and therefore it was acceptable to sell them like animals. 

Remember, a majority of people also used to think the world was flat.

My point is simple: anti-Semitism has been around since humans have been writing their own history. 

It’s an insidious disease infecting much of the human race, although concentrated in Europe, the American South (with pockets in the West and Midwest), all majority-Arab/Muslim countries (including those on the African continent) and Muslim Asia.

The acute irony – no, tragedy – is that anti-Semitism is almost completely a product of the two faiths which have developed from Judaism, and are, in effect, its children: Christianity and Islam.

Sadly, after an all-too-brief period of being politically incorrect, anti-Semitism is on a rapid rise the world over. 

This ugly monster is alive and thriving again in Europe, where less then a century ago SIX MILLION JEWS were killed in the Shoah.

White Europe has always had a problem with the Jewish Nation. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans created what we know as anti-Semitism today, because we stubborn Jews refused their sophisticated cultures. 

To them we were a backwards people, believing in this ridiculous one G-d. we were to be laughed at and despised for our ignorance.

Today’s anti-Semitism has taken a new form and its main target is the Jewish Nation State, Israel.

The anti-Semites of the world spent many hundreds of years attempting to destroy us because we were the Nation that killed Jesus.

 Now they have decided we are not a nation and therefor do not deserve self-determination.

And despite all the genetic tests and DNA tests that point to the fact Jews are a distinct people who share similar genetics, still todays anti-Semites would like too take that away from us, ignoring the truths of history.

Fact: The Jewish Nation and Jewish Law governed over the land of Israel long before there were Arabs here, before Mohammad was born and before anything called Islam existed.

Fact: the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron was built by the JEWISH King Herod, and is the only fully intact Herodian structure.

Fact: what is called the Al Aksa Mosque was built on the TEMPLE MOUNT, an act of desecration carried out by Colonialist Arab Muslims.

Littered all over the Land of Israel are archaeological sites of HEBREW, ISRAELITE and JEWISH history.

The JEWISH province of JUDEA (Where the name JEW comes from), with its capital of JERUSALEM (Note, Jerusalem is a Hebrew word) was a prominent Roman client state until the final revolt and destruction of the Temple -- long before the were was a name Palestine or a people called Palestinian!

Yet somehow the Jewish Nation does not deserve to have self-determination in its historical homeland? 

That type of thinking only lives in the mind of an ANTI-SEMITE!

Broadcasting the fact above is the first step in reversing the delegitimization of Israel. It is time for Israeli diplomats to call the one sided pro-Arab politics of Europe and the United Nations what it is, Anti-Semitism! 

Monday, December 24, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Peace on earth -- good will to all men.

You hear it everywhere; see it everywhere in places where Christmas is celebrated.

The themes -- peace and good will -- are wonderful except when you check out the Arab Spring. 

Try the following check list and you'll see what I mean: 

* EGYPT: President Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has hijacked the country. All you have to do is check out the protests against the government that have been occurring on a regular basis. Some peace. Some good will as they battle over new constitution that a good chunk of the nation detests.

* LEBANON: Hezbollah continues its rocket build-up while its phantom bossman, Nasrallah, plays hide-and-seek with the civilized world. His explosives -- and promise to use them -- promise neither peace nor good will.

* SYRIA: It's difficult to choose between evils. Which is worse; Assad's forces who daily mow down the opposition? Or the opposition which has been annexed by Al Qaeda? Check out 9/11 for Al Qaeda's version of peace and good will. President Bashar al-Assad is a bad, bad, baaaad guy but it's quite conceivable that his foes may be just as evil and possibly even worse.

* GAZA: Hamas pleaded for a cease fire because its terrorist forces were being pummeled by the Israeli Air Force and the IDF was about to invade the Arab sanctuary and once and for all de-militarize the Strip. Meanwhile Hamas leaders continue to spew hatred at Israel and issue threats to take over the Jewish state. No matter how you translate them, Hamas messages are neither of peace nor good will.

* WEST BANK ARABS: Abbas & Company want to talk peace, but only on their terms.  Most recently they have broken the Oslo Accords and politically are on a treadmill to oblivion. When Abbas has nothing better to do he threatens to disband the PA. His main concern should be -- and likely is -- that Hamas eventually will do in Judea and Samaria what it did to Gaza. All that will save Abbas is Israel yet he preaches neither peace nor good will toward the Middle East's only genuine democracy. 

* THE EUROPEAN UNION: Building apartment buildings and other homes that do not include guns nor rocket-launchers should not bother any so-called peacemakers as the EU likes to think of itself. But when Hamas and Hezbollah build rockets and hide the launchers in civilian dwellings, the EU ignores such in the manner of human ostriches. But when Israel wants to build peaceful apartments peacefully, the EU acts as if nuclear warheads are being constructed in every other Jerusalem room. Thus, the EU's concept of peace and good will is about as straight arrow as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

* IRAN: As the mullahs merrily roll along constructing a world-threatening nuclear powerhouse, the world reacts with political counterpunches that have the power of cleansing tissues. While Tehran's leaders continually threaten to wipe Israel off the map, Uncle Sam, John Bull and the rest of the world works themselves into a giant snit over peaceful dwellings being built by peaceful Jews. It seems as if the peace and good will is unevenly distributed, doesn't it?

* WASHINGTON: President Obama had no choice but to support Israel's answer to Hamas as well as reject the Abbas United Nations charade. But the President's rejection of Jews building houses for Jews sounds roughly equivalent to the Klu Klux Klan rejecting the idea of African-Americans building homes in white neighborhoods. Why would any one object to a home built peacefully and with good will whether it's in Mississippi, Jerusalem or Ramallah? If Obama truly "has Israeli's back," that should include the front of the apartments and the back of Jewish apartments wherever they shall be; even if they're in Gaza or Lebanon.

You get the point; peace on earth and good will to all men is a noble precept ignobly applied. 

Nothing could be more ignoble than the manner in which the United Nations, the European Union, Obama's Washington and the Arab world have continually ganged up on Israel in virtually every political forum for decades. 

Therefore, when it comes to supporting "peace and good will," Benjamin Netanyahu must support one -- and only one -- policy. 

He must fight to ensure that Israelis enjoy peace even at the expense of forfeiting the "good will" of the EU, UN, US and others who have forsaken fair play to win the support of Arab oil.

In conclusion, if you're wondering how peace and good will work in the Arab Spring, check out the casualty figures in Syria on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

While out riding my bike on a blisteringly cold Israeli day, I had a realization. 

I guess pushing one’s body has a tendency to make us see things more clearly. 

I realized the Palestinians really are an occupied people, just as they and their misguided supporters claim.

In fact the Palestinian occupation has existed long before the Six Day War. 

In the early 20th Century -- about twenty to thirty years after the MODERN birth of Zionism, the “SYRIAN ARABS” that like to call themselves today  “The Palestinians” found their “OCCUPATION”.

Yes, the “Palestinian Nation” has been occupied; occupied with condemning and denying Jewish emancipation and self-determination. 

This, in a land that belonged to “Israelites” long before there was an illiterate, upstart, Arab warrior named Mohammed. 

The “Palestinian Nation” has made it their job to hate Jews and Israel. 

Their failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish nation/state is the unadulterated proof of their hatred and racism. 

This “occupation” that consumes the Palestinians so completely has caused them to turn their backs on their own statehood, normalization of their society and peace with Israel.

What consumes these allegedly “occupied” Palestinians is a political policy so ripe with HATRED AND RACISM TOWARDS JEWS that it could be picked straight from a tree!

This occupation does not just cover the Palestinians; it has moved like a virus to other fanatics of the world. 

You see fanatics have always had it out for the Jews and their aspirations of freedom and self-determination.

It makes no difference what fanatics you’re talking about: the extreme left and even the not so fanatical left; right wing fascists; Neo-Nazis; Islamists; Insane Third World dictators, all of them have made it their policy to hate Israel and blame the Jews. 

The fanatics and the Occupied (with destroying Israel) Palestinians have bamboozled the world with the asinine notion that Israel, the only existing liberal democracy in the entire Middle East, is oppressing the Palestinians.

In fact it has always been the Arabs oppressing Jewsin the Land of Israel and all the other native peoples of the Levant and North Africa; remember Arabs, FROM the ARABIAN PENINSULA! 

These are the same oppressed ARAB/Palestinians who have rejected peace and compromise since the UN LEGALLY decided to partition the British-ruled Mandate of Eretz Israel into two nations – a Jewish Nation State, now called Israel; the other, Arab or Palestine. 

These are the same Arab/Palestinians who rejected peace in 1967 at the Khartoum summit, after all the Palestinian nation was occupied; occupied, that is, with destroying Israel.

These are the same Palestinians who perpetuated their own occupation by rejecting statehood and peace in 2000; opting yet again for another skirmish with Israel. 

These are the same Palestinians who continued their occupation even after Israel UNILATERALLY uprooted her towns in the Gaza strip.

These are the same helpless, occupied Palestinians who value rockets and hopefully killing Jews above peace, stability, food and other goods.

A poll just taken recently shows that 88% of the Arabs/Palestinians think that armed conflict is the solution to their problem! 




by Simon Fischler 

Peace is an interesting term when dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict, mostly because it asks everyone involved in the process or living in the area in question to take history and toss it out the window.

I want peace, for my children, for myself, for my fellow citizens and I even want peace for the Palestinians. However, I do not want peace at any price, especially not at the price of committing national suicide. 

I know the majority of Israelis feel the same. I know a majority of us are also willing to make great compromises for true peace.

Attaining peace in this conflict is far simpler than people make it out to be. It takes the recognition of both nations’ (Jewish and Arab) right to exist here. 

Israel has gone to great pains to express this and recognize this. The Arabs have not.

Prime Ministers of Israel from Itzhak Rabin to Benjamin Netenyahu have all said that a final peace agreement would lead to the creation of a Palestinian (i.e., Arab/Muslim) state. 

NOT ONE PALESTINIAN leader has ever been, or is now ready to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. There lame excuses for why they can’t do this are not acceptable! 

This creates an absolute impasse that has existed since the State of Israel came into being and tragically has never altered.

Thus, how can Israelis be asked again to compromise, when we are always met with propaganda, rhetoric, lies and absolute intransigence on the subject of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state? 

Why in the world should Israelis support peace, when the side we are supposed to be making peace with is doing all they can to delegitimize the nation we have created and worked and fought so hard to protect? 

Why should we endanger ourselves when the other side is so unwilling to take that one simple step? 

The pro-Palestinian side always says that Yassar Arafat could never have accepted the compromise given to him at Camp David and later on at the Taba negotiations for fear of assassination. 

That means Arafat could not accept the realization of Statehood for the Palestinian nation in simple return for recognizing Israel as the Jewish State. 

What it really is simple, the Arabs would rather destroy Jewish self-determination than have their own state! 

The pro-Palestinian advocates always seem to forget that Israeli Prime Minster Itzhak Rabin took that same chance Arafat was not ready too take and he paid for it with his life, as did Anwar Sadat of Egypt. 

Revisionists will try to distort what has happened. They will say Arafat did not get enough. 

In one way they are right. Arafat was not capable of getting Ehud Barak to dismantle Israel by accepting the made up Palestinian right of return!  

History is there to remind us that no one ever gets exactly what he really wants. 

The Yishuv (pre-Israel Jewish leadership in mandate Palestine) wanted far more land than was given to them when the United Nations partitioned the British Mandate of Eretz Israel. 

David Ben Gurion did what the Palestinians still have not learned to do. He compromised and did what was BEST for his PEOPLE.

If the Palestinians truly wanted a state they could have already had one on numerous occasions. 

It has gotten to the point where one must admit all signs point to the fact that the Palestinians don’t really want this state they supposedly crave so much. 

It is better for them to lie to the world and play the role of the not-so-innocent victim! 

If Barack Obama, the EU and the UN really want peace for our region, then there is a simple way of getting it: make the Arabs finally take responsibility for their actions.

Make the Arabs take responsibility for turning their back on Partition!

Make them take responsibility for starting the war that has lead to so many wars! 

Make them take responsibility for stealing the money that was given to them by the US and the EU for building the foundations of a state and using it to buy weapons to be used against Israeli citizens! 

Make them take responsibility for saying NO to peace and statehood at Camp David and Taba. 

Make them take responsibility for putting another thorn in the side of peace by sponsoring the Anti-Israel camp currently attempting to delegitimize Israel with slander and falsehoods. 


As I said, I want peace, almost everyone does, but we Israelis will never, ever give up our right to self-determination, statehood or the nation that we have built and to the achievements we have created through OUR OWN HARD WORK!  

Monday, December 17, 2012


By Sig Demling

Guess what? 

When it comes to fair and correct coverage of Israel, The New York Times has erred yet again.

And if you don't believe me, check out its "Corrections" column in the Saturday (Dec. 15)  edition.

Like so many who previously have covered The Jewish State for the alleged "newspaper of record," the Times'  Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren, betrays an anti-Israel prejudice in her works. 

In this particular case, Rudoren goofed when reporting on E-1 plans and the effect it would have on the area the Arabs mistakenly call Palestine; which we know is a poorly-contrived Muslim depiction of Judea and Samaria.

As the Times' lady put it in an article which appeared in its December 2 edition, E-1 plans preclude a contiguous "Palestine." 

Caught in its blunder the NYT either had to back up its reporter's claim or face the facts and the facts amply demonstrate that E-1 plans do not preclude a contiguous "Palestine."

Thus, after examining the blunder the correction appeared a good thirteen days later and like virtually every Times'  correction it was buried -- as opposed to the original, erroneous story -- virtually out of sight for the regular reader.

What's more, the manner in which the correction appears minimizes its effectiveness. Cleverly, the paper notes that Rodoren "described imprecisely" the effect of the E-1 development. Note the word, imprecisely, which is about as subtle a way of saying that Jodi just plain blew it as any spin doctor could weave. 

Now if I was talking about an isolated error, it hardly would merit a column when there are so many other hot-button topics to press but this error of the press demands attention because it has become so chronic that a book actually has just been published on the subject. And we can thank the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) for that.

The 97-page book, essentially co-authored by Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini, CAMERA'S Senior Research Analysts, is titled: INDICTING ISRAEL -- New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. 

Covering the July 1-December 31, 2011 period, the study focuses on every facet of the newspaper's editorial tilt in favor of the Arabs.

"Only one side's (Arab's) concerns are promoted in The Times," the analysis correctly concludes, "while the opposing side (Israel) is marginalized. More exposure for a viewpoint gives it more influence.

"By force of repetition, then, the Palestinian narrative that indicts Israel for the conflict becomes more familiar to, and as a result, more accepted by readers of the New York Times."

Those of us who once revered The Times -- before we shed our naivete and knew better -- have found it to be disgracefully partisan and unprofessional in its coverage of the Jewish state. The book, INDICTING ISRAEL, fortifies its anti-Times theme over and over again with charts that include, "Passages Criticizing Israel -- Overall. 

Matching anti-Israel rants against criticism of Palestinians, a graph on Page 13 indicates twice as much criticism of the Middle East's only genuine democracy as compared with criticism of Palestinians.

CAMERA: "Of the 275 passages of criticism, 30 were leveled by the reporters themselves, who also faulted Israel in their own voices more than twice as often as they did the Palestinians. The Times double-standard becomes clear when focusing on specific topics such as peace talks and other subtopics. The double-standard becomes even starker when looking at the raw numbers."

When Palestinians reject co-existence The Times ignores the story. Not to mention the following classic examples of what can only be described as virulently anti-Israel coverage.

* NO TIMES COVERAGE of PLO diplomat Maen Rashid Areikat stating that "absolutely" no Jews could remain in a Palestinian state.

* NO TIMES COVERAGE of Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki stating that the Arabs should keep to themselves, their theme, "We want to wipe Israel out."

I could go on and on with chapters and verses. My suggestion: get CAMERA'S book, INDICTING ISRAEL.

Equally important, consider the sage advice provided by the group.

"If you're looking for biased coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict," CAMERA concludes, "keep reading The Times. Otherwise, go elsewhere!"

Jodi Rudoren is merely the latest Times reporter to prove that CAMERA has the once-newspaper-of-record right in its journalistic cross-hairs!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Depending on your sense of humor, there are a lot of funny people in and out of the world of politics.

And when it comes to the Arabs and the United Nations, there is some humor there, too. 

You know the story, Arabs come to the UN; they've got all the oil money; they bribe enough European and Third World Countries and they get their foot in the corrupt door on First Avenue, Manhattan. 

Really, there's a joke there and it starts with the fact that Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas want to create a country called Palestine.

Trouble is, those who know history realize that  "Palestine" has been associated with Jews since the Earth had crust. 

Some people with brains and a sense of the past are offended that Arabs are annexing the term Palestine and want to create a country with that name. 

Among the folks who are amused over that is the comedian Dennis Miller. 

"They (the Arabs) want their own country?" wonders Miller. "Well, they could have had their own country. Remember Camp David? What the Arabs really want is a big pile of dead Jews and mostly Israel."

That, essentially, is what other Arab propagandists mean when they rail about a country that they're not going to get because it's really Judea and Samaria and it's going to stay that way. 

Like so many other friends of Israel, the comic Miller is offended at the thought of Arabs expropriating the name Palestine or, as it were, "Palestinians." 

Miller sagely notes that Gaza once was part of Egypt and that the West Bank belonged to Jordan or Trans-Jordan as the British once named it after World War I. 

"There are no 'Palestinians,'" explains Miller. "it's a made-up word."

Well, if it is -- and you bet it is -- a made-up word, the question then has to be answered: what can these Arabs with evil designs on the West Bank recalled be called? 

Miller: "They really should be known as 'Other Arabs Who Can't Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death.'" 


Nah, that's 'way, 'way too long. Can't use that.

"Okay," Miller concludes, "we'll call them 'Ancient Jew Haters!'" 

Which precisely identifies Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas and Nabil Shaath whose primarily life's goal is dedicated to the erasure of Israel.

Feeling his oats these days, Abbas is talking about resuming peace talks with Benjamin Netanyahu. Needless to say the Arab would come armed with so many pre-conditions that it would be tantamount to having Israel's Prime Minister tie his shoelaces with both arms tied behind his back. 

All of which means that Israel must confront the political reality head-on. As Israeli statesman and former ambassador Dore Gold points out, Israel's challenge demands a diplomatic change; forget about trying to make negotiations with the Arabs work.

"If in the past," Gold writes in Israel Hayom, "there has been an Israeli reluctance to spell out explicitly what Israel's territorial requirements for its security are, that all will now have to change."

Those such as the Brits and French, who have blatantly turned their backs on Israel, will have to understand the facts on the ground; not only in Judea and Samaria but in London, Paris, Stockholm, Malmo and other European cities infested with militant Islamics. 

Speaking of those holier than thou European Union politicians, Dror Eydar puts them right in their place with an excellent commentary, also in Israel Hayom:  "You (EU critics of Israel) presume to try to solve the conflict between us and the Muslim world," asserts Eydar, "but you can't even deal with the Muslim occupation of your own cities."

And anyone who has visited those cities can attest to the degeneration that has taken place since the Islamists arrived. What the Arabs have contributed to these countries which mistakenly welcomed them is equal to zero.

"They like to brag about their great history and culture," concludes Miller. "Well, the Arabs haven't given anything to the world since algebra."

Then, a pause: "And thanks a lot for that!"

Saturday, December 8, 2012


By Simon Fischler

While lighting the first Hanukkah candle with two my children last night I had a thought about this great holiday.

Hanukkah was the first recorded act of Zionism by the Jewish Nation.

We had lost our great kingdoms and had been invaded by the Assyrians. 

Now oppressed by the Hellenistic King Antiochus, we were forced to except a culture and religion that greatly contradicted the culture and traditions of the Jewish nation.

Our people, the Hebrews, Israelites or JEWS, under the leadership of the pragmatic fighters called the Maccabees rose up in OUR land, that is Israel, and defeated the imperialistic EUROPEAN client state run by the Seleucid Empire.

This piece of history is so very important for the Jewish Nation because it marks the first of many times throughout our history that the Jews have fought for their freedom and self-determination (this is what Zionism stands for) in Israel.

Hanukkah is testament to how long the Jews have been fighting to keep their little piece of land.

After losing our kingdoms, it was the Maccabee revolt that restored Jewish government to Israel in 140 BCE. 

This festival is also a reminder that we, the JEWS, have fought for our independence long before most other nations were even born.

During Hanukkah we remember our victory over an oppressive regime that did all it could to erase the laws and culture given to our nation.

The Jews and their nation state Israel are faced with many of the same problems that faced the Maccabees in their time.

Today our King Antiochus is a man called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

The President of Iran promises the destruction of the Jewish Nation; he calls for wiping Israel off of the world map. 

Ahmadinejad calls for genocide against the Jewish Nation. He is arming his clients in Lebanon and Gaza with weapons to be used against the civilian population of Israel.

The genocidal plans of Iran are not the only evil thoughts being directed toward Israel and the Jewish nation. 

Today we must also fight against the racist anti-Semites who wish to delegitimize Israel and rob the Jewish Nation of its freedom through crooked diplomacy, incitement and downright lies.

On the other hand I guess this holiday is a lesson for Israel’s enemies, too.

For all those who seek to destroy Israel and the Jewish Nation, either with warfare or diplomacy, you would be wise to remember the story of Hanukkah. 

Hanukkah is one example of how the greatest empires -- from the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arab Muslims, Nazi’s and Arab Nationalist -- have all attempted to steal our land and rob the history books of our place. 

The Romans went so far as to change the Name of Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina and Judea to Palestina.

What is so important about the story of Hanukkah is that we the Jewish Nation may have lost our freedom in our land for portions of time. We have been oppressed in our land, but we have always, eventually fought back and regained our freedom and self-determination in our land.

We must always remember this part of Hanukkah.


Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Sig Demling

It is evident -- judging by events of the past few weeks -- that what once might have been considered a double-standard regarding Israel and the international community -- is now a triple-standard.

Here's how it works: 

1. No matter how many pacts -- such as the Oslo Accords -- that the Arabs blatantly ignore, the so-called Palestinians receive a "bye" from the rest of the world leaders.

2. Any reasonable Israeli move, as in simply building housing for its citizens, instantly draws a furious rebuke from the man who likes to say that he "has Israel's back," Barack Obama.

3. While the Arabs in Syria massacre each other -- now in thousands of dead -- these acts have yet to produce the kind of intensive scorn that Benjamin Netanyahu has for his home-building program.

In other words constructing habitation for Jews is treated as a crime as heinous as mowing down Syrian after Syrian.

What has emerged as obvious as the sun rising in the East is the blatant anti-semitism that has gone public in Great Britain, France and other members of the European Union.

Should we be surprised? Of course not. England has been a haven for Jew-hating as far back as anyone can remember.

France -- anyone remember The Dreyfuss Affair? -- was as much a Holocaust-provider as Nazi Germany. And in some roundups of Jews, even worse.

Mahmoud Abbas has benefitted from such support because his Arab buddies have the oil; hence the dough; hence the clout. 

In the manner that Arab oil dough can buy American university chairs, that same Saudi Arabian money can purchase United Nations votes not to mention a nod from Uncle Sam. 

How dare Abbas condemn Israeli home-building when he demanded a construction moratorium as the price for peace talks with Israel? He obtained the moratorium from Bibi but never showed up for the talks.

Has the European Union forgot about the Arabs who signed the Oslo Accords and now disregard them? Has Obama suffered amnesia since Israel's Prime Minister -- against the wishes from many in his party -- granted the construction moratorium that got nothing but a rebuff from the Palestinians?

What's the real story? Freddy Eitan, director of the Israel-Europe Project at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has the answer.

"Three decades have passed of hearing the same old tune (about Israeli settlements), the same story with the same preaching of morality," writes Eitan in Israel Hayom. "And yet despite this, there are still countries in Europe like Britain and France, who control territories across the ocean that are thousands of miles away from their own capitals."

We know the truth and it's all about oil and the Muslims taking over many European countries including Sweden, France, England, et. al. Each of these European nations -- so quick to condemn the only sane democratic state in the Middle East -- is fearful of militant Islam and the terrorist attacks that have been part of the Arab modus operandi. Face it, the Europeans have been cowed by the Arabs.

Oil and terrorism work hand in glove as Islamic policy. The Europeans capitulate to the dictates of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among other countries which loathe Israel, because England, France and cohorts need oil. To them, morality -- friendship with Israel -- is trumped by gas.

That in a nutshell explains the Triple Standard.

Eitan: "When the Palestinians make a unilateral decision, as they did at the U.N. General Assembly, their initiative is seen as legitimate and is welcomed. But when the Jewish State builds new apartments in Jerusalem, its capital, or in a 'disputed' area, European condemnation is never long to follow. 

"They become irate and in their anger they threaten us. Lord have mercy, with recalling their ambassadors and with more severe sanctions. Is this logic not twisted? Isn't this hypocritical?. Doesn't it display a  basic lack of understanding about what is happening on a daily basis on the ground?"

Of course it does.

But when Israel is dealing with a Triple Standard against it, there's not much  Bibi can do but fight back by standing by Israel's principles and needs!


By Simon Fischler

Egypt is burning again. 

Lebanon is heading in the direction of its master next door Syria, that is civil war! 

Now, Baby Assad and the rest of his cancerous regime are arming or at least preparing to arm missiles with chemical weapons. 

AMERICA, do think your president still lacks time for Israel? 

Which country exactly do think will be able to remove this threat immediately? 

Will you America? NO! 

The European Union? Yeah right! 

How about Turkey? NO! 

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? Impossible for them! 

Maybe Cyprus? Just kidding!

Nope, as always there is only one country that can handle this job. 

There is only one country that has tediously gathered the precise information and has prepared numerous scenarios to get this job done right. 

There is only one country that can spare the Syrian people, Turkey and the world the sight of chemical weapons being used against civilians on a massive scale in the 21 st. century! 

This is the same country that thankfully destroyed the Al-Kabir nuclear reactor depriving the Fascist, Syrian regime nuclear weapons. This country is ISRAEL!

Soon the United Nations, The Arab League and all the European Union countries that voted for the acceptance of Palestine as a Non-Member Observer state , will be regretting that move! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
It is time for the Israeli political establishment to wake up, from left to right!
There is no peace with the Arabs; there never has been and never will be! 
The Palestinians are an invented national movement, created primarily to destroy Jewish historical rights and Jewish self-determination.
The Palestinian National Movement was spawned from the flames of fascism and anti-Semitism. 
The single purpose of this movement was – and is -- NOT the establishment of a Palestinian state, but the prevention (as in 1948, 1967, 1973, etc., etc.) of the establishment and/or the destruction of Israel the Jewish Nation State. 
It is high time for all Israelis to realize that not only is it not possible to make peace with an enemy who exists only only to destroy you, but it is essential that Israelis finally face the terrible truth that the whole bloody world basically does not like Israel. 
Although many will attempt to rationalize that this is not true, but that Israel is merely being judged a “bad guy”  because of West Bank settlements or building homes for Jews in Jerusalem. 
The simple truth is that the world is  -- and has always been -- anti-Semitic. The settlements, the alleged occupation or even the accusations of being an apartheid state are merely used as justifications for venting latent, simmering anti-Semitism. 
No other nation in this world has stayed together ethnically and culturally like Israel and the Jews. 
The nation Israel has accomplished this from antiquity in the face of constant attempts by world powers to destroy her. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Islam, European Crusaders -- all have attempted to erase and/or disperse the history and nation of Israel from the world map. 
Yet, Israel remains ... and will.  
There is only one thing the Jewish Nation can do if it wants to continue, to survive: we must fight our enemies with vengeance., 
It is time to tell world powers that since they have attempted to destroy the Jewish Nation since antiquity, she is prepared to use all means necessary to protect the nation state. 
We must have leaders ready to step up to the United Nations podium and toss diplomacy into the wind.
We need these leaders to be ready to pay the diplomatic price of PROTECTING ISRAEL.
England wants to recall its ambassador? Fine; they must be made aware in every media outlet the world over that England has no right to tell Israel where it can build homes, especially in Jerusalem.
England has never repented for the war crimes it committed against the budding Israeli State during its War of Independence. 
Nor should England dictate anything to Israel until it leaves the Falkland Islands and surrenders complete freedom to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.   
Our new diplomats need to tell the French and Spanish that they, too, have nothing to say to us if we decide to build homes for Jews in Jerusalem; especially not while the Basques are still occupied and fighting for their freedom! 
Israel must also open up the target bank! But what does this mean? 
Simply it means that if someone is actively fighting against Israel, whether it be as terrorists or as activists attempting to delegitimize Israel, it is open season on them! 
When it comes to the International Solidarity Movement and the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, they need to be taken out immediately. 
They are more dangerous than Hamas and Hezbollah! They need to fear, they need to know that if they attempt to hurt the Jewish Nation they will pay for it. Their activists need to be hunted down as actively and as adamantly as those of Hamas and Hezbollah are. 
ISRAEL MUST MAKE THE WORLD KNOW THAT IT IS SERIOUS ABOUT INTERNET TERRORISM! It is fabulous that we can install Stutnex into the Iranian computer systems, but it is not acceptable that Israel has not yet taken down ANONYMOUS and brought down the networks and sites of our other enemies, specifically Hezbollah, Hamas, the I.S.M and the B.D.S.
And what should the ultimatum of Israel be? 
“We will no longer play by the rules we once employed. If you stand against Israel, WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


By Simon Fischler

For too long we on the Israeli side of the Arab/Israeli conflict have been telling ourselves that it is worthwhile – if not imperative -- to understand the other side.
That makes a lot of sense and ever since 1948 when the Jewish State hoped to establish peaceful relations with its Arab neighbors, it has tried over and over to understand, even empathize and sympathize.
Israel has been more than generous in its offerings – TOO GENEROUS – hoping to hammer out once and for all, a peace pact.
Last weeks unilateral Arab step at the United Nations for recognition, outside of negotiations, of Palestine as a non-member state shows that no matter what Israel offers the root cause of this conflict has always been the colonialist Arab culture that still seeks the destruction of Israel!

The diplomatic threats against Israel emanating from Europe today are further proof that the Europeans, Britain and France especially have not changed a bit since World War 2. The only Jew they like is a dead one! 
The pure fact of the matter is that Israelis have done too much understanding of the Palestinians. And one of the things that we have come to learn during this endless understanding period, is that the Arabs (euphemistically known as Palestinians) want to eliminate Israel altogether.
One of their methods can be called – to be kind – total colonialist denial of our historical rights! 
Ever since the Jews rejected Mohammad as a prophet; Arabism (remember Islam was started in Arabia by Arabs and is an Arabian political movement) has been trying to erase Jews and Jewish national, historical facts from the Middle-Eastern map.
They have done so in the following manner: 
1. Making war on the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula.
2. Occupying Israel and Jerusalem
3. INTENTIONALLY DESECRATING the Temple Mount by building the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock on top of it.
4. Modern attempts by the fabricated Palestinian nation and it's leaders to deny the Jewish Historical rights of the Nation of Israel; that are carved into almost every stone in our land, is no less a crime against history! It is time for Israel to start shouting this back in the faces of all European diplomats! 
Israel no longer needs to reach out to the Arabs. It is high time for the occupiers of our land to reach out to us. 
The “Land for Peace” theory may have made sense four decades ago when hope sprung that – give extra acreage – the Arabist/Islamists would once and for all end their hostility to Israel.
Alas, we have learned the hard way – very hard way – that “Land for Peace” is a one-way deal. The Palestinians get the land; the Israelis get no peace. Not a bit.
The myth of Oslo has proven this, more recently, the abandonment of Gaza merely underlined the point.
Arab hatred for Israel and the Jewish nation dates back to Mohammad and has been passed on from generation to generation. Anti-Semitism, ignorance and the denial of history by politicians and diplomats the world over has allowed the Arabs to continue their venomous hopes of destroying Israel! 

This malicious feeling has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the modern state of Israel nor with settlement-building. There was no Israel when Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Hussieni allied himself with Adolf Hitler, recruited for the SS and created a Final Solution plan for the Jews of Eretz Israel! 
Israel does not need to accept their culture nor understand their pain, pain caused by their own actions! 

Since when should a nation understand another culture that calls for its destruction? 

Why should Israelis, citizens of a liberal democracy, understand a culture that embraces honour killings, chauvinism, female genital mutilation, human shields, homophobia, racism and unrelenting anti-Semitism? 

Since when do you negotiate with CANCER! 
American Northerners rejected slavery in the mid-19th Century -- and condemned the slave-holding American south – because the Confederate tenets were morally wrong.
Likewise, I reject what’s wrong about Arab culture and that includes its anti-Semitic falsehoods and revisionist history based on zero facts; all of which is paid for and employed by Arab OIL propagandists throughout Europe, Asia and the America's to delegitimize Israel.
This Jewish nation called Israel has existed in Israel on a continuous basis in one shape or form for thousands of years. 

The Jewish Nation existed here in Israel long before the Arabs stopped being IDOL WORSHIPERS and made it out of Arabia! 
It is about time that these facts resonated in the White House, not to mention all the European capitals where the diplomats endlessly harass Jerusalem.
Benjamin Netanyahu need not beg acceptance from our Arab neighbours. WE ARE HERE, WHETHER THEY LIKE OR NOT! 

It is time that self-serving Israel politicians and diplomats learn that appeasement will only bring about our destruction. 

Israeli politicians, if they truly love the nation of Israel, must understand and convey to their citizens that doing what is right, fighting for our freedom will cause us economic and material damage, just as it did in 1948! But no matter what the other option is losing our freedom and return to servitude in our land!  

The Europeans , who during the Roman period, installed the Arabs in the land of Israel hoping to erase Jewish National history from the world map; are the same people who carried out the Holocaust and are now teaming up with the Arabs to commit diplomatic terrorism against Israel! Israel must fight ruthlessly even at economic and material damage to stop  this new form of European oppression and colonialism! 
Just as Israel rejected Mohammad as a prophet, modern Israel rejects the ideas of Arabism and Islamization because both will only accept us when we bow down to them and become their slaves. 
Until the world understands the Israeli side -- that we have every right to exist in our land, the land that has been ours for centuries, this conflict will never end no matter how hard we try to understand our enemies!