Thursday, January 31, 2013


By Simon Fischler

The middle-east conflict is moving from a physical battlefield to a figurative battlefield where wars are fought in classrooms, university campuses, newspapers and other media outlets. 

For many reasons the Palestinians and Arabs have an advantage in this new battlefield. 

Saudi oil money buying off American and European universities is a hard reality facing Israel today; one that is very disturbing.

In Europe the rise of Arab/Muslim influence it is far more understandable. 

Europe is overrun with Arab Muslim immigrants from her former colonies. 

In many instances these populations have refused, sometimes violently, to join the mainstream culture of their new country. 

What to do with or how much to assent to the customs and demands of these Arab/Muslim populations has become a major preoccupation in France and other Western Europe countries. 

It’s almost understandable, if not forgivable, that the revival of the fascist far right should be on the rise in Europe: after all, most of the Arab populations truly refuse to assimilate and call for the destruction of their new European home.

In America it is very different. There is no huge dissatisfied immigrant Muslim population. 

Instead there is an incredible amount of Arab?Muslim oil money being fed into American universities, particularly into universities that have traditionally had a liberal bent and a somewhat pro-Israel slant. 

No more!

Infused with monies for “International Chair of Middle Eastern Studies” and the like, American academia has become more and more vociferous in its condemnation of Israel. 

The situation in American academia has worsened to the point that major universities have withdrawn investments in Israel or Israeli products, encouraging others to do the same. 

Jewish students, whose parents are paying more than $50,000 a year for tuition, are facing a new liberal anti-Semitism and are being intimidated and/or shunned if they attempt to protest or even to clarify the misstatements constantly being put forth about Israel.

Then, unfortunately, there are the Jews themselves. 

Yes, Jews have always been the greatest enemies of the Israelite, Jewish nation. 

Historically from biblical times we have caused ourselves the most amount of harm. This all started when Jews complained to Moses, forsaking G-D’s miracles the whole trip out of Egypt. 

Today Israel and the Jewish nation worldwide are faced by the same problem: self-hating Jews who use their credentials as a Jew to speak out in an anti-Semitic fashion against the existence of Israel. 

Academic Noam Chomsky is one; Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn (now dead) and Ilan Pepe are other notorious Jewish anti-semites. 

All of these professors are or were anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, lying demagogues -- mouthpieces for today’s gentile Jew haters.

It is important to also remember that Noam Chomsky was a firm supporter of the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia. Any academic that makes a mistake that great should be barred from shaping the minds of University Students for life! 

In Israel we are also faced with this sickness. After all Ilan Pepe taught at Haifa University.

The Israeli left has been replaced by groupies who seem to think the way to be peace-seeking Israelis is by blaming Israel for all the problems mostly created by our Palestinian Arab friends! 

They have become tools for the self-hating academics, who are in reality simply implementing the agenda of the Arab/Muslim countries surrounding Israel. 

Today it is imperative for the Jewish nation and those who support Israel to stand up to the corrupt, counterfeit lies being spread by the so-called Left, today we must judge the Left and the Israel haters by their actions and call them what they are, the new coming of the BROWNSHIRTS! 

Monday, January 28, 2013


By Sig Demling

Really, you have to wonder if any cabinet member recently selected by Barack Obama has an I.Q. higher than a newt. 

The latest Secretary of Blundering -- also incoming Secretary of State -- John Kerry already has proven one thing; he's majoring in stupidity. 

Instead of dreaming of a white Christmas -- that's too late -- the heir to Hilary Clinton's tarnished throne is dreaming of peace in the Middle East.

Did he say peace? 

Well, you know right off the bat that does not include daily massacres in Syria, nor rioting against the Egyptian government -- at soccer games, no less -- nor rocket stockpiling in Lebanon nor the nuclear nut cases in Iran.

Dear John Kerry tells us that his  "prayer"  is to get Israelis and Arabs to talk peace once again.

That's heartening because it tells us that Kerry at least prays.

But when it comes to an Arab-Israel peace parlay, he hasn't a prayer. And here are some reasons why:

1. Who's going to speak for the -- er -- Palestinians; Mahmoud Abbas or one of the Hamas gangsters?

2. If it's Abbas, what's Hamas going to do but reject any conciliatory move by the Palestinian Authority. That's a given. 

3. If it's Hamas, all the Gaza group cares about is wiping out Israel. What's there to talk about with them; how they plan to kill Jews?

4. And should the most unlikely event of all take place -- a conciliatory truce between the PA and Hamas -- neither will recognize Israel for what it is, The Jewish State. So, we're back at Square One.

Perhaps Kerry's eyes should be checked.

Is he blind to the fact that Abbas disregarded Obama's pleas -- notice that the president prefers pleading with Arabs while admonishing Israel -- not to seek UN status as a non-member state? 

Is the Massachusetts Democratic senator unaware that the only way Abbas ever would return to the negotiating table would be if Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to cede Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat to the Arabs?

By the way, what would be the point of Bibi talking turkey to the Palestinians when everyone -- with the possible exception of Kerry, Obama, Clinton and a few other White House advisors -- knows that the primary threat to Israel comes from Tehran.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam has spent the last four years appeasing the mullahs this way and that way and the other way while nuclear development continues apace while the Iranians feverishly move toward developing the bomb.

Nor are the Iranians kidding either. Take it from one who knows; someone who has been on the inside of Tehran planning. 

That would be an Iranian diplomat who defected from his madhouse of a nation and is willing to speak out. His name is Mohammad Reza Heydari, the former Iranian consul in Oslo.who resigned and obtained political asylum  three yeas ago. In a candid interview with Israel's Channel 2, Heydari laid it on the line.

"If Iran gets to the point where it has an atomic bomb," said Heydari, "it will certainly use it against Israel."

Not that we needed further proof that Iran shares the same homicidal goal as Hamas, Hezbollah and very likely Egypt; the erasure of Israel in the most expeditious manner possible. 

So what are the dear boys in Washington doing about it; what they do best; talk. 

"Our policy is not containment," says Kerry, "it is prevention."

Hmmm. Sounds very much like the very words of Hilary Clinton three years ago and Barack Obama every other day. 

Talk but no meaningful action. 

Meanwhile, Kerry wants peace talks to resume between Israel and -- you tell me -- who? 

C'mon, you know the answer: Nobody.

Because when all's said and done, deep down in their hearts the Arabs want nothing more than to complete the job that Adolf Hitler desperately want to do; wipe out all the Jews.

Monday, January 21, 2013


By Simon Fischler
Below is a quote by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“It’s very easy to capitulate. I could go back to the impossible to defend ’67 lines, and divide Jerusalem, and we’d get Hamas 400 meters from my home.” That would not happen under his leadership, he said.
“It’s easy to do, and they’d applaud,” he went on, presumably referring to the US-led international community. “They’d applaud just like they applauded the parties (in the 2005 Israeli government) that pulled out of Gaza. Those parties got applause, and we got a rain of rockets.”
Bibi's message is right on.
Former Israeli Prime Ministers, those who had to defend Israel from life threatening situations -- David Ben Gurion, Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir -- would all have told Barack Obama to (in pure Brooklynese) “fugetaboutit,” especially after his comments about Israel and its leader not knowing what is best for itself!
This is the same Obama who lost Egypt to Jihadists, Islamists and let the American Ambassador to Libya be lynched by Jihadists.
The last President who gave the world the American Paper Tiger was William Jefferson Clinton; the result was 9/11/2001 (yes, even though this tragedy occurred under Bush the Second, it was the repeated “turn the other cheek” episodes under Bill that led to 9/11)!
Obama has no clue how to run America with nice neighbors like Canada and Mexico, yet he thinks he knows better than Bibi what is best for Israel? WHAT A JOKE!
Here’s the deal: to those of you who think you can vote for anything other than Likud and still be voting Zionist, you are wrong!
Zipi, Bipi, Shelly, Yairi all talk about how we need to placate the character who believes he’s our American overlord. Fugetaboutit! David Ben-Gurion would have Stupid-Slapped Yair Lapid and Golda Meir would have pile-drived Shelly and Smippy into the ground for such outrageous appeasement.
It is Israel first and foremost. Now more than ever we need leaders who will promote this policy.
Those working against Israel are not just in the fake Center or the Left; we also have the Ben-Aris -- you know, the faux followers of Meir Kahane.. They love to play this saber-rattling role, but only when they have lots of police protection.
In the end Ben-Ari not only is NOT the second coming of Kahane, he is not for real! If he and his buddies were genuine, they would be physically facing down the anti-Semitic, Nazi Arabs and Europeans who congregate and lead Reichstag-like rallies against Israel’s Wall of Freedom!
Instead they are sneaking around spray-painting stupid slogans.
If they were for real, they’d be street fighting those in Ramat Aviv who want to give our country over to American Corporations; they’d be showing up at Hanin (Arabs’ Tokyo Rose) Zoubi’s house.
Bibi is being bitten not just by the Zipies and Shellies and Yairies, but also by the Mickies.  But none of the above-mentioned politicians could have – or would have -- done what Bibi has managed.
On more than one occasion the Phony Pharaoh of the Oval Office has called Bibi  (essentially the Israeli nation) in for a tongue-lashing! Each time Bibi has said in return “Thanks, but no thanks. I will not be selling out Israel today!” This drives Hussein Obama crazy!
Today we need leaders like our Prime Minister who are ready to tell this defeatist American President that Israel will not be his sacrificial lamb of material, Arab/oil-bought stardom! 
Today we need pragmatic leaders who will fight for the jewish Nation ‘til the end
That would be voting for Bibi Netanyahu!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The gloss is flying off Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi faster than cheap paint in a hurricane.

When it recently was revealed that Morsi linked Jews with "apes and pigs," you might have expected the American president to come forward shouting in protest. 

Imagine the repercussions had Morsi had employed the "apes and pigs" comparison with African-Americans.

But, really, why should Barack Obama have done anything but turn the other way. After all he studied for twenty years at the Chicago church of his mentor the Reverend Wright. 

When Wright -- some reverend! -- wasn't dumping on Jews, he was dumping on still more Jews. Obama listened to his tripe for twenty years.

The latest example of White House deceit involved American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg who published damning comments from Obama about Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Among the president's more vapid statements were that "Israel doesn't know what its best interests are."

Or, if you wonder why Obama is stabbing Israel in the back with assertions like that rather than "having" its back as he once proclaimed, try this one: "Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation." That's another Obama-via-Goldberg gem.

Make no mistake, these were not accidental nor isolated leaks. This is part of a coordinated campaign by the White House which exploits such Israel-critics as The New York Times (Thomas Friedman) or, in this most recent case, Bloomberg's Goldberg to spew its poisonous deceit against Bibi and his nation.

What about Obama's comments? Do they have any substance?

Start with the "best interests" presidential blather.

How could the commander-in-chief know anything about Israel's "best interests?"

The so-called "leader of the free world" has not stepped in Israel throughout his administration and you can bet the barn that he won't visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa during his second term. 

As for the genius comment about Israel being "isolated," of course Israel is isolated. On the southeast, there's Egypt whose leader considers Jews synonymous with "apes and pigs" and would go to war with Israel right this minute if his country wasn't almost as polarized as Syria.

Directly below Israel, there's Gaza where Hamas has spent years raining thousands of rockets on Sderot, Beersheva, and assorted Negev towns, among other targets.

And directly above Israel, there's a character named Nasrallah whose passion is stockpiling armaments to wipe out as much of Israel as possible. And right above Lebanon, well, you know all about Iran.

What country wouldn't be "isolated" with bloodthirsty neighbors such as those; not to mention the anti-semitic European Union which never fails to indict Israel for building apartment houses while the EU shakes his head and shakes its head and shakes its head about what to do about Syria?

We know what the latest Obama gambit is all about; using Goldberg as a stooge, the president is interfering in Israeli politics with Election Day just around the calendar. 

Of course the President is wasting his time. Bibi has the electorate's support and will win the election. Once that's done, Obama will figure other ways to make life difficult for citizens who are called "apes and pigs."

Obama has yet to use those words to describe the Jewish citizens of the Middle East's only true democracy but his actions come out to the same thing. 

Perhaps one day, some White House lackey -- try Hillary Clinton -- will give the character in the White House directions to Ben Gurion Airport and a reservation at the King David Hotel.

That done, you can be sure that Obama nevertheless will wind up in Cairo and never set foot in the Jewish State.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Being a supporter of Israel is not easy these days. 

Writing in defense of my country often forces me to ask a couple of questions:

1. Why is it that we Israelis are forced to explain and defend our right to self-determination on an hourly basis?” 

2. Why is Israel the only country in the world which inspires outsiders to continually question whether it has the right to even exist? 

No one questions whether France has a right to exist as the “FRENCH” Republic. Same goes for Iran and innumerable other nations.

Do Western peace activists demand that the Islamic Republic -- which is not even close to being a democracy -- disregard its Islamic revolution? 

Not a chance!

When hundreds of thousands of Iranians challenged their government to give them true freedom these so-called peace activists -- alleged advocates of liberalism, freedom and democracy -- did nothing to help them. 

So why is the world so fixated on endlessly making unreasonable demands on the one and only democracy in the Middle-East, Israel?

Israel is a democracy. 

In fact Israel is far more democratic and Liberal than Western Europe. 

Why must Israel spend its life battling for diplomatic and political life? 

Friends tell me that even asking these questions is an exercise in frustration.

They insist that I am fighting a pointless battle. As one pal puts it, “The world hates Jews -- and Israel because she is the Jewish State.” 

He has a point. But there’s a big BUT that must follow such logic.

I fervently believe that we Israelis must CONTINUE fighting for Israel; otherwise we will be doing her a grave disservice. 

If we fail to reach out to the one or two out of ten listeners in the audience willing to hear our side then we have lost the battle.

I, for one, REFUSE TO LOSE!

It has become patently obvious that liberal, freedom-loving activists, who should by nature be Israel’s allies, are simply uninterested in seeing Israel in a positive light. 

The condemnation that Israel receives on a daily basis is -- by any standard -- absurdly unfair, illogical and downright pathetic. 

The fact that these supposed peace-minded, liberal activists dare call Israel an apartheid state is an example of how far these hypocrites will go to blame the Jewish Nation for the aggressive, imperialist attitude of both the Palestinians and the Arab world. 

How is it that these allegedly fair-minded people overlook the fact that Israeli Arabs have far more rights in Israel’s democracy than African Americans have in America? 

How can these people disregard the fact that the Israeli Knesset has thirteen Arab members, and six Druse members? 

Knowing this fact, how dare they call Israel an apartheid state? 

Their standard verbal crutch is Israel’s so-called “occupation” of the West Bank. 

Sorry, but the West Bank was there -- for the Arabs’ asking.

After Israel defeated the Arabs in several wars, she made offer after offer of the West Bank to the Palestinians attempting to reach permanent peace.

Bear in mind that never has a LOSING side in a war received such a generous offer to end a conflict. 

No matter what your political preference, history shows that Israel offered from 93% to 97% of the West Bank (a colonial, European name for the ancient, archeologically historical names of Judea and Samaria) to the losing Arabs.

On top of this East Jerusalem and the Christian and Muslim Quarters of the Old City also were put on a peace platter for the Palestinians. All of the Gaza Strip was to be included too. 

Only a racist or Jew-hater would say that this remarkably generous offer was unfair.

Tragically, the world is filled with those who wish to deny the Jewish Nation, self-determination solely because it is a JEWISH state. 

They wish to replace the only Middle Eastern country that has tirelessly worked for its minorities with one that would immediately tread on the rights of others. 

They wish to deny a majority its rights for a colonialist minority (Arabs).

They wish to deny the Jewish Nation State its right to exist on the land that was the birthplace of this nation. Land that was stolen from the Jews by European and Arab imperialists invaders. 

Why do these people insist on denying my children their rights to freedom? 

It is all rooted in an ancient hatred of Jews.

I cannot accept this status quo. And that explains why I must persuade those who might see the light why Israel is right. 

I believe that if you love freedom. If you love liberal values, than you must fight for Israel’s existence and demand that the world own up to its hatred of Jews. 

If you truly, truly want peace than you must demand that the world hold the Arab World to account for its continuous (from the time of Mohammad) attempts at destroying the Jewish Nation !

But the bottom line is clear; we must continue to fight for the Jewish State at all costs!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Is there any point in Israel continuing her Peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority? 

After reading comments made by U.S. President Barak Obama in private about Israel and her Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I think it is perhaps time for Israel to reverse roles and back out of the negotiations.

While the supposed moderate leader of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas unabashedly runs around the world stating that there is no chance he will ever back down on the Right of Return, nor recognize Israel as the Jewish State; meaning he will never compromise, this American President still finds fault with Israel.  

This time around Obama has bad words for Israel and her Prime Minister Netanyahu because he dared to meet hostile, Palestinian, unilateral moves at the United Nations by building houses in Jerusalem (the Eternal capital of the Jewish Nation) for Jews! 

So I say, why negotiate?

There is absolutely no point in negotiating with the Arabs since they fail to recognize Israel as the Jewish State and the word compromise is not part of their culture. There is also no reason to help an American President who is so intent on hurting Israel diplomatically! 

The comments President Abbas made are the epitome of hypocrisy: he expects to get a state for his nation out of these talks; but will not acknowledge the legitimacy of the nation and its state with whom he’s negotiating.

Is this not a joke?

Not to mention The Palestinians want their new state JEW FREE!

That is the equivalent of Israel demanding that all of her Israeli Arabs move into the Palestinian State.

If this is the way the President of the United States feels he can behave with the sovereign, I repeat, SOVEREIGN STATE OF ISRAEL, then there is a major problem, because this is not how allies behave towards each other. 

Israel must be acknowledged as the sovereign, Jewish state and it is time for Barak Obama to state that just as clearly as he demands a state for the Arab invented Palestinians!  

Obama must make it clear as day, just as clear as respectable and responsible Israeli leaders make it, THERE WILL NEVER BE A RIGHT OF RETURN for Palestinians to Israel. This made up Arab term is not legal, nor is it a national right, but merely was a suggested possibility had the Arabs been peaceful and willing to accept Israel in 1948; clearly not the situation, clearly a DEAD ISSUE ... 

If Obama does not like this then it is time for Israel to let him and his Palestinians friends wallow in their own muck.

Let us instead start focusing on bettering our country and sustaining our democracy. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


By Sig Demling

When the pious members of the European Union and the White House urge Israel to create suitable conditions for peace negotiations with the Arabs, they have two words in mind for Benjamin Netanyahu.

One is trust and the other is faith. 

To put it another way, the rulers in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin would like Bibi to talk turkey with Mahmoud Abbas because -- theoretically, at least -- such a dialogue would inspire a cooled-down Middle East.

In other words, Barack Obama and that royal lady who speaks for the EU expect Israel's leader to trust Abbas as a peaceful and, further, that Israel's Prime Minister should have faith in the Palestinian's good intentions.

Perhaps in the world of Grimm's Fairy Tales, faith and trust still exist but certainly not when Jews deal with Arabs. Or, have you forgotten all about the Oslo Accords of 1993?

The pact signed in Norway was supposed to create a Palestinian state that would live side-by-side in peace with Israel. 

An assumption of the accords was that Yassir Arafat would recognize Israel as the Jewish State and that his Palestinian Authority Arabs would peacefully live side by side with Israel's Jews.

At least that was the premise that inspired Israel's left wingers to sneak the accords through the back door before those could be reversed and dismissed out of hand.

Then again, the reversal and dismissal actually was done by -- you guessed it -- Arafat, himself. 

The PA terrorist-boss wasted no time implementing his version of peace by launching yet another intifada that proved to be the bloodiest of all. And if you have any doubts that that is precisely what the gun-totin' Arab had in mind -- at Oslo, no less -- then you haven't been reading the papers lately.

None other than Yassir's Paris-based wife, Suha, has confessed that her hubby couldn't wait to see Oslo in his rear-view mirror because good old Yassir had nothing but intifada in mind. And, fellas, you don't get more authoritative than the man's wife, do you? Suha -- as opposed to Sue-me -- declared that the man-in-her-house was duping the naive Israeli leftists all the time. All Nobel Peace Prize-winning Yassir had in mind was intifade with a capital I.

Which brings me to the next point and that is, with elections just around the calendar, Bibi's left wing foes are fomenting trouble with charges that the PM isn't being lovey-dovey enough with Abbas & Company. The inference being -- same as those EU dreamers --  that the Palestinian Authority boss could be a realistic peace partner. 

There's a bit of a problem with that line of thinking and that is this; if Abbas, himself, is not a viper, he certainly seems quite willing to sleep with poisonous political snakes. Otherwise, why would Abbas sit down and talk turkey with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal as he did recently in Cairo?

If there's one thing that can unequivocally be said about Hamas is that the organization is consistent. It never has wavered from its position that Israel should be annihilated. If not today, then tomorow. If not tomorrow -- no rush -- maybe in a few months or even years. But -- no doubt about it -- Israel's got to go.

After you sift out any cheery homilies delivered by Egypt's new pseudo-dictator Morsi, you find the same brand of Muslim Brotherhood dogma about dumping the Jewish State at the earliest opportunity.

That, taken along with the ruthless rhetoric emanating from Lebanon's Nasrallah and the assorted nut cases in Iran, you'd have to imagine Bibi as Saint Francis of Assisi a million times over to have any faith or trust in Arab peace overtures.

So, you may ask, why is this news?

Well, for one thing, it's election time and Netanyahu looks like a repeat winner. And for another thing, the desperate opposition has to have something to chirp about so why not the theme: Bibi must find a peace partner?

Not that the Prime Minister is stuck for an answer. He's acutely aware that Morsi is trying to gain p.r. points by arranging a Hamas-PA marriage and Bibi's reply explains why promoting peace with a polecat like Abbas is like dancing with vipers. 

"Abbas," Bibi explains, "embraces the head of a terrorist organization that declared a month ago that Israel needs to be wiped off the map. That is not how someone with their eyes toward peace believes."

The answer is simple and clear. Based on their words and actions, Arabs cannot be trusted; Israel should have no faith in Abbas nor his cohorts. For proof positive, consider his speech earlier this month on the anniversary of Fatah. His rhetoric was extreme as he extolled "heroic martyrs," urging his followers to "walk in their path."

Abbas extolled Jew-hater after Jew-hater from Sheikh Ahmad Yassin to Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who was Adolf Hitler's personal Arab consultant on speeding the Holocaust.  

One who's keenly aware of the Middle East's political swerve toward madness since Oslo is Dore Gold. In plain English he states -- in Israel Hayom -- that it would be nuts to promote a two-state solution.

"It is completely unrealistic to propose negotiations to reach a full-blown final status agreement with the Palestinians," Gold concludes. 

"More than ever, Israel needs to preserve the ability to defend itself, by itself, no matter how the declared intentions of its neighbors change."

Therefore, peace talk with Abbas --  like sister words, faith and trust -- must be hurled in the garbage can where reality demands that they belong!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

The continuing push by the left -- mostly academic groups in the US and in Europe -- to establish an effective boycott targeting both Israel’s higher learning institutions and economic well being is nothing more than racist policy. 

It singles out Jews while totally ignoring the dictatorial, tyrannical, fascist policies of the Arabs. 

Only in a world as cynical and pathetic as ours would it be possible for supposed liberal, democratic countries and institutions to back the boycott of a country as liberal, democratic and representative as Israel. 

Israel’s political make-up is far more democratic than anything you would find in America or Europe. 

The United States is governed by two parties, basically the same can be said for England, France and for that matter Europe as a whole.

Israel, sadly in some ways, is far more democratic than that. 

We have at least five influential parties in the Knesset and putting together a coalition in this democratic political landscape is almost as hard as achieving peace with the COLONIALIST ARABS! 

Israel’s parties are not just truly representative of her political make-up but also of her racial and religious make-up. 

How many Indian or Pakistani parties are there in England? None! In Israel’s last Knesset (parliament) we have three Israeli Arab parties and fifteen Israeli Arab members of the Knesset. 

This is Apartheid? I think not.

Israel also has parties dedicated to its Mizrachi (Middle-Eastern Jews), Ethiopian and Russian immigrants. 

This type of representative democracy is truly missing in America and Europe. 

In fact Europe today can boast the largest increase of hard-line rightwing, white, anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, fascist parties: something very European if you take the time to remember the Holocaust, Rhodesia and South Africa! 

One of the most bizarre “fads” that has arisen recently is the support of Gay activists for the boycotts of Israel. 

I am all for gay rights and so is Israel. 

It is far easier to be gay in Israel than it is in America. 

Israel boasts gay parades in Tel Aviv and even in Jerusalem. 

As I have written before I would love to see a gay parade in Mecca or in the Vatican! 

Israel’s gay community is open, strong and supported by the majority of her citizens. Gays also serve in all branches of the military, openly. 

It is also a well known fact that gay Palestinians do all they can to make it into Israel to receive asylum, which they are almost always granted. Why? Because if you are “outed” in the Palestinian Territories, then you are dead. 

Plan and simple. Being Homosexual under PA or Hamas authority is not only a receipe for death, it is death of the most barbaric form. 

Homosexuals are either stoned to death, beaten to death or hung in city, village or town centers for all to see, including the victims’ families. 

When our American and Euro “friends” take the time to overlook all of this, choose to single Israel out and consider boycotting her while ignoring the fact that the Arab world is home to the most tyrannical, racist, chauvinistic, homophobic regimes can only be defined as racism and anti-semitism. 

Those backing the Israel boycott are racist and anti-semitic because they choose to ignore Israel’s fierce defense of her democratic, open and free society -- for ALL her citizens. 

The boycott backers and Israel delegitimizers choose to overlook the fact that the alleged “apartheid” being practiced by Israel has nothing to do with any person who is actually a citizen of the country. They also overlook the undeniable fact that the Arab's are actually the ones calling for a Jew free state, and fiercely support Apartheid in their own countries whether it be Alawites lording over Sunni's, Sunni's over Shia's, Shia's over Sunni's, Everyone oppressing the Maronites, Druze, Kurds and Circassians. So, this is not about Israel oppressing anyone, its about the whole world hating a Jew or a Jewish nation that stands up to those trying to wipe it out.  

Any so-called occupation and/or apartheid practices on Israel’s part have, in fact, been directed at an Arab population, fallaciously called Palestinians (since there has never been a “Palestine” except as a coloniallly occupied territory), who have had only one main intent since the birth of Israel: her destruction.

Israel, meanwhile, has offered up a Palestinian State on more than one occasion; each time rejected by the Arabs because of their desire to destroy Israel. 

Israel’s detractors and boycotters are racists, fascists and anti-Semites thinly disguised by a deceitful title called Liberalism. 

All one has to do is look at one of the great pillars of academia fighting on the side of this supposed Liberal mentality. 

Noam Chomsky, the man may be a genius when it comes to linguistics but he was a fervent supporter of the psychotic, genocidal and horrific Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Academic or not if he made the mistake of backing a regime as horrible as the Khmer Rouge he should have been tossed out of academia long ago and it is horrifying that he still shapes the future of America and is allowed to lead the unholy crusade against through the most malicious lies and innuendo. 

Those who stand against Israel are not Liberal, that’s for sure, they are just anti-Semites; so I propose Israel’s supporters start an advertisement campaign in America and Europe pointing out Israel’s democratic institutions, while exposing the racist, fascist policies of those who are trying their evil best `to replace the only Jewish State with just another chauvinistic, repressive, colonialist Arab regime.  


By Sig Demling

There's nothing subtle about the Obama Lie Factory.

It's right out there; un-camouflaged for all to see -- and hear.

And who can forget what we heard last year when the president shuddered at the thought of losing the Jewish vote and, in turn, the election.

He showed up at an AIPAC convention, threw out his not-so-massive chest and proclaimed: "I have Israel's back."

As the chief executive had hoped, he was applauded and eventually re-elected;' garnering enough Jewish votes to at least appear kosher.

But those of us who've studied Uncle Sam's leader since his regular attendance at anti-semitic sermons delivered by his favorite Chicago minister know, behind Israel's back there's more of a vacuum than Uncle Sam's orator.

For proof positive, all you have to do is check out his latest cabinet minister campaign.

Obama's nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel as the next American Secretary of Defense makes one wonder why he didn't give the post to either Syria's Assad, Lebanon's Nasrallah or Egypt's Morsi.

Oops! Sorry.  They have jobs already -- and remain dedicated to the elimination of Israel. 

But when it comes to dumping on  the Middle East's only legitimate democracy, Hagel can be counted on to do an American  version  of knifing Jerusalem in the front rather than guarding Israel's back. 

Even Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, who so enthusiastically supported the Democrat's re-election, is condemning the Hagel Horror.

"Hagel's nomination," says Dershowitz, "will strengthen those within Iranian leadership who think Obama is bluffing."

Of course, the president is "bluffing." He's made a career of being a reasonable facsimile of Neville Chamberlain and the Hagel appointment is merely another example of American appeasement under the Democratic administration.

Writing in Israel Hayom, Boaz Bismuth correctly argues that if Hagel wouldn't have existed -- Obama would have invented him.

"Hagel's positions," notes Bismuth, "on Israel's two most pressing foreign policy issues -- Iran's nuclear program and relations with the Palestinians -- appear to be at odds with the Israeli government's stance."

Well, that's the understatement of the half-century, isn't it!

Let's not beat around the bush, Hagel's attitude toward Israel ranges from dislike to dismay. 

He doesn't like Benajmin Netanyahu; that's obvious.

Hagel wants to create an aura of permanent restraint in terms of eliminating Iran's nuclear capabilities. While some 200,000 Syrians have been massacred, Hagel would rather quibble about 2,000 apartment houses being built for Jews. 

"Because of his statements in the past, and his stance toward Israel, we are worried," says Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin.

And he should be because this Hagel character will be poison for Israel. 

Why? Check the record.

Hagel once refused to sign a letter urging the European Union to designate Hezbollah a terrorist group. One supposes that Hagel believes the thousands of rockets Hezbollah fired at Israel were tipped with cotton candy. 

This is the same guy who urged a "pragmatic" approach to Hamas. And what was Hamas shooting at Jewish people last year -- lollypops?

if stopping the Iranian nuclear program is Bibi's top priority -- which it is -- then getting the Republicans to block Hagel's nomination should be the GOP's top priority; as it would have been under a Romney presidency.

Unfortunately, Obama is president which means that he has neither Israel's back nor front.

The Hagel nomination proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Monday, January 7, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

It is time that the BDS movement along with its leaders and supporters are exposed. 

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement claims to be a humanitarian, freedom fighting organization that stands against racism and Apartheid. 

In reality it is the exact opposite of what is claims to be.

The leaders of this movement seek one thing, the complete destruction of the Majority Jewish, Nation State of Israel.

While claiming to fight for Palestinian Nationalism, they openly deny the Jewish People the RIGHT to nationhood, liberty and self-determination.

Omar Barghouti, founder of BDS, clearly states he is against the Two State solution. 

Every member of the BDS leadership seeks to strip Israel of its freedom and Liberty. 

They actively advocate ruling over Israel and the Jews, which is racist, aggressive and colonialist. 

This also means Mr. Barghouti stands openly against peace and international law. 

Why does he stand against international law? The UN was very clear when it said two states for two peoples; one Jewish and one Arab. 

So, along with opposing international law Mr. Barghouti seeks to dominate another nation.

He openly backs the destruction of a country that is eighty percent Jewish by flooding it with Arabs who have never set foot in Israel. 

This is to be expected of the leaders of BDS: after all, they are the offspring of Mohammad, the same person who brought COLONIALIST, IMPERIALIST Arab and Muslim ideology to the world as he ransacked Arabia, the Levant, North Africa and Spain.

The greatest irony is that Mr. Barghouti openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish state, while reaping the benefits of Israeli democracy: he attends Tel Aviv University. 

Barghouti rationalizes this apparent paradox by claiming he is following in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela by attending university in a country he calls an Apartheid State. 

There is no comparison between the two, and it is an example of how far someone like Omar Barghouti is willing to go with his LIES.

Israeli Arabs and many Palestinian Arabs can freely walk onto Tel Aviv University campus and attend classes and seminars with Jewish Israelis. Something that never would have happened in Apartheid South Africa. 

That is not only not Apartheid, but it is not what Mandela was forced to do. 

There was no way Mandela could have freely walked onto a white campus he was forced to study through correspondence. 

Mr. Barghouti comparing himself to Nelson Mandela is much like Dan Quail who once compared himself to John F. Kennedy. 

I am sorry, Mr. Barghouti: YOU ARE NO NELSON MANDELA.

The BDS movement advocates annihilating the dreams of another nation solely for their cause. 

The Nazis came to power in a Germany battered and bitter after losing World War I. They did so by touting hopes and dreams of restoring Germany to greatness, of taking back lands that were once part of Germany. Their “dream” – fascism -- became based on the ideal of racial purity, of the Aryan race being expunged of the “impurities” of Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies. However, the ultimate goal of Nazism was the complete conquest of Europe. 

BDS and its supporters propound a Fascist, colonialist movement that represents the worst aspects of the imperialist dreams of pan-Arabism: that is complete domination of the nations in and around Arabia and the Muslim world, especially the sole Jewish Nation. 

That there are Jews actively supporting BDS is merely a reminder that self-hating Jews are, after all, among the worst anti-Semites in the world! 

Unfortunately, in certain ways we Israelis have become complacent, largely because of the vaunted competence of the IDF. Whatever happens, we know the IDF will take care of us.

But military might or competence on the battlefield cannot protect Israel from the insidious battle of words and false claims that is being waged against the Jewish state. 

BDS is a manifestation of the most serious threat today against the State of Israel. 

The government of Israel and supporters of Israel must do all they can to fight against BDS. 

The government of Israel must form teams, special forces units, to combat BDS and others like it. We can no longer sit idly by as these lying, defaming racists attempt to create another holocaust. 

Movements like BDS are as dangerous as a nuclear Iran and must be viewed that way, comparable to the “Brown Shirts” of Germany. 

BDS, it leaders and backers should be seen as enemies of Israel, with all the implications that brings upon them.