Thursday, June 30, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Do you love Israel? 

I love Israel. 

Israel has an almost endless amount of amazing and unique qualities that make it a resplendent country and Nation. 

Of course Israel being the only Jewish and Democratic Nation in the world makes it both unusual and amazing at the same time. 

Sadly Israel also has plenty of jealous enemies that truly, wholeheartedly seek her destruction. 

These countries and peoples, namely the Palestinians seek to delegitimize and harm Israel even when they benefit from her contributions to the world. 

This is a sickness. It is a sickness we Jews have known for centuries. 

This sickness was the first institutionalized form of racism in our world. 

Of course I am talking about anti-Semitism.

Today’s anti-Semitism is most readily seen in anti-Israelism; which is the delegitimization of the Sovereign, democratic, Nation State of the Jews, Israel. 

This racism is built on the colonialist, fascist and Nazi principles of Palestinianism. A national movement created solely to destroy the indigenous rights of the Jewish people to Israel. 

Those who hate Israel do not stop there, they also call to ethnically cleanse the 80% Jewish population of the State of Israel.

This is where you would think people would say, hey wait a second, something is wrong here. Nope, while this is still fringe thinking, I do not know if I will be able to say the same thing in ten years. 

My love of Israel, my homeland, provokes in me a natural need to protect her, even if I do for nothing. 

In protecting Israel I have seen the darkest and most virulent forms of Jew Hatred. I have been fighting for Israel on the internet for eleven years and it has been very scary.

If there is one thing that I have learned from this fight Nazism never died. We were fools for kidding ourselves that it was buried with Hitler and his underlings.

In fact, enough of Hitler’s underlings escaped Germany and many were welcomed with open arms in Arab countries (especially Syria) where they continued the S.S. creed and set up the BAATH parties in Iraq and Syria. 

One of those underlinings  that survived was Mufti Haj Amin al-Huseini, creator of the Palestinians people. He attempted to carry out his own final solution here in Israel during Israel’s War of Independence. 

When I look at how we Jews and Israelis have been fooling ourselves it makes me furious. 

Of course peace is honorable. Almost every sane Israeli from the right to left, from the residents of Tel Aviv to the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria wants peace. 

Yet, the Truth, the hard facts. They do not lie and they make it clear that the same cannot be said about the Palestinian people and their society as a whole. 

In fact just this week we got to see a rare glimpse of this truth when Mahmoud Abbas slipped up in front of the whole of the EU. 

Speaking in front of the off-spring of Nazi Europe, Abbas laid out a diatribe of anti-Semitism and then finished it off with the age old blood libel of Jews poisoning drinking wells. 

This time it was Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria poisoning Palestinian drinking wells. 

Abbas later apologized, but for what? 

This is the mentality of the Palestinian Arabs. 

I came to Israel sixteen years ago. I was sure that there was going to be peace. I laughed at my dad, who doubted Arafat would accept Clinton and Barak’s proposal. I told him he was living in a different era, what did he know. 

That laugh quickly became a cry. I watched that peace go up in flames from the terrace of the King David Hotel thanks to Yasser Arafat. 

I was standing side-by-side with one of the greatest liberals I have ever known, my mother. She too was disgusted with that Arafat had just done, knowing full well that he had just chosen war over peace. 

My mother fought for civil rights in America. She was beaten on the streets of Detroit and was thrown in jail simply because she believed that American black men and women deserved every freedom America had to offer, just like white Americans. 

She knew better than anyone that Yasser Arafat and Palestinian society as a whole had just spit on freedom and justice.

The key to peace always was and always has been the Palestinian/Arab people accepting Israel for what it is, the Jewish Homeland, the Jewish Democratic State. 

It was the job of the Palestinian Leadership to take the money given to them, to build the foundations of a state, funneling the money down toward their children and creating an atmosphere of peace for the future by teaching the rights of two peoples, one Jew and one Arab.

International Law and the United Nations makes that very clear, for peace to happen there must be mutual recognition of two states one for the Jewish People and one for the Palestinian Arabs (even though they already are 22 Arab states).

This has been done in Israel. I have three children inside Israeli schools, so I can speak from fact. Sometimes I am shocked at how lenient the books are towards our Arab friends who started this war and have promised to toss us into the sea since. 

But on the Palestinians Arab side it was not done and still has not been done. And it is shameless that anyone can think to blame Israel for this situation. 

This should have been priority number one for the Americans and the Europeans. And neither side did a thing to ensure that this happened. 

Both continued to push Rabin to make concessions while Hamas suicide bombs (with the green light from Arafat) were going off on a near daily basis inside Israeli cities.

People forget, the Israeli media forgets, the American media forgets, the European media forgets or chooses not to mention that Hamas was setting of bombs inside of Israelis cities on a regular basis at the heart of the “Oslo Peace Period”. 

This was long before anyone was talking about settlements! 

Those living in Ivory Towers in Europe made Oslo something sacred when in reality it became poison for Israel. 

In fact, Oslo should have been recognized as Nazi poison from the beginning. 

It is nothing more than a copy of the Munich Agreement. And Arafat carried it out perfectly, accept we Israelis were stronger than he knew. 

It should have never been land for peace, from the beginning it should have been peace for peace, period! 

The clues were there for all to see that Arafat was never going to be Nelson Mandela. 

Israeli representatives were constantly bringing Palestinian Authority school books to the Europeans that were preaching hate and the destruction of Israel. 

The Europeans and Americans shrugged it off as if this key idealogical point of the Arabs still preaching supremacy over the Jews and the destruction of Israel. 

Well it is everything! 

The bigoted, racist policies of the Palestinians that continually try to dehumanize Israel and strip the Jewish people of its history is the center of this conflict.

And who are the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Nazi Arab fighters of today? 

They are the same Arab children who learned from the books paid for by the EU and the United Nations sixteen years ago! 

Now, think about how ridiculous this is. 

Sixteen years after Yasser Arafat rejected peace and Statehood for the Palestinian people at Taba we still need to have world leaders tell the Palestinian Leadership that they need to stop inciting against Israel.

This would be a joke if it were not so sick!

The next generation is already ruined on the Palestinian side and it has nothing to do with settlements and everything to do with the poisonous Palestinian Culture of Hate. 

This culture is encouraged by the EU, were rejection of peace and rejection of the Jewish Nations right to self-determination and international law by the Palestinians is rewarded by more European Funding. 

As I said, I love Israel, my message here should be clear. 

To the Israeli Left, if you truly love Israel it is time for you to wake up.

Oslo is dead, it was killed by the Palestinians. 

No matter how much you would like to blame the Israeli right and Benjamin Netanyahu it was not them who rejected peace in 2000 at Taba and it wasn't the Israeli right who rejected the Olmert Plan in 2008. 

Until you realize this and stop practicing self-hatred you will never be able to govern Israel again, period! 

To the Israeli Right, if you truly love Israel it is time for you to wake up and learn to speak and work with the Israel Left. We need unity more then ever.

To the Israeli Center, where many of us are today, we must find a way of bringing these two camps together. 

We must work to unify our government and our country. It must be us the Center, that pushes our government to find a way to completely, one hundred percent divorce ourselves of the Palestinian People. 

To American Jews, if you truly love Israel then it is time for you to get up off of the fence and fight for her tooth and nail. 

We have many problems here inside of Israel that are understandably troubling for you. 

Well, you too have many problems that are troubling for us.

What family doesn't have problems? But that is the point, we are family! 

What scares me is that for the first time, there are numerous agents at work who are actively trying to create a schism between us. Between Jewish America and Israeli Jews.

We must remember that it is our shared history we are fighting for and that it started here in Israel.

Only by working together and by not continually pointing the finger at each other over our differences we will be able to over come all of the issues that face us as a people. 

If you love Israel like I do, then please, help in this battle. 

Help fight this evil (Fanatical, Fascist, Arabist Islamic Jihadism) we are facing and have been facing since the re-birth of our Nation State.

To the World. 

It is time for you to realize that Israel, the democratic nation state of the Jewish people has been facing Islamic, Supremacist Fundamentalism via Arab, Nazi Palestinian Nationalism for decades. 

Only recently have you discovered the pain the we Israelis have been facing for decades in this fight against Nazism. 

It is Israel that has been on the front line of this battle acting as a buffer for the West.

Now more then ever, this has become a battle that we must fight together.

Friday, June 24, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

When most Americans think of the Kingdom of Bahrain not much probably comes to mind.

Some might know that Bahrain is a very, very small island country.

Some might even know that this small Island country is a Kingdom connected to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway. Something similar to those long bridges seen in the Florida keys.

Some might even know that the American Navy's 5th Fleet is stationed there along with a very large Naval base called Naval Support Activity Bahrain, which is an integral part of Americas CENTCOM operations.

But why does any of this matter?

Because Bahrain is an Island Kingdom ruled by a dictatorial Sunni King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, this king happens to rule over a majority Shia population.

And this Shia population has already been stoked once by Iran to a minor rebellion in 2011 forcing Saudi Arabia to send 1,000 soldiers over the King Fahd Causeway and the United Arab Emirates to send in riot police.

Also take into consideration that Iran is a mere 200 kilometers away on the other side of the Persian Gulf, an easy enough distance to cover should the Mullahs want.

Non of this would matter, and could have easily been chalked up to another Arab leader suppressing his people, except for two things.

One, the fact that Iran has completely played the United States of America with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This deal, the JCPOA, is a toy.

It was a game, orchestrated by some of the greatest and wiliest of the worlds negotiators, the Hardcore Iranian Mullahs.

This game was used to fool and lull the American people and especially the American Liberal political establishment into believing that Iran wants change and a type of Western openness, to be excepted back into the sphere of Nations.

One thing you can say about the Iranians is that they learned from the Soviets. They learned that subversion against war of any type can deeply change the fabric of the American political climate.

Of course this is why the Iranians ensured that America could not successfully rebuild Iraq and actively fought against U.S soldiers after the American Invasion using proxy militias!

To win this game and to create this myth the Mullahs let people, who Americans believed to be moderates, like negotiator and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani do the talking.

But in the end neither Zarif nor Rouhani had a real say.

This farce, like a magic carpet, was reveled when the real puppet master Ayatollah Khamenei was proven to be master of all.

He was able to subvert UN Security Council Resolutions that called for the complete cessation and destruction of the Iranian Uranium enrichment program.

The key element for Iran to make Atom bombs, the one element that could not be given in to.

This was a clear part of UN Security Council Resolution 1747 (international law that can be enforced with force).

But the liberal political movement in the Western World wants to believe that the Mullahs will  give in to the younger generation, a generation that supposedly wants Western change.

First off that theory was proven wrong in 2009, when the Iranian people did attempt to fight against a fixed presidential election.

The Mullahs showed exactly what they were willing to do.

With mass arrests and killings of protesters the Mullahs were not in the least bit afraid to use force. When things got a bit hairy for them they finally sent in their Brownshirts, the Basij Militia who broke the protestors with a furry not seen since the good old days of fascist Europe.

Of course the protestors received zero help from the Obama Administration, other than to be told that America was with them. That helps a whole lot when you are being beaten to death by a fanatical Shia version of ISIS.

But there is something else Americans and Westerners do not understand about Iran and Iranians, the younger generation too. The West wants to believe this young generation is willing to toss off the revolution.

Well, yes the Iranian young do like jeans and they want to live well and many do want more freedoms, but they too have been taught the Iranian version of the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war.

They will not relinquish their pride and love for their country any more than most Americans would for America.

Americans do not know the Iranian version of the great war fought between Iran and Iraq.

In the Iranians version it is America that stabs Iran in the back by getting the world to place a weapons embargo on Iran, while America worked with and supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons.

Most Americans simply do not know that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Iranians.

He was the murderer of more than one million Iranians. The killer of almost a whole generation of Iranian men and boys and America was his backer.

Iranians do not want to forget this important part of their history. In fact, it would be much easier for Iran to make peace with Israel I believe in the end then it would for Iran to make peace with America.

And now this gets to my second point and also brings us back to Bahrain.

When Iran sealed this deal with America and the European Nations, billions of dollars of Iranian money that had been frozen because of sanctions was freed up and given to Iran.

This money went immediately to all of Iran’s proxy militias fighting its wars.

This is being done to help quicken Iranian dominance and Shia dominance in the Middle-East.

Whether it be in Yemen where Iran is supporting Shia, Houthi rebels, or the mass murdering dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and of course the Iranian minions inside of the tiny island Kingdom sitting at Saudi Arabis door step, Bahrain.

This is all part of a greater Iranian plan to recreate a Shia Muslim Persian Empire.

Recently Iran activated one of its Shia clerics in Bahrain. After denouncing the Sunni rulers and calling for a general strike (Arabic for rioting) Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, had his citizenship revoked.

This action by the Sunni King of Bahrain could possibly be the match that finally lights the gasoline that has been leaking like oil from a barrel since America deposed Saddam Hussein.

This of course is the Sunni-Shia conflict.

It is important to remember that the human race has not been through a true, unrelenting religious holy war with 20th. and 21st. Century military hardware!

Up until now the major players Saudi Arabia and Iran have respectively let this battle flare in other countries.

This changed two days ago when Iranian Republican Guard General Qassem Soleimani promised a bloody intifada inside of Bahrain.

This is the battled hardened general who has lead and defeated ISIS in battles in Syria and Iraq for Iran.

If he says something like this you had better take him at his word.

The Saudis have already promised action and the possible annexation of Bahrain if Iran acts.

What will the Americans do if Iran decides to invade Bahrain?

What will the Americans do when the Shia storm Iran is preparing and that the Obama Administration helped create turns its guns against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council?

What happens if Iranian forces try to force America to close Naval Support Activity Bahrain Base and remove the 5th. fleet?

Or what if Iran decides to close the Straights of Hormuz?

Will America go to war?

Hasn't Russian leader Vladimir Putin proved to Iran that America, at least under Obama is a paper tiger with his annexation of the Crimean peninsula!

Will Iran have nuclear weapons?

After all we have never been able to truly check the Iranians secret underground nuclear facilities. In fact we truly and honestly do not know how many underground nuclear bases the Iranians have.

Not even Ben Rhodes, playwright turned Assistant National Security Advisor could lie his way out of this one.

Once again there is but one force that stands in front of this great Iranian, Shia Storm.

A small nation, but a strong nation.

A strong nation because it is free and democratic nation.

That nation is the Jewish Nation State of Israel.

It is nice that the Saudis have new American weapons, but I promise you, they will have their asses handed to them by the Iranians.

It's time for the Saudis to lock up its ties with Israel real quick, make a deal with Israel on the Palestinian front, because the heat in the kitchen is about to go ballistic!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


⚜The Duke of the North⚜

"The great victory won by Charles Martel ... gave a decisive check to the career of Arab conquest in Western Europe, rescued Christendom from Islam, [and] preserved the relics of ancient and the germs of modern civilization.”

Sir Edward Creasy

Question, was the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu building Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria when the Battle of Toulouse took place?
Was the “Occupation” the root cause of the Battle of Tours? 

The answer to both questions is a resounding NO. 

It is to bad that Charles Martel was not there in Israel to defend the Jews left behind after the Romans sacked Jerusalem and destroyed Jewish emancipation. 

When Rome was done destroying the Jewish Nations aspirations for freedom they left the ground open for the Arab/Muslim colonialists who came, invaded and ethnically cleansed Israel of its remaining Jews. 

This partnership between Europe and Arab/Islam against the Jewish people has been alive since antiquity.

The Arabs then committed one of the greatest acts of desecration in world history by intentionally building the Al-Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount. 

But if you were to ask some Europeans today they might tell you other wise. 

Why do I ask these questions? Simple enough. 

For far to long the European nations of post World War Two have had the crazy idea that if they hand over Israel, the indigenous home of the Jewish people, to colonialist, Arab/Islamic warlords they would be saved from the terrorism of Jihadism.

They have been wrong in every way. 

The Europeans behave as if they have totally forgotten their own history, their own battles against the forces of Arab/Islamic fascism. 

It seems that they have forgotten that if it were not for Charles “The Hammer” Martel, Western Europe would be speaking Arabic and would be living under the oppressive dominance of Islam.

France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Swiss; just about every Western European nation state has played with the idea of selling out Israel in the hopes of winning favor with the fascist Muslim Arabs. 

In every case it has been a total failure, it has backfired and made the European Nations look weak in the eyes of a culture that feeds off of weakness. 

That is the difference between the Europe of Martel and the Europe of today.

This policy of selling out Israel, a natural ally has always ended with the Arabist/Islamist Terrorists striking at Europe. 

Like mindless fools, never learning from history the European nations, now under the guise of the European Union, are continuing this policy of selling out Israel. 

They are attempting to force upon Israel, like the colonialists that they are, a French Plan that would have an International conference decide the future of the Sovereign Jewish Nation State of Israel.

I think I remember something like this happening before in history, oh yeah, when France and Britain sold out Czechoslovakia to the Hitler and his mad Nazis. 

There is even more of a correlation. 

The people who call themselves the Palestinians are the off-spring of one of the worst Nazis to live. 

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the father of the Palestinian people, was a Nazi. 

He raised legions of Muslim Nazi fighters to both fight the allies and to carry out a final solution of the Jewish population of Israel.

This point of “Palestinian” history has been totally overlooked, as if it never happened. 

This must come to an end.

It must become Israeli government policy to demand acknowledgement of the crimes committed by the colonialist, Arabist/Islamist during the Shoah. 

It is time for European nations to put aside their knee-jerk policies of aiding terrorist organizations trying to destroy Israel. 

Europe has been one of the greatest funders of Islamic Terrorism in Israel, FACT.

Post World War Two Europe has been funding the aspirations of the Fascist, Arab Colonial Occupying Force, called the Palestinian people. 

It is almost as if the Europeans have been secretly waging a covert extension of the Holocaust by supporting a people who seek the destruction of the indigenous Jewish Nation State of Israel.

It is high time that Israel demand that the European Union take responsibility for the fact that it has been importing Islamic Terrorism to Israel.

By financially and diplomatically supporting the Palestinian People, a nation still wholly sworn to destroy and ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jewish Population, Europe has been part of the crime.

In fact the Europeans do not even attempt to hide the fact that they are backing the same policies they backed during World War Two. 

It was during the Holocaust, that all European Nations, not just Germany, advocated ethnically cleanings their Jews and they went about doing it too.

It is also important to remember that the Arabs, under Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseni forced the colonialist rulers of Israel, the British, to enact racist laws the stopped Jews from returning to their homeland, Jews that could have been saved from the Holocaust, while allowing Arab Muslims to pour in from surrounding nations. 

Today, not only does the European Union wish to ethnically cleanse Jews, they wish to ethnically cleanse Jews from the birthplace of the Jewish people, from our indigenous homeland, Judea and Samaria. 

This should be made clear to the Europeans from the mouths of all Israeli Government Ministers. It should be made clear that yet again Europeans wish to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE JEWS FROM THEIR LAND, just as their forefathers the Romans did! 

This is what needs to be said, diplomatic or not!
Just as Jews building in Judea and Samaria was not the cause of the Battle of Tours and nor were Jewish Homes in Judea and Samaria the cause of the Battle of Toulouse, it is time for the Western World to recognize what the cause of this conflict is. 

What is inflicting Western Europe, the United States and other free, democratic countries is Arabist/Islamist Fascism!

The problem is and has always been the fanatical, colonialist policies of world domination BY MEN, that are built into Islam; which is an Arab Religious/Political movement. 

That is why the supposed moderate Muslims are silent! 

Learning this and stopping the constant blame of the one nation, Israel, that has been a barrier, a warrior standing in the way of this madness, constantly protecting the Western World from the same onslaught Charles Martel faced is what Europe must do. 

It is time to bring the Hammer of the Maccabees together with the Hammer of Charles Martel and to finish this battle against fanatical Arabist/Islam! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Shame on Bibi for using scare tactics to influence Israelis says Ehud Barak, Moshe Yaalon and Itzhak Herzog at the Herzlia Conference .

Then all three proceed to use scare tactics to try to influence Israeli voters at the Herzliya Conference.

Really I have just lost all respect for Ehud Barak. Sometimes I wonder why he is even invited to events like this.

Funny, does Ehud Barak remember his short term as Prime Minister?

That glorious moment in Israeli politics found us with a Prime Minster hated by everyone. Hated by his own party, hated by his coalition partners (who would quickly bolt his coalition) and of course hated by the opposition.

Barak tells us that Bibi is sowing the seeds of fascism.

I guess he forgot that as Prime Minister his colleagues said he was impossible to work with, trusted no one and was kind of like a fascist dictator.

So Ehud, I guess it takes one to know one.

Moshe Yaalon, whom I once also respected has just made himself out to be the largest fool inside of Israeli politics.

Just a few months ago when he had all the military info at his finger tips he repeatedly said that Iran was an existential threat to Israel.

Now that Yaalon has left the Ministry of Defense and is no longer Defense minister, now that he has none of the immediate, up to date defense information on military threats he tells us all is fine and dandy in the Middle-East.

This is information that changes in hours if not minutes, now that Yaalon has none of this critical knowledge, now he can tell us that there are no existential threats facing Israel and we have nothing to worry about.

He also went on to say that the Netanyahu government was harming relations with America.

For real Boogie?

I guess Moshe forgot that as Defense Minister he insulted the Obama administration on numerous occasions. It got to the point where both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barak Obama both refused to meet Yaalon.

What's interesting is how Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu stuck with the bumbling Yaalon even after he made so many political gaffes with our American allies.

Yet when Yaalon had to take one for the team, to make the coalition that he had been supporting stronger, he had a hissy fit, disrespected the Prime Minster and quit.

He followed up this class act by going to the, not so impartial, Israel media to cry in front of all of Israel about how he was mistreated.

Pathetic and also as I mentioned before, a FOOL!

But it is Herzog who is truly the most perplexing to me.

He wants to join the government with Bibi, he wants to be Foreign Minister. You know what he would be a good foreign minister too.

So he starts negotiations with Bibi.

Immediately after the fanatical left wing in his party hears about this, a few jackals, Herzog is threatened (the leader of their party) with the Jackals bolting the Zionist Union.

Instead of facing down this small part of his party, that does not represent the whole of the Zionist Union, and stands in contrast to the citizens of Israel, he backs down.

Here we have a man who can barely keep the sharks in his own party from devouring him and he wants to run the country.

Not so shockingly Herzog tried to play hero.

He behaved as if members of his party didn't threaten to leave him and placed the blame, the failure to form a National Unity Government on someone else's shoulders.

It would be wise for Herzog to crack open a history book and to look up one of Israel's greatest champions and greatest leaders, Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Golda took responsibility for the tragedy of the first days of the Yom Kippur war, even though she was just listening to her generals and the United States (which pressured Israel to take the initial blow and to not launch a pre-emotive strike, one of the most awful power plays used by America against Israel).

Memo to the supposed "Peace Seekers" of the Zionist Union, you literally foiled the closest chance there was to create movement toward negotiations. Good job, you phonies?

Herzog then blames Bibi for the demise of the coalition talks (not to mention Herzog is being investigated by the police for fraud) because Bibi decided to bring in Avigdor Lieberman and his five seats. It is important I remember that Avigdor Lieberman is a politician who has strongly backed the Two State Solution for a long time.

In the end I do believe more needs to be done by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to show the world we are serious about peace.

Bibi shouldn't just talk about how nice the Arab Peace plan is. He should take it, make the adjustments to the parts that he feels must be changed then give it to the Obama Administration and wait to hear back from the Saudis (this is probably happening as I write).

This would be good for all parties.

You can find many faults with Bibi as you can with all leaders who actually lead. I do believe this should be Bibi's last stay as Prime Minister (Nir Barkat will be a fine PM when Bibi does decide to retire) but the rest of those speaking against him are clowns in comparison.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Iron Lions of Zion

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

I love how so many in the world believe they have the right to judge Israel.

They just love to tell us Jews whether or not we have a right to be in our ethnic, cultural and ancestral homeland.

Forget about the fact that Arab/Muslims have been attempting to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jews for centuries. This historical fact matters little to them.

Yet historical fact also tells us that Jews have been the majority in the major cities of Israel throughout history.

Forget about the intentional desecration of Jewish national landmarks in the name of Arabist/Islam.

Example, the intentional building of the Al-Aksa mosque on the the Temple Mount. This act of Arab/Muslim, colonialist desecration of the Jewish people's most sacred national site is a war crime and it matters not that it happened thousands of years ago.

An attempt to erase the history of the Jewish people and to defeat the Jewish soul, this is the constant of the European/Arab invented Palestinian people.

Forget about the fact that over the centuries, whenever it was possible Jews from Middle-Eastern countries and European countries (long before the great Aliyot) returned to Israel.

Forget about the fact that Palestine is first and foremost a European invented name, thanks to our Roman friends.

Forget about the fact that archeology here in Israel digs up ancient Jewish/Hebrew/Israelite artifacts.

Someone as intelligent as Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P) or Dr. Cornell West, both men who I have tremendous respect for as intellectuals can still be blatantly anti-Semitic without intending to be anti-Semitic.

They simply know so little of the facts when it comes to Zionism and the historical connection between the Jewish Homeland of Israel.

At times it is shocking with Dr. West, but one must attribute his hatred of Jews who believe they deserve freedom and self-determination in the birthplace of the Jewish Nation, to that ancient anti-Semitism that flourished once in Europe and that has risen up in Europe again.

When I hear these people speak of the Jewish people and the rights they might or might not deserve, I am flabbergasted.

They don't speak like this about any other nation, isn't that interesting.

Certainly not the Palestinians, a people that factually did not exist 100 years ago, a people created by a Nazi war criminal, a people whose national aspirations are still built on Nazi policies. A people whose leaders still promise a Jew Free State of Palestine.

What is it that is so hard for these people to grasp inside the words The Children of Israel?

We are, and have always been, a nation first and foremost. A nation based on a culture, a culture connected to laws and a culture connected 100% to the land of Israel.

The ethnic, cultural nationality was founded by the Jewish people for the Jewish people and it has kept us together in the face of the worst oppression any people or nation has ever faced on the world scene, period.

Our nation may be made up of people of many different colors, from all corners of the world. This is thanks to the ethnic cleansing of our homeland by Europeans, Arabs and then Ottoman Turks; but this incorporation of others into our nation, does not make us any less Jewish, or any less of a nation, in fact it has made us much stronger.

In the end, the Jewish Nation, of all colors, has always called out to our land, the Land of Israel. By doing this we never forgot our land or where we came from. We have never forgotten the city that the Jewish King David made so famous and that is why every year we always say "Next year in Jerusalem".

Fact, now one says "next year in Al-Quds" not even the Palestinians!

And yet, even with the simpleton outlook on what Zionism is by intelligent people like say Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Cornel West. We the Jewish people, the indigenous people of Israel, we have risen up in our land, like our forefathers before us, the Maccabees and thrown off the yoke of fascist Arabist/Islamist colonialism.

In the face of the promised genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people by the Arabs we Jews managed to redeem and to reignite our nation.

In the face of their promise to finish Hitlers job we won back our freedom and self determination.

In doing this we also became the only country in the Middle-East that offers complete freedom to 1.5 million Israeli Arabs, 150,000 Israeli Druze and a couple thousand Israeli Circassians. We are the only country in the Middle-East that offers complete freedom for the LGBT community, more so than any other Western Democracy.

We are the one democracy in the middle-east.

 We are the hope of all down-trodden, indigenous peoples of the world who are seeking freedom and self-determination from oppressors (mostly Arab/Muslim oppressors)!

This is Zionism, Zion lives everyday inside the soul of the Jewish people in our homeland, Israel.

You can take the Jew out of Israel, but you can never take Israel out of the Jew! And remember this, all citizens of Israel, are the Iron Lions of Zion!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


⚜The Duke of the North⚜

One of the ways to quickly find a social justice fraud is when they start telling you about their minority friends. 

This is supposed to show everyone that they really get it. Or how down they are!

They love to flash this fake narrative.

As if this gives them some trump card that makes them know better then us silly block heads. 

It's garbage! 

It makes no difference if some of us have strived to read about every book about our land, the conflict with fascist, Arab colonialism and the problems Israel faces from water shortages to land shortages.

It makes no difference if we've lived here for 15 years, dedicating all those years to fighting for Israel and all Israelis.

No, we the people, who strongly backed peace under Ehud Barak and watched it go up in flames thanks to the rejection of peace and Palestinian Statehood by the Palestinian leadership; we are supposed to sit back and listen to the constant, ignorant rantings of those who believe they are intellectually smarter than us because they self-righteously think they want peace more than the rest of us because the sip on mint tea.

I still believe in peace. 

I still believe in the end Israel must ready itself to let go of land we hold very close to our heart. 

But I will no longer accept being lectured by those who put dreams in front of reality.

And the only time Israel should ever sign a peace accord with the Nazi offspring of Haj Amin al-Hussieni is when OUR demands are met. 

That's right, our demands, the Jewish Nations demands.

Part of this means, the fascist children of The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem must finally admit to the constant mistakes they have made and to the pain they have created to both the Jewish Nation State of Israel and to their own people, the Palestinian people. 

No peace should ever be accepted until the Arabs own the Nakba they created for themselves!

We've tried hard enough. 

Some haven't been here long enough to remember that Ehud Barak offered up Palestinian Statehood, just to have it spit back into the face of both him and American President Bill Clinton. 

Some haven't lived here long enough to remember that Ehud Olmert offered up the Clinton proposals, plus a little extra. To have it once again tossed back into his face by our friendly neighborhood Palestinians. 

But people like me, people who have seen first hand what the Arab Occupying Force thinks of the  peace and statehood Israel has offered up need not be lectured nor should we stand for the self-righteous rantings of those who put the freedom and self-determination of the Jewish people on the back burner.

Some of us were here, living in Israel when the Dolphinarium attack occurred. 

Some of us were here when the Palestinian, Arab Muslims killed and destroyed the sanctity of the Jewish people's Passover with the Park Hotel bombing. 

Yes, some of us have actually lived through the second intifada.

Some of us braved the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem daily during the second intifada and now we are being lectured by those who weren't here for it. What a sorry joke. 

We who have lived through it should not have to suffer the ignorance of those attempting to show us the side of the poor Muslim Arabs who rejected their own statehood, made war on the citizens of Israel and indiscriminately blew up Israelis and peace (committing war crimes with every suicide bombing). 

In fact most of these "Zionist" social justice warriors don't know enough history to know that Hamas was blowing up buses in Israel long before the second Intifada, they've been doing it since the Oslo Accords were signed. What does Jeremy Bem-Ami have to say about this?

I've Been there, I've done that ignorance.

To be completely honest, at times the complete arrogance and ignorance of these "Zionist" social justice warriors is unbearable. 

These saintly, know-it-alls should be forced to go home, crack open a few books and learn a little bit more about what has happened here in Israel. 

The complete and utter arrogance of those lecturing us, the majority of Israelis, but who have not been here to see what happens when the Nazi Arabs tread on the ideals of freedom is sickening.

For those who haven't survived a car bomb in Jerusalem, they should truly watch lecturing us about how much better they know our fascist Arab, Muslim friends called the Palestinians.

They'd do better to find a place inside the Bilal family tent. 

Shia, Sunni, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, The Tabah talks and the Olmert proposal; non of these ideological Jihadist movements or moments in time matter to them, just faulting Israel matters. That's what counts.

These fools don't even realize it.

If they really wanted to be down, they'd  be supporting the people, the Jewish people, who have an over 3,000 year historical right to Israel. 

If you really wanted to be down you'd realize that Israel is and always has been the David facing down the over billion strong Muslim/Arab Goliath that has been attempting to destroy the Jewish Nation state. 

You want to seriously take a stance on something? 

Fight back against the Arab/Muslim OIL machine that has been controlling international organizations by threat. 

Fight back against the corporations controlled by the largest of industries of the 20th and 21st centuries, the Oil and petroleum industry, what is also controlled by Arabist/Islam. Fight their attempts to commit another holocaust against the Jewish people in the name of Arabist/Islamist colonialism!

The actions of these supposed "Zionist" social justice warriors may truly come from ignorance, but their own actions against the Jewish people are truly unacceptable, ignorant or not!

These people will always be looking for an excuse to see the wrong in Israel. They believe this is journalism, it is not. 

And yes, their bumbling attempts to explain why they are trying to provoke confrontation with Jews celebrating Jerusalem Day are just pathetic attempts to disguise their self-hatred.

They stand silent and don't cover the anti-Semitic rantings of Mahmoud Abbas.

This is the same man that is supposedly our ticket to peace. Meanwhile he actually delivered a speech in March of this year saying that the Palestinian people were here before Abraham. 

That's right Mahmoud, forget about history, science or anything that has to do with reality, right. 

Maybe instead of blaming Israel for all the ills of our region, our "Zionist" social justice warriors would be wise to take a look at what is truly causing this conflict to continue.

In fact if these people want to call themselves journalists or activists they would do well to seek out the actual news, like say, why the root cause of this conflict has always been the Arab superiority complex, the Arab/Muslim racist and bigoted attempts to deny the scientifically proven fact that Israel is and has always been the homeland of the Jewish People.

That's news, that's truth. 

But guess what, it does not fit their AGENDA. 

The facts of this conflict are very simple. The truths are there for us to see if we choose.

Sadly they also challenge our beliefs and that is where all these people fail. They cannot accept the fact that they might have been wrong. It took me years to realize it, but I refuse to be an ostrich.

As always, pride is the killer of man.

Even when I backed vociferously The Clinton Parameters I was well aware of the undeniable fact that the Arabs and their made up brethren the Palestinians have been breaking international law since the United Nations adopted partition and Two States for Two peoples. 

It is also important to remember that the resolution does not stop there, it also clearly states, one Arab state and one Jewish state. 

Whether our "Zionist" social Justice warriors like it or not that means if the 20th. Century created Palestinian Arab people actually want a state, they must accept and recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State, period! 

Why don't you do an expose on this. This is true social justice. This is the fight against colonialism by the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish people and their victory over tyrannical Arab/Islamist Nazi fascism. 

Or how countless Israeli attempts at making peace, countless offerings of Palestinian statehood have been rejected by the Arabs. 

Do you know what the "Three No's" of Khartoum were? 

Why don't you trace your history back to that Arab act of hostility and then ask your Muslim Arab buddies what happened. 

Ask them a hard question, why are they so intent on destroying Israel?

Again, none of this fits the agenda of the Haight and Ashbury dreamers, who claim to be supporters of Israel.

But in the end they must ask themselves a question. 

Is the destruction of Israel acceptable to them? If their answer is no, then it is time for them to wake up!