Wednesday, November 28, 2012


By Sig Demling

Day by day, you can bet that a few events will continually take place.

1. Iran will move closer to developing a bomb reportedly more potent than the one Uncle Sam dropped on Hiroshima.

2. The next Syrian massacre perpetrated by the Assad regime will be more horror-filled than the last one.

3. The Arab Spring will prove to be a parody of itself. 

4. Egypt President Mohamed Morsi will personally turn himself into the next Pharaoh.

5.  Barack Obama will do what he does best -- star-gazing. Then the Chief Executive will do what he does second-best. Nothing.

While the United Nations consumes itself with the Abbas' illogical, illegal attempt at "Palestinian" legitimacy, the UN continues to develop news forms of procrastination when it comes to halting the very, very grave Iranian threat.

As a matter of fact, each day in every way the UN is proving to be more irrelevant than its predecessor, the League of Nations.

Meanwhile, Syria continues spiraling out of control while Obama, the European Union, the Arab League regard Damascus' spilled blood as if that red stuff is nothing more dangerous than Heinz Ketchup.

The Arab Spring, ignited in Tunisia, flamed into prominence when The White House impetuously chose to help oust Mubarak on very specious grounds. It was one of Obama's most egregious errors and paved the way for a hate-America, kill-Israel regime that remains only slightly less hostile because Morsi knows that if he gets even more crazy, his American $$$$upport will fly out the window. 

Don't expect any significant peaceful improvement in the Middle East as Hillary Clinton leaves the State Department, an abject failure in every aspect of her job and that includes the phony Hamas-Israeli "truce" imposed on the Jewish State just as it was preparing to wipe the terrorist state right off the map.

And what, may I ask, is the point of a "truce" while Hamas remains dedicated to wiping Israel -- and all Jews if possible -- off the map while all Israel wants is peace and quiet? 

The point, of course, is that the Gaza gang is pulling off yet another hudna, which is Arabic for buying time while its wounds heal so that it can attack the Jews once more. 

If that isn't the joke of all political jokes, there's Mister Morsi as the acclaimed "truce-broker" while becoming Egyptian dictator. That is, providing that he can somehow flush the dissident thousands off the protesting streets of Cairo, Alexandria, et. al. 

Some "truce." One day an Arab breaks through the border fence into Israel, enters a home and stabs an Israeli woman.

A day later another group from Gaza attempts to destroy the fence and is rebuffed only by the appearance of Israeli troops.

What's truly appalling is the attention afforded irrelevant moves such as the Abbas UN gambit while Iran boasts of its growing militancy, unafraid of any meaningful resistance from the West.

Militant Islam is winning big-time; its only buffer is Israel.

Forget about the UN, the EU and the re-elected pacifier in the White House!

Apart from the Jewish State, the entire Mideast is spiraling out of control.

Even worse, a Islam-extinguisher cannot be found in the White House, Number Ten Downing Street; likely nowhere except in Jerusalem!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Some things you never forget. 

Some things should never be forgotten such as the Jewish survival theme -- Never again!

I had those two words in mind not long after Israel's disengagement from Gaza. My younger son and I were visiting a sage woman who once smuggled arms for Betar in pre-Israel Palestine. She knows what war and Jewish survival are all about.

Because her Israeli roots go much deeper than mine, I often have relied on her for advice and insights when it comes to the world of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Sderot.

As we dug through her excellent egg salad, I still was puzzling over Ariel Sharon and his bold decision to pull out of Gaza. I asked myself why, why, why? 

The way I figured it, the Prime Minister's motive -- peace! -- was pure except for the impurity of the other side. Arik believed that because he would hand over a chunk of land to Arabs that the Palestinians in turn gladly would reciprocate by suddenly turning friendly to the Jewish State.

Even some big-shot American Jews such as New York Daily News publisher Morton Zuckerman were suckered into the Sharon camp. Zuckerman  and rich American friends even doled out a few million bucks so that the Arabs could continue the fine agricultural work Israelis had been doing in Gaza for years. But -- as I feared -- the Hamas-PA leaders adopted the W.C. Fields' philosophy, "Never Give A Sucker An Even Break." 

In this case Israel was the sucker and the Arabs were dishing out no breaks at all. Quite the opposite.

The Arabs destroyed everything Jewish in Gaza including the productive hothouses and assorted industry. Figuratively, they threw mud in the face of Sharon and his naive supporters. And with that in mind, I asked my sage lady friend how she could explain the Israeli blunder.

Not a problem, she said. "Sharon got old and out of touch," she shot back. "Furthermore, he probably was even a bit senile when he made that decision. That's the only way to explain it."

How could a seasoned warrior-politician as Sharon be so naive, short-sighted and factually ignorant, if you will? Who did Arik believe that Israel was dealing with, St. Francis of Assisi? 

"Death to Jews" has been part of the woof and warp of Arab thinking for centuries and nothing was going to change that; not a chunk of Gaza as a present, nor the Oslo Accords nor anything else for that matter. Giving the Palestinians something for nothing immediately signals to them the weakness of Jews. With that comes bold anti-Israeli moves such as the latest bid for United Nations recognition.

Benjamin Netanyahu must stand up to the world-wide anti-Israel sentiment which, translated, is unadulterated Jew-hatred. 

It's there, patently evident in France, Great Britain and throughout the rest of the European Union not to mention assorted other points on the globe. This Palestinian UN gambit already has demonstrated that Israel's friends are essentially limited to the Dominion of Canada and, to a lesser extent, Australia. When it comes to the Jew-hating world, no matter what Israel does, the Jewish State comes out of any scenario as the bad guy.

Contrast that with Syria where ten Arab children were killed the other day by cluster bombs delivered by other Arabs in a Damascus playground. Israel Hayom columnist Dror Eydar has that in mind with the question:

"Why is it that when Arabs slaughter Arabs," asks Eydar, "the world gives a polite shudder and does nothing more? We have all but forgotten the hundreds of people massacred in Syria just recently. Yet when Jews rise to defend
their lives and strike at those who seek to kill them, the world howls in protest."

The aforementioned statement will not come as breaking news for Bibi. Nor has the Prime Minister forgotten the awful mistake that Sharon made when he chose to unilaterally pull Israelis out of Gaza. 

That lesson -- never again free gifts to the Arabs -- must be deeply ingrained in every responsible Israeli leader's head. Not a single Jew should ever have to leave Judea nor Samaria. Period!

Challenging as the obstacles are ahead, Netanyahu must bear these lessons in mind as he steers Israel through the political shoals ahead.

Never again must be placed front and center as the Israeli theme -- now more than ever!


By Simon Fischler 

Are there always two sides to a story? 

That is what I keep hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this theory smacks of just another way of giving the Palestinians an excuse for continuing their aggressive behavior towards Israel. 

How are there two sides, when the Palestinians rejected every plan of partition leading up to the Israeli War of Independence? 

It is very simple: the Jews of Eretz Israel accepted a greatly decreased piece of land from what they were originally promised, through international law, by the League of Nations.

Many argue that the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish government) accepted partition in the hopes of attaining more land later. 

This contention overlooks the fact that the Yishuv put its hopes to the side, these did this in an attempt to reach an agreed settlement with their Arab neighbors. 

Plain and Simple, the Yishuv accepted partition to attain self-determination for the Jewish Nation on land that was legally theirs -- no matter how much less than originally promised.

The Arab side, ever more greedy, ever more colonialist, refused partition -- no matter how much more land than the Jews they would receive. 

This is not a disputable point, this cannot be argued, THIS IS A FACT! 

There is only one side to this beginning: Arabs wanted war; Arabs thought they would win a war; Arabs STARTED the war; Arabs lost the war. 

This scenario has taken place over and over again (1947-48; 1956; 1967; 1973 ... etc., etc., etc.) 

This aggressive, imperialistic thought pattern is obviously intrinsic to Arab culture and tradition. This truth of this Arab Colonialist mentality must voiced loudly at the United Nation this week when the Arabs again continue their attempts at erasing Israel from the map!

The Arab peoples were not born in the Levant, as the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation was. 

THE ARABS ARE FROM ARABIA, hence the name!  

The Arabs invaded and conquered the Near East, Northern Africa and Spain, more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Christian Era.

Hence a conquering, colonialist culture would never let the Jews have a state in their midst, even if this land belonged to the Jews first, or whether Jews had always been living in this land (making up the majority of the population in most major cities). 

That’s a short version of the history of what we call Israel today, as well as a nutshell version of the Arab occupation of that part of the Middle East which was once the ancient kingdom of Israel. 

This too must be voiced loudly and clearly at the United Nations this week! 

Now let’s jump to the year 2000, Camp David, Maryland. 

Then Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, and U.S. President Bill Clinton offered Yassar Arafat and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria the most generous entitlement a LOSING group has ever received. 

Offered up were 97 percent of the West Bank (which, remember, was once the sections of ancient Israel known as Judea and Samaria), East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the old City. 

Control over the Temple Mount was also offered to the Arabs. Of course all the Gaza Strip would be included in the future Muslim/Arab state of Palestine. 

In return the Palestinians had to relinquish their made-up, non legal notion of the Right of Return, to accept Israel as the Jewish State and agree to an end of conflict. 

As always this was too much for Yasser Arafat. Believing he could still destroy Israel, he rejected this offer at Camp David and later at Taba, Egypt. 


Instead Arafat started a guerrilla war against the Israel and her citizens.

The solution to the Arab/Israel conflict has nothing to do with occupation -- unless you choose to erase the fact that the occupation could have been negated with Palestinian acceptance of peace and statehood in the year 2000. Or unless you mean occupied land by the Arabs! 

Should Israel be blamed for the horrible leadership of the Palestinian Arabs? I think not. 

After all, even Mahmoud Abbas admits the disaster the Second Intifada brought upon his people. The leader of the Palestinians has admitted responsibility for his nation’s situation!

We could call Arafat’s rejection of Barak and Clinton’s peace plan “The Second Catastrophe,” second only to the original Arab rejection of Partition. 

If the world really wants peace and a solution to this conflict, it is high time to make the Arabs take responsibility for their actions. 

It is and always has been RACIST and COLONIALIST Arab culture that is behind the Arab/Israel conflict. 

The world must stop making excuses for the Palestinians’ constant rejection of peace and a just settlement.

After all it is the Arabs who are occupying our land not vice versa! 

Monday, November 26, 2012


By Sig Demling

One of my favorite bromides goes like this: With friends like these who needs enemies?

After reviewing the results of Operation Cast Lead, I was inspired to do a take-off on the above. To wit:

With "victories" like those, who needs defeats?

I'm specifically alluding to the crazy-mad Gaza celebrations that followed announcement of an Israeli-Hamas truce.

Judging by the cartwheels of joy, random shooting in the air and over the air announcements from Tehran, Beirut and other Arab points East and West, you actually would get the impression that it was Israel that took it on the chin and not the other way around.

Now before I go on, let me say unequivocally that Israel took lots and lots and lots of heavy blows via the rocket blitz; there's no minimizing that grim fact of war life. When a nation such as Israel is confronted with a1,600 rocket barrage that's nothing to take any way but grimly serious.

But in terms of winning and losing; look at it this way; for the first time in a genuine wartime situation the Iron Dome system worked as well -- if not better -- than expected. Granted, Israeli lives were lost, homes were destroyed and portions of the Middle East's only democracy were traumatized as would be expected from such an assault against innocent civilians.

However, stacked up against what the IDF did to Hamas and its affiliated terrorist groups -- well -- it was no contest. Israel Hayom columnist Zvika Fogel did ten days of reserve duty and returned home persuaded that the average Israeli has minimized the victory achieved by more than 1,600 precise and unexpected attacks against Gaza.

"The IDF," says Fogel, "obliterated dozens of years of cumulative Hamas and Islamic Jihad experience. It dealt a devastating blow to Hamas force-building efforts in which the group had invested all the Palestinian people's money, obtained by enacting a 'smuggling tunnel tax.'

"The IDF destroyed terrorist infrastructure on and under the ground that had been built since Operation Cast Lead."

In a sense Hamas' so-called "victory" was about as effective as Hezbollah's which produced destruction of Lebanese structures that gave even Nasrallah a momentary case of lockjaw.

I'm not predicting anything like a long-term truce with Hamas?nor will I even dare suggest that Israelis in the South will be free from air raid sirens for any appreciable length of time. 

But this much is certain: Hamas & Co. took a beating, physically and psychologically despite the physical damage done to Israeli cities by the rockets. 

Fogel: "When Hamas officials emerged from their bunkers they saw there was not a single victory they could present to their people. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are now banging their heads against the wall -- how did Israel know? How did they managed to attack the terrorists at every hideout? How did they manage to prevent almost every attempt to hurt Israeli civilians and soldiers?"

We shall see how Hamas and Islamic Jihad handle the truce in the days and weeks ahead. As of Saturday night it appeared that the residents of Sderot and all the other Israeli sites that came under attack were able to get a couple of good night's sleep. Hopefully this pleasant state will last and last and last. 

But what if Hamas breaks the truce? 

As I've said before, the Arabs should get a hundred-fold response. I agree with Fogel's thinking:

"Disproportionate force should be unleashed on terror mongers if they dare violate the cease-fire agreement. Then, calm will be preserved for many years to come."

In the meantime, let the Arabs celebrate their latest "victory."

At the expense of being redundant, let me reiterate, with "victories" like those, who needs defeats?

Sunday, November 25, 2012


By Simon Fischler
The Israeli military has finished Operation Pillar Cloud for now. As was to be expected Hamas, the rulers of the Gaza Strip, are claiming victory.
If one were to measure this Hamas victory against history it would be akin to France claiming victory against England in a battle that claimed the lives of Napoleon and all of the staff generals below him. Or France claiming victory after the Battle of Waterloo.
What were the real goals Israeli Prime Mister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Mister Ehud Barak and the IDF wanted to achieve for operation Pillar Cloud? To topple Hamas and occupy the Gaza Strip again? No, never!
From the beginning this was as simple as --first and foremost -- re-establishing the strength and deterrence of the IDF.
Secondly, showing another fascist, radical muslim group, Hamas, that the Israeli home-front was capable of standing up to attempts to scare it into submission; this time through the use of massive rockets coming out of The Gaza Strip.
Lastly  -- and almost as important as the first point -- was Israel’s leadership sending a very powerful warning message to three different nations: 1. The United States;  2. Egypt;  3. Turkey.
For America it was simple: do not forget who your true allies in this region are. Do not behave as if you do not have time to for Israel and be prepared for Israel to defend itself when its interests are put in jeopardy (i.e. Iran)… whether you like it or not!
For Egypt and Turkey it was also simple: you will have to deal with Israel and deal with her on an equal level; do not make the mistake of thinking Israel will  go back to the days of Gamal Abdel Nassar; be aware that she most certainly will not allow Hamas to become a proxy for Egypt and Turkey as Hezbollah is for Iran!
So did Israel and the IDF achieve the goals that were set forward? Yes.
It achieved most of these goals in the first minutes of the operation with the execution of Ahmed al-Jabari and the destruction of all of Hamas’ Fajr-5 missiles. 

The IDF killing Jabari was no different then the IDF killing Imad Mughniyah or Ali "The Red Prince" Hassan Salameh! The message here is very simple, we may not be able to bring our soldiers back from the dead, but we will kill those who are responsible for their pain who intend on hurting our nation. Bank on it, we will go to the four corners of the world; or the Gaza Strip to get it done!  
By the middle of the war both Hamas and Islamic Jihad were begging the Arab world for supplies to continue the fight against the Zionists. Both tried as well to get their Arab brethren to invoke the oil card and start another embargo, but failed to convince their faithful friends.
Two days before the end of the war Khaled Meshal said on live television that he did not want an IDF ground invasion! 
The fact that the leader of Hamas came out and said he wanted to avoid an Israeli ground invasion is most incredible. At least Nasrallah waited to the end of the 2006 war to say that if he knew that Israel would hit back so hard he would not have ordered the operation that led to the kidnapping of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.
Under intense pressure from the United States (apparently Obama was not too busy for Israel after all) the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government negotiated a cease-fire with the “Zionist” leaders of Israel to help Meshal avoid that IDF ground incursion he was so afraid of.
Lastly, Israel prevented Turkey and its anti-Semitic Prime Minister Erdogan from being a part of the cease-fire talks, and all credit went to Egypt. This was a major victory and Erdogan is still getting screamed on by the Obama administration, to the point where Turkey has re-opened negotiations to the end the rift between Israel and Turkey. 
What the Israeli public must remember is that this war against Hamas and the Palestinians in general is similar to England’s position in World War II. Winning it takes looking at things from a long-term perspective, like chess.
Israelis must also remember that no matter what, if Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniyeh were the last two Hamas fighters left in the Gaza Strip, hunkered down in a bunker, with one bullet left, in one pistol, they would still claim success.
Oslo is dead and our leaders are playing a long-term war strategy that will continue to give us the upper-hand and eventually lead Israel to victory. The politicians who are still trying to sell Oslo to the Israeli public are like Neville Chamberlin trying to resell the English the Munich agreement in 1940!
Those who continue to claim that Israel cannot achieve peace through military and then political might, should take a tour back in recent history, to the US victory over Japan in WWII. From the outset of America’s involvement in the War, and with much thanks to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US made it clear she would only accept an UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF JAPAN! 

In immediate history one just needs to look at how the Sri Lankan government or the Columbian Government broke the backs of the Terrorists they were fighting! 
This is what Israel needs to bring about complete peace to its people!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Benjamin Netanyahu is a smart man. 

With that in mind, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the Israeli-Hamas truce to which he agreed. 

But I won't give him that benefit for very long. Maybe a month; two at most. By that time we'll have a very good idea whether the truce is a farce or whether it's a route to peace and quiet from the Gaza side.

Judging by the reaction among the dominant -- at least by decibel count -- Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt the truce should have a slightly longer shelf life than a smoke ring.

Just a day after it had been signed the Boys from the Brotherhood were preaching death to the "Zionist Entity" -- it pains them like a root canal to utter the word "Israel" -- in the streets and to the media.

Israelis are well aware that Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood are as synonymous as one percent milk and two percent milk. The only real difference is the label but they both possess virtually the same Kill Jews ingredients.

That said, I must give Bibi credit. The Prime Minister was not impetuous in agreeing to the truce -- did he feel Hillary Clinton's breath down his back? -- and he won't be impetuous signing off on it either. 

Netanyahu will allow Khaled Meshal, the Hamas terrorist leader, time to assess the damage inflicted by Israel. If Meshal decides that he'd like to try for another "victory" and resume the rocketry it will be incumbent on Bibi to do what he planned to do in the first place; send in the troops. Only a few phone calls from the distant Barack Obama prevented that.

Still, Israelis from South to North remain pessimistic about this truce enjoying any long-term value. It doesn't take any genius to figure that Hamas is controlled long-distance by the Iranian mullahs and we know where they stand on the issue of Israeli survival. 

Add to that the other poisonous ingredient, Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi who currently is being hailed as the resident truce-maker. 

Rest assured that Morsi urged the truce not because he wanted Israel spared still another rocket blitz but rather because Obama threatened to reduce American monetary aid to Egypt. Under the Morsi regime, the Egyptians live under Third World conditions and the Cairo economy would collapse without Uncle Sam's do, re, me.

For the moment at least Morsi is putting his country's economic survival -- Gimme the dough, Obama -- ahead of his less-than-subtle wish to ultimately eradicate Israel and hand it to the Arab mob of his choice; likely Hamas. 

But for Morsi -- being hailed in the New York Times as a pragmatist -- that can wait. In this case it's a matter of cash over conquest; the latter can come later on the Egyptian agenda.

Meanwhile, some pseudo-seers in the media are comparing the current Hamas-Israeli truce with the one Israel negotiated with Hezbollah after the Lebanese War; as if that was some sort of successful negotiation. 

Facts on the ground tell you a different story. Hezbollah not only has re-armed to the teeth but has spent the past year bragging about it. That there has not been a war on Israel's Northern Front is more a result of Hezbollah's Lebanese opponents challenging its power and doing it so effectively that a Lebanese civil war could very well erupt.

As for the Gaza "truce," the following are three reasons why it's doomed to the treaty scrapheap:

1. Morsi travelled to Gaza during the hostilities showing his support for the Hamas terrorist state. How could he possibly be an honest broker when -- if -- serious Israeli-Hamas negotiations take place?

2. There has been absolutely no change in the Hamas'  "Kill Israelis" thinking. Nurturing their delusions, the Arabs actually believe that they won the latest battle so why should they believe that the  truce should last?

3. The "truce" has no built-in mechanism to ensure that it will be enforced. 

But back to my original point: Bibi is a smart fellow. Let's see what happens in the days/weeks ahead. We have to determine whether rocketry is resumed from Gaza and, if it is, how Netanyahu reacts.

It says here -- and I've said so emphatically in the past -- if one rocket is fired by Hamas, it should result in no less than 100 sent back in return; followed by the troops.

That's the best way to keep a "truce" from becoming a farce!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


By Sig Demling

The lessons are all there for any and all adult Israelis to study:

* LEBANON: A ground victory was there for Israel's taking but Jerusalem collapsed under international pressure allowing Hezbollah to become yet a threat once more to the country's security.

* GAZA: Operation Cast Lead was on the brink of bringing down Hamas when a cease-fire was pushed on the Israeli government. As a result, Hamas rebuilt its arsenal -- as an Iranian proxy -- and emerged more rocket-dangerous than ever.

With the above Exhibits A and B Benjamin Netanyahu's logical mind should deduce that in 2012 Plan C must be promulgated. 

Therefore, if victory is to be achieved against the Hamas-inspired -- and Iranian-funded -- terrorist groups in Gaza it must be a full-scale triumph both on the ground as well as in the air and on the sea.

No less important, the victory must be achieved across the diplomatic table where President Obama and his traveling stooge Hilary Clinton must  be persuaded that any truce exacted from Hamas without a ground offensive will be as useless as the word of an Arab diplomat.

Make no mistake, the Lebanese War failed Israel because Jewish leaders capitulated before obtaining the guarantee of a demilitarized Hezbollah. Furthermore, the demilitarization should have included long-term safeguards that would insure Israeli security.

But the rush to cease-fire produced a half-baked agreement that has been violated over and over again by a Hezbollah group bent on destroying Israel.

The same fate followed Operation Cast Lead because both Washington and the European Union continue to bend under the overall pressure of Arab oil. Hence, the Israelis stopped the anti-Hamas offensive before it could truly obtain real traction and total victory.

Which brings us to the current crisis and attempt at a solution. The options are twofold:

* A NEGOTIATED TRUCE: This would follow both the Lebanese and Cast Lead patterns. The rocketry against Israel would stop long enough to allow the Arabs to replenish their stores. The truce would be negotiated on the one hand by Israel and on the other by those bent on Israel's destruction. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt is a close ally of Hamas. Since Egypt is considered the prime mediator how could anyone expect anything but a pro-Hamas settlement? As long as Egypt is involved in any truce parlay the Israelis will get royally screwed. That's a given. 

* A GROUND OFFENSIVE: Of course this will result in heavy Israeli casualties but if victory means a once-and-for-all end to anti-Israel rocket attacks then why not? Especially since the IDF has been preparing for such an eventuality for a long time. In this case the bromide "pain and progress are inseparable" must be the IDF's theme.

Needless to say many political analysts are cautioning Bibi on the grounds that his future re-election could be jeopardized by a ground offensive that backfires either on the ground or across the diplomatic front. Patriot that he is, the Prime Minister must consign thoughts of his political future to the back of his mind. 

All that should matter to Bibi now is his country's long-term security. The PM is smart enough to remember the abject failure in Lebanon and the futility of Cast Lead. 

If he can't extract a foolproof deal from the so-called mediators then he must revert to Plan C whether it means a scorched earth Gaza or whatever -- as long as the mission is accomplished.

The lessons are all there; lead is stronger than paper.

Monday, November 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Diplomacy is the key. The diplomatic victory Israel has attained during Operation Pillar of Defense is almost astonishing.
Israel has been at war with Hamas for six days. The Israeli Air Force has been attacking the Gaza Strip with such precision that less than 100 hundred Palestinians -- terrorists and civilians -- of Gaza have been killed 
This is a near-miracle, because the Gaza Strip is the most densely crowded piece of real estate in the world.
Never before has Israel enjoyed the support, not just of America, but all the European Union, a day after it has been forced into a war of defense. Even more astounding, she is now enjoying that support six days into this war! 
Not enough has been said of this, especially in the Israeli media.
The effectiveness of the Iron Dome anti-rocket system combined with the precision of the IAF in destroying the majority of the long-range rockets (Fajr-5’s made in Iran) have befuddled the Gaza Terror leadership.
Monday in Cairo, Egypt, Khaled Mashal, political head honcho of Hamas admitted that Hamas had no real answer to the Iron Dome or the IAF and wanted to avoid an IDF land invasion of the Gaza Strip.
Thats is called victory, especially when dealing with Jihadists! 
The biggest problem facing Hamas is Iranian controlled Islamic Jihad. A cease-fire would have been in effect on the part of Hamas if Iran weren’t pushing Islamic Jihad to thwart it! 
The question is: can Israel or should Israel at this time agree to the conditions of a cease-fire that have been laid down? 
There is one condition Hamas wants that is beneficial to Israel: handing responsibility of Gaza, i.e. electricity, gas and food, over to Egypt! 
This must be a point of Israel made to both the United States of America and Egypt. Gaza is now officially the problem of Egypt!
Since the Egyptians took a completely biased stance in the beginning of this war in favor of Hamas, they cannot escape this. The second they sent their Prime Minister to aid Hamas, allowing them to fire rockets into Israeli territory and cities, that jeopardized the safety of both Israeli citizens and the Prime Minister of Egypt, they assumed full responsibility for Gaza! 
Second if Hamas, Turkey, Egypt and certain other countries that exist outside of the FREE and DEMOCRATIC world wish to make audacious and outlandish comments, so too can Israel.
Just to up the pressure and make some diplomatic waves, it is time for Israel  to behave a bit more like her uncivilized enemies.  
So when there is media and diplomatic talk about how the people of Gaza live without sirens, protected rooms and the Iron Dome system, diplomacy gets dropped. 
If diplomats and media organizations even dare to bring this up, it needs to be made clear that it is not Israel’s fault that Hamas and the Palestinians of Gaza chose death, violence and war over peace, when Israel HANDED ALL OF GAZA OVER TO ARAB LEADERSHIP! 
Even when Operation Pillar of Defense is finished, it needs to be made clear that Israel is not responsible if Hamas chooses to buy rockets over feeding its people, building industry and protecting the citizens of Gaza by not choosing war!
It is also absolutely imperative for Israel to use its political victory to educate the West – and the rest of the Arab world. Israel must point out -- loudly and clearly -- that in six days of fighting an enemy which ruthlessly shot hundreds of rockets into Israeli civilian centers, the IDF and IAF killed fewer innocent civilians than the Assad government does in ONE DAY in Syria; or that the Erdogan government of Turkey has done in ONE DAY to the Kurds of what should be a FREE KURDISTAN!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The Iron Domes are working; as much as the precious few can work.

Plus, the Israeli Air Force continues to pound as many rocket-firing Gaza sites hidden in civilian homes as is possible.

What's more the IDF is now singling out Hamas' headquarters as worthy of attack from the air.

Thus, The Law of Averages is beginning to work against the Arab terrorists.

No question that Hamas & Co. will continue to fire away but, likewise, in due time the IDF will locate many of the rocket locations and eliminate enough to diminish their effectiveness.

Gaza's assortment of bloodthirsty organizations are fully aware of this law of diminishing returns and that explains the Arab's umpteenth attempt at securing a "truce."

I put "truce" in quotes because there are two definitions; the one in English: armistice; and the Arab version which can best be defined as we're taking a  beating now so let's all take a break until we can re-arm and resume killing as many Israelis as possible.

This has been the typical Arab modus operandi . On the one hand it allows them to shun peace with Israel and on the other it gives them a respite so that they eventually can renew their ultimate aim: eliminating as many Jews as possible.

All of which explains why several Arab leaders are hastily convening to urge Egypt to broker a truce with Israel.

Alas, there's only one thing wrong with that;' the Egyptians are in the enemy (Hamas) camp and the Muslim Brotherhood has made that evident ever since Israel began its serious retaliation against the random rocketry that has extended as far as Jerusalem (the holy city the Palestinians supposedly love so much) and Tel Aviv.

Of course the Arabs want a cease fire. Why wouldn't they? One of their most bloodthirsty military leaders already has been dispatched and if any of the other Hamas or Islamic Jihad nut cases show their faces within Israeli gun range they, too, will be sent to the Muslim Virgin Paradise. 

Now this is where Benjamin Netanyahu must be both firm and careful. Whatever form the Israeli operation takes in the next days, it must not  be braked; not by Uncle Sam, not by the European Union and certainly not by any convention of Arab leaders bent on limiting the damage to Hamas.

And if this Arab delegation does come forward and pleads with Barack Obama -- beware of his moves in the days ahead -- to intervene on behalf of Hamas, just re-direct that delegation to Damascus with this message: TAKE CARE OF THE SYRIAN BLOODSHED FIRST AND THEN WE'LL SIT DOWN AND TALK!

There now must be a clearcut objective to the Hamas neutralization and it can be simplified in one word demilitarization. 

When this lousy war is over Israelis from Sderot to The Golan must rest assured that they no longer have to fear the wailing of air raid sirens nor assaults from the Kassams, Grads and other missiles that Hamas has stockpiled -- with an Egyptian encouraging wink of an eye -- over the years.

This cannot be like knee-jerk truces of yesteryear that enabled the Jew-hating enemy to replenish its killing machines and then swing into action whenever murder is on their mind.

Hopefully, Bibi is steeling himself for the diplomatic battle that inevitably will erupt likely sooner rather than later. 

History has vividly demonstrated to Israelis the dangers of a premature "truce."

The threat, of course, is that in the Arab mind a "truce" is merely a figment of their imagination. With Hamas there's no such thing as an armistice but rather another call to arms!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

First the Arabs bomb Israel with hundreds of rockets and then they do what they do best -- apart from trying to kill Jews -- they bawl. 

That's bawl as in weeping or shedding crocodile tears.

And what, pray tell, are the Muslims crying about?

Well, well, well. They're upset that Israel is not turning its other cheek as a record amount of rocketry has been hurled at the Middle East's only real democracy.

Throughout the Islamic world, they are hissing and moaning because Israel is hitting back.

The way the Arab mind works is something like this: We can kill Israeli's with impunity and Alah forbid that the Jews try to defend themselves.

From Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo the wailing against Israel is all the same; the Jews are at fault. Why don't they just let our Arab brethren kill them without any retaliation from the Jews?

Yes, that's the Muslim mind and naturally the usual suspects have climbed on their soap boxes to decry the Israeli counterattack.

In Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan is railing against the Israelis; ditto for Nasrallah wherever he happens to be hiding in Lebanon these days and so on down the line throughout the utterly failed Arab Spring.

Naturally, the do-nothings at the United Nations are uttering their tiresome homilies which would be laughable had they not be so obnoxious.

We're told that the UN Secretary General is upset over what's going on in Gaza and has dispatched a missive that asserts, "Israel must exercise maximum restraint."

How about that? And why in the world should Benjamin Netanyahu exercise "maximum restraint" when the UN did absolutely nothing about the incessant rocket barrages launched by Hamas over the past several months. 

"Maximum restraint" is what the Arabs want because that will enable them to retain the status quo which in turn will enable them to continue the intimidation of Israel by blitz from the air.

Sorry, Mahmoud but absolutely no concessions should be made to you Arabs. There should be maximum IDF assault rather than restraint.

The Arab mind only respects force; concessions are only interpreted as weakness. This has been proven over centuries not months, years or decades.

Ariel Sharon gave Gaza away to the Islamists mistakenly believing that it would result in peace along the border. In his dotage the then Prime Minister committed one of the most egregious political sins in Israeli history. His peace-seeking gesture eventually resulted in the Hamas takeover, its militaristic buildup and the rise in rocket-making to intolerable levels. 

Unfortunately, Operation Cast Lead was halted before it achieved its goal which should have been the removal of Hamas from Gaza as well as a demilitarized Strip; and nothing less.

But, typically Uncle Sam and his naive peace-seekers halted the Israeli assault before the necessary goals were achieved. Bibi must not let that happen again. 

What's interesting is that the relatively small Gaza death toll -- thanks to the IDF's surgical air strikes -- that arouse world-wide condemnation actually is minor when compared to the outrageous massacres -- Arab vs. Arab -- that have continued for months throughout Syria. 

Sorry, but maximum restraint no longer is a viable option for Israel now that Hamas is firing rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Hamas & Co. proved long ago that it wants to kill as many Jews as possible in Israel -- while the Jews do nothing or excercise maximum restraint.

That's why the Arabs are crying about the IDF's most serious operation and, furthermore, why maximum attacks -- not restraint -- must be Israel's order of the day until the Arab terrorists are once and for all vanquished.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


By Sig Demling

Precisely how intense the double-crossing of Israel will be in the next week remains to be seen but this much is certain; it's happening already.

For starters, all you have to do is look at the lead paragraph in the lead story of the Islam-loving New York Times.

A quick read would lead you to believe that Israel has been dispatching thousands of rockets into Gaza although the vice has been versa.

What's more, you would think that it is Israel which has virtually eliminated its peace treaty with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rather than the other way around.

In less than four paragraphs the Times made it seem as if Israel is the killer country, forgetting about Syria and Hamas among other bloody Arab Springsters.

Here's how the alleged newspaper of record noted the events in its lead:

The Hamas' blitz merely is passed off as "persistent Palestinian rocket fire." The term "persistent" broadly suggests that the rockets are relatively harmless and arrive just once in a while.

The Times goes on to warn that Israel's counter-attack has "damaged Israel's fragile relations with Eygpt." Apparently its editorial board has overlooked the fact that ever since the Muslim Brotherhood annexed Egypt, the country that once had at least a reasonable relationship with Israel has turned downright hostile. Egypt and Hamas are allies. Each shares the same purpose; annihilate Israel. 'Nuff said.

Finally -- and this is in the same lead paragraph -- the Times asserts that Israel "escalated the risks of a new war in the Middle East." 

Hmmm. Has theTimes forgotten that Iran has been threatening a war against Israel for years; intensifying its goal to wipe the Jewish State off the map month by month? 

Speaking of the double-cross, how about the one-two effect; the Muslim president Obama gets re-elected and a couple of days later the Hamas' record-breaking rocket assault begins. 

Coincidence? Hardly.

The Arab world has been hoping, praying, that the White House appeasement leaders would remain in power. They got their wish in spades.

Forget about Obama's hollow "I have Israel's back" proclamation. While rockets hurtle down on Israel and Iran ratchets up his anti-Zionist threats, the president continues to encourage "dialogue" with Iran. Dialogue with killers; just like Neville Chamberlain's "dialogue" with Hitler at Munich.

When will Obama wise up?

Every day in every way the mullahs discuss ways and means for crippling America along with Israel, while Obama does everything possible to cozy up to his -- and Israel's -- tormentors.

Most important from here to the end of Israel's counter-offensive will be the White House's handling of the Gaza threat. If Obama fails in his promise  to "have Israel's back" in a most emphatic way then it will be clear from here on in that the Democrat administration will continue to double-cross and undermine Benjamin Netanyahu during one of the most critical periods in Israeli history.

Rest assured that the president will do just about everything to mollify the warlords running Egypt; a nation which in the past six months has done virtually everything to negate its peace treaty with Israel short of literally ripping up the paper on which it was written.

Bibi must be convinced by now that Israel is alone and therefore It can expect no help from Washington, nor from the American media at large and precious little from pseudo-Jewish organizations such as J Street and its leftist, anti-Zionist ilk.

Obama won; Israel lost on that political front.

Now the Jewish State must win by itself -- on the ground and in the air -- if ever it can live in peace while surrounded by hostile, Jew-hating neighbors.


By Simon Fischler 

Today the 15th of November 2012 marks the second day of the Second Israeli operation against the Gaza strip in four years. 

Yesterday the Israeli government ordered the just and lawful assassination of Ahmed Jabari, Hamas arch terrorist and Chief of Staff of Izz ad-Din al Qassam Brigades.

As was to be expected Hamas immediately unleashed more than 100 rockets on the citizens of Israel’s south. 

Just to point out a fact to all of Israel’s detractors, the United Nations included, what Israel did by targeting a war criminal and terrorist is legal under international law and the Geneva Convention; what Hamas is doing by intentionally firing rockets into Israeli civilian centers is a war crime! 

Luckily for the center of Israel that means mainly Tel Aviv, the home-base of Meretz and the Israeli, antiwar, peace movement, the IAF managed to wipe out the majority of Hamas’ Fajr 1 rockets in its leading bombardment of the Gaza Strip. 

For the south of the country the same cannot be said. 

While the Iron Dome Missile system is doing an admirable job it is not perfect and those who live in the south will have to withstand the brutality and criminality of Sunni Islam’s fascism, symbolized by the Qassam and Grad rockets falling on the south of Israel! 

So, why has the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Forces chosen this time to finally stand up to an ever emboldened Hamas? 

In the year 2012 alone there have been more than 712 rockets launched against the south of Israel. This has given Israel and the IDF countless reasons and opportunities to engage Hamas for committing crimes against humanity by intentionally firing rockets into Israeli civilian centers!

Can you imagine the American reaction if Cuba shot more than 712 rockets into Miami Beach, or Mexico into Texas, or Canada into Seattle or New York?

Hamas has been getting away with murder largely do to the American presidential election. With the American government dealing with enough problems in the middle-east thanks to the Syrian civil war, Israel wanted to cause as little pain to both candidates vying for the White House as possible. Thus Israel restrained itself and Hamas started to believe its own rhetoric! 

Another request from the Americans that cannot be overlooked and emboldened Hamas was Israel being asked to take in Hamas rockets so as to give the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt a chance to prove themselves worthy of governing! 

If there was any doubts of the death of the Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel, they should be erased! 

Now that both the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood and the Morsi government condemned Israel for daring to defend its citizens against Hamas rocketry they have betrayed their intent and cancelled anything worthy of the piece of paper the Camp David accords were written on! 

Hence the reason the operation commenced yesterday. 

The assassination of Hamas and Egyptian Prince Ahmed Jabari was as much a message to Egypt as it was to Hamas. 

This message was very clear and simple. 

A-Israel will not tolerate Egypt sitting behind a phony peace treaty while encouraging Hamas to allow rocket firing into Israel’s south! 

B-As long as rockets continue to be shot into the Israeli south all options are legally on the table! That means the Hamas leadership should make a phone call to Sheik Hassan Nashrallah and ask him who built the bunker he never comes out of, because they are now officially marked men! 

Today three Israelis were killed in the Southern City of Kiryat Malachi when a Grad rocket made a direct hit on their apartment. 

As we all knew the Iron Dome antimissile system is not the answer to Gaza. 

There is only one answer. 

The IDF must finish what was started in 2008! Hamas and the citizens of Gaza must pay a price that is so heavy that the firing of rockets against Israel will be stopped at all costs! 

This message must be made loud and clear first to Egypt, Hamas and all the new Muslim Brotherhood governments who have come into power with the tacit help and under the watch of United States President Barak Obama. 

Furthermore this message must be made clear to Hezbollah and Iran! 

Israel has the capability and will use that capability to destroy its enemies who are seeking to harm Israeli citizens, the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State! 

When this is war is over, Israel must stop supplying Gaza with Electricity, Water and food supplies. It must be made clear to the Arab world that GAZA IS NO LONGER ISRAEL’S PROBLEM! The job of caring for Gaza must be handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt! 

This also means that if Israeli citizens are harmed from rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip it will be the whole Arab worlds responsibility and they will all feel the repercussions and pay the price! 

I hope that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak have the fortitude to see this operation through until the end. I know that the citizens of Israel’s south and the majority of the Israeli population are backing them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Historically, weak American and European diplomacy towards the Arabs has forever halted the ability for Israel to live in peace.

Today the situation is even worse for Israel thanks to the weak, Arab appeasing government of Barak Obama. 

The naiveté and weakness of the Obama administration has given the Palestinians the feeling that they can dictate what they want to Israel and all international organizations, even if it is contrary to international law! 

Obamas inability to recognize friend(Israel) from foe (Palestinians) has given the Palestinian leadership the hopes that they can nail Israel to a cross: with a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Independence.

UNDENIABLE FACT; A unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence would be ILLEGAL IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, because of accords signed during the Oslo agreements.

It would also be in direct violation of UN resolution 242 and once again INTERNATIONAL LAW, which demands a negotiated agreement.

This international piracy carried out by the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is nothing new; it would just be yet another Arab rejection of UN resolution 242, making it even more null and void! 

But that does not seem to bother the Palestinians, and it never has! 

By unilaterally declaring independence the Palestinians believe they will get world support behind them.

This process failed for the Palestinian leadership last year. This year it is different because Palestinian will be going to the UN Generally Assembly and not the Security Council. 

The Palestinians will receive enough support at the UNGA to boost their cause. There they can count on a chorus of oppressive, non-democratic, militaristic dictators and Warlords posing as diplomats to support them. 
But not Free Democracies! 

So, why are the Palestinians rejecting the negotiations they are obligated to carry out under international law?

Once again their hopes are in defeating Israel totally and wiping it out.

Knowing they cannot do it through military means the Arabs are attempting to do it diplomatically; thus capturing their main goals: all the land in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the fallacy of the Right if Return for all Palestinian refugees.


The government of Israel must mobilize quickly to pre-empt and be ready YET AGAIN for this duplicitous Palestinian ploy at the U.N. when it happens this month. 

The question is how do you do that?

There will be two, possibly three, stages of fighting Israel must prepare for.

Pre-State diplomatic battle- 

Israel must start – now -- by emphasizing the criminality of the act, both in International Law; in stark contrast to UN resolution 242. 

All European Union countries must be made clearly aware that they will have no part in peace negotiations with Israel in the future if they support the Palestinians in this attempt to delegitimize Israel. 

If the Palestinians unilaterally declare statehood and break UN resolution 242, Israel will no longer be obliged to abide by any of the UN resolutions pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Oslo accords; this fact must be made very clear to all diplomats at the UN and the European Union countries. 

Israel must also make it very clear to the United Nations that the UN’s failure to protect both sides in this conflict, by taking Palestinian Arab side, has made it impotent, one sided and incapable of exercising its laws upon Israel! 

Israel should then annex whatever lands it desires, with no land given back in return.

Post Palestinian state declaration-

Israel should be the first state to recognize the new Palestinian entity.

That’s right! 

Israel, as it has in the past, should recognize the Palestinians right to freedom and self-determination. 

It must be stressed that now that the Palestinians have their state, they must now bear the full responsibility of statehood!

Israel will stop protecting the PA from Hamas. 

Israel will stop supplying the Palestinians with electricity, gas, water and etc. 

That would become the responsibility of the new Palestinian government and their oil-rich Arab brethren!

Most importantly the Palestinian state will have to take full responsibility for policing and controlling its population. 

If they fail to do this Israel legally will be able to declare war on Palestine.

War with Palestine-

After Israel’s recognition of Palestine, it needs to let the Palestinians attempt to run their country with no interference; even helping wherever possible.

But at the FIRST INSTANCE of Palestinian aggression, Israel must launch a lighting quick ground campaign like Russia’s war with Georgia, or Israel’s Six Day War. 

It will have to be quick and PUNISHING; all of the Palestinian state will have to be taken over. 

When the dust finally settles and the UN steps in, Israel will only agree to leave all areas occupied during the war for permanent peace, recognizing Israel as the Jewish nation state on the land we determine we need… NOTHING LESS!