Friday, October 31, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

We need to remember Rabbi Yehudah Glick and we Israelis must remember that day when a Nazi Arab attempted to assassinate him. 

I pray that he lives through the ordeal he is facing after that Arab Fascist gunned him down.

I have never met the man, although I pray that the day will come when I can sit down face to face with him and hear some of his thoughts on Israel.

I'm a secular Israeli Jew, but Rabbi Yehudah Glick is a hero for me. In fact I'll take it one further, Rabbi Yehudah Glick represents what is great in Israel.


Because he fights for what he knows is morally correct even when he knows the repercussions can be life threatening.

In the face of constant harassment, physical violence and threats on his life from Arabs trying to keep their colonial grip on the Jewish Nations most holly site, he kept on fighting for his mission and never backed down. 

Rabbi Yehudah Glick puts the bravery into the name Israel. 

In today's Jerusalem Post he is described as a right wing activist. 

What was so right wing about him? 

That he advocated for Jewish National rights in the Jewish Homeland? 

Numerous people who close to Glick described him as a person who never resorted to violence, ever. 

Not when Arabs were spitting on him (funny that the New York Times never seems to capture these moments), not when Arabs were cursing him as he attempted to give tours of the Temple Mount ( the Times, CNN, BBC and Israel's Channel 2 also never seem to be there when this happens)  and not when Arabs physically attacked him; which happened regularly (also missed by all those great bastions of media). 

So in reality, Rabbi Yehudah Glick is more Gandhi, then right wing activist. 

Like Israel, Glick is striving for the rights of the Jewish people in the face of ever hostile opponents who will use all means necessary to deny the children of Israel their rights and their self-determination. 

Today, Rabbi Yehudah Glick is all of us who truly care for and love the concept of Israel.

Today we all need to pray for Rabbi Yehudah Glick's speedy recovery. 

Monday, October 27, 2014


By Simon Fischler

One would think that the Obama Administration could not sink to a lower level when it comes to the mistreatment of American ally Israel.

Well that theory was proven wrong this week when the Administration intentionally blocked Israeli Defense minister Moshe Yaalon from meeting Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Advisor Susanne Rice, as "PAYBACK".

Let it be known to the citizens of America, your security is less important to the Obama administration then their own inflated ego's. 

Israel is on the front lines in the battle against ISIS, I can vouch for this being that I live on the ISRAELI Golan Heights and ISIS paid us and the UN a visit here last month.

You would think getting as much real time information from a "strong" ally about what's happening on the ground, (especially because this Administration is refusing to put boots on the ground) would be important to this Administration. 

You could also imagine that it would be essential for the Administration to hear-out Moshe Yaalon, an Israeli Major-General and defense minister who just finished fighting a war against a similar foe in HAMAS. 

Or maybe Obama and company would find it informational to listen to the man who is running all Israeli clandestine operations in Syria, while also maintaining connections with the Free Syrian Army on the Golan Heights.

Nope, non of this is important. 

In fact for Obama and Kerry it was far more important to aggravate what has  already become a horrible relationship between these supposedly unshakable allies by spitting in the face of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. 

All of this horrible treatment towards an acting Israeli Defense minster was carried out intentionally because the man dared to question Secretary of State John Kerry's thinking vis-a-vis the defense plan proposed to aid Israel if a peace deal was signed.

How old are we now? 

This American maneuver, which the administration happily admitted to, is beyond a doubt the most lowly, pathetic and childish behavior yet to come out of the Oval Office. 

It is unbecoming of the President of The United States of America to behave in this manner.  It is unbecoming for his administration to follow suit and  disrespect such a high level government official of such a strong ally.

Without a doubt this behavior calls into question whether Israel actually has an ally in the White House.

This rookie heinous conduct happened at the same time that John Kerry is off galavanting around the world saying he really wants to get both the Israeli and Palestinian sides back to the negotiating table.  
Really John?

I wonder how John Kerry expects to get anything done concerning peace negotiations now that he has gone well out of his way to personally insult the Israeli Defense Minister.

Maybe John Kerry forgot that Yaalon, an integral part of the ruling Israeli government, will have one of the biggest says in whether or not negotiations happen. 

Maybe John Kerry also forgot that Yaalon is one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's closest allies. 

All of the Obama shenanigans of this week come on the back drop of something much worse.

Last week the Palestinian Authority brought into law a statute that makes selling land to Jews a crime punishable by ... HARD LABOR FOR LIFE. 

This overtly racist, segregationist and without a doubt apartheid law did not bring about a peep from the Obama administration and of course nothing from the United Nations and the European Union. 

So, it is apparently Obama administration policy to let the Arabs (that like to call themselves Palestinians) make their future state JEW-FREE.

It was this type of incitement, along with the daily incitement against the Jewish Nation by the Arab leadership (Obama and Kerry appear to be completely deaf when the Arabs spew their racist garbage) that brought about the death of a three month old girl in a terror attack in Jerusalem last week.

The same fascists Arabs that wish to make Judea and Samaria Judenrein were behind the attack that killed an innocent child. These same people can be found at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority. 

Again Obama and Kerry were probably to busy springing their trap for Yaalon to have time to condemn this grizzly murder, because nothing concrete was heard from them. 

Because Obama and Kerry did nothing to reprimand Abbas and his head henchman Saeb Erekat for their Jew-Hating rhetoric, blood is equally on the hands of Obama and Kerry.  

Some more rhetoric that Obama and Kerry felt did not warrant a rebuttal was Mahmoud Abbas promising to cleanse the Temple Mount of Jews. Again that's called racism, anti-semitism and smells a lot of Apartheid.

The next day a swastika was painted on the floor of the Temple Mount. Should anyone be surprised.

Guess what? Obama and Kerry had nothing to say about that either.

Israel must prepare for the worst with Obama, especially when it comes to Iran. 

It is fair to say this relationship is dead, but the next move is now in Benjamin Netanyahu's hands. It will be made with this sordid affair in mind.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Anti-Semitic crimes are happening daily in Europe and now the JEW-HATERS are rearing their ugly heads in NYC. 

Hila Medalia, director of “DANCING IN JAFFA" feared for her life when the Israel Film Festival in Carpentras, France was hassled by Arab/Islamic thugs who hurled stink bombs, bottles and anti-Semitic slurs at her. The police said they could do very little to help her.

A Jewish man in Amsterdam was told This week by Dutch police that he wouldn't be allowed to build a Succot outside of his home for fear that Islamic radicals would vandalize it and possibly come after him.

This is nothing new; this has been the treatment of Jews in Europe since the dawn of time. These supposed enlightened Western-European countries, that do so love to condemn and chastise Israel, might  be better off using that energy to protect what's left of their Jewish populations.

What's most scary is the Qatari-sponsored thuggery that is now being carried out by Arab/Islamic fascists in America against Jews and the impotency of local law authorities and the Obama administration to fight these heinous crimes. 

It is as if Obama himself is using this as a card to play against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yesterday, Leonard Petlakh, a Jewish Leader in Brooklyn was accosted by Arab fascists outside of a Brooklyn Nets game. He was attacked in front of his two children aged 10 and 14. His nose was broken and he had to have 8 stitches to mend his face. I guess he is lucky they didn't be-head him. 

Yes, my dear Jewish brothers and sisters living outside of Israel, this is how it all started leading up to the Shoah. Sadly you are all still living in the bubble of "Everything is fine and that could never happen again", but that's exactly what the Jews of Europe were saying the night  before Kristalnacht.

To a degree Israel is at fault too and has a part to play in turning the tide. 

I've been blogging for Israel for about ten years and throughout this period I've had a steady mantra. This is a war.  A war that is being fought like a street fight and our nation is fighting not just on the borders of Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. 

Today the battles are just as much on the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Inside each and everyone of these cities a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored BDS movement has set up camp. 

The Muslim Brotherhood/BDS has perfected their insidious propaganda with help from professors and  "academics" all picking up a large Qatari paycheck for their effort. 

All of this is taking place in the hallowed halls of institutions of higher learning, where they prey upon the ignorant and naive, as the Nazis did once, and force feed them the worst anti-Semitic rhetoric there is. The fact that all of this stands in complete defiance of Freedom and the pursuit of knowledge seems to have flown right past everyone.

The fact that local authorities can no longer protect jews in Europe is nothing new. But there is more that Israel can do to protect her Jewish citizens living outside of her borders. 

This war has nothing to do with the morally correct war Israel fought this past summer against the same Arab/Islamic/Fascists called HAMAS. 

No, this is a war of delegitimization of Jews, their freedom and their right to self-determination and it has been going on for centuries. It has heated up under the sword of Arab/Islamic racism, especially in the last two decades. 

Now their hope is to make us cower, to fear expressing our love of Jewishness and the love we have for our amazing democracy.  Like Leonard Petlakh we most laugh in the face of racism and fight on for Israel.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

The Obama administration’s behavior towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government of Israel has become downright dastardly. 

Just yesterday the President of America was praising Netanyahu, going so far as to call him by his Israeli nickname Bibi. Obama was doing this while also soaking up undeserving praise from the Prime Minister on American policy towards ISIS.

unscrupulouslyToday it is a totally different story. Today Obama’s attack hound, Jen Psaki, is back at condemning Israel for daring once again to build inside of Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. 

What the Obama administration did not take into account, because it was not served up to them properly by Arab advocacy group Peace Now, was that a large part of this construction (that was approved two years ago) is for Arab residents of Jerusalem. 

More importantly, while the Qatari and Turkish created ISIS beheads Americans and Britons daily, slaughters Shia’s, Christians and Yazidim this Administration felt it was important to take the time to chastise its closest, safest and most morally sound ALLY, Israel for building homes for Arabs and Jews. 

Why? Because as always, building homes for JEWS inside of Israel is bad and prevents peace, even if you are also building homes for Arabs. 


If you take the time to READ the definition of what APARTHEID means, then you would know that what the Arabs (Palestinians if you want) and Obama administration are talking about is nothing but Apartheid. 

Last week the leader of the Palestinians (the fascist Arabs whom America is pushing Israel to make Peace with) rose to the podium of the United Nations and gave a speech that was anti-Semitic to its core, filled with lies and innuendo and incited against the Jewish Nation. 

Yes, there was American condemnation, but not enough and not nearly as harsh as the words leveled at Israel today

The behavior of Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the rest of the Arab hierarchy is what is preventing peace, dialogue or any type of mutual respect, PERIOD. It is high time that America and the EU place blame where it is rightly deserved. 

Here there are not two sides to the story! Here no matter how much QATARI dollars try to re-write history there is only one side that has unscrupulously rejected peace, the Arabs. 

It is undeniable fact that the Arabs rejected international law in 1948, by rejecting TWO STATES  FOR TWO PEOPLES or the Partition Plan. This act and the war of Genocide against the Jews of Israel that the Arabs started, prevented peace, not settlements. 

It is an undeniable fact that Yasser Arafat rejected peace, a Palestinian State on 97% of Judea and Samaria all of the Gaza Strip and an end to Conflict. Instead he started a war in 2001. 

It is undeniable fact the Mahmoud Abbas rejected the same peace plan by Israeli Prime Minster  Ehud Olmert, this time with the more favorable concept of 1 for 1 land swaps between Israel and Palestine. 

And it is undeniable fact that in 2005 Israel uprooted all of its citizens that lived inside the Gaza Strip, giving into the Racist Apartheid policies of making Gaza Judarien, moved all of its army bases out of the Strip and handed all of Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority. What has followed has been the indiscriminate, intolerable launching of tens of thousands of rockets into Sovereign Israel and against its citizens.  

THIS IS WHAT PREVENTS PEACE! Not homes for Jews!  

Does the Obama administration approve of the Racist policies presented by Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and former Palestinian Prime Minster Salam Fayyad, a JEW FREE State of Palestine? Does Obama advocate Judenrien/Judenfrie, because his policies towards Jerusalem makes it look that way. 

Is the Obama administration advocating a Racist policy that states that only Arabs will be allowed to live on the land that Israel gives to create a state of Palestine; if there is ever an Arab leader that puts creating said state in front of the destruction of Israel? 

Does the Obama administration not understand that the good old days of Oslo are long gone? 

Do they not know that there is a better chance of Hell Freezing over than the appearance of an Israeli government that supports the separation of Jerusalem? 

Worst of all this, is the hard fact that this new crises is based off of false information that was intentionally leaked to the press by the anti-Israel and anti-Netanyahu fringe group Peace Now. 

Peace Now’s corrupt leader Yariv Oppenheimer is behind these leaks and is working against the citizens of Israel. 

This is a person who has continually failed to make it into the Knesset and placed weakly and without a seat (27th spot on the Labor list) when running for the Center Left Labor party in 2012.  

The fact that Oppenheimer has continually worked with American administrations to pass on information against Israel and its citizens that is constantly incorrect and paints Israel as an aggressive land thief is probably treasonous. 

The fact that Yariv Oppenheimer intentionally leaked the information that created this crises at a time that creates conflict between the United States and Israel is without a doubt harmful to the Nation of Israel and its citizens, and is deserving of immediate investigation. 

Oppenheimer’s handlers took it to far this time. Those that pay Oppenheimer detest Israel and its government. The New Israel Fund, the European NGO’s and other anti-Israel institutions want to encourage this asinine behavior by Obama. 

Apparently, and this is mind boggling, the Obama administration is not aware that the overall majority of Israelis, even many Arabs are either Center Right, Center or Center Left, in complete contradiction to the 2% that support a person like Oppenheimer and bow down to the policies that advocate the destruction of Israel. 

This is the hard truth and it is high time that Barack Obama wakes up when it comes to Israel.