Thursday, October 31, 2013


By Simon Fischler
A great friend of mine passed on an opinion piece that was in The New York Times called Academic Freedom Against Itself: Boycotting Israeli Universities by Stanley Fish. 
I seldom read the New York Times because it almost always has an anti-Israel slant and quite often goes far enough to print out-n-out lies against the Jewish Nation State. But when a good friend forwards me an article, I read it and Im glad I did.
Stanley Fish attacked the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement (BDS) and its supporters from a strictly academic point of view. What Fish said is simple: BDS cries for academic freedom and in the same breath tries to deny that same freedom to Israeli academics, only because they are Israeli!
This is only one tiny piece of the story. Fish is correct in saying that BDS is wrong in calling for a boycott; however, there is a much greater evil behind the BDS banner. 
Fish wrote his article in response to statements made in the American Journal for Academic Freedom by Omar Barghouti, head Nazi of the BDS movement.
Barghouti defended his Brown Shirt tactics by saying that the alleged criminal attitude of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people justified the BDS movements tright to toss all the principles and beliefs of academic freedom in the garbage to fight against the Jewish Nation!

Here is where the problem really begins 
How can The American Journal for Academic Freedom justify printing the thoughts of one whose main occupation is destroying the 80% percent Jewish state of Israel? Fishs observation that BDS and ts backers are the worst type of hypocrites is valid, but falls short of the reality of BDS racism and anti-semitism. 
Barghoutti is not fighting for academic freedom or for the betterment of Palestinian lives; he is fighting for the destruction of Israel a stance which is in violation of international law. In other words, BDS stands in direct opposition to academic freedom and the national freedom of a people, the Jewish people.
Omar Barghoutti is an Arab supremacist who says the Arabs have more of a right than the Jews to self-determination and this is nothing more than olschool racist, anti-semitism.
Like his predecessor Joseph Goebbels, Barghoutti uses the media and University campuses to promote his lies and innuendo against Israel.
More than anyone Barghouti knows Israel is not an Apartheid state. If anything it offers too much academic freedom: after all, Omar studied at Tel Aviv university, despite the fact that he is a Palestinian and not an Israeli Arab. He knows that the Israeli university system offers more academic freedom to both Israeli Arabs and to Palestinians (who are not citizens of the State of Israel) than its Western equivalents. 
Barghouti and The American Journal for Academic Freedom also must know there would be a Palestinian State today if Yassar Arafat and the Arabs had not turned it down in 2000 at the Camp David peace negotiations. 
It is a travesty that this journal would entertain the likes of Barghoutti and the BDS movement. I guess today Freedom is everyones RIGHT except for that of the Jewish Nation! 
Sadly, but not surprisingly, when The Times does print an article tackling the disgusting tactics of the BDS movement, it is for the wrong reasons. It makes no difference that these people are hypocrites. What does make a difference are their blatant lies against the democratic State of Israel and the Gestapo-like tactics and dreams that emanate from Arab supremacists! 
In the end the road to peace and freedom always ends at the road block of fascist Arab supremacy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


By Simon Fischler

For too long the State of Israel has stood by blindly as the Muslim Arabs of Israel have intimidated and pushed out the Christian, Assyrian and Phoenician populations of the country.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Nazareth.

Once an overwhelmingly Christian city, it has now lost its Christian majority and the non-Muslim citizens of the city face daily harassment.

Today, Israel’s Christian residents are becoming closer and closer to the state. 

Currently there is even a strong movement: led by Father Gabriel Nadaf to have Israel’s Christian sons and daughters be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. 

This all makes sense: after all, they have seen the crimes being committed against their brethren in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

The state of Israel needs to do more to encourage and to protect those in the Christian community who are working to bring their constituents into the fabric of Israeli society. 

However, because of the intense persecution by Muslim Arab Israelis this will be no easy task. 

The complete and utter failure of the world media, human rights groups and churches of all denominations to work with Israel to combat this Muslim intimidation of Christians is positively criminal. 

Lack of support and protection is also a major cause for the emigration of Israel’s Christians. They are looking for greener and, certainly, safer pastures. 

This sad fact is a failure on the part of the government of Israel. 

Our Christian co-patriots are citizens of our amazing country. For the most part they accept Israel as the democratic Jewish Nation state. They love Israel because they live and breathe her potential. They love Israel for its open and democratic institutions. 

Israel must do all it can to promote and protect this ray of co-existence and patriotism. 

The Israeli foreign ministry and the Ministry of Absorption should enact a program to encourage a return to Israel of her Christian citizens. 

It is time for Israel to do what is right for her Christian citizens and we can start by protecting them and giving them back their city, Nazareth! 

Friday, October 25, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Deception Is The Tool Of Charlatans -- This comes directly from my wife, not Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

When it comes to my personal Hit Parade of Middle East Political charlatans, Mahmoud Abbas and those who represent Iran at the nuclear negotiating table top the list.

Any of them have already re-defined the term phony.

In the case of the Palestinian Authority leader, his utterances are to be taken with a ton of salt. 

Only the likes of Barak Obama, European Union flunkies and assorted leftists take Abbas seriously because their top priority -- no matter what song and dance they do -- essentially is to undermine Israel.

America's duplicitous president made life worse for Benjamin Netanyahu when he resumed contact with the Iranians at a time when Uncle Sam's sworn enemy was falling to its knees. This was a colossal mistake because Iran was growing weak and was a sitting duck for a pinpoint bombing combine launched by America, its European Allies and Israel.

Unfortunately, Obama will do anything to appease Arabs and proved it starting with his disgustingly obsequious Cairo speech that undermined Hosni Mubarak. Don't for a moment be fooled Obama remains Israel's most subtly sublime enemy. To say that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing is an insult to any sheep that ever said bahh. 

A wolf can get away with it but not Obama because every day and in every appeasing way his vile attempts at deception cannot be hidden. 

The chief executive promotes Iran as if the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani suddenly has been transformed into the Mother Teresa of Islam. And with such an obsequious so-called leader of the Free World in the White House, the Iranians will naturally pretend to scale back their atomic program only to a point where it can quickly be revved up as a destructive force once sanctions are lifted.

"Iran's goal is to take over the entire Middle East and beyond," says Bibi with clarity and easy insight, "and to destroy the State of Israel. This is not speculation; this is their goal." 

Nor do the Iranians make any bones about that goal yet the White House pretends otherwise. 

Obama's diplomatic stooge, John Kerry, operates under the same deceptive cloak through which any sensible analyst can see. A mere millisecond after Abbas whines, Kerry bows to the Arab's wishes. That explains why the Secretary of State did an about-face about peace talk pre-conditions almost from the get-go.

Talks opened with a clear-cut American statement that there should be no pre-conditions.

Whoops! Abbas began whining and -- poof! just like that -- Kerry did his turnabout and allowed the PA procrastinator to demand a release of blood-on-their-hands Palestinian prisoners. This, in turn, inspired Abbas to list more and more pre-conditions.

And when the issue of Hamas' role after -- theoretically, of course -- an Israeli-PA peace pact is signed, Abbas countered that Hamas will be sanitized and not a problem. About two minutes after the words flew out of Mahmoud's mouth the word from Hamas' headquarters blared that a third intifada should immediately be launched against Israel. 

In his dream world, Kerry pretends that none of these Israel-threatening acts are being perpetrated yet they are being instigated from Ramallah to Gaza City with abhorrent regularity. Endlessly, Abbas talks about Jews who live in Samaria and Judea as if they are "occupiers." This is patent nonsense because Jews have every right to live in their ancient homeland. 

Whether Obama, Kerry or the EU like to think so or not, settlements as an obstacle to peace is purely another brand of Arab hokum and bunkum.

"There were no settlements for 46 years, from 1921 to 1967," Netanyahu explains. "That's nearly half a century. We were excoriated by the Arab public unrelated to settlements, unrelated to what is presented as the historic heart of the struggle."

Not a single settlement existed during World War II when the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, closely collaborated with Hitler to speed the extermination of Europe's Jews.

"The Mufti," Bibi concludes, "is still an admired figure in the Palestinian national movement."

Bottom Line: Until the Arabs recognize Israel as what it is -- the Jewish State -- there never will be any peace.

It's about time Obama, Kerry and the Jew-haters who set America's Israeli policies wake up to reality. 

Whether it's the mullahs in Tehran or the Hamas terrorists in Gaza or Abbas with the forked tongue in Ramallah, as long as the Islamists want Israel wiped out, there never will be amity in the Middle East.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Historically, weak American and European diplomacy towards the Arabs has forever halted the ability for Israel to live in peace.

Today the situation is even worse for Israel thanks to the weak, Arab appeasing government of Barak Obama. 

The naiveté and weakness of the Obama administration has given the Palestinians the feeling that they can dictate what they want to Israel and all international organizations, even if it is contrary to international law! 

Obamas inability to recognize friend(Israel) from foe (Palestinians) has given the Palestinian leadership the hopes that they can nail Israel to a cross: with a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Independence.

UNDENIABLE FACT; A unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence would be ILLEGAL IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, because of accords signed during the Oslo agreements.

It would also be in direct violation of UN resolution 242 and once again INTERNATIONAL LAW, which demands a negotiated agreement.

This international piracy carried out by the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is nothing new; it would just be yet another Arab rejection of UN resolution 242, making it even more null and void! 

But that does not seem to bother the Palestinians, and it never has! 

By unilaterally declaring independence the Palestinians believe they will get world support behind them.

The Palestinians will receive enough support at the United Nations General Assembly to boost their cause. 

There they can count on a chorus of oppressive, non-democratic, militaristic dictators and Warlords posing as diplomats to support them. 

But not Free Democracies! 
So, why are the Palestinians again talking of stopping the negotiations they are obligated to carry out under international law?

Their hopes are in defeating Israel totally and wiping it out.

Knowing they cannot do it through military means the Arabs are attempting to do it diplomatically; thus capturing their main goals: all the land in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the fallacy of the Right if Return for all Palestinian refugees.


The government of Israel must mobilize quickly to pre-empt and be ready YET AGAIN for this duplicitous Palestinian ploy at the U.N. when it happens in the near future. 

The question is how do you do that?

There will be two, possibly three, stages of fighting Israel must prepare for.

Pre-State diplomatic battle- 

Israel must start – now -- by emphasizing the criminality of the act, both in International Law; in stark contrast to UN resolution 242. 

All European Union countries must be made clearly aware that they will have no part in peace negotiations with Israel in the future if they support the Palestinians in this attempt to delegitimize Israel. 

If the Palestinians unilaterally declare statehood and break UN resolution 242, Israel will no longer be obliged to abide by ANY OF THE UN RESOLUTIONS pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Oslo accords; this fact must be made very clear to all diplomats at the UN and the European Union countries. 

Israel must also make it very clear to the United Nations that the UN’s failure to protect both sides in this conflict, by taking Palestinian Arab side, has made it impotent, one sided and incapable of exercising its laws upon Israel! 

Israel should then annex whatever lands it desires, with no land given back in return.

Post Palestinian state declaration-

Israel should be the first state to recognize the new Palestinian entity.

That’s right! 

Israel, as it has in the past, should recognize the Palestinians right to freedom and self-determination. 

It must be stressed that now that the Palestinians have their state, they must now bear the full responsibility of statehood!

Israel will stop protecting the PA from Hamas. 

Israel will stop supplying the Palestinians with electricity, gas, water and etc. 

That would become the responsibility of the new Palestinian government and their oil-rich Arab brethren!

Most importantly the Palestinian state will have to take full responsibility for policing and controlling its population. 

If they fail to do this Israel legally will be able to declare war on Palestine.

War with Palestine-

After Israel’s recognition of Palestine, it needs to let the Palestinians attempt to run their country with no interference; even helping wherever possible.

But at the FIRST INSTANCE of Palestinian aggression, Israel must launch a lighting quick ground campaign like Russia’s war with Georgia, or Israel’s Six Day War. 

It will have to be quick and PUNISHING; all of the Palestinian state will have to be taken over. 

When the dust finally settles and the UN steps in, Israel will only agree to leave all areas occupied during the war for permanent peace, recognizing Israel as the Jewish nation state on the land we determine we need… NOTHING LESS!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LIBMO 2013

By Simon Fischler

I love you, Liberal Muhammad, you’re my boy for life.

Dude, your attitude towards women is amazing! You truly are the gold standard of chauvinism!

Liberal Muhammad, I love you because you’re not embarrassed to say, “Hey I need 50 spouses to run my house, and if one of them steps out of line I’ll have the family stone her!”

I love you, Liberal Muhammad, because in Saudi Arabia you say “Woman, you’re too stupid to drive a car, so my buddies and I will make certain it stays illegal for you, don’t you know?”

Liberal Muhammad, you made it illegal for women to leave the house by themselves in Saudi Arabia. Right on! More power to you, Liberal Muhammad!

If your sister does not marry whom you tell her to, or if there is a girl you want who has rejected you, it’s no problem for you to sneak right up on her and throw acid in her face then run away  … like a real man. ‘Cause that’s how you run things, my boy Liberal Muhammad!

Your attitude towards Gays is so forward thinking: DEAD; end of story! Not just dead, but dead like I’m going to drag your ass into the town square, burry you up to your head, then stone your ass to death: That’s how you do it, Liberal Muhammad, and the Twenty-First Century be damned!

Your attitude towards nonbelievers is stellar and simple: follow Islam or I cut your head off! I wish I could be that way with my neighbors sometimes, or I wish my nation could be that way with its neighbors: You don’t like my wall, I’ll cut your fricken head off!

You know what else is so cool about you, Liberal Muhammad? When you make a mistake, you don’t take responsibility: NO WAY; blame the Jews; or blame Jewy America. If that doesn’t work, you either burn an Israeli embassy or American embassy to the ground.

I love the magic you weave: look at the great invention you’ve come up with -- Islam! Yeah what do you care that the Jewish nation was around hundreds of years before Islam came into being; you have no problem stealing all of the Jewish nations history, prophets and land.

Another great invention of yours, Islamophobia.

Your petrol dollars came in handy buying academics and the media to create this asinine idea called Islamophobia. What a joke, but you got the billions to make believers out of the sheep and that is why I love you!

You know better than anyone, Liberal Muhammad, why people fear you and it is not Islamophobia. 

It must be about the fact that you have no problem flying commercial airliners into civilian buildings and killing three thousand people in one fell swoop.

It’s not phobia; it’s justifiable fear.
People fear you because if someone draws a cartoon about you and you don’t like it, you’ll go on a million strong rampage, killing everyone who doesn’t believe in what you believe. Pow, pow: right to the point; that’s you, Liberal Muhammad!

Or lets look at how you invented a whole nation, then hoodwinked and bamboozled the world into backing it.

Before the twentieth century there was NO nation of Palestinians.

When you lost your colonial grip on Israel, you put all those billions of Arabian, Islamic, ozone-destroying petrol dollars into creating another nation by flooding Israel with Syrian and Arabian Arabs.

Then you borrowed the Roman name Palestinia and poof: here are the Palestinians!

This canard you have invented has fooled a good portion of the world. Today people who think they are fighting against colonialism are attempting to steal national emancipation from arguably the oldest nation in the world, The Jewish Nation.

You are brilliant. 

Let me give you a high five on that one, Liberal Muhammad.  You managed to buy off the world with the dirtiest of dirty petrol dollars and sell them colonialism disguised as Liberal/Academia!

That’s impressive.

But what is more impressive is how you have made anti-Semitism the new, cool fade with your Petrol Dollars, THAT’S MY BOY, LIBERAL MUHAMMAD; AWESOME!

I mean, how did you convince all of those self-hating Jewish gays and lesbians to espouse the belief that Israel’s liberal attitude and practices toward gays/lesbians is actually PHONY? 

You’ve magically made these supposedly intelligent anti-semitic semites believe that the Israeli government is only permissive toward homosexuality to distract the world from its crimes against Palestinians!  

Way to go, Lib MU!

You have done such an amazing job of buying and therefore rewriting history that you have totally disguised your explicit part in the African Slave Trade. After all, it was you who colonized North Africa, stole the land from Africans. And it was you, Liberal Muhammad, who sold Africans to your Blood Brothers – WHITE (and all too soon to be NAZI) EUROPEANS!

Man, Liberal Muhammad, you are the best. You bring so much good to this world: suicide bombings on a daily basis; using children as human shields; butchering women and minority sects.

There’s just one wee problem, my boy Lib MU: your “language of peace” is more like the language of a piece of crap!

Monday, October 14, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Listening to Yasser Abed Rabbo criticize Israel's position on solving the Arab-Israeli peace puzzle you would think that history began yesterday.

Rabbo, who doubles as rabble-rouser and secretary of the PLO, is one of only two Palestinian officials authorized to comment on negotiations with Israel. 

That leaves Rabbo with three options:

1. He can keep his big mouth shut.

2. He can speak the truth.

3. He can lie between his teeth and even between his gums as well.

By maintaining silence, as the Israelis respectfully have done, Rabbo would avoid incendiary comments that flame the talks and invariably will burn them to the ground, which is where they are anyway.

By speaking the truth, he would have to tell the world that, from the get-go, his delegation broke the "No Pre-Condtions" rule by demanding that the Israelis stop building apartments in Judea and Samaria and that Benjamin Netanyahu release scores of Palestinians who have made a hobby of murder.

Naturally Rabbo chose to forget history and, instead,  extracted more lies from the PLO's cesspool of misinformation. 

By attacking Bibi and the Prime Minister's most recent speech in which the Jewish leader asserted that as long as the Arabs refuse to recognized the Jewish State there can be no peace, Rabbo reveals that he's the obstructionist.

Rabbo conveniently forgets that long before the founding of Israel, Arabs were attacking Jewish homes and murdering Jews wherever possible. 

Amnesia strikes Rabbo's brain when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is mentioned. The PLO leader pretends not to know that during World War II The Mufti proudly posed with Adolf Hitler as the two accelerated the Holocaust from Nazi headquarters. Then, as now, it was difficult to discern whether it was the Nazis or Arabs who were more zealous in speeding Germany's Final Solution -- the extermnation of six million European Jews.

Given their druthers, Rabbo and his henchman, Mahmoud Abbas, would follow the Helen Thomas dictum. Those Arabs -- if they could -- would dispatch every Israeli from whence he and she came -- back to Europe and Middle Eastern countries where Jews now are disdained as they were in the pre-World War II days.

"Recognize our right to live here in our own sovereign state," says Netanyahu, "our nation state; only then will peace be possible."

But peace is impossible because the Arabs live by a double-standard. They won't recognize Israel for what it is,The Jewish State. But they want a state of their own that would be completely judenrein. Some deal that is.

Some of Bibi's critics within the Knesset got a first-hand look at this two-faced PLO modus operandi when Israeli Liberal MKs visited with Rabbo and Abbas. Several times the oft-naive Jewish leftists confronted the PA leadership on the issue of recognizing "Jewish Israel."

This was a significant moment of truth for the Israeli liberals who as a matter of reflex action do all they can to oppose their Prime Minister. Sure enough -- true to their Jew-hatred -- Abbas and Rabbo ignored the Israelis request. Abbas told them to "leave the specific issues to the negotiators." Which is another way of saying "Go jump in the Mediterranean.

Since John Kerry was so adamant about Israel producing goodwill peace-talk gestures -- such as setting free Arab murderers from Israeil jails -- now would be the time for Uncle Sam's Secretary of State to balance the negotiating scales and demand a good will gesture from the PLO side; recognition of Israel as the Jewish state.

That, of course, will never happen and it explains why the Kerry-Obama peace offensive is doomed to sink in The Lake of Wishful Thinking.

America's president, who favors Islamists over all, will do all he can to force an Israeli-PA pact at Bibi's expense.

But as long as the Rabbos of the world refuse to acknowledge Israel for what it is -- The Jewish State -- all the talk coming out of Ramallah will rebound right back to the Arabs desire to rid the Middle East of Jews.

The Grand Mufti almost succeeded in that contemptible crusade during the early 1940s.. A good seven decades later, Bibi has learned from Rabbo the lesson that the Mufti taught 70 years ago; a Judenrein Middle East will be the only that that will make the Arabs happy.


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                                    The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Abba Eban, Israeli diplomat and author.

What the sage Eban noted decades ago remains as fresh and perceptive today. 

Give the Arabs a chance to make peace with Israel and the first thing Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen hand back are a list of pre-conditions.

Provide Hamas with the means to ease relations with the Jewish State and what happens, Israel receives a cold slap in return.

It was ever thus, when the Arabs were massacring Jews long before Israel was born and -- since 1948 -- this eternal enmity toward the Middle East's only democracy remains as intense as ever.

The terrorists who run Gaza offer a cogent case in point. 

Although the Hamas-inspired thousand-plus rocket attacks over the years should have told the Israelis that it's pointless to do any favors for the enemy, Benjamin Netanyahu's government always has sought ways and means of demonstrating that Israel is ready to forgive.

With that in mind, Bibi gave the Israeli green light to shipments of construction supplies to Gaza on the assumption that such items as concrete would be employed for peaceful purposes. 

If nothing else, this was yet another opportunity for Hamas to understand that the Israelis will provide a peaceful hand if, in return, the Jews receive nothing but peace in reciprocation. In other words, it would not cost Hamas a penny to make nice for a change.

But once again, the Arabs missed the opportunity.


Rather than using the concrete -- as it was meant to be -- for peaceful purposes Hamas once again showed its bloody colors. 

Israeli security forces discovered that the cement was used to create a passageway for terrorists to enter Israel and wreak the brand of bloody havoc for which Hamas is notorious. 

No less than 500 tons of cement -- originally earmarked for civilian building -- went into construction of a formidable tunnel that extended from the Gaza village of Abbasan al-Saghira directly into Israel. The tunnel exit was frighteningly close to Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. Close enough, in fact, for a gun-wielding Hamas group to attack said kibbutz with impunity. 

Some peaceful use, eh.

Photos of the tunnel reveal that it has the look of something built for a thin subway train; very substantial or, to put it another way, an ideal conduit for a Hamas cadre of killers.

Which is what it was meant to be since there have been no plans for a Gaza-Israeli subway in the works; or even an express bus for that matter.

After viewing the hellish concrete conduit, IDF Gaza Division Commander, Brigadier General Michael Edelstein called it, "A gross violation of the ceasefire (and is) against Israel and against the Palestinians."

Edelstein's point is more comprehensive than even he may have meant it to be because what happens in Gaza has a direct relationship with Judea-Samaria as well as the so-called "peace talks" forcefully -- and foolishly -- being pushed by the White House.

Barack Obama and John Kerry view the Arab side with blinders. They talk about peace with the Abbas Gang as if the PA rules Gaza; which it sure doesn't. The president and his naive Secretary of State make it seem as if Gaza is populated by two million sheep in search of a shepherd. 

Wake up fellows; smell the coffee. This is the same Hamas outfit that pushed the PA out of Gaza a lot faster than Hitler routed the French in 1940. 

Should -- don't bet on it -- an Israeli-PA peace treaty be hammered out, you can bet that Hamas would deliver a similar roundhouse right to Abbas only this time he and his corrupt company would wind up somewhere in Tunisia, a la Yassir Arafat. Yet, Obama-Kerry pretend that a deal with Abbas with also include peace with Gaza. Better they should expect a crocodile to reject a nice cow offering for dinner.

The blundering American leadership will continue to maintain its high I.Q. (Ineptitude Quotient) as it has vis-a-vis Iran. Through White House eyes the Iranian leopard is really a lamb. While Tehran speeds up its nuclear program, it now is propagandizing a "new" sweetness-and-light image. Fortunately not everyone if duped. Israel Hayom columnist Boaz Bismuth is one who sees through the Iranian Mister Nice Guy, President Hasan Rouhani.

Bismuth: "What else does Rouhani need to write and say to his people for the world in general and the United States in particular to understand that the Iranians are pulling a fast one over all of us?"

Meanwhile, Hamas' "fast one," the concrete tunnel, will cost those vile Hamas plotters. Israel has halted the transfer of construction supplies to the Strip. 

Naturally, the nutcases on the Left will yell and scream over what a hardship it will inflict on Gaza. 

Somewhere between the yells and screams, the lefties might take time to wonder about the hardships that would have been caused Israel had the tunnel been used for the purpose it was built -- to kill Jews.

Yet another Arab opportunity becomes a missed opportunity as it should because once again it shows the Arab enemy for what it really is; no more, no less.

Monday, October 7, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

“Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible; Instructs the Conciliation Commission to facilitate the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of the refugees and the payment of compensation, and to maintain close relations with the Director of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees and, through him, with the appropriate organs and agencies of the United Nations;”

Excerpt from U.N. General Assembly resolution 194

There are so many reasons why the fraudulent Arab “Right of Return” is a non-starter for the State of Israel; or for that matter for any nation at all interested in finding a compromise to the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

As one can clearly see in the resolution above there is nothing that specifically talks about Arab refugees or Palestinian refugees per say, this clearly means it referred to both Arab and Jewish refugees. 

So if this is the situation and the Arabs continue to demand a Right of Return to Israel then this clearly means that Jews or Israeli Jews have a Right of Return to Judea and Samaria! 

This land was occupied by Jordan (just another name for what is really Palestine) during Israel’s War of Independence. This was land that originally supposed to be partitioned into an Arab and a Jewish state. 

Whether they realize it or not, by demanding the Right of Return, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians today are actually giving legal credence to Jews building and living in Judea and Samaria! 

Can anyone remember a time in history when the losing side of a war made demands of the victor for the recognition of statehood and for the victor to commit national suicide? What type of people demand land and nationality then demand to settle their people in another country? The Arab/Palestinian INTERPRETATION of the resolution above has always been with the intent to destroy Israel from within and eradicate Jewish self-determination. 

Because of the racist Arab interpretation of U.N. resolution 194 and the way in which they have “educated” their subsequent generations over the decades, they have in fact completely invalidated the meaning of the resolution.

None of the Arab/Palestinian generations of supposed refugees are willing to live at peace in Israel. They have been raised under a totally foreign and hostile culture to that of all of Israel’s citizens; be they Jewish, Arab, Druze or Circassian. 

They have chosen to twist, distort and negate every single effort by the rest of the world, and the United Nations in particular, to create and support a peaceful two-state solution. 

Fact number one: In 1947 the leadership of the Arabs rejected Partition of the land into two states and opted for a war they ended up losing  

Fact number two: The Arabs (as HAMAS does today) used their own villages as military bases for attacks against Jewish villages which automatically made them military targets under international law. 

Fact number three: The Arab leadership declared war on Israel and the Jewish residents who originally would have eventually been part of the Arab state. More importantly as Arab leaders said so happily, the war they were starting and waging was a war to annihilate all the Jews of Israel. A war of genocide! 

Fact number four: Before the Armies of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. illegally invaded Israel they told the Arab residents of the land to flee so they could wipe out the nascent Jewish State more easily. Much to their chagrin they lost this war. 

Fact number five: War is war and yes, both Arabs and Jews committed horrendous acts against each other, causing both Arabs and Jews to flee their communities. 

But these facts are irrelevant in light of one tiny reality about Resolution 194: there is absolutely no legal substance to U.N. resolution 194 because it was passed by the General Assembly, not the Security Council. This is nothing more than a recommendation -- one that the Arabs have been ignoring for decades. 

At the end of the day there really is no Right of Return, so please do not ask me or my nation to recognize your Nakbah (Catastrophe -- in reality the creation of the Jewish state!). Do not ask me to say sorry for not letting you destroy my nation and kill my people! 

Friday, October 4, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Below are some ideas to think about  over Shabbat.

Anti-Semitism is possibly the oldest form of Racism this world knows.

From the Greco-Roman world until today almost every generation in the line of humankind has hated the Jews.

Anti-Semites will tell you that they must be right about the Jews; after all so many people for so many generations have hated and attempted to destroy the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation.

On the other hand, White Europeans and Arab Semites used to think Black Africans were sub-human and therefore it was acceptable to sell them like animals. 

Remember, a majority of people also used to think the world was flat.

My point is simple: anti-Semitism has been around since humans have been writing their own history. 

It’s an insidious disease infecting much of the human race, although concentrated in Europe, the American South (with pockets in the West and Midwest), all majority-Arab/Muslim countries (including those on the African continent) and Muslim Asia.

The acute irony – no, tragedy – is that anti-Semitism is almost completely a product of the two faiths which have developed from Judaism, and are, in effect, its children: Christianity and Islam.

Sadly, after an all-too-brief period of being politically incorrect, anti-Semitism is on a rapid rise the world over. 

This ugly monster is alive and thriving again in Europe, where less then a century ago SIX MILLION JEWS were killed in the Shoah.

White Europe has always had a problem with the Jewish Nation. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans created what we know as anti-Semitism today, because we stubborn Jews refused their sophisticated cultures. 

To them we were a backwards people, believing in this ridiculous one G-d. we were to be laughed at and despised for our ignorance.

Today’s anti-Semitism has taken a new form and its main target is the Jewish Nation State, Israel.

The anti-Semites of the world spent many hundreds of years attempting to destroy us because we were the Nation that killed Jesus.

Now they have decided we are not a nation and therefor do not deserve self-determination.

And despite all the genetic tests and DNA tests that point to the fact Jews are a distinct people who share similar genetics, still todays anti-Semites would like too take that away from us, ignoring the truths of history.

Fact: The Jewish Nation and Jewish Law governed over the land of Israel long before there were Arabs here, before Mohammad was born and before anything called Islam existed. Yes, this piece of history is incredibly important today; Israel is the land of the Jews not the Arabs! 

Fact: the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron was built by the JEWISH King Herod, and is the only fully intact Herodian structure. It is not and has never been a mosque!  

Fact: what is called the Al Aksa Mosque was built on the TEMPLE MOUNT, an act of the worst type of desecration carried out by Colonialist Arab Muslims.

Littered all over the Land of Israel are archaeological sites of HEBREW, ISRAELITE and JEWISH history.

The JEWISH province of JUDEA (Where the name JEW comes from), with its capital of JERUSALEM (Note, Jerusalem is a Hebrew word) was a prominent Roman client state until the final revolt and destruction of the Temple -- long before the were was a name Palestine or a people called Palestinian!

Yet somehow the Jewish Nation does not deserve to have self-determination in its historical homeland? 

That type of thinking only lives in the mind of an ANTI-SEMITE!

Broadcasting the fact above is the first step in reversing the delegitimization of Israel. It is time for Israeli diplomats to call the one sided pro-Arab politics of Europe and the United Nations what it is, Anti-Semitism! 


By Sig Demling

                                Never give in. Never give in. Never, never never. -- Sir Winston Churchill, Great Britain's heroic Prime Minister during World War II.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows all about Winston Churchill.

Now is the time for Bibi to act like him.

Visiting New York City on the most important mission of his political life, Israel's Prime Minister -- against all odds -- has a lot of convincing to do.

It's all about the Iranians nice-guy offensive at the United Nations and their attempt to convince the eager-to-accept world leaders that Tehran has no intention of building a nuclear arsenal.

That such an atomic threat has been well underway for years in Iran hardly matters to the appeasing Barack Obama and his fellow European Union ostriches. 

The very real Iranian threat to wipe out Israel -- clearly displayed last week during a parade of Tehran weaponry -- hardly impresses the descendants of Neville (Peace In Our Time) Chamberlain. 

Like the pre-World War II English leader groveling before Adolf Hitler at Munich, Obama and buddies will do virtually anything to make nice to the Iranians and, more importantly, at any cost to Israel.

Netanyahu knows the score. He's fully aware that no matter how convincing his UN argument that Tehran be militarily stripped of his nuclear capability, his audience will shake its collective heads and proclaim -- as was done in London and Paris after Munich -- that a new, peaceful era will blossom in Iran.

History has proven that it took the Nazi leader all of one big yawn before he annexed Czechoslovakia and another bigger yawn before he ignited the world's biggest war by invading Poland.

But the manner in which the occupant of the current White House, 10 Downing Street and the perennial losers in Paris regard the calamitous events from 1939-1945, you'd get the idea from them that Hitler's madness never happened. Ergo: nothing whatsoever has been learned from history.

One might wonder why would Obama, Inc. would not take Tehran seriously when the Iranians repeatedly orate about destroying Israel? (And bear in mind that the Middle East's only democracy never has done anything to provoke such a militant response. Nothing!)

The answer is so simple and believable that even many Jews in America and Israel -- try Simon Peres as an example -- refuse to believe it.

When all is said and done, Obama does not care what happens to Israel. 

Because of his Jew-hating upbringing and the fact that he won -- not earned, mind you -- a second term he has absolutely nothing to lose by tossing Israel to the Iranians nuclear wolves.

Which brings me right back to Netanyahu's visit. 

Publicly, the UN members -- with precious few exceptions -- will listen intently to Bibi. Many will understand his position vis-a-vis Iran but will do absolutely nothing to help Israel. Nothing. 

Netanyahu will get a sympathetic ear in Congress but it won't be sufficient to buck its president.

Guaranteed, Obama will reply to Bibi's plaints with plain assertions:

1. Don't you dare assault the iranian nuclear sites.

2. If you do attack the Iranian atomic plants, you not only do so on your own and at your own risk but Uncle Sam will condemn you to the world.

Therefore, Israel's leader must remain firm and tell the world what Winston Churchill did in 1940 when the Nazis planned to invade Great Britain; that he will resist and defend his country against all aggression no matter the cost.

Alas, the time has come for Benjamin Netanyahu to become Winston Churchill.